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i don't know if i've seen something like this in a while, use spoiler tags if you can:)

Just about to start the third part of Jade Regent. I'm the GM.

The PCs include:
Human Rogue (Swashbuckler) 6
Human Flame Oracle 6
Snowcaster Elf Cleric (Theologian) of Findeladlara 6
Human Bard 5/Rogue (Rake) 1
Half-Orc Samurai 6
Human Fighter 6

The Exchange

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Currently in the second year of GMing Curse of the Crimson Throne. We are a group of 6 who live scattered across the country. Some are students, some are soldiers, some have jobs, and getting together to play is very difficult to organize. As such whenever we do meet it's for a weekend long glorious gathering, where we devote most of the night to playing Pathfinder (usually about 5 hours of play, from 10 PM of the first day to 3 AM of the next).

Just now reaching the meatier sections of "History of Ashes", which so far has been a very strong part of the AP. I'm really looking to finish the campaign this year - we managed to do the first half in the previous year, so hopefully we can keep up at least the same pace. So far the campaign is everything I could realistically ask out of a Pathfinder campaign. Neither me nor my players are great at roleplaying, but there are a lot of cool social interactions, cool fights and the players are keeping track of the large plot and dozens of NPCs very well - in fact I never have to remind them of anything, despite the occasionally long breaks between sessions.

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we are starting Iron Gods today, in about 2 or 3 hours (depends when the family get home from the grand parents:)

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Both are currently on hiatus due to my imminent move, but I'm currently GMing two campaigns: I'm in year/book four of Legacy of Fire, and less than a year into Wrath of the Righteous, having just wrapped up book one. During that period I also started running Serpent's Skull and Way of the Wicked, but they both quickly faltered due to various real-world reasons.

I'm GM'ing a 10 volume AP campaign where I'm telling the Shattered Star story but primarily using Rise of the Runelords to do it. Using all six books of RotRL as well as Curse of the Crimson Throne #2 and Shatted Star #2, #5 and #6. There are substantial rewrites but basically shards are appearing in the possession of appropriate villains as the Sihedron seeks to be reforged. So far its going magnificently.

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I'm running Carrion Crown (Book 6) on Sundays with a live group at the local gaming store. On fridays I run Rise of the Runelords for a group on Roll 20 (Book 3). Finally I play in a Wrath of the Righteous game on Roll 20 on Thursday nights and I believe we are on Book 4.

When the WotR game ends I will definitely be dropping down to two games a week. Way too much game.

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I'm running a slow-running mythic Reign of Winter with the party having entered into the Howlings of Whitethrone, and a more-quickly-running (and slightly less Mythic) Rise of the Runelords with the party wrapping up Book 3 and about to enter into Book 4.

Both groups are at the 2nd Mythic Tier. The RoW group will eventually get to Tier 5 or 6, while the RotRL group will achieve Tier 4 upon killing Karzoug - at which point if the group is interested, I'll have the group continue to do the second half of Wrath of the Righteous, which I'll be increasing in potency. (I also have nerfed certain Mythic abilities like Mythic Power Attack, and modified Criticals so they do half as much damage but do full damage automatically.)

Row (I allowed players who'd prefer the new classes to switch over, and did so with the NPC):
1/2 Elf Wizard 1/Cleric 5 (Hierophant/Marshal)
Human Ranger (Skirmisher) (Nadya) 6 (Non-Mythic for now)
Goblin Fighter 2/Wizard 4 (Champion/Archmage)
Catfolk Brawler 6 (Trickster)
Human Rogue 6 (Trickster)
NPC Human White Mage Arcanist 6 (Archmage)

1/2 Orc Barbarian 11 (retiring - player has left the group) (Champion)
Human Ranger 2/Transmuter 5/Eldritch Warrior 4 (Archmage)
Halfling Bard 1/Cleric 10 (Hierophant)
Human Sorceress (Imperious) 11 (Archmage/Marshal)
NPC Sylph Rogue 4/Air Wizard 3/Arcane Trickster 2/Swashbuckler 2 (Trickster)

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I've put my two main homebrew/FR campaigns on hiatus for various reasons, and instead have two new Rise of the Runelords campaigns (both groups ended up choosing the same AP after getting a short summary of each available AP's general theme). Alas, I'm currently the only GM in these groups, so I have no chance to actually play in any AP yet.

