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So, there is a new archetype called spell trickster in Lost Omens Grand Bazaar. It's feats all alter spells. This archetype kinda steals the telekinetic psychic's thunder as you can have a mage hand that can disable device and shove people now.

I would love if the amp feats in psychic worked more like how the feats in this archetype work.

Not sure, does this work?

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What is the point of spending a focus point for this spell. It seems to just change it from unattended to attended by you or a friendly creature and is easy to access. There is a bit which says "the hand grasps and holds the object before the hand moves the object" which might be supposed to mean something but seems to have no mechanical effect (I have no clue why this sentence is there, mage hand already says it grasps the target object).

As of now i see no reason to use this amp unless you really need to grab an allies secondary weapon from 30-60 feet away. Also the only alternate amps that work for it are warp space (not very useful) Inertial Barrier (only on yourself and why wouldn't you use any other psi cantrip) or Shatter space (ok, this isn't terrible)

If they got rid of the friendly creature limitation and allowed it to use the steal action using spell attack instead of thievery, allow fine manipulation at a distance (for disable device, opening doors, etc) or increase the max bulk it might be a decent option, but currently Distant Grasp has effectively 1 less amp than the other options.

Can anyone convince me that there are reasons to use your focus point on mage hand?

How does free hand weapons work with Thaumaturge abilities? Could a weapon Implement gauntlet allow implement's empowerment using a great axe? What about a bow? How about Implement Adept?

The halfling keen eyes racial trait says "When you target an opponent that is concealed from you or hidden from you, reduce the DC of the flat check to 3 for a concealed target or 9 for a hidden one."

I presume this would count as mitigating the curse?

I just noticed that if a familiar "attempts an attack roll or other skill check, it uses your level as its modifier. "

So a familiar with the speech ability always gets to make recall knowledge checks with a bonus (untrained skills don't add your level so you attempting them is just d20+stat modifier). How good is this though?

Currently Magic Fang can not be used on yourself as its target 1 willing ally and page 456 clarifies that you are not your own ally. It also can not target animal companions as Animal companions can only benefit from item bonuses to speed and AC (page 214).

Is Magic Fang useless if you do not have a second natural weapon using person in your party?

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With Update 1.6 there have been some big changes for the classes and I wanted to throw out some Ideas to see what people think of them.

Alchemist: Overall I like the changes made, there is only one change i would make. Right now Chirugeon does not benefit from perpetual infusions because at the point you get it your armor potency bonus overrides the bonuses from those elixirs. Either changing the elixir gained or changing those to give circumstance bonuses instead of item bonuses would be better. In fact, as alchemical items are pretty much spells, just change all the item bonuses to circumstance so they resemble spells and that problem is solved (may cause new problems) Poisoners are also a bit weak but at least they can use powerful alchemy at level 8 to raise the poison's dc.

Barbarian: I like the idea of variable rage, but I don't like the implementation. Here is my idea.
1) New condition, Berserk- While berserk you gain a +2 conditional bonus to melee, thrown and unarmed strikes. This bonus is halved when using agile weapons. You also gain a -1 conditional penalty to AC and can not use actions with the concentrate trait unless they also have the rage trait. At the start of your turn if you have the berserk trait make a flat check DC 5x current berserk level. If you fail the check you will lose the berserk trait at the end of your turn and become fatigued. If you succeed increase the level of your berserk trait by 1.

This gives you a keyword so you can then apply it to future effects, such as a rage spell or a poison that drives people mad with anger. Also as you roll the check at the start of the turn it means you can account for when the rage will end (ie no falling out of dragon form mid air).
(also add rage trait to seek in the actions section)

2) Give Barbarians the rage ability, same keywords, same requirements, though making it a free action with the requirement that you start your turn could work as well. Give it the following text: You gain the berserk 1 condition. While you have the berserk condition you gain a number of temporary hit points equal to your level plus your constitution modifier and increase the conditional bonus to damage given by berserk by 1 for every 4 barbarian levels you have. While berserk if you critically hit an opponent or are critically hit you may decrease your berserk level by 1 to a minimum of 1.

This gives the barbarian an improved version of berserk (pretty much the same progression save 1 level later) and leaves them with more variable time raging as if you go on a crit spree you could potentially be raging the whole combat so you want to go balls to the wall aggressive.

Bard: Like the changes, bard is working fine as is.

Cleric: Again, like most of the changes but currently a sword and board or 2 handed weapon cleric can not use the three action heal as material casting requires you to hold your holy symbol and emblazon symbol is gone. Changing hold to wear in material casting would fix this issue.

Druid: Like the changes, same issue as cleric with the same fix. I do think there should be an in class feat that gives the same effect as druid vestments as I don't think a class should be required to take a specific item.

