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Hello, I'm curious if there's been any good 3rd party material that combines the occult classes and adds in features to adapt stuff from the tech guide. I know Starfinder has a good chunk of stuff like this, but I'm curious if anything was specifically made with Pathfinder?

I know about Arcforge has some stuff, but i'm curious if there's any other good options. I haven't found much first party stuff, so any help is appreciated!

As someone who has bought out books upon books of Rite Publishing stuff, I'm always interested in what y'alls put out.

Especially class stuff. The In The Company Of series may be one of my favorites in all of 3rd party stuff for Pathfinder

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I'm always glad to see pf1 still be supported. I know pf2 is coming out eventually, but i still love having stuff for pf1 come out just because I don't think my group is going to switch anytime soon

Boom, contact thingy sent on your website.

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@EZG as a huge fan of yours, I'd love to work with you. What'd be the best way to contact you? email?

@Lucas Palosaari thanks a ton for that info. It's very useful to me and something I'll be using in the future.

So a bit more detail, but I asked a while back about people making more corruptions, and it looks like a lot have added some big stuff to it already.

However I'm looking for one specific style of corruption that hasn't really been done yet, and I'd like to ask someone who knows their stuff better than I do how to build one. To the point that I'm willing to pay a freelancer or someone to design it for me. I'd be more than fine with them selling it here and on drivethru and stuff like that. I'd just love to see this come to fruition.

Note, the idea i'm thinking of is an arcane-corruption where a person is basically addicted to magic ala blood elves from WoW. They gain power from magic, but it costs them, both mentally and physically. I've got a few ideas, but I'd love to get it more developped.

Alexander Augunas wrote:
Were Holy Knights and Sword Saints paladin-like?

Holy Knights and Sword Saints were similar-ish to paladins I guess. I'd actually say they're closer towards the PF Magus overall though. They're not really defensive characters, don't help out others through buffs or anything like that. They're damage dealers to their core. If we're comparing them to Tactics Advance, the closest would be the Bangaa Gladiator. If you had the DS FF Tactics Advance 2, the Viera Spellblade was also similar (just add the fact they could do it at range, no MP)

So in FFT there were 3 classes that used "sword skills", powers with instant speed action and had some range to them (never that much, but enough). They were all on plot/story characters and regular characters didn't have access to the classes:

1. Fell Knight - they had 2 powers. 1 that drained HP, another that drained MP.

2. Holy Knight - 5 different powers, every ability had some kind of debuff attached to it.

3. Divine Knight (Knight Templar) - 4 powers, every ability sundered a piece of equipment on an enemy.

Sword Saints (there was only 1 in the game) got access to every ability in all 3 of the classes. That character was pretty much the best character in the game, bar none.

Alexander Augunas wrote:
So it was the precursor to the FFX Dark Knight dress sphere?

Pretty much. Antipaladins seem close-ish, but it's not a divine power so much as it is one that eats your own soul up with every use. Supernatural seems the way to go.

Alexander Augunas wrote:
That sounds like a pretty awesome summoner archetype. It almost strikes me as a summon that was basically a sorcerer/wizard spell with a metamagic feat attached to it. I would need additional sketch time—the spell thing might not work well, because from what I remember from FFTA summons hit everyone on the board as their gimmick.

How summons worked in FFTA was similar to the previous one: Huge AoE compared to any regular spell, lots of damage, high mana cost. You're thinking of the illusionist who hit everyone on the board with some damage.

I'd love to see it as a summoner archetype, but I think summoners are kinda attached to the eidolons. Final Fantasy summoners never had them out for long periods of time until later in the series. Again, kinda like one super duper awesome spell.

I think they've been slightly done (path of war is the closest), but I love the Final Fantasy series overall. Cloud was a huge hero of mine, and watching any of those limit breaks was amazing. Giant lasers, whipping up a storm of meteors, etc.

Tactics was especially amazing to me though (ps1). Ramza, Agrias, Ovelia, TG Cid (Orlandeau) were all heroes to me. I loved the sword skills of their special classes (Holy Knight / Sword Saint), throwing out ranged abilities with no charge time (magic needed time to charge, these were instant use) that had solid damage and a potential debuff. Just having a dude who could fight at melee range with the best of them, but hit people at range with moves too.