Right now I'm GMing through the first book of the Serpent's Skull AP

Half-Orc Druid (Saurian Shaman)
Human Alchemist (Internal Alchemist)
Human Swashbuckler
Human Gunslinger (Mysterious Stranger)

I'm running Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition with my group. We've been playing for about two years, and have just finished Chapter 4 Fortress of the Stone Giants.

The characters, which have just reached level 13, are:
Human Sorcerer (arcane bloodline)
Human Monk
Orc Spell-less Ranger (he was an elf before reincarnation) and his firepelt cougar animal companion)
We've recently been joined by a Human Ninja, and have had an elf oracle of the heavens and a gnome druid join us in the past.

Story Archer - your combination of RotRL and and Shattered Star sounds awesome :)

TriangularRoom wrote:
Story Archer - your combination of RotRL and and Shattered Star sounds awesome :)

Oh its going to be fantastic. Been working on it for years. I started a thread on it here, but it kind of got thread-jacked.

Its still on pace to unfold as I have written in the original thread, though thanks to some help on the CotCT forums, I'll be flipping Seven Days to the Grave and Curse of the Lady's Light.

If you have any insight or want to talk about it, I'd love nothing more...

My first DMing attempt and we are running Rise of the Runelords AE, first evening was just a drunken goblin slaying foray brought out of boredom with 2 friends (Which is now known as the Night of the Endless 2's) and a few weeks later we decided to actually try giving it a run bringing us to 4 players. After getting through Burnt Offerings we ended up at 6 and have been sitting with this solid group since Late April.

The group is now preparing to infiltrate Jorgenfist after the Giants crashed the Fighters wedding and abducted his father in law (Ven Vinder). He spent most of the end of the last session debating whether to find a bottleneck and take on all the camps outside at once.

Our group consists of:

Roy Greenhilt - Human Fighter 7/Chevalier 3/Sentinel of Gorum 1
Reliss Deraken - Human Rogue [Swashbuckler] 11
Beck Carlsburg - Human Sorcerer 11
Alleria Snow - Human Witch 11
Chochok Toothkeeper - Human Shoanti Barbarian [Invulnerable Rager] 11
Brother Fisk - Half-Orc Cleric of Sarenrae 11

I'm currently GMing three adventure paths, playing in three of them.


The first one is RotRL AE (played tabletop), which we started in summer 2011. We're currently two encounters away of book five (see spoiler).

My players have cleared all the wings of the Runeforge except for Gluttony and Wrath. They already got the Runeforged weapons and managed to destroy Karzoug's statue in barely two rounds! Yet somehow they now and then struggle on a few encounters, as the story that follow shows.

We played yesterday, and they encountered Azaven who basically kicked their bottoms! His prismatic spray sent Shalelu (the Shoanti ranger's paramour and cohort) to the Ethereal Plane, and would have sent the alchemist PC to the Negative Energy plane if he hadn't spent two hero points to cheat death. He also finger of death'ed the Draconic blaster sorcerer PC. Obviously the rest of the group ran away.

The group has sustained many deaths, but is a solid one (all are level 14 now):
Shoanti two-handed fighter
Shoanti two-weapon ranger & Shalelu as cohort and lover
Shoanti druid (now reincarnated into a half-elf)
Varisian hedge witch (now reincarnated into a half-elf)
Varisian chirurgeon alchemist
Thassilonian dragon sorcerer

The second I'm GMing (also tabletop) is Council of Thieves. I've developped the Pathfinder Society storyline, and I had them leave Westcrown (exiled, to be precise) after book three to join the Pathfinder Society

They played a custom three-year apprenticeship in a very Harry Potter manner, with a shadow demon (sent by you-know-who - no, not Voldemort!) possessing one of the teachers to recover a certain artifact in the PCs' possession. They especially loved that part, including the exams they had to take at the end of each semester, with silly names like "Locks, traps and deadly pits - Grimtooth's legacy"! I had them play the "Gallery of Evil" official module, then wrote a special scenario for their Confirmation, since they all belong to the same noble family from Westcrown.

