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Whats wrong with the hat?

happy birthday!

for the evil! explosive runes!

Cold Beer wrote:
HeHateMe wrote:
I also hate it when people use inanimate objects for avatars, cuz you never know if you're really debating with a chair, or if that's actually a person in disguise. Very devious...

Yeah, I hate those guys. I mean, who in their right mind would have a username/avatar of an inanimate object? =P

i feel shocked and offended sir....


whats "Happiness Patrol"?

*steals a cookie while no one sees*

do you know what the new iconics names are? (samurai, ninja, gunslinger)

Kyra you find yourself confronted by a cleric of Asmodeus, a cleric of Zon-Kuthon and a cleric of Urgathoa, what do you do?

what do you think of scythes?

where did you get the gem on your forehead?

what does a potion of endure elements taste like?

what is the best tasting potion?


also a pic of ulgulanoth and his hat would be nice!

what do you say to the claims that you are not an optimised character?

who do you like to adventure with the most?

i post to disaprove!

do the iconics partake in feasts at the end of an adventure?

Dear Kyra
What is your take on intelligent head gear?

what's your take on intelligent head gear?

who sells the best pie in golarion?

*mindfries Studpuffin*

*mind freezes Spanky*


*teleports jackalope to the slaad thread*
that will teach you to try to wear me!

i told him not to do it... any way... mine!

Ancrym Morn wrote:

Dear Ulgulanoth's hat,

This thread was moved into the archives as an eternal monument to its glory. We of the Skoan-Quah watch over such things to honor the ancestors and make sure they are never tainted with undeath. In this case, I will allow an exception and permit thread necromancy.

Ancrym of the Skoan-Quah

i didn't say anything...

yes i can do tricks... now step into this spiky coffin...

Ninja Munchkin wrote:
ulgulanoth wrote:
this thread lacks flames and wars
Shut up and go buy a better hat!

i am the best hat in the universe!

*uses dimensional portal to make the urine disapear*
watch it!

i'm amazed there be no poodles here...

use it wisely

fair enough

are you talking about me?

no i'm not

i dig the hat

i don't think thats possible, i saw only 3 posts, and i'm a hat, and i got scared off

not quite yet


i'm only a hat... still why not chibi art than the odd looking animals stuff

ooh oh, i know, give cave men art lessons, show them how to draw mangas!

ooooh pancakes!



apparently i'm here for assimilation...

not only intelligent, i have a pocket demiplane in here

i didn't say anything!

what do you mean study?