The dark knight from the FF4 (cecil) was super cool to me too. You drain your hp and deal lots of damage to do so. The move ate away at your hp, but you murdered your opponents pretty quickly. If you were able to keep up the HP, it'd end any basic fight almost asap.

The biggest thing from Final Fantasy that I miss though are the summons. Summoning an incredibly powerful monster for a brief moment that uses a single attack, devastating the enemy. You don't get to use it as often as any regular spell (MP costs were always bigger than a plain fireball), but they were potent things regardless.

edit: time mages from FFT too! They were super dope.

Evil Midnight Lurker wrote:
There's a version number and date on page 2.

Just checked on drivethru, literally all 3 of them say Version 1.2 - October 3rd.

So I guess that means that the older ones got replaced out and these ones are the ones to use. They all have different file sizes, but are almost exactly the same.

Also yeah, i'm still seeing the 3 separate files to download.

directions unclear, bought corruption book. wat do

Same thing as last time, got an email saying that the book has been updated. Now there's 3 copies of it, all with the same name. Is there a quick way to tell which one is most updated one? I can post file sizes or something if they'd help.

Edit: This is on drivethru by the way. Not sure about this on other sites

Question, which one is the updated file? There's 2 links in the Drivethru file, both of them with the exact same title.

Also, I got notified through email, so if I missed something in this thread specifically, I apologize.

So I decided to redo the blood power and figured out how to do the Magic Item drain.

Drain Magical Item

Temporarily suck the magic out of a magical item you are wielding in order to regain a spell slot used in the day. Item must be magical in nature, and the caster level (or total GP worth) of the item directly impacts what level spell can be brought back. Increase your Corruption by 1 each time you do this.

Stain - Mundane goods simply aren’t worth your attention as they do not fuel your addiction. You take a -2 to all saves and actions related to those items. For example, this includes saves against sundering, stealing, attacks using a non-magical weapon, etc.

Hostile Drain Magical Item
Prereq - Drain Magical Item

Make a sunder check targeting an opponent’s magical device, using your primary casting stat instead of STR for CMB, and drain the magical power from the item temporarily, refueling a spell cast that day. Increase your corruption by 1 regardless if you succeed or fail

Stain - Items you wield are inherently worn out and old. Items contain half the hardness, and you take a -4 to saves against item destruction and damage

Also, instead of doing the "blood" sacrifice, I figured I would make it more like burn for a kineticist: effectively losing max hp, but in turn, gaining stronger spells

Mana Burn: Like a kineticist and their ability to take burn, you take burn in order to imbue your spells with deadly power.

You can take burn up to your Manifestation level, 1 point of burn = your level in non-lethal damage. This can not be healed away through magical means. This only comes back with rest

For each point of “Mana Burn” you currently have, you can apply 1 specific buff to your spells:
* Increase the damage die by 1 (a 10d6 blast becomes 11d6 as an example)
* Increase the duration of a spell by 1d6 rounds if that spell has a duration
* Increase the DC on saves of your spells by 1

You can increase your Corruption by 1 to apply even stronger buffs to your spells:
* Increase all damage die of a single spell by 1 step. D4 to d6, d6 to d8, etc.
* Increase the duration of a spell by 2d6
* Increase the DC on all saves of your spells by 3

Stain: Your body craves magical attention, even those with harmful effects. Enemy spells against you gain a +1 for the DC per point of mana burn you have and have a +1 to hit you with a magical attack (ranged touch attack spells for example).

Side Note: I feel like mana burn would be something of the lynch pin of the overall corruption based on this. I feel like if it were too strong (which it might be), you can up the penalties of this.

Arcane Form: Manifestation level 5, prereq - mana burn

Temporarily overflow your body with Arcane magic, turning into an elemental of some kind, lasts 5 rounds. Increase your Corruption by 1 while using this form.