They've just come back to Westcrown, and I've decided to switch books five and four, which makes more sense story-wise.

CoT book five:
They've just killed Ilnerik and reunited the Aohl, which they returned to the Pathfinder Society. Since they're part of it, one of their new tasks is to reopen Delvehaven with the help of the newly-appointed Venture-Captain Aylin Ghontasavos. Little do they know that a certain mansion is about to explode, setting the start for the Council's takeover. I plan to play books four (revised, but on steroids), then six back-to-back, with no downtime and added pressure.

The team consists in (level 10 currently):
Chelish Oracle of Flames
Chelish Magus
Chelish Two-weapon fighter
Half-elf Bard/Rogue
Ulfen ranger

The last one I'm GMing is Shattered Star, here on the paizo boards as PbP. We haven't got far yet (we started in June, with a two-month hiatus).

Shattered Star, book one:
They've just entered the Crow and are now facing the Tower Girls.

As player

All three APs I'm playing are here on the paizo boards as PbP.

I'm playing this one despite having GMed most of it because I love that AP so much. Of course I'm not helping the other players for the story/investigation parts, but it's so much fun to play it. In book two, I was really spooked by the haunts in Misgivings! I didn't remember when they occured or what they did (except for the last one in the attic, it's too memorable not to be remembered), so I was as afraid as the other PCs, I think!

Iron Gods:
I haven't read this one at all, and I'm having a blast so far! We're still in book one (entering some kind of spaceship after crossing a huge dome filled with sands and kasatha skeletons. I'm playing a conjurer (creation subschool) wizard with the intent of PrCing into Technomancer.

Carrion Crown:
I haven't read the AP either, and I love this one so far. The only negative element is that the group of PbP players I'm playing with don't post very regularly, so it plays slowly and thus sometimes it makes me lose interest. It's one of the banes of PbP posting, I know.

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I'm GM'ing Rise of the Runelords. We started in January, 2012 with 6 players. We took a 6 month break to play The Dragon's Demand, then picked back up with 7 players. We're about 1/3 of the way into Chapter 5.


I'm currently playing in two APs, Rise of the Runelords and Skulls & Shackles. The former has been going on for over a year now, but we have only now really picked up speed (we are only at the end of Book 2), after one of the players had to move. It was a shame she had to go, but it has allowed us to play more often, and having a smaller group leaves more time for roleplaying. The party currently consists of...

Human [Chelaxian] Vivisectionist (me, going for Master Chymist)
Human [Varisian] Buccaneer (going for Evangelist of Cayden Cailean)
Halfling Rogue/Sorcerer [Serpentine Bloodline] (possibly going for Arcane Trickster)

The player who had to leave was playing an elven Cleric of Pharasma. Now our skeleton crew is augmented by...

Orik Vancaskerkin

...who was recruited by the Buccaneer as his first mate (we are still working on getting him a ship), and expertly roleplayed by the GM.

The aforementioned S&S group has only been going on for a few sessions now. It consists of the same people as the RotRL group, plus a couple of extra people. The guy playing the Buccaneer in the RotRL is, rather fittingly, the GM in this one. The guy playing the Vudran in this group is the GM for RotRL. A bit more hectic group, a bit less in-depth roleplaying, but a lot more action. This party consists of...

Skinwalker [Wereshark-Kin] Aquatic Druid/Sea Reaver (me, Ulfen heritage)
Sylph Cleric of Gozreh
Gillman Musketeer (the Swashbuckler archetype)
Human [Keleshite] Investigator (has a pegleg because a shark bit off her foot, absolutely terrified of my character)
Human [Vudran] Pirate/Sorcerer [Stormborn] (going for Arcane Trickster)

In addition, I am running Curse of the Crimson Throne for another group of more distant friends through Skype and Roll20. It is the first AP I have GM'd, and it has been a blast so far. The group got its start playing PFS, with some of the people playing a tabletop RPG for the first time, so it has been a joy to see the people who have never played anything else get very creative in a more free-form environment. This party consists of...

Human [Chelaxian] Paladin of Sarenrae
Human [Chelaxian] Urban Ranger (twin brother of the former)
Dwarf Inquisitor of Gozreh (with at least the Preacher archetype, I forget which other)
Half-Elf Oracle [Life Mystery] (recently died at the hands of the Ranger, who was dominated at the time, reincarnated as a Gnome)
Tiefling [Demon-Spawn] Primalist [Divination School] (a Harrower of Varisian descent)

So yeah, lots of gaming in my life right now. :)

Liberty's Edge

I am currently running Zeitgeist, book 2
Way of the Wicked book 2
Iron Gods book 2
Mummy's mask book 1
And about to star Santiago

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I am playing in two Adventure Paths. Every other Saturday afternoon I am playing in a Carrion Crown game. We are in Harrow stone at the moment.
Our party consists of

CG Changeling F Alchemist 1 From Raven Grow
CG Dwarven F Fighter 1 from the Five Kings Mountains
N human M Battle Scion 1 ( from the New Paths compendium a little like the Hex Blade)
N Human M Cleric of Pharasma from Osirion
NG Sylph M Wizard From Katapesh


A couple of games ago, (now a month) two of the players couldn't make it ( Fighter and Alchemist). Three of us (Battle Scion, Wizard and Cleric of Pharasma) decided to explore Harrow Stone anyways.
There was a TPK.
So we three players had to make new characters to replace our fallen battle scion cleric and wizard. We made a Elven M Spell less Ranger 1, an Aasimar Paladin of Iomedae 1, and an Aasimar Cleric of Iomedae 1. The GM ran our characters through a small side adventure. The next weekend, the weekend before last, the three new characters met the two old characters. The three new characters, the paladin and cleric of Iomedae from Vigil in Last Wall, with a local ranger, were resting at the rangers home for the night when they heard, a yelp, a thump, a dripping noise, and then receding foot steps. Our characters went out into the foggy night. We caught up to a towns men with a small sack with wet red stains on it, and a large razor dripping with blood. The Paladin asked him to put his blade down, and to come with us. The towns men attacked. A fight ensued. We asked the towns man to yield several times, and told him he wouldn't be harmed, but he continued to fight. In the fight our characters killed the townsman with our longswords. we found a dead dog, with it's throat slit in the sack.

Right about then the , CG Dwarven F Fighter (now 2nd level) came upon our characters, with a dead towns man at their feet and bloody longswords in their hands. The Paladin told the Dwarven fighter to disarm. The Dwarf wouldn't. Luckily the Alchemist arrived, and she recognized the Spell less Ranger with us. So they talked, and tensions were drawn down.

our characters then went up to Harrow stone to explore.

Our party now consisted of

CG Changeling F Alchemist 2 From Raven Grow
CG Dwarven F Fighter 2 from the Five Kings Mountains

NG Elven M spell less ranger 1 from Ravengrow

NG Aasimar M cleric of Iomedae 2 From Vigil, Lastwall
LG Aasimar M Paladin of Iomedae 1from Vigil, Last wall.

This will be interesting.

The other is a Mummy's Mask game which meets every wed night. we are in the first book.
Our party consists of

CG Kitsune F rogue 2
N Elf M arcanist 2
CG Human F Shaman 2
Cg Azlanti F Cleric of Abadar 2 ( GM cleric)

We have gotten through the first dungeon and are exploring the second.
The kitsune rogue and Elf arcanist are always pranking each other. The Elf playes the strait man to the Kitsune's antics. It is fun.

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I'm GMing Wrath of the Righteous, just about at the end of part 1 of Sword of Valor. The PCs are just a few miles from Drezen.

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We finished Rise of the Runelord Anniversary Edition last week. I was a player. We're making characters for Kingmaker tomorrow. I'm GMing. It's going to be interesting. I have six players, three are remote. I've been slowly putting everything into D20pro.

