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The Quests of Doom KS had finished getting written and the books were sent out.

The Blight KS was completed except for the Pathologies which are being written and edited as of now.

The maps for VTT for RA are in production. Some have been completed and released.

The Tome of Horrors for 5E is in production and editing.

The maps, ToH, and RA for 5E are all set to be sent out around the same time. I suspect that is so you don't have a dungeon that you don't have monster stats for or maps for.

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I've been running the Modules that are separate from The Blight. We've gone through The Crooked Nail, and will start Horror in the Sinks soon. We are using the 5E version and it is going fairly well. My players always leave saying they had fun. Which is all any GM can ask.

Patrick has posted an explanation of certain Demons and Devils in the Comments section here.

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