Gain elemental traits as well as a power of an elemental type, using your manifestation level to determine what “size” of power you gain.
Initially, you gain the power of a medium sized elemental of your choice, but for each manifestation level you gain, the elemental power grows by 1 step. For example, at manifestation level 6, you gain the power of a large elemental of your choice.

While in Arcane Form, you count as having double your mana burn for purposes of your spells.

Upon leaving Arcane form, you are fatigued, as well as taking a temporary -2 to all mental stats due to tiredness as you overloaded your mental capacity with magic.

Stain: Your body reacts even worse to being targetted by spells: You now take additional damage whenever hit by a spell. You take an extra 1 point of damage per die rolled (10d6 fireball would deal 10 extra damage) or take 3 points of damage for each attack within said spell (Magic missile that shoots out 4 missiles deals 12 extra damage), whichever is worse.

Again, this can be balanced out somehow, but I'm just trying to figure out some new ideas on how to do this.

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I've got a few ideas on how to go with this, however, I'm very new to all of this in general. I'd like some help if it's at all possible.

The basic idea is a corruption that is essentially an addiction to Arcane Magic. If you're familiar with Blood Elves from WoW, something like that. Magic is their lifeblood and they addicted to it. If they go overboard, they turn into husk-like monsters, withered out from frying their bodies with arcane energies.

Treat Corruption Points like how the Possessed Corruption path has: You start at 1 each day.
At 3 points, you begin to blend your corruption with your personality.
At 5 points, you make a Will Save at DC 12 + 2*Manifestation Level + 2 for previous save within the same day. If you succeed, you drop down to 4 points. If you fail, you advance a Corruption Stage

Corruption Stages: Not entirely sure on what the triggering event should be here for advancing stages, emptying out your spells? Here's a basic idea of the stage though:

Stage 1 - You overindulged on magic, causing some kind of havoc and mayhem. Wherever you "overdosed" becomes barren of life (as you blew it up) and your body recoils from the flood of too much energy, taking a permanent -2 to CON. You are now moderately addicted to magic (Moderate Addiction works great for this, I want to figure out how to apply to use of magic directly though)

Stage 2 - You did it again, this time destroying an even greater area of life, rending the land rotten. Your mind is beginning to get weaker, take a permanent -2 to all mental stats. Additionally, you are now Severely Addicted to magic (same thing as before)

Stage 3 - You blow up a small town's worth of land, and arcane energies flooded your body, consuming your mind and body. Your character becomes a husk of yourself, becoming an NPC for the GM (or you've blown yourself up and died. either one works)

- Side note, are there any good monsters that represent a mana husk? Someone who over-indulged on so much magic, they basically "flooded" themselves? They'd be perfect for this.

Now for Manifestation Powers.

Metamagic Power
Gift: Pick a specific metamagic feat you currently possess, decrease the cost of it by 1, increase your Corruption by 1

Greater Metamagic Power
Prereq: Metamagic Power
Gift: Take that singular metamagic feat you chosed, it now costs nothing to use, increase your Corruption by 1

Spell Machinegun: As you cast spells within a certain amount of time, gain an ever increasing potent magic
Gift: After casting 3 spells within in an hour, saves increase by 1. After 6, up by 2
Increase your Corruption by 1 to double this bonus

Enhanced Magical Items: Channel arcane energy into your items, increasing their powers somehow.
Gift: All items on you increase their bonuses somehow (more AC, better saves, etc.), increase Corruption by 1
Stain: after a few rounds, the item ceases to work for an hour

Forbidden Access:
Gift: Cast a spell that you currently don’t have prepared or learned, equal to half your manifestation level, rounded down. Increase your Corruption by 1
Stain: Your mind’s defenses are weakened, take a permanent penalty to your Will Save (-2?)

Arcane Form
Manifestation Level 5 (also up for change)
Gift: Temporarily overflow your body with Arcane magic, turning into an elemental of some kind, lasts 5 rounds. Increase your Corruption by 1 to use this form.

