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I saw this threads title and immediately the thoughts of a Luau gone horribly wrong!

Still here!

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Once, my players asked a group of very small fey to transfer an enchantment from, a "boring and ugly" cloak of protection, to an elven gold torc with an amber clasp.

After a pizza runs worth of DM can resist PIZZA! I announced their price.

A riddle, a song, a dance, a story, and a snack that they had not had yet.

As I sat waiting expectantly, my players realized they were...on stage so to speak.

Hilarity ensued!

Thanks Adam! I like green.

Drat and Bother!

I play a 1ED pathfinder mishmash that works for us...I'd just ask your DM...bring pizza! DM can resist pizza! do you know this...inquiring minds want to know?

I like sonic damage...gets through more often than not for me...research your own spells and make up names if you can.

Cost me most of my loot for a holy sonic spell...Choir Blast...after the Iomadae debacle in the world wound seemed to fit.

Legolas eat yer heart out! Lars is THE MAN!

No idea...but DARN! That is one awesome archer!

*engage rant mode*

I know it's role playing...but to do selfish evil acts and then go "It's just my character...I'm doing what my character would!...

Come on dude! YOU ARE YOUR CHARACTER!...don't try to wipe out your DM's and other players game time...kill of random people in the game and laugh saying..."but my character is evil!1!11!!! he just wants POWER!!11!!1!..."

Play Morrowind...there you can kill anyone you want without killing off your DM's hard work and the other players game time...I hear ESO has some PVP zones.

I ban players from my table for this kind of CN...I'm sorry NE...kind of "look at me fellas...aint I cool" kind of disruption.

*exit rant mode*

sorry bout that...God do I feel better!

Does not DR1/- mean you can pretty much ignore mosquitos/ticks/bed bugs and the like?

What will the next one's spine be colored?

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It's early Gygax...everything is more or less "Save Or Die".

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Slurk...will it work? Nope!

Drat and Bother! Now both of my FLGS pre pays are gone from Jan like the Titanic.......:(

Any reasons why both were shifted to Feb?

For the seems to be back to the normal...when I deep link to the messageboards, I have no problems at all.

BigDTBone's info seem to be making sense as I too have half remembered those conversations.

Thanks for the assist!

double post...sorry my bad.

Sara Marie wrote:
Updated to move Campaign Setting: Belkzan, Hold of the Orc Hordes to February.

Oh least my FLGS has my pre pay money earlier than they thought...trying to match the setting with the new adventure paths release ?

I am running internet explorer current version on windows vista home premium. Safe setting on browser is Medium.

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Who says that keeping the shards with the Pathfinder Society is "SAFE" ?

Interestingly...if I link to the messageboards I get in first try...HMMM.

Every time I get to the Paizo home page I see the lovely graphics for half a second, but then get bumped to a white loading screen....for ever...

I end up having to go to other websites and try to get to Paizo from there...success! Half a second later...Hello white screen!

Clicking refresh just stops the loading and leaves me with the lovely white screen.

I now have to do all the above steps repeatedly for about 5 minutes before I am able to get to Paizo.

This does not happen to any other websites...just Paizo.

Whats happening?

It's been this way for 6 months with it getting worse each now each day.

I went way back to 1st edition...hardened gamers cut and ran from the iron golem that was only harmed by +3 weapons...they got it in the end, but their initial panic was very heart warming.

They were indeed safe from most 1st ed. critters with +2 weapons as they will hurt quite alot of my rank and file beasties...but not all of them...

Bwa! Ha! Ha!

Only if your characters name is Calvin.


Random question time...just what is the "Bag Of Rats" cleave trick that lets a high level fighter solo slay a great wyrm red dragon? if I might be so boldly curious.

Wow! Thats So Smurfy!

BURN!!!! Purify With Fire!

Way back in the older versions of our favorite game there was a second level spell for magic users called...

Dispel Silence! only had a somatic component (naturally) and a material component of 50 gold pieces of diamond dust.

Just say your uber genius thought it up ...oh, years ago.

