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Sucks that a class takes away a racial trait. Does that happen for any other class?

I guess halflings stick to being battle or life oracles.

The halfling keen eyes racial trait says "When you target an opponent that is concealed from you or hidden from you, reduce the DC of the flat check to 3 for a concealed target or 9 for a hidden one."

I presume this would count as mitigating the curse?

I think the curse would work better if you could go down to uncursed instead of minor curse being the minimum. Would make going to extreme and drained a choice and not an inevitability.

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im pretty sure 1) is the rage specialization of your instinct.
2) whenever its a basic save its for the damage, You would use this as it doesn’t suffer from multi attack penalty

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Also note that a monk can totally use a shield (and be captain america). They just don't get shield block for free.

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"lordcirth” wrote:
going for both stunning fist and brawling specialization (They stack!)

Hate to tell you this but slow and stun only sort of stack.”Stunned overrides slowed. If the duration of your stunned condition ends while you are slowed, you count the actions lost to the stunned condition toward those lost to being slowed. So, if you were stunned 1 and slowed 2 at the beginning of your turn, you would lose 1 action from stunned” page 622.

Generally splash damage is a set number so bonuses to a "roll" wouldn't apply no matter what. Feats like barbarian's thrash also wouldn't benefit.

I just noticed that if a familiar "attempts an attack roll or other skill check, it uses your level as its modifier. "

So a familiar with the speech ability always gets to make recall knowledge checks with a bonus (untrained skills don't add your level so you attempting them is just d20+stat modifier). How good is this though?

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They are constant, but the weapon dice of your natural attacks are special statistics and can't be adjusted. Property runes should work, so you could add flaming/shocking/etc. And if you use your attack bonus instead of the set one you can get the potency rune.

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before wild shape comes online i think your supposed to use wild morph

I believe you can use your attack bonus and therefore gain the extra attack, but "If you take on a battle form with a polymorph spell, the special statistics can be adjusted only by circumstance bonuses, status bonuses, and penalties." The damage die on your natural attack is a special statistic i believe.

The property runes on handwraps may apply though

polymorph effects can't benefit from striking so its not like it matters. "If you take on a battle form with a polymorph spell, the special statistics can be adjusted only by circumstance bonuses, status bonuses, and penalties."

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regarding sorcerer unarmed focus spells: I think the easiest solution is to make them use spell attack for attack. That way the sorcerer could be good with those abilities but not expert boxers.

eh, it’s actually more gm fiat. Most conditions that have a duration last for that duration. Sleep has similar wording but explicitly says you can wake up as normal. Sleeper hold doesn’t. So some gm’s will have victims wake at the drip of the hat, some will have it last 1 min...

I personally will not allow the noise wake up and the damage wake up but will have healing apply a counteract effect to the condition.

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Sara Marie wrote:
Changed thread title from "Let's talk about some stupid builds." to Let's talk about some ineffective builds."

But sara, I'm pretty sure some of these were "stupid" as in stupidly good. Maybe change to strange builds instead of ineffective builds?

Horse ride bowman is actually really good because the horse support is +2 damage per die after you have moved 10 ft.

Unfortunately, unless they come out with an animal companion with flight and the mount keyword you won't be flying anywhere. Animal companions without the mount key word lose flying while mounted.

Why are we talking about damaging items to break them. Athletics (force open) would be used for that. So they roll a d20+ your level and compare it to the untrained/trained/expert/etc difficulty.

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Atalius wrote:
mcintma wrote:
Claxon wrote:
Yeah, it sounds like they would go free on your next turn if you do nothing.
Yeah even for monsters with Grab, they must spend an action to maintain hold. Although for them no check is required.
Hmm good to know, any idea how common monsters with Grab are? Is it a rare occurence?

After searching the bestiary, no it is not rare. Its one of the reasons why I rate the ancestry feat Unfettered Halfling so highly.

This came up in the playtest and here was one of the developer responses from facebook:

Stephen Radney-MacFarland wrote:
If you are performing the Trip with a finesse weapon (such as the whip that has the trip trait), you add your Dexterity instead of Strength to that particular Athletics attack roll.

edit: it was mentioned in this thread https://paizo.com/threads/rzs428y0?Finesse-weapons-with-tripdisarm#1

Its not a trap, its just for use on the weaker foes instead of the big bads. With how many hitpoints monsters can have doing grapple/ sleeperhold can be efficient.

Definately niche though and not something that you should build your whole character around.

totoro wrote:
Cyouni wrote:

And if you cast Magic Fang, the animal companion is now effectively equivalent (possibly better) than the fighter at the one thing the fighter can do...and the druid still can throw cantrips constantly at people. Summon Animal is utility more than anything else, but can easily put a flanking buddy onto the field to create significantly higher hit/crit chances.

Cleric has Fear, Heal, Command, Ray of Enfeeblement, and Magic Weapon, all of which are constantly useful.

Forgive me if I don't find that to be terrible.

Maybe you should stop expecting the animal druid and the cleric to be blaster wizards/sorcerers.

The druid's cat, after magic fang has been cast, has 4 hit points,

The cat has 11 hit points. 4 is its ancestry hp, then all companions get 6+con per level

edit: sorry, didn’t see there were more posts after yours as it was at end of page. please ignore me

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People say yoyo or paddle all, but isn’t it brigitte’s weapon from overwatch ?

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“Your morph effects might also end if you are polymorphed and the polymorph effect invalidates or overrides your morph effect. For instance, a morph that gave you wings would be dismissed if you polymorphed into a form that had wings of its own (though if your new form lacked wings, you'd keep the wings from your morph). The GM determines which morph effects can be used together and which can't.”
from page 301. Sounds like it doesn’t dismiss if the form you transfer into doesnt have that ability.

i think you might be able to wild morph then wild shape though....add wings to your giant tiger for sh@#s and giggles?

Lets say you are playing a level 13 ranger with 20 str. With a shortsword secondary you would deal 8 points of damage. 5 from strength, 3 from weapon specialization.

So they dont work, but what about blade ally? at 1st level it gains the effect of the shifting rune.

Also couldn't blade ally paladins also do this?

could you get a shifting weapon, get greater doubling rings to share/over write flame tongue's magic, change flame tongue's shape and then profit? Seems like that could work.

Whip is also good for 1 handed fighters/paladins. Non lethal only matters for things that are immune to non lethal for the most part and it is reach/trip and disarm.

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A actually think Pumpkinhead is right, but this is really something that we need a developer to chime in on. I greatly look forward to PF2e's FAQ thread.

i was checking math just the other day and if you are maxing disarm and using a disarm weapon or item bonus to athletics then on average its a 25% chance to crit vs weapon using monsters of your level. Not including status bonuses or condition bonuses (or penalties). So not worthless, but niche.

Vahnyu wrote:

"Deadly simplicity and powerful fist don't stack. You can never apply more than 1 dice increase to any weapon."

Oh? I can't seem to find that in the rules anywhere. Was it clarified anywhere?

Page279 weapon statistics, increasing die size.

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Also this class benefits greatly from more alchemical items existing and so, like casters, will get better as more books come out. Already 2 new mutigens exist in the fall of plaguestone adventure. So it's hard to say if this class is too weak over all even if it may be too weak using only the core book (and that's debatable).

Faenor wrote:
rayous brightblade wrote:
Sounds like you should transfer over a specific magic weapon's abilities instead (since you can't add property runes to them but you can add fundamental runes).

Sorry I'm not sure I understand what you mean.

Maybe I wasn't clear but you could get a Property rune for your unarmed attacks by buying Handwraps of Mighty Blows: add a +1 Potency rune, a greater Striking rune, and then a Property rune but the +1 Potency rune is basically redundant. It only costs 35 gp, but at level 11 the +2 rune that you need to buy if you want to add another property rune costs 935 gp. Bestial mutagen already gives you a +3 item bonus at level 11 so buying the +2 Potency rune is a total Rune tax.

For example making a greater flametongue handwrap only uses 1 property rune as the other effects aren't property runes and therefore are not limited by the potency rune limit. You could transfer the extra abilities over to the handwraps (giving you +1 greater striking greater flaming handwraps and a +3 sword) and then sell the +3 sword. Now you have greater flaming as a property rune and a level 9 produce flame and a 1/day give all within 10 feet flaming for 1 minute on your handwraps.

arguably more effective as their weapons don't cost double, dont have double bulk, and don't require access to get.

You are sleeping on some halfling racial feats. Distracting shadows/ceaseless shadows are 5 star for stealth builds. Unfettered Halfling is one of the best feats for any high dex/str build. The crit effect on escape/saving throw is nice but changing opponents failures into crit failures ( which causes them to either fall and land prone or give you a free grab, your choice) and making monsters with grab have to make athletics checks instead of automatically grabbing is amazing.

Also Breath Control is surprisingly good. Lets you hold your breath for 25 times as long which is nice for swimming but the +1 circumstance bonus to inhaled threats and evasion against them is relevant.

Edit: Sorry, High Fort build for unfettered, grapple is vs fort not ref.

Sounds like you should transfer over a specific magic weapon's abilities instead (since you can't add property runes to them but you can add fundamental runes).

In fact small barbarians are buffed, not nerfed. Sure gaining access to a medium weapon is useless as they already have access. But medium giant instinct barbarians get access to only one. So that is all they will be using unless they fight a giant and steal their weapon. A small giant instinct barbarian can find all non advanced weapons as easy as going to a store.

it depends on the class too. Rangers can get their 3rd attack down to only a -4.

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generally 3 ranged is bad because of limited ammo and 3rd attacks rarely hit with the -10. Swords don't have that issue as they don't disappear after use.

edit: though thrown weapons with returning are a different matter.

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crossbow ace and alchemical crossbows are good too (item from fall of plaguestone)

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not benefit? Its an advantage to be able to use a medium size weapon and get your larger rage bonus. Large weapons have double bulk and cost twice as much.

Though if you can find a weapon of large size (since you don't have access to it) you can still wield it and its hilarious as the size difference is amazing.

Also the giant stature/titan's stature feats set you to a set size so you have no issues there (funny fact, huge giant instinct barbarians would shrink with giant stature).

Excaliburproxy wrote:
shroudb wrote:
animal companions can get +item bonus only to AC and speed
Interesting. Where does it say that?

Page 214, last part of "young Animal companions"

please note if you are mounted on your animal companion you share multiple attack penalty

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but that isn't necessary then. "If you don't already have one" shouldn't be there if you get one no matter what. You only increase the focus pool if it explicitly states you do (for example wild shape costs a focus point but the feat doesn't increase the pool).

This is definitely a FAQ candidate.

Syri wrote:
p.170, p.182: What in the world does improved evasion do? "Your proficiency rank for Reflex saves increases to legendary. When you roll a critical failure on a Reflex save, you get a failure instead. When you fail a Reflex save against a damaging effect, you take half damage." So does this mean I take half damage after upgrading a fumble to a failure, or do I treat a critical failure as an unmodified failure?

I think that is for a critical failure with a dice roll of 1. When you roll a 1 your result is 1 lower than it would normally be. So you crit fail, goes up to fail, then back down to crit fail on a 1. In that case you still take half damage (and half doubled is normal damage :P )

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KutuluKultist wrote:

My prima facie impression is that shield block beyond the earliest levels in general means: lose your shield to prevent a little damage.

Is that how it plays or am I missing something?

level 10 sturdy shield, hardness 13, hp 104 bt 52. Fire giants (level 10 monsters) do 2d12+13. So average 14 a hit after hardness, so blocks 4 hits before breaking on average. during 10 minutes rest after combat a master level repair fixes 20 hp, 40 on a crit.

Seems fine to me

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And also, weapon die can only increase once no matter what(page 279 increasing die size)

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I know in the playtest one of the developers confirmed thats how it worked and the wording hasn't changed.

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