Side Note - I’m imagining this is the “unlimited power moment” where you turn into Xerath (pure arcane energy, but confined into a singular being). I want people to enter this form, gain some nifty buffs, but then heavily drain/punish you after leaving it
Stain: leaving this form drains you of your spells somehow. Lose a hefty chunk of your spells per day, items are drained, something along those lines.

Blood Power
Drain your health and life in order to recover your magic
Lose X amount of life in order to regain a spell used at your highest level, or 2 spells of one level lower
X = your level total level?

Possible Alternative to Enhanced Magical Item and Blood Power
Drain the power of your items temporarily in order to recover used spell slots?


And that's what I've got so far. Again, any constructive criticism and tweaks I could make would be greatly appreciated. Any solid, yet still slightly punishing "Stains" for Corruptions would also be welcomed.

You dropped part of the title there :P


I have the book, and I pretty much agree with what you said about it. N Jolly actually summed up my main view point on a thread which was that most of them aren't quite "tempting" enough to be worthwhile, and read more like straight punishments. The gifts aren't anywhere as a powerful as the negatives are. If I had one as written as a player, I'd immediately remove it ASAP instead of use it at all.

My biggest problem with it though was that outside of a few specific corruptions (possession in the most flavorful for this) you're not really being tempted with power/dark side. You gain a meager bonus and that's it. It's not the high risk / high reward stuff I had hoped.

The tweaks I'm using are from this thread: http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2tu3f?Redone-Corruptions-from-Horror-Adventures

Which basically allow you to actually live with them a bit longer (punishments are manageable), the source is more "thematically" appropriate too. You can use much stronger powers, but you run the risk of over-exposure to the corruption.


I'm also super excited to hear that people are doing stuff for it. Makes me excited to see what can happen. A big fan of N Jolly, RGG, and Everyman gaming overall.

I haven't been able to play test them yet, but I'm planning on doing these exact style of corruptions for a campaign I'll run in the future. They're a lot more interesting overall than how the book has them and give more player choice too. Great work overall here

So Horror Adventures came out, and for me, I've absolutely loved it. Corruptions are probably one of my favorite things added to the game so far (albeit with some tweaks so that they aren't so die in 2 weeks problems). I'm curious if any 3rd party publisher is looking at adding a few more options for them that would be fun.

I'd love to see some more options that focus on casters like a "magic addiction" style corruption that boosts a caster's power, but becomes recklessly deadly and adverse. Things that boost their spells, but cause them to not be able to control their powers as well, or have chances for the spells to "fumble" in a way that hurts them.

I've been super digging the drow stuff too.

What sort of content is going to be in KoP 4 by chance? Any primary focus or just a bit of everything?

If you've ever played Mount and Blade: Warband, there's a friar in game you can hire to be part of your military (he's one of the best doctors in the game for your followers). I'm going to make exactly that :P

The idea I'm having personally is using the new horror adventure corruptions. Each party member will suffer from some sort of corruption, or have dealt with it for a while (get it at level 1, party starts at level 5, 2 manifestation levels via their corruption)

They'll work with some kind of a cleric and help them help the party. They'll meet said friar along their adventures a few times and he'll aid them in their quest somehow. Haven't fully decided yet. Maybe said friar is on a holy pilgrimage and runs into them a few times while doing so, and is obligated (or really just feels compelled) to help them cleanse themselves of their corruption.

I'm digging the friar archetype. Just seems absolutely perfect for that mental image of the priest in robes with a staff. I may actually use that in a game I'll run soon enough here (maybe a few months though)

As for the hybrid class, I kinda skipped past it because I'm not really any good at that. I can't judge power level at all.

That said the feats seem really unique too. I really enjoy being able to add versatility, which is why I get a kick out of the feats that add spells to the spell list. Even if it means you have to be tied to a specific domain, it makes sense flavor-wise so you're not just gaining the benefits from nowhere.

I know a few other 3rd party archetypes I think that would love that Faithslinger feat. I also enjoy the image of the gun-wielding priest, and something I'd love to setup as well in a more "wild west" style campaign

Sorry I never responded earlier, but thanks for the help here! Putting into context like this really helps.

quick link: http://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic/3rd-party-spells/ascension-games/void-field

So a friend of mine is playing a nightblade right now, and me and another GM friend (i'm the guy who uses a ton of 3rd party stuff of the group) were having a discussion because the nightblade found out about this spell.

So I've got a few questions about this spell because if i'm reading it as-is, it sounds really powerful. Do you get no saving throw from the effects when you're within it (blindness/deafness)? What's to stop someone throwing this on a backline and having them be completely removed from the fight if you're not in a fairly wide open area? For example, if you get no saving throw, you'd almost have 0 reason to not just throw it on a caster immediately because they now don't have access to a significant portion of their spells.

I'm just curious cause looking at it without a lot of context, this spell seems rather powerful for its level.

Question about all the errata, is this going to be in a separate document, or just updated into the original pdf's?

I haven't yet bought KoP 3 (should be soon though!), but I'm just curious as to whether or not I should just buy it now or wait until it's updated

pledged for the early bird pdf! not many left already lol

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isn't going overboard the point of Gonzo :P

edit: As another backer, there's a ton of stuff. Absolutely thrilled to try it

I do love hearing that something is taking from the dread necromancer. loved that class back in 3.5. All in all, this seems like a super interesting class that I plan to check out.

The only ones I've seen so far outside of Occult Origins and Occult Adventures has been KoP. Maybe some extra stuff in the homebrew forums, but nothing comes to mind.

I still think the Angst bloodline is one of the funniest things I've read for a pathfinder character in a while. Absolutely love the book, can't wait to try out the bloodlord class

Left a review on DriveThruRpg. I didn't buy it on here, so I don't know how to leave a review for it here. <_<

That said, I loved it. Super hyped to throw out a light kineticist at my party to see how they handle it.

I mean, in all of sci-fi, it's hard to top Star Wars for me personally. But as for what really really stuck around for me were the old Phantasy Star games for the Sega Genesis / Master System.

The idea of this omnipotent computer system that ran everything turning out to be corrupt was awesome for little me. Phantasy Star 2 had a lot of things going on that I missed when I was a kid, especially when it came to how bleak the "utopia" world was.

Even more fun, and is actually the basis for a campaign that I'm running right now, is what happens when that AI system that ran everything in the solar system crashes and dies, which is the intro plot of Phantasy Star 4. It causes a huge systemic collapse, and all the advanced sci-fi tech of Phantasy Star 2 that is super prevalent throughout the entire game, suddenly becomes almost non-existent for the decent chunk of the game, and you end up being the people to re-discover a lot that ancient tech.

So yeah, Phantasy Star 4 is one of those definitive games for me. I still have my Sega Genesis and that game, and they both still work just fine too :D

I actually love this article. I'm a GM who runs a lot of 3pp material, and my players have loved it so far. Ranging from the Medusa (who is the grappling champ of the world right now) by Rite Publishing to psionics to a bunch of Rogue Genius Games stuff. None of them have been that imbalanced, none of them outshone the other players (minus one who only wanted to be a fighter and was slightly air-headed about the game).

Compared to the shenanigans a wizard can pull, almost every 3pp thing is way more restricted and balanced

Thanks a ton for the help! I also skimmed over the limit breaks, I don't really feel like PF does well with that sort of stuff (leaves it open to be gamed quite a bit).

Very good point too about choices. The Dragoon basically has 1 set build that it has to follow the entire time.

Yeah, I think for my setting then I'm definitely going to be working with the Zephyrus. I've always wanted a Dragoon of sorts from Final Fantasy and those were the best ones I could find.

Once again, thanks a ton for this. I really do appreciate it

Out of curiosity, how do you think it compares to this version of the dragoon on the FFd20 site? I know i've asked before and after going through the forums and homebrew sections, these 2 (the ARMR one and the one on the site) are the ones that stand out the most to me.

I definitely do like the Lancets from the ARMR studios version and how they can really change up how the dragoon plays with the modifications on their charge, whereas the FFd20 one seems more linear in terms of how they'll play. Not only that, the Tactical Charge ability that eventually allows you a single turn while charging seems really useful.

But at the same time, Leaping Charge seems rather ill-defined. Does it actually allow you to jump over an enemy or are you just doing a regular style charge?

That said, I'm still new-ish when it comes to comparing class likes this and figuring out how balanced something is, so I have no idea if the FFd20 is balanced in a reasonable way.

Thanks for your help!

Oceanshieldwolf wrote:

@Coffee Demon - check out Interjection Games aptly named... Tinker Base class.

@sepik121. I'm pretty sure ARMR Studios did a hack on that Dragoon class called the Zephyrus - the lo-fi cover art even looks like a fan rip-off of the original. I wasn't completel taken with the mechanics of the class, but last I remembered it was FREE...yep still is.

If I were you I would go down to the Homebrew subforum and do a search for Dragoon - you'll find no small number of versions...

So I totally didn't even realize there was a homebrew sub-forum. Thanks a ton for that cause I'll be crawling through that a bit to see anything that pops out.

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I'm also seconding Malwing on the sci-fi stuff. As someone who is currently running a Phantasy Star campaign in Pathfinder (to be specific, they're going through Phantasy Star 4's plot), those items he listed are clutch.

Also to not be totally off-topic, did you ever play the old Final Fantasy games Malwing? I'm looking for a Dragoon style class based on those old games (Kain from final fantasy 4 is a perfect example): A martial character, specialized in using spears/lances/polearms. Their iconic ability though is to be able to jump incredibly high into the sky and come crashing down on their enemy for large amounts of damage.

Here's a pretty good example of what i'm looking for: http://www.finalfantasyd20.com/ffd20/dragoon.html

I'm just nervous about it because I've yet to see any real discussion about Final Fantasy d20 PF here, and I'm wondering if there's a 3PP who made something similar to it.

Thanks a ton!

left a comment on the kickstarter page, figure I'll do it here too:

I definitely like the idea of cutting out some of the less unique and memorable archetypes in favor of having some really solid ones. I'd much rather have a decent or a smaller sized book that's filled with great content rather than a huge one with some great ones, but also a bunch of "okay" archetypes.

I also like having the updates in favor of the voting. Having the ability to see a something here and there every week is really nice and keeps people in touch and interested in the content overall.

having some art previews is nice too, even if there's not much of it. Just a tidbit or some basic sketches of stuff. I know for me, having a piece of art (even if its just a draft version) but also including a description of the class makes me more invested in that thing. Art on its own isn't that interesting to me without something else to back it up

sounds interesting to me. I definitely enjoy things that expand on the different planes. More magical items is always a plus for me too

dang it, meant to pledge to it tonight but thought it was going on a bit longer. any chance for extra paypal drive or anything or am I gonna have to wait for the release?

also congrats on the funding!

I do have the Genius Options: Masters of Time. What I was referring to was what you mentioned in the second sentence of compiling the whole thing into one awesome book. That's super time consuming (ayy), but again, I've loved what you've done so far with it.

As for the 3 - 10k range items, I base a lot of my own opinions on what I can find on the d20pfsrd. The wondrous items in that section (Greater Minor specifically) are overshadowed by the Big 6 of items. What I would specifically like to see are items that maybe drop a part of the bonus, but also give really useful buffs in other situations.

As an example, one of my favorite items from DnD 3.5 as an example is the Shadow Cloak from Drow of the Underdark. It gave a +1 bonus to AC, which is directly useful, but what made it special compared to just the plain ring of protection, was that it could also be used to gain concealment or have a quick blink away from someone. It still gives the useful stat, just a bit less of it, but in turn, it gives much better active ability on something else that is also directly useful.

As for categories, I do enjoy the areas you hit on with Loot 4 Less. I feel like 1 book covering each major slot would be awesome. Rings/Shoulders/Amulet/Belt/Boots are the first ones that pop to mind. That said, I'd still love to see you guys making armor/weapons/random other stuff with that section too.

Daaawww, the site went down for a bit and it ate my post.

What I'd love to see is a full compilation of the Chronomancy stuff (Time Thief/Warden, the genius options, the bestiary), but add on just more of all of it. I've loved what I've seen so far from it. The one thing I'd especially love though is some kind of a full caster class that uses time powers somehow. I always think of the time mage of Final Fantasy tactics class, using haste on allies, slow on enemies, etc. Control mages with a bit of damage too.

As someone who starts their campaigns at level 5 (which assumes on average that each pc has 10k gold) your loot 4 for less series has been awesome. I'd love to see more of that, but I also want to second the Loot for not so less covering 3 - 10k. Most of my games get to level 10-11 where those tend to be the items they're using for huge parts of the game.

Also bought the gruesome jellies book. because who doesn't love jellies?

ayy. Steve Lichman. It's a wonderful comic. Can't wait to see the results of it!

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Gonna make a long list here, cause I probably back way too many kickstarters. Been burned a couple of times by some video game ones, but so far when it comes to Pathfinder and pdf's, I've been really happy with the content I've gotten. There's been a few that got delayed, but I can wait. But even those ones have had me happier compared to some of the video game ones where it looks like no progress has happened in almost 3 years.

What I've backed so far:


It seems incredible and potentially awesome as a campaign setting. That said, 50k is a lot of money. Outside of a select few kickstarters that huge runaway successes, I don't see many kickstarters for pathfinder content hit that number. Best of luck to them, I've backed, but I'm skeptical that it's going to hit that number.

That's the only one that's currently on-going at the moment. I've got a few others (Steve Lichman is hilarious), but none strictly pathfinder related.

Northern Crown New World Adventures

Never really tried to run an alternate history style of game before, but the idea of a New World-era exploration across the US sounds awesome to me. The book itself looks pretty in-depth with a lot of fluff and some useful parts of crunch too. It only recently got funded this month, so now the waiting time begins.

Path of Iron

I'm in a similar boat as Malwing here where Path of Shadows entirely sold me on getting this one. That said, I am excited for the classes in this one, especially the Saboteur and Vanguard. I didn't really look over the playtest, but I plan on skimming it a bit more later on.

Wardens of the Wild: Supplement for Elves

I'm a fan of TPK Games. The malefactor is one of my favorite classes, I use laying waste for my crits, and I've liked their other stuff in the past too. I'm looking to expand on elves in the next set of settings I write up and hopefully this book will help. Guy went radio silent for a long time which kind of sucked (This got funded in July), but the creator is looking like he's going to startup again here. Their preview spell they gave out (you turn so beautiful it hurts to look at you) is also one of the elfiest things I've ever seen. I love it.

Aventyr Bestiary

While I don't use a whole ton of stuff from AAW, I do plan on writing up a mini-version of the Underdark from 3.5/PF in a future campaign of mine. Naturally, a bestiary of stuff that focus on underground creatures are going to be perfect for that. They're hoping to get the pdf out by late november, and they said that pretty recently too. Fingers crossed because the art is gorgeous in the book.

Gonzo 2

It's Pathfinder, but at it's most absurd. A huge amount of classes (I'm gonna have a power ranger villain used from this book) and they all seem really cool and unique thematically. Super hyped for the Architect which is like playing tower defense, but within pathfinder. They've recently released a WIP of what the book will be (no art, but all the classes are there) and again, I've loved what I have seen so far.

I've got way more stuff I've backed, but it's too much to keep writing out, I'll just quickly list everything I've backed that I haven't written about:

NeoExodus: the Campaign Setting

Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms

In the Company of Dragons

Advanced Races Compendium

In the Wintery Gale: Nordic Adventures

Pact Magic: Unbound

Big Book of Bloodlines


Southlands, Desert Campaign Setting

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As someone else stuck in the perma-GM state, I feel the pain in this thread. So many classes I want to play, but probably never will.

That said,

Vitalist from DSP is super awesome. Especially with soulthief style healing.

One of players was the Dragon Rider from Rogue Genius Games. It was his first time playing and he loved it.

Another one of my players is the Medusa from Rite Publishing. She's having a blast turning things into stone and poisoning everything.