Monk: Like the changes, but Kir Rush and Ki strike need a cost as they currently do not have one. Unless they are free, in which case make them a cantrip (which would be awesome but most likely way too powerful)

Paladin: Love the changes, but Liberating step's damage reduction does not really work as grab is a separate action from the attack. Perhaps make it heal 2+ level instead of DR 2+level. Also it seems like glimpse of redemption should work on spells so perhaps change the trigger to attacks or targets with a spell.

Ranger: Love the changes, no additions here.

Rogue: Love the changes, no additions here.

Sorcerer: Sorcerer has issues, with the wizard changes there is not much reason to play one as the wizard has more spells and more versatility. It needs a niche of its own besides choose a spell list. I suggest the following:

Each bloodline should have a "lesser spell list". This gives more design space for bloodlines so bloodlines are more than just what powers you get. I personally see Imperial as Arcane/divine, Dragon as Arcane/Primal, Demonic as Divine/Primal, Abberant as Occult/Primal, Angelic Divine/Arcane, and Fey as Primal/Arcane.

Then they get an ability at 1st that they may choose 1 spell from a lesser spell list as a bonus spell known. At expert, master, and legenary they may pick another spell. These spells count as bloodline spells for all purposes. Or you could give them at a different rate like every 4 levels or every odd level starting at 3 you can choose a spell 1 under your highest level spell.

However you arrange it giving them the ability to cherry pick from a second school would give them something truly special.

P.S. Also fix familiars so that sorcerers can get the additional cantrip and spell.

Wizard: Again i like the changes overall but the spell exchange has a bit of an issue. Due to not allowing you to gain a bonus spell to the same level twice a specialist will end up with some of their uses coming from levels they have gained a bonus spell in. For example a legendary evoker ends up giving up 2 first for a third, but uses that bonus third and another 3rd to increase their fifth. This may be alright mechanically but I know some people get annoyed at having to do that. Instead, i think specialists should have the same number of exchanges that generalists have, BUT at slot +3 instead of slot +2 maximum.

So, thoughts everyone? Please give your comments, put what you would do instead, etc. Lets give Paizo all the creative juices we can!

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So, currently we have some spells that give natural attacks that have no mention of the effect of handwraps (moon frenzy for example) and some spells that give a natural attack that can not be modified by items (example dragon form).

I think that a simple rule to allow handwraps to work for them but act in the same manner as Bestial Mutagen would does, ie you get x extra dice unless you would normally have more. Or you can state they are considered +x magic weapons for the purposes of effects like powers such as Dragon Claw which would also work.

As it currently works Dragon totem barbarians quickly find their ability to turn into a dragon to be a weaker option than just hitting in natural form as even the mighty huge gold dragon at level 19 is doing less damage than just using his sword.

Bite attack:2d12+2d6+12 is average 32
Sword attack: 6d8+6 (expected str is 18 starting, 3 raises and an item) for average 33.
Greatsword attack is average 45

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Our group is having a disagreement regarding the whip. One person says that it should use dex for tripping as finesse says "You can use your Dexterity modifier instead of your Strength modifier when making attack rolls" and trip is listed as an attack. The other says Trip only specifies using the weapon's reach and item bonuses but because trip specifically mentions those things that it excludes all other weapon traits.

Has this been clarified anywhere?

So, a thing we noticed in the playtest round three aka the healing stress test, is that since it is set at level 7 the alchemist off healer is weak due to elixer of life leveling up at level 8. This got me thinking and I think that elixer of life should be set up to be just one version at 1d6 hp that levels up every odd level by +2d6. This saves valuable book space and makes it easier to balance. You can keep the additional effects and list it like the healing potion entry and in this case you now have a choice of healing + additional effect or greater healing. Currently you would rarely choose an elixer of life over a healing potion.

Also this playtest should have been at level 8 as monk's increase wholeness of body at that level by 2d8 and barbarians get renewed vigor which would have been nice to test out.

Using my GM credit I decided to make an 8th level swashbuckler for tonight's pathfinder society game. Using 7 certs I ended up with 28,205 for my gold, which is almost 5,000 under the expected wealth per level, but that only hurt a little. I decided to make a fun character instead of trying to make an optimized character to see what the average player might build. Here is the character:

Ronaldo Francisco DeVier:

Halfling Swashbuckler level 8
Str 10
Dex 21
Con 14
Int 10
Wis 10
Cha 18

HP 68 Fort 6 Ref 12 Will 4 (+4 to will saves vs fear)
AC 25, Touch 18, Flat 18

Acrobatics 16
Bluff 10
Climb 5
Diplomacy 10
Escape artist 16
Intimidate 15
Sense Motive 8
Swim 6

Class Abilities:
Panache 4
Deeds- Derring-do, Opportune Parry, Riposte, Recovery, Menacing Swordplay, Precise Strike, Swashbuckler Initiative, pommel Swipe, Swift feint, Targetted Strike.
Bravery (+2)
Swