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I don't think it's fair to blame Devir for the current state of their game lines, specially now.
Due to some internal issues I don't really understand, Devir Brasil had little control over what they could release for a few years. It all changed last year, when company control returned to the team that really cares about RPG. They released their first RPG in a long time, A Bandeira do Elefante e da Arara, and they also announced Pathfinder last year. It's getting released this year, even. That's a very small delay window.

I understand completely how people could be worried and reticent about having Pathfinder 2nd Edition arrive at Brazil through Devir. But I know they are passionate about their work, I know they are very good at distribution and I know they are trying their hard to get things back on track.

If it were up to me, I'd give them a chance, specially because if they don't get another chance, Starfinder is getting delayed.

A friend of mine wants to play a Bard that uses his music as a weapon. Like, a guitar that deals sound damage or something like that. Any ideas on how to make this work?

DM_Blake wrote:
Uhhhh, Asmodeus probably doesn't work with demons at all; devils are FAR more to his liking.

Yeah, that's the whole point. The cultits are not working with him. They are just using the church structure for their purposes. No one knows they are possessed.

The Archive wrote:
There's the Demon-Possessed Creature template from the Advanced Bestiary. Could be a starting point.

That's exactly what I needed! thanks.

Hello, folks.

I've asked before about some rules on possession to try and build what I want for my game, but the more I think about it, the more I'm sure there is already something similar to it in the system and I'm just missing it.

I want to include a demonic conspiracy in my game. There is an international alliance spearheaded by the church of Asmodeus and these demon worshippers are infiltrated in it, trying to bring their masters to the material world. For these cultists, I wanted them to be hosts to demon possession - once you defeat the host, you have to fight the actual demon.

Greater Possession solves some of my problems, but Occult Adventures is silent on voluntary possession (or at the very least I couldn't find anything about it).

What I want is for the demon to grant the host some kind of special ability during possession. I don't want to bring the old 3.5 rules into it if at all possivle (Fiendish Codex has some guidelines for demon possession which I could borrow, otherwise).

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can make this work?

Nevermind, there are rules for possession on Occult Adventures. I think they will do. Thanks.

Guys, where can I find rules for demonic possession? I tried a quick search on the PRD and d20pfsrd and came up empty.

Oh, man, I'm so sad to hear this :(
Fax is such nice guy.

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Don't you think Brutal Blade sounds better than Brutality Blade?

Other than that, I think everything is awesome. Loved the Superboy nod.

I'm really curious about the vexing daredevil and mindblade archetypes. Can someone with the subscription tell us a bit more about them? 29th is soooo far away...

Sounds very interesting, Ssalarn.

I'd be interested in seeing Soulknife archetypes to access some measure of other power systems (arcane magic, divine magic, panache, etc) and/or archetypes to give mindblades/blade skills to other classes.

I'm with Insain Dragon. There is adding extra options and then there is power creep.

This looks pretty badass.

Why wouldn't it work against Aqueous Orb?

Wooooooooow :D

Oh, this is pretty cool!

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Is that a problem? It looks like a deliberate design choice.

I gave the Swashbuckler in my game (built waaaay back in the playtest) the ability to add Precise Strike damage and to use Precise Strike with two weapons through a single homebrewed feat. It works okay. He still gets outdamaged by the Paladin archer and the Magus.

It's a studio, then. That's the format Wizards of the Coast is using for their material, I believe.

Though I do not share Skylancer's concerns overall, I could not agree more with his last paragraph.

It's the kind of comment I made constantly on the GitP forums about this project - you can't just say 'theses classes are bad, screw them', because then you're alienating your customers. DSP as a whole works well with canon material, integrating into it instead of just dismissing it.

After a lot of feedback, that is more or less how PoW ended up being - I remember how the initian version of Warlord basically had all of the Fighter's class abilities, more skill points and maneuvers, for example.

I'm confident that the same kind of changes will happen with PoW Expanded as well. This team has proved repeatedly that they listen to feedback and take it to heart.

Great stuff all around.

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I've just read the April's Fools article on DSP and I'm still laughing. Well played, Andreas. ^^

Ooooh I was looking forward to this!
White Night's map is gorgeous!

(I wrote Red Fangs in a White Night, btw)

I mentioned it specifically because I'm a huge fan of the soul hunter.

But if that isn't possible, any feats or archetypes that grant an anima pool would be the next best thing.

After rereading it, I agree with blackbloodtroll. That "only" clause clinches it, really.

I know it's not supposed to work by RAI. I think it works by RAW, tho.

What if you put the Ring of Eloquence after the curse has already kicked in?

Prince of Knives wrote:

With that in mind, my initial thought was this: vampires gain XP 1 track slower than everyone else. If the campaign uses the Fast XP track, they gain at Normal. If the campaign uses Normal, they gain at Slow. If it's already Slow, they eat a level off the top and are always a level behind the party.

Wow. That is an excellent idea.

Oh, this looks awesome!!

This looks pretty cool. The cover is very nice as well.

Good to see you so active, ErrantX ^^

Can we expect an archetype with a non-random recovery mechanic for the mystic? Please? Pretty please? With a cherry on top? :)

So, I skimmed the document and I really REALLY like 75% about the Mystic. It needs some editing here and there to clarify some stuff and there are typos, but the idea is excellent. I love the runes and the idea of a scaling pool that goes up as you do stuff is the kind of genius that got ErrantX leading this project. It's all very cool.

The 25% I don't like though... I really don't like it. And it's the recovery mechanic. I can't see myself ever playing a Mystic with that mechanic, specially with the maneuvers in PoW being a lot more diverse than they were in ToB. You are forced to either specialize your maneuver selection to make sure you can do what you are supposed to do (giving up on outlier maneuvers that are cool but more situational) or take those maneuvers and risk being a lot less useful plenty of times. I don't know, I just don't like it.

Swashbuckler, Bard or Swashbuckler/Bard

M&M is many things... but it's NOT rules light.

I just noticed that a Shield Champion Brawler with Bodyguard, In Harm's Way and Combat Advice pretty much covers all the bases for a Captain America build (by level 5, no less).

Where to go from there? More Brawler? Paladin?

Isn't it about time we got a unicorn miniature?

One day I'm going to play an ifrit Daring Champion and it's going to be awesome.

I think Paladin or Warpriest would do nicely, then.

Which is the best class to take advantage of a half-orc's Sacred Tattoo + Fate's Favored?

Sounds legit.

Any news on the Mystic?

Sounds cool.

Do you guys have some kind of template we could use for formatting? I think it will save a lot of time if it's standardized.

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Looks like my item was culled.

I'm really sad about that. :(

I'm definitely interested.

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Heh, I can already picture Gareth screaming in frustration because Anguish compared him to SKR.

Will you be doing some kind of contract?

We are going to need a bit more information (well, at least I am).
Is this a contest of some sort?

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Brazilian here.

Has there ever been a non-north-american Superstar?

Adventuring Classes: A Fistful of Denarii, please

EDIT: bummer, I'm late >.<

I saw this art on Path of War as well, is the author outsorcing it to two companies? Can he even do that?

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