Rite Publsihing: Converting 1E Products to 2E?

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Will you? Particularly the "In the Company of" series?

Scarab Sages

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It's certainly something we've been discussing.

The real question is, is that something you and other folks are interested in seeing?

- Owen K.C. Stephens, Producer, Rite Publishing

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In the Company of Aberrations, Fiends, and Celestials would definitely be something that I would be interested in seeing.

As someone who has bought out books upon books of Rite Publishing stuff, I'm always interested in what y'alls put out.

Especially class stuff. The In The Company Of series may be one of my favorites in all of 3rd party stuff for Pathfinder

I am a huge fan of your 101 spell series. Starting a new series would be great.

How is this coming? If it is coming that is.

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