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Soon a KS for a Weird campaign Setting will be going live.

Announcement coming soon.

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These are short modules usually with small print runs. The current IGG has 42 hours remaining.

https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/one-last-thing--5/x/5703569?create_edit= true#/

There will be a KS for the Grand Duchy of Reme toward the end of this month.

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It's alive.

It's alive.

There is an Humble Bundle for 3D Printable Dungeons.

It's alive.

It is scheduled that the long awaited Lost Lands Campaign Setting is about to be on Kickstarter. Stay tuned.

FGG announces a ten day Indiegogo KS.

https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/menace-in-ravenreach-an-rpg-adventure-mo dule/x/5703569#/

There is a KS starting tomorrow that will be very welcomed by all.

It's alive!

It's Alive

It's another of our smaller adventures in softcover.

Bunnies and Burrows 3rd Edition

Something wicked this way hops!
It's not easy being a rabbit. Dangers abound in a hostile world of forests, fields, and farms. You and your woodland companions — rabbits and friends of rabbits — are a tough band of protectors and explorers, ready to take on the challenge. This tactical role-playing game views the world from a unique angle, with different goals and approaches than any kind of traditional role-playing game. Rich and complex mechanisms allow you to cover any angle of rabbit life — including wargaming — if you choose to expand the game beyond the basics of role-playing woodland animals in a world where nature is red in tooth and claw.

Frog God Games has partnered with Dr. B. Dennis Sustare and Dr. Scott R. Robinson to return a venerable and influential piece of tabletop roleplaying games to print. This tactical roleplaying game weighs in at approximately 200 pages of full color adventure in the style of Redwall and Watership Down.

Featuring brand new, full color art by artists Darlene, Moa Wallin, Maggie Vandewalle, Faith Burgar, Terry Pavlet, and others, this book will be beautiful. It also contains a map of the known world (okay, the world is pretty small when you are a rabbit) and printable tactical maps and animal tokens for various encounter types and scenarios.

It is also versatile, allowing play either as a storytelling-focused game or as a tactical (and perhaps brutal) battle series between our plucky rabbits and voracious predators! After all, anyone who has read Watership Down knows that at times a rabbit’s life can be short and filled with peril.

The book will be a perfect-bound softcover — but wait, there’s more! If 300 backers purchase the rulebook, it will be upgraded to hardcover for everyone who gets a physical book, free of charge!

FGG has just opened the 2018 PF Humble Bundle.

Here is the link.

The Quests of Doom KS had finished getting written and the books were sent out.

The Blight KS was completed except for the Pathologies which are being written and edited as of now.

The maps for VTT for RA are in production. Some have been completed and released.

The Tome of Horrors for 5E is in production and editing.

The maps, ToH, and RA for 5E are all set to be sent out around the same time. I suspect that is so you don't have a dungeon that you don't have monster stats for or maps for.

On or about March 1 the KS for the conversion of Rappan Athuk will kick off. Start saving your money. I will post here when it goes live.

A new KS will start at 6 pm PST today. It will be for the Tome of Horrors in 5E. I will post the link when it goes live.

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Look for an announcement about a new Kickstarter from Frog God Games soon.

It is alive.

The KS for Perilous Vistas begins in 40 days.

Here is the link to the newest KS from Frog God Games.

From what I can gather there is a new team doing the work up. The text basically stays the same with few updates but the artwork is updated. The primary reason is the 2nd printing is nearly gone.

It's from Nord Games.

Here is the link.

I would like to know whether Headless Hydra Games is still in operation. I have most of their Mor Aldenn material and am preparing to introduce my Rappan Athuk players to the wonders of the City of Mages.

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It's Alive and active.

Sadly I found out about it just a few minutes ago myself and was number 33 backer. My email came at 9:35 am.

Chuck Wright is the Layout director of Frog God Games. He went in for emergency surgery on Saturday. Please check out this link and if you can help it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

It is alive.

Here is a new KS from Nord Games.

If this question has been asked before please delete this thread.

How do you figure the CR of an encounter that has multiple opponents with different CR's?

Say for example, a CR 7, a CR 5, and 4x Cr 3.

I can download it but when I try to open it I get a message that it cannot be opened.

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If this is in the wrong place please move it.

I would like to know if a circumstance bonus stacks with a competence bonus.

For example, would the +2 from Masterwork Thieves' Tools stack with the +5 competence bonus of Trapspringers' Gloves.

Here is the write up on the gloves.

These studded leather gloves look similar to workman’s gloves, though they are reinforced with numerous metal strips that the user can extend or retract as she wills, turning the tip of each finger into a customizable tool useful in examining and disarming traps. While worn, these gloves grant a +5 competence bonus on all Disable Device checks made to disarm traps. In addition, the gloves grant the user a +1 luck bonus on all saving throws made against traps.

It is ALIVE!

It is HERE .

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Matt wrote on Facebook: As part of the "event" for the Borderland Provinces Kickstarter, Frog God Games is putting out a 26 page first-level city adventure for 5e, Pathfinder, and Swords & Wizardry in a few days (probably October 17-19 somewhere). I'll do another announcement when I have a link. Here's the description-thing:
Rogues in Remballo is a free adventure module that will be released with separate versions for Fifth Edition, Pathfinder, and Swords & Wizardry. It is designed for 4–6 first level characters, a city adventure that gets the characters embroiled in strange plots, sinister intrigue, and fierce battles. Is the thieves’ guild of Manas encroaching on the territory of the Remballo guild? What is hidden in the sanctuary-courtyard known as the Four Corners? How is the powerful banking house of Borgandy involved with all of it? What starts as a straightforward mission actually involves a host of complications — some of which can be deadly if the characters don’t play their cards right. Rogues in Remballo is set in the Borderland Provinces region of the Frog God Games Lost Lands setting, but can be played on a stand-alone basis in any city.

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The Northmen have landed and you people are in danger!


It's here.

I hope I am in the right place for this.

I know about Geek Chic, but are there any other companies making custom gaming tables?

A Witch player of mine wants to import the spell Black Karma Curse into my Rappan Athuk game. I cannot find that spell in all the 3.5 PDF's I have. Does anyone know of a spell that maybe similar to it in PF?

Here is what she sent as a description of the spell:

"Also there is a spell from 3.5 that I enjoy the fluff of that was considered underpower. It was a 2nd lvl mind effecting enchantment (compulsion) spell named Black Karma Curse, Verbal and Somatic components, Will Negates SR negates, 1 standard action, Close Range, Instantaneous casting time,
"With a word and a gesture, you compel the bewildered creature to attack itself. If the target creature's saving throw fails, it immediately takes damage as if it had hit itself with its currently wielded weapon (or natural weapon). If the creature has more than one eligible attack form, it uses the one that deals the most damage.""

I would like to set my shipping preference to USPS First Class. I receive my orders in 2-3 days. When they are shipped using Mail Innovations it can take anywhere from 1-1/2 weeks to 3 weeks to arrive. I cannot find where to change my shipping choice either on My Account or when I order. It appears that UPS-MI is the primary choice for domestic shipping. I will state again I do not want anything I order shipped using UPS-MI. I will gladly pay the few pennies more to have items sooner.

I posted this question in Gamer Talk, but thought I would ask about it here. Wherever it is appropriate please delete the duplicate.

Has anyone ever tried to match the Gods of Golarion to the Gods of the Lost Lands/Rappan Athuk? I am starting a group in RA in January and need to be able to give them a listing of what Gods are available. Hopefully without going through all of my FGG books individually.

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