For me personally, I want to play that Iron Titan by Rite so badly. Don't think I'm going to be able to do that at all though

The demonologist is definitely a hybrid class of the summoner and the witch. Also has an add-on ability to use magic circles though, which I don't think either the witch or summoner have

So, bought this on a whim, which I'm absolutely enjoying right now. Quick question about a possible typo, on page 22 (23 including cover), where it goes over the Demonologist Hexes, there are 2 separate sections for "Major Hexes".

One of the sections (where it says Major Hexes) is in small black letters and includes consuming fire, demonic command, etc. The next "Major Hex" section is in red and a bit bigger, and includes Doom Gaze, Flames of Retribution, etc.

I'm just wondering if these are supposed to be in one bigger group or if there's a reason for the difference. Are they just both considered Major Hexes then?

In regards to the medusa character: It's only been a session in our campaign so far, so no comment when it comes to balance. But that said, the player who I suggested it to loved it and she's had a blast making that character. All that fluff stuff in the beginning made her really get into the character mindset and there was a huge amount of options to help her pick what she wanted.

Also foremother's blessing is such a cool idea. I love it.

I'm also gonna second the harpy thing. I know flight is a hard thing to balance in low level games, but I love that idea. Maybe another style of monster too?

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That moment when I realize that I've bought a few bundles of yours and just haven't had time to actually sit down and read through most of your products


As someone who has done basic reviews on products before, are there any tips on how to leave good ones? I wrote up a review for the Saurians book (seeing as how i've already read that one through a bit) and RPGNow. Really happy with the book and made it 5/5.

The post you wrote was also incredibly insightful (even if i'm a little biased as a EZG fan :D ) about the nature of 3pp material and selling overall. A lot of info that I would not have known at all.

Are we talking about stuff on that list or other cool ideas overall?

From that list:

Cause i'd love to see that 1001 items book. I'm looking for large books like that for items (crawling through d20pfsrd can be a hassle)

The secrets of the divine is the series that uses example religions isn't it? Because as someone who struggles with making religions in game, that one seems super useful.

I backed that "in the company of dragons" thingy a while ago, excited to see what happens with it.

I'm also excited to see the rest of those "In the Company of..." series. I loved the medusa (got someone using that in a campaign i'm running now!), and I love rakshasa. I think it'd be interesting to see what you do with aberrations and fiends. If that unicorn is making a playable unicorn, i'd probably buy that instantly if only for the hilarity that could ensue from it.

Personal things I like:

Mesoamerica is something I'd love to see more 3rd party stuff take on. There's a huge amount of mythos (aztec, mayan, olmec, incan, etc) to draw from there that I don't see too often. Things like deities, races, settings/cities, classes you could have (Jaguar Warriors!), etc. I'm not a designer by any means, but I would love to see more material with that is influenced by that region.

I'm also a sucker for Final Fantasy (grew up with them, what can I say). I'd love to see a dragoon style class that jumps high into the sky and pounces on things for lots of damage. Or a class based on the Dark Knight from final fantasy 4. Or a class like a Geomancer from final fantasy tactics that gains skills based on the terrain they're on.

edit: If it's possible, a revision of the angel class from In The Company of Angels. I haven't run one in a game yet, but they seem super high powered (and I'm a bit of an EZG fanboy when it comes to his reviews, and he agrees) that tones them down a bit.

It got sent out in an email. Here lemme copy and paste it for ya:

This is the Thanksgiving weekend up here in Canada. Normally, I would be in Great Falls, Montana for the Great Falls Gaming Rendezvous 2015 @ the Townhouse Inn as an attending pro. However, I broke my shoulder so I don't get to go this year and show off my cool know Purple Duck Games and Porphyra banners nor share copies of the Lands of Porphyra Campaign Setting with people. Perry (my primary editor) was able to go and he is running some game demoes for Purple Duck Games.

Instead I'm at home doing the Thanksgiving Meal along with my wife, her parents, my dad and his finance. So it sounds like a good time for a sale.

From right now until I wake up on Tuesday morning the 14th of October all Purple Duck Games products are 28% off at Rpgnow.

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