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For those unaware Necromancer Games and Frog God Games are under the same umbrella. So posting here is appropriate. Thank You.

Tomorrow this campaign kicks off, The Midderlands for Fifth Edition!

Get alerted the moment the project launches by clicking on this link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/necromancergames/midderlands-setting-a nd-bestiary-for-fifth-edition

When will then... become now?


Soon a KS for a Weird campaign Setting will be going live.

Announcement coming soon.

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The IGG Launches are written for three game systems, 5E, Swords & Wizardry, and Pf1.

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These are short modules usually with small print runs. The current IGG has 42 hours remaining.

https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/one-last-thing--5/x/5703569?create_edit= true#/

Anyone have an idea of what Special Weapon Specialization for the Combat Drone means?

299 backers for $15,144

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I've been running the Modules that are separate from The Blight. We've gone through The Crooked Nail, and will start Horror in the Sinks soon. We are using the 5E version and it is going fairly well. My players always leave saying they had fun. Which is all any GM can ask.

I use Adobe reader. And I still only see the links in the initial post. No where else in this thread.

There are only one set of links and they are in the initial post.

I downloaded the initial offering on a Windows 10 OS and the sheets are not formfillable for me.

Steve, may I suggest you contact either Zach at zach@froggodgames, or Krista at krista@froggodgames.

The books were in one package but the Maladies cards were in a separate package.

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Just wanted to say thank you for fixing the problem. I hope there aren't anymore like this one was.

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I can leave the site and return and I am still logged in. However, when I refresh the page I am logged out.

The new PF content is set to be with the KS for the Rappan Athuk 5E book. There will also be S&W new content. I believe the plan was for that one to be near the new year.

Here is the link.

Skeeter had posted that he was going to post every Sunday but evidently things are close enough or hectic enough he feels otherwise.

What does EDV mean?

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Greg just posted an update. We have a date!

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I hope you are okay. I have missed the Friday gifts you send.

Did the podcast help at all with the information drought?

Cause it's fun, TOZ.

When Pathfinder was created there were some significant changes. One of the Skill changes was the combining of Search, Spot and Listen into one skill called Perception. Now instead of having to spend skill points in each of three skills and making three different skill rolls you now make one roll and have one place to put skill points.

The question that comes to mind when I see the size of the fort is, do you have a table large enough to display the map? I have heard of Kinko's doing maps for people, but am unfamiliar with the cost. There are also pads of graph paper at art supply stores and places like Office Max and Office Depot. Those are usually back in the art supply section.

I hope this helps.

@ Jonathon Wilder, If you are having a hard time gathering the funds for a HC, why not get the PDF first? I know FGG gives copies of the PDF with a copy of the print, but sometimes we have to make exceptions.

I went to the FGG site and loaded a copy of the PF version HC in the cart and it was there. Since I already have mine I cleared the cart but I would presume that they are available.

Well, I'm not close as I am in Texas. Houston to be exact.

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My copy of Bard's Gate, The Riot Act, BG Players' Guide, and Quick Rules Guide for S&W arrived just now. A late Christmas Present but one very well received.

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I have four KS that failed to deliver, Five that are way behind on delivery, but of the rest, FGG has always delivered. Yes, they may have been somewhat late but they did deliver a quality product. My total number pledged is 47 KS, not all were FGG.

So I at least am not worried about will they deliver. Sometimes they have the main product of the KS completed, but what slows things up are the Stretch goals. If they are not already written then that must happen. FGG members all have day jobs, too.

The Blight will happen.

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Here are some sites that may be of help.

Seventh Sanctum

Yet another fantasy name generator


If you have access to Gygax's Book of Extraordinary Names it is a very good resource of names for locations and geographical locations.

Just a thought, have any of you given any thought to what writing and doing the editing and layout on a 900+ page book would entail? I hadn't. I've read the updates from Bill and Greg about how the Bard's Gate book had to be finished first because of a printing contract, and then the additional material from the stretch goals had to be written. I believe usually FGG has their books written or nearly written before they start a KS. But I am unsure if that was the case with The Blight. Add in the medical emergency with Chuck the Layout Guru and that by itself would put a crimp in anyone's plans.

I have backed several FGG KS and have never been disappointed. I am not an employee, just a fanboy (maybe I should say Fanman or just a fan). I hope to hear some good news soon. But whether I do or not is immaterial. I will wait as long as it takes.

Just my 2 cp.

There is a thread with the link here.

Here is the link to the newest KS from Frog God Games.

From what I can gather there is a new team doing the work up. The text basically stays the same with few updates but the artwork is updated. The primary reason is the 2nd printing is nearly gone.

@d'Eon, one thing that didn't get mentioned was that the Rogue wasn't involved in the flank and he was trying to get precision damage with a ranged weapon.

I know I didn't cover all aspects of this problem. I was just giving an example of players giving up on a game.

I had three 3.5 players join a PF game I was running. During the game they flanked a bear and one player said he got to roll precision dice because the Bear lost his Dex from being flanked by two other PC's. This player was playing a Rogue. When I explained that in PF targets don't lose their Dex from flanking in my game they decided a few days later that they didn't want to continue in my game.

It may seem strange but I always carry Marbles (3), powder (2-3), and earplugs.

The marbles can be used to check the levelness of the floor or to cause difficult terrain to opponents. The powder is an easy way to find invisible creatures. When you are expecting to go against Harpies earplugs are nice.

Not so much recently, but I used to use "It's rocking" to mean the creature had 10 hp or less.

@joep, for some reason your link doesn't work.

So I reposted it here.

If it is PF based in the third party topic. If it is generic then most likely in Gamer Talk.

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I had gone through and printed out several of your lists after downloading them. Then when I moved I found some of your books that I had bought and compared what I had against the downloads. So it turned out that I reduced the number of printed material a lot. I have a game tomorrow that I intend to use your stuff again. I appreciate what you do for us overworked and underappreciated GM's.

I don't believe so.

87 backers
$4,210 pledged of $10,000 goal
18 days to go

Here is the link to the update about the Pawns.

Here's a suggestion for other GM's. My players are in level 11A the Vampire level. They entered the level from level 9 into the natural cavern and as they approached the river the 3 Ropers attacked. I didn't notice that once the PC's were reduced to 0 STR the Ropers dropped them and attacked a different PC. So don't make my mistake.

If I had to guess, I would say that because of the deadline for getting the BG sent off to the printer that The Blight was pushed back a bit. But I trust that Greg and company are back working on getting the Blight out soon also.

Didn't see the email for the PDF download until this morning. However I am glancing over the contents and am amazed at the detail that went into creating this book. I now have both the original book and the new one. Whatever was missing from the d20 version has apparently been corrected or added in this copy. Well done FGG.

Just a day or so old and already is:

65 backers
$2,918 pledged of $10,000 goal
19 days to go

The nice thing is that because of the previous 5E KS all the stretch goals are already laid out.

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