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Just starting this AP on a pbp.
I've an idea of the PC, but i don't know which class to pick.

- He's charismatic
- He likes girls, and often tries to court 'em
- He can (i don't know how and if is possible, i assume with magic probably) do tricks like transforming an handkerchief in a bouquet
- He can ignite the minds in a inn

Any toughs are welcome :)

Sorcerer. Easy class to play. Highly charismatic. Can do the magic you're taking about. Add in a trait to give him Slight of Hand as a class skill, and you've got yourself a magician in multiple ways.

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Which spells should i use to do what i want to do?

Swashbuckler, Bard or Swashbuckler/Bard

JesusOrangeJuice wrote:
Which spells should i use to do what i want to do?

Prestidigitation, maybe Silent Image as well for the stage magic. Dancing Lights and Ghost Sound will be useful along the same lines.

I'm not sure what 'ignite the minds' means exactly but one interpretation of what you might mean is Color Spray which coincidentally is a decent attack spell for a low level sorcerer.

AVR has the right of it. To add on:

The sight of hand skill is used for common stage magic, like switching a hankercheif for a bouquet of flowers. Charm Person spell helps with being charismatic, since the sorcerer spells key off of charisma, you'll already be charismatic. Prestidigitation is the perfect "stage magic" spell for almost any minor magic trick you want to do.

Start reading through the zero and first level spells to see which ones work best for your character concept.

Why can't his performances either be performance skill or even a variation on disable device? If that be the case then any class would work as long as it makes good use of charisma.

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If he's not a spellcaster, but has a level in rogue (or in a class that grants rogue talents) he can take "minor magic" to get, say, prestidigitation.

He could also be a bard. Or a sorcerer. Or even a wizard. AS long as he can have decent CHA, DEX, put at least a rank in sleight of hand and/or performance, and hopefully have access to prestidigitation.

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what's AVR?

JesusOrangeJuice wrote:
what's AVR?

Me. My initials actually.

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ahaha xD okk sorry!!!
Thanks to everyone for the advices, actually i'm building a sorcerer.

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If i said Geisha Bard, would you do it?

Fits your description, and also ties into the campaign.

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I'll not, cause i'm playing a male PC LOL!

btw i finally gone with Sorcerer named AbracaDaniel.
thanks to all for advices :)!

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