Been running Serpent's Skull for a year now, currently in part 5.

Next monday, I also start running RotRL AE with a different group.

I'm also a player in a fresh Skull & Shackles campaign.

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Mythic Kingmaker. On an interlude after Blood For Blood adding in parts of Maure Castle. After that will be mostly replacing War of the River Kings with a scaled-up Red Hand of Doom. Started back in May 2012.

Countess Elegy Dragomir - LG Female Arctic Aranea (homebrew variant) Oracle (Spellscar, Legalistic) 14/Hierophant 4, kingdom Ruler
Lilith of the Black Wood - CN Female Leanbh-dubh (homebrew fey species) Slayer 14/Trickster 4, kingdom Spymaster
Takeshi - LN Male Naga (homebrew variant) Samurai 14/Champion 4, kingdom Warden
Errol Genio - CE Male Glaistig (homebrew fey species) Warmage 14/Archmage 4, kingdom Magister (on hiatus)
Jaekah - TN Male juvenile magma dragon (homebrew variant, yay reincarnate shenanigans) Cavalier 14/Champion 4, kingdom General (on hiatus)
Derrick Wrath - (Al undetermined) Male Fetchling Warder (Path of War) 14/(mythic path undecided) 4 (recently joined player, invited in when Errol and Jaekah went on hiatus)


Possibly-to-become-Mythic Age of Worms. Smack in the middle of Three Faces of Evil. GMed by Derrick's player. Began back in June.

Yamamoto Miyako Yin - LG Female Fetchling Paladin (Oath vs. Undead) 3
Finnegan - TN Female Glaistig Warmage 3
Thistle/Thorn/Briar/Archer/other names - LE Female Leanbh-dubh Monk (Zen Archer, Qinggong) 3 (me!)
Jorgan - CN Male Orc Rogue (Thug) 3

Sovereign Court

I plan to start Mummy Mask for one of my groups after the holidays. No indication of class or race yet we plan to have a chargen session.

Currently playing in Jade Regent the party is;
Cesare Basilikos Male Human Cavalier/emissary (Me) Level 4
Tinger Female Assimar heavens oracle Level 4
Darlin Male Human Cleric Level 4
Erhmagerd Half-Orc Ranger Level 4
Mohzier Half-Orc Barbarian Level 4

Grand Lodge

Wrath of the Righteous
Ozil Winterburn: Gestalt Aasimar Paladin (of Iomedae) / Inquisitor (of Metatron) -6th Level

Temple of Unified (Elemental) Evil
Christian St. Diablo: LE Halfling Summoner -4th from Nisroch and Xerfylstyx, his serpentine Eidolon slave
Vladimir Dragonov: LG Iobarian Human LG Barbarian -1st; Ranger -2nd; Paladin of Iomedae -1st

The Abraxas Gambit
Abraxas has made a deal with Maglubiyet to aid the Goblinoids on the Cheliax / Andoran border so they can instigate a war between the two enemy nations. This serves as a distraction so that Maglubiyet can go to war in the Abyss against Yeenoghu (with Abraxas's help).
The PCs are family memebers of a tiny Andoran coastal village very near the border with Cheliax (a few miles from Chimera Cove).


Recently finished:

Vampires of Varisia
The Vampires of Caliphas (from Carrion Crown) expand to Varisia where they recruit some displaced Drow from Second Darkness and Ramoska Arkminos (Nosferatu Vampire from CotCT & CC) races to find artifact potion to end his vampirism. Meanwhile PCs try to learn of and stop the vampire / drow incursion with the help of PFS Cpt Sheila Heidmarch (Shattered Star).

Curse of the Crimson Throne
PC: Ichabod; LE Chelaxian Inquisitor of Carnivean / Urban Ranger / Rogue (CMB: Dirty Trick ftr)

PC: Wyatt; LG Human Scout(3.5ed) / Ranger / Fighter

Carrion Crown
PC: Marquis de Strahd; LG Varisian Inquisitor / Paladin of Desna

Norse Mythology Spelljammer Sandbox
PC: Darwin; LG Wizard (Abjuration)

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Love the Strahd name drop there W.E. Ray:) even more so with the LG twist, he better hope they complete Carrion Crown before the Mists come for him;)

Memoirs of a Vampire was the second novel I read:)

Grand Lodge

Thanks, Captain -- my favorite is "Christian Diablo" -- but you know the saying, your favorite is the one you're currently playing. I LOVED "Darwin" when I thought of the idea for that PC and, yeah, "The Marquis de Strahd" I felt was particularly clever.

