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After a quick perusal


Perusal - to browse or read through in a leisurely way

After a quick read through I can say I think this rates right up with the Midgard Campaign Setting in my opinion. The cover is nice and sturdy. The pages are firm and don't have the glare that sometimes happens with glossy printed pages.

I have not had time to do an intense read through as I did for the MCS, but what I have read through I don't find very many typos or grammatical errors. I was especially interested in the Dwarven Reaver Ring magic and the Ley Lines. I sort of wish all of the information could have been kept in one place, but telling you where to go to find more with the page number was helpful.

I don't play casters anymore but was surprised to find few if any Universal spells. Interesting that Clockwork spells were added. Nice for casters creating Gearforged.

Over all I like this book very much. I am anxiously awaiting the HeroLab files so I can use these spells against my players. Good Job, guys and girls. Well done.

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What I like about the Crossroads Players' Guide.


I will try to not cover what has already been covered.

I too am a fan of Midgard. I like the mix of Eastern European and middle east and Scandinavian mythology. My interesting part was the description od Darakhul, Gearforged, and Kobold PC's. The coverage of Player Options that cover the Cavalier, Paladin, Rogue Sorcerer, and Wizard are very interesting options. The new Feats are fun too. Feats like Bank Shot, Bend Shot, Echoes of Past Lives, several Gearforged only feats, and additional Midgard based Traits are interesting options for Players'. Two new weapons are catching my eye, they are the Estoc, and the Nordmansch Greataxe.

In the Midgard Campaign Setting there is a limited amout of information on the different areas of Midgard. The idea of Players' Guides to fill out the regional information makes sense. I sort of wish it could have all been in one book, but with each area being near 20 to 30+ pages, and each area being written up at different times it would have been near impossible and several years away from publication.

I think Midgard and the Crossroads Players' Guide are well worth the cost. Perhaps in time it will be in print so I don't have to use up the ink in my printer.

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Sounds very interesting.


I just finished reading through the module. I have not run this yet. I bought it to run at OwlCon 2013 with the Kobold Pregens.

In my initial read through I found the layout fairly easy to follow. I liked the idea of having to deal with Dragonkin and Kobolds. If you run this with normal characters (What is a normal character?)the interaction with Dragonkind could get interesting. If the GM doesn't have a familiarity with the Midgard setting he will be a little lost to explain what an Akinji is. So there is that. However, a vivid imagination could overcome that small bump easily. I especially like the idea that this is designed to be run in a 4 hour time slot. Could be a nice change from a long running campaign for one session. The encounters are pretty easy to imagine and seem simple enough. As I said I have not run this so after I do, I might have a better idea of what to say.

All in all why not give this one a try? You might find you like it.

A complete list of gmaing names


I have used this book during my Second Darkness campaign and to get names for my PC's in other campaigns. There are multiple listings from many different geographical regions along with a chapter on Fantastic names and a portion of that chapter allows you to roll to create your own combination of prefixes and suffixes.

One reason I give it 4 stars is due to my own feelings of frustrations of not being able to pick just one name from the thousands of names in this book. However, don't let that stop you from buying it. If you create your own world or use any other premade campaign this resource is excellent for giving unusual names to the NPC's and PC's that live there.

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OwlCon sees use of Gaming Paper.


I ran and played in some games at this years (2011) OwlCon and saw several GM's that used Gaming Paper. I used it during the time I ran Second Darkness. I like that it allows me to draw maps that can see several uses over a module or AP. The cost is very good too. I have learned from experience that DryErase markers don't work very well on Battlemats. But with Gaming Paper I can use any type of marker. The light weight is appreciated when my 62 year old body has to lug several maps to the game. Overall a very good product. Oh, I recently bought the single sheet pack. Haven't had a chance to use it yet but look forward to that moment.

A second attempt to post a review.


I just had a review eaten by the review postmonster. So here I go again. I have both this book and Ultimate Toolbox. I like both books. This one has encounter tables that are using 3.0 stats. The CR's are not shown but basic information is (Atks/Dmg, HP, Init, AC, SA/SQ, Spd, Reach, F/R/W). There are numerous listings of NPC's both villainous and heroic. They give you a name and a brief description of their main characteristics. I use both books during my weekly running of Second Darkness. They also have made tying backgrounds into plot hooks and side quests that much simpler. Either book would benefit a busy GM with little spare time. My reason for a 4 star rating is the type is rather small and hard for me to see. It might not affect you though. Overall I recommend this book to busy GM's and designers.

More info than Carter has Little Liver Pills.


I know that few of you may know the above reference, and that is okay. It got your attention which was its purpose. I have had two days of flipping through this book and I can tell you that it might just take me a year or more just to comprehend most of the material. I like several sections of the book, such as the Civilization, Dungeon, Magic, and Plot sections. I will admit to finding several fragmented sentences and misspellings but that does not detract from the amount of information available to someone using this book. In the Thread there is a concern that as a softcover it might not stand up to constant use. It appears to be the same type of binding that the Beta has and my copy of that book has stood up to 4 different people using at the gaming table so this book should stand up to similar use. All in all I am impressed with the book and thank the authors for taking the time to compile this information in one place. I recommend you get this book.
Just my 2 cp.

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I like the book.


I had my review eaten by the Post Monster, so I will try again. I like the basic concept of the book. I was a little frustrated by the layout of the Table of Contents when trying to find particular subjects. Maybe it was just my initial read of the book that caused that though. Basically, I found some interesting sections on Background story that could be used by both my gaming group and in my creation of my PF Society PC's. Just my 2 cp.

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I am reading through this book.


I have just received this book and spent a few hours reading through it. I was in the process of preparing to run Second Darkness under the Beta but not for the playtest. I have found several items that I am considering implementing into the game. The current threads of how to upgrade the higher levels of Fighter should take a moment to read through this book. I like what I have read so far and plan to discuss the changes with my group before running Second Darkness. Thank you to Monte Cook and Paizo. Just my 2 cp.

A very good resource for gamers.


I have recently purchased this book. It is an excellent source of additional rules for GM's. The information on Adjudicating Play in Chapter 2 is very good for beginner GM's and advanced GM's. Chapter 3 covers using prewritten adventures and homebrews. Chapter 4 covers NPC's. The Chapter I appreciate is Chapter 7 which covers Treasure and Magic Items. Chapter 7 also covers the possibility of changing magic item slots as designed for the different classes. There is a lot of useful information in this book and at $5 it is criminal to miss out on it. As the Old Used Car Salesman said, "Get it while you can".

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Baron vs 2 Grognards and Company = Baron loses.


I ran this module for our group and we had fun. The party were not into much sneaking around. They were more into confrontational interaction. However, the intrigue was there regardless. The party that finished this was without a Cleric, but didn't really need one. The recognition signal was well thought out and very inobtrusively placed. I highly recommend this module and the sequel to it. Both are outstanding variations from the typical "Hack-and-slash" modules. Well done Mr. Greer.

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LB2: Treasure of Chimera Cove


I am the DM that ran Chimera Cove for Kirth and Company. The tie-in from Tower of the Last Baron was very easy to use and set the piece fairly well. I found for my particular group using the Beta rules that I had to upgrade the monsters a bit, but otherwise the module ran fairly easy. There is a longer review under Pathfinder Modules on the Messageboards. Overall I liked the module and it required very little preparation. I do agree with Kirth, don't try this without a Cleric and an optimized party. Also don't separate at any time or you will DIE horribly. Huzzah for Mr. Caralya. Well done.