One of my players runs a ranger with dips in mage...he took advanced familiar to get an azata...

Named her "Navi"...yup he also dresses in green and is a blonde elven male!

If you have a tiny faerie companion you might as well go all in for Link!

I subscribe to the adventure paths...but I'll give my FLGS a holiday boost and order a few items from them...

Thanks for posting this now and not in December!!!

Tomb Of Horrors Boxed Set! 3/5 players even survived!!!

I know I'm not a member...but responded in the spirit of Pathfinding.

Are the robotic angels at least "cute" ?

Little Orphan Annie used to have a good one!

Buy an ioun stone.

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I did the switch myself last session...the group went off to save the old from dragon...

Rescued an hog tied male wood elf sorcerer...the looks of "what the hay??" made it all worthwhile.

The group's female mage was particularly effective in both her spells and roleplay...on a whim I had the captive related to nobility.

Yup, she rescued the handsome prince!

Diego Rossi wrote:
selunatic2397 wrote:
Did you count me Diego Rossi?

As one of the "it is a problem" posters.

53 posters was the number in the thread header, I listed the "it is not a problem" guys and the neutral posts. All other were counted as "it is a problem".

Yup! you got me right! Thanks.

I use it to keep my players saving and not spamming wishes.

When Unearthed Arcana first came out for 1st. every one promptly rolled up a drow female...And each one was for what was just described...quite "Cheese Lording".

I too, promptly acted...dropped all drow "special abilities" up too and including the 15" movement rate for females...

And what do you know...all the drow were rerolled as normal pc's...well as normal as gamers get!

3 out of 5 gamers all had some version of Drizzt...some special snowflake huh?

Did you count me Diego Rossi?

My players have long realized that by house rule, I foolishly allowed haste/slows to stack...even with the hastes needing a system shock roll for each haste spell and multiple years aged [as my players are pretty much elf/dwarf meaning the age penalties did not faze them...system shock and a dwarf's con meant an easy roll.

I favor a style of if you do it...I do it too!

So after they stacked 3 slows on a choke point of enemy knights and I ended up with ground round by my turn...they were hit by 2 stacked slows and a double hasted group of 6 berserkers later down the road so to speak...

It worked to cut back on the abuse of haste/slow spells...They keep it for endgame scenarios, or if it's a use it or die...and I have a moderately well behaved group of gamers.

They do have most excellent customer sevice here...always helpful and cheerful!

Double Crud!

My gamers asked me to let them run their high levels against Razmir...

I agreed and told them to bring their A+ game.

It was another epic fight with heroes dropping like flies and Razmir's minions doing likewise.

But in the end they won...took his ivory mask as a trophy even.

Resurrected their fallen and relaxed...then the now endless atacks of Razmir Razmir still seemed to be there, alive and well.

Silly heroes, death is not a career ending event for an archmage...and an ivory mask plus a few spells means you may not have even killed the right one...or could tell the difference.

Perhaps, as UnArcaneElection stated, maybe he died long ago...who did they fight, anyway?

While technically it's not an adventure path, it was co-written by James Jacobs!

The Age Of Worms from Dungeon players gave me the entire 12 issue set!!!

Yup, I am truly blessed, both by my players...and by James and Co.'s awesome adventure.

Dude you got like 5 threads all the same on this subject.

I had a player build a wooden liner for his portable hole, complete with dividers, bins, and all sorts of organizers.

He stated that if he really needed something, he didn't want to waste time digging for it.

Another player kept his wizard's library in his, complete with a comfy reading chair and snacks.

My gamers recently gave me the complete run of the age of worms adventure series printed in dungeon magazine to run instead of the iron I am using the iron lords in my Traveller campaign.

Everybody is happy happy happy!

Ever since adventure path number one I have never used/downloaded any of the free pdf's.

Gods Above, I must have well over a hundred of the little the dark depths of the internet...being ignored...crying out endless tears...forever never downloaded...

Old School to the core...PAPER FIRST...LAST...ALWAYS!!!!!

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