I, Strahd is probably the third best D&D book written -- I'd still put Dragon's of Autumn's Twilight and The Crystal Shard 1st & 2nd respectively.

The thing about the P. N. Elrod Ravenloft novel is that, though it's superior to Christie Golden's novel, one should still read Vampire of the Mists first before reading I, Strahd. ...and maybe even a couple other Ravenloft books featuring him (Knight of the Black Rose if you're a Dragonlance fan, for example -- or even Lord of the Necropolis or the short story "Caretaker" in Tales of Ravenloft) That way the Strahd character is built strongly in your mind.


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Kennesty wrote:
Alleria Snow - Human Witch 11


Love the name.

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Orthos wrote:
Mythic Kingmaker adding in parts of Maure Castle.


Now that's a cool idea.

I use the maps from Maure quite often - and some of the NPCs as well (PCs in my Abraxas Gambit, in fact, just encountered Yug-Anark the Gnoll Cleric of Yeenoghu last session in a megadungeon called "Bayerlet's Stronghold" -- Bayerlet is a goblin king in a Dungeon adventure called "Alicorn" back in issue (I think) 33.

But I had never thought to include Maure fully as part of another AP.

I'm VERY curious as to where you're putting these parts (remember your Spoiler tags).

I'm GMing 2 APs:

1) Kingmaker with Mythic Adventures rules. Near the end of book 1
Current party:
- Female Half-elf Oracle of Nature 4 / hierophant 1
- Male Half-elf Summoner 4 / Guardian dual path Archmage 1
- Female Catfolk Ranger 4 / Champion 1
- Male Tiefling Alchemist 4 / Trickster 1

2) Kingmaker PBP with Mythic level too but form the point of view of the Kobold Sootscale tribe (all kobolds PCs) still at the begining of book 1

I'm playing in second darkness. Into the 5th book now, but we've slowed right down as real life prevents us meeting too often.

I'm running carrion crown. Very slowly for now, but it will pick up when the second darkness game finishes. We're halfway through book two of that one.

Just started running iron gods as a PbP on this website. Getting through it much faster than I remember my previous PbPs taking.

And if 5th ed counts, I run the hoard of the dragon queen game once a week for 2 hrs at my local games store.

Hmmm, getting more game time than I realised.

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Running Rise of the Runelords AE. Only a few sessions in.

I have ran Reign of Winter and Carrion Crown up to book 4.

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W E Ray wrote:
I'm VERY curious as to where you're putting these parts (remember your Spoiler tags).

An interlude between books 4 and 5. It's kind of a side-quest from the main plot, though the players wouldn't consider it so as it ties strongly into their backstories.

The ex-Dhampir's sire, a Vampire Sorcerer, basically replaces Eli Tomorast. Also someone in the fey court wants the Purple Stone and has bugged the kingdom's Ruler to go get it, so she's wanting to at least investigate it before letting the fey get their hands on it.

While technically it's not an adventure path, it was co-written by James Jacobs!

The Age Of Worms from Dungeon magazine...my players gave me the entire 12 issue set!!!

Yup, I am truly blessed, both by my players...and by James and Co.'s awesome adventure.

Playing in Reign of Winter, Starting book 2 today!

I only run homebrews though. Did run Carrion Crown several years back though.

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As long as its strung together thats good enough for me:)
and i'm pretty sure its still considered an adventure path:)
and while I have no intention of ever using DnD products again, feel free to list the adventure path they got out for it:)

Running Shattered Star as a sequel to our Rise of the Runelords game. They just hit 3rd level this session and are most of the way through book 1.

Just found out I'll be starting Reign of Winter shortly too. Running that one as well. Should make for an interesting comparison.


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Under A Bleeding Sun wrote:

Playing in Reign of Winter, Starting book 2 today!

I only run homebrews though. Did run Carrion Crown several years back though.

Several years! My god man! how did you get the Delorean up to the correct speed with all the speed traps out there these days:)

Still running a Kingmaker campaign that has been mostly delayed due to player absence.

It's always one or two dudes from the party that end up being busy one weekend after another.

Currently I am the DM for all my groups, as follows:

Wrath of the Righteous
Started about 11 months ago, but due to the games being once a fortnight + people getting slower with their turns has meant the progress has been slow. Current lineup is:

Aasimar paladin of Iomedae (Paladin 6 / Guardian 1)
Gnome illusionist wizard (Wizard 6 / Archmage 1)
Human cleric of Erastil (Cleric 6 / Hierophant 1)
Tiefling ranger (Ranger 6 / Champion 1)
Tiefling rogue (Rogue 6 / Marshal 1)

Only started a few months ago, meeting for game once a fortnight. About 2/3rds through the first book. I let the guys in this game rebuild characters from the ACG if they wanted to - so far only one PC has taken that option. Current lineup is:

Aasimar fighter 2 (tower shield specialist archetype)
Half-elf draconic bloodline sorcerer 2
Halfling ranger 2
Human warpriest of Erastil 2

Iron Gods
After our Skulls and Shackles game came to a brutal end (see below), I offered to run another game for everyone. They decided on Iron Gods, and decided to all try out the new ACG classes. We start this one on Monday coming up - the lineup is:

Android brawler (steel breaker archetype)
Changeling warpriest of Cayden Cailean
Orc bloodrager with the aberrant bloodline
Ratfolk arcanist (white mage archetype)
Ratfolk investigator (steel hound archetype)


As for playing in an adventure path, I was playing in a Skulls and Shackles game up until about a month ago when we met up with a dread TPK due to some excellent rolling by the DM and very poor tactical decisions made by us. We were made into shark food by the Chelaxian pirate hunters we were attempting to thwart.

Silver Crusade

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I'm DM'ing 2 Paizo APs (Reign of Winter and Skulls and Shackles), Emerald Spire and a campaign which is effectively a string of unconnected adventures, most of them Paizo or 3PP stuff.

I've ran RotRL (almost complete), Way of the Wicked (abandoned because we all agreed that it sucks donkey balls), Jade Regent (abandoned due to romantic conflicts within the player group), Serpent's Skull (abandoned due to party deciding that D&D is a primitive hack'n'slash not suited to their refined tastes) and another string of unconnected adventures (abandoned due to two players moving out of town).

And yes, I have one-and-a-half of a full time job, am married, and have a cat.

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glad we agree on Way of the Wicked and Serpent's Skull Gorbacz,
ironically our Serpent's Skull campaign folded due to an inter party love triangle that degenerated into the cops getting called and a big fight in the front lawn, i now only play with my wife and kids, less drama:)

edit: yes i'm a stay-at-home dad so i also work one and a half jobs, except i only get paid for the half and it isn't much, however i've been pulling an Office Space (i.e. i don't give a rip and don't hide it) so i'm not sure if that counts as half of one even, you'd think they'd can me, but its been a year now so..... :p

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on the plus side i got to see someone get hit in the face by a frying pan in real life and not just the movies, and better yet it wasn't me:D

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I'm currently running Mummy's Mask. We're in chapter 1, about two thirds of the way through. They've had one session so far in their third lottery assignment.

They investigated only the middle path and library on the main floor, then found the stairs down, and they're planning to head downstairs next. They found the various footprints indicating several people went down and only one person came up, and they have a number of theories about what it means - all of which are wrong. FUN!

RPG Superstar 2013 Top 32

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I'm currently running one group through Legacy of Fire, and we're just about to start book 4, but we haven't met in a month while I've been busy with my move. My other PF game is a home-brew, but I conceived it as a 1-20 AP-style story, with Ragnorra from WotC's Elder Evils as the BBEG at the end. Set in an analog of England during the Glorious Revolution. That one's on hold while we try out 5e, for which I'm running the classic Keep on the Borderlands.

Currently playing in Serpent Skull but that's only a couple hours on a week night at a FLGS, and I haven't been to that one in a month, either. My character is an (just turned) 11th level Halfling Saurian Shaman Druid named Gorshok who may or may not be a cannibal (though he'd never eat halfling, so strictly speaking, is not one). Brought him in to replace my dead elf rogue who had a habit of disarming traps the hard way. My Druid's first words to the party were "You gonna eat that?"

After I finish Legacy of Fire, I might do Rise of the Runelords AE, but that's at least a year away.

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I am currently playing in a Rise of the Runelords campaign. That's going alright. I am GMing a Mythic Kingmaker campaign, and it's ... a little insane. My players like to negotiate with everyone, so I now have to keep a VERY complicated diagram of all the political factions in play.

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In the real world...

I'm playing in Skull and Shackles.

The party is:

Female gnome sorcerer (elemental [water] bloodline) -- Me!
Male human monk/fighter (GM is considering letting him rebuild as a brawler)
Male human bard
Female human fighter (the captain!)
Male halfling rogue.

We also usually bring Sandara Quinn around with us as a healer.

We're just starting Tempest Rising, although the GM has run us through two pirate/nautical-themed third-party modules. (Tarin's Crown by Legendary Games and Ship of Fools by TPK Games.)

* * *

I am GMing a non-AP campaign set in Korvosa in the year 4704. It's mostly using the module The Reaping Stone by TPK Games, but I'm grafting in additional/different content. So far, I've used bits and pieces of Crimson Throne, Second Darkness, Shattered Star, and a few highly modified PFS scenarios. I'm also grafting in some homebrew content involving Runelord Zutha.

That party includes...

Male human druid (urban druid)
Male human barbarian
Male half-orc rogue
Male half-elf sorcerer

* * *

On the boards, I'm playing in two APs...

GM Holden's Rise of the Runelords

The party consists of:

Male human fighter
Male human rogue
Male aasimar (gnome) druid
Female human oracle
Female human sorcerer (me!) and her black cat familiar

We're currently on the boar hunt with Aldern Foxglove.

* * *

GM Zed's Shattered Star

The party consists of:

Male human alchemist
Female human cleric of Iomedae
Female human shaman
Female wayang swashbuckler (Everyone thinks she's a weird-looking gnome)
Female human witch (cartomancer) --Me!

We're currently in the second part of Shards of Sin.

Liberty's Edge

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selunatic2397 wrote:

While technically it's not an adventure path, it was co-written by James Jacobs!

The Age Of Worms from Dungeon magazine...my players gave me the entire 12 issue set!!!

Yup, I am truly blessed, both by my players...and by James and Co.'s awesome adventure.

Age of Worms is most definitely an Adventure Path, just not a Pathfinder™ adventure path.

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I am currently GMing 2 APs (one Paizo and one 3PP).

Way of the Wicked: We're nearing the climax of Book 2. Characters are level 8.

Party consists of:
Drow Rogue
Tiefling Sorcerer
Aasimar Antipaladin
Human (ghost) Cleric
Human Bard

Iron Gods: Recently started this one. The group just hit level 2 last night.

Party consists of:
Android Gunslinger (Techslinger)
Human Bloodrager
Gnome Alchemist
Human Ranger (Galvanic Saboteur)

I'm also a player in a Golarion homebrew campaign where the GM has created an island nation where Azlant used to be, being lead by a God-King preaching that his island-nation's population are the inheritor's of the Azlanti's blood and power. Good times!

The Exchange

Gorbacz wrote:

Way of the Wicked (abandoned because we all agreed that it sucks donkey balls)

Interesting, I've always heard that it rocks and the only reason I didn't get it is that I'm a softy at heart and knew I wouldn't be able to run an adventure for bad guys.

What did your party not like about it?

Captain Yesterday wrote:
glad we agree on Way of the Wicked and Serpent's Skull Gorbacz

Would like to hear your take on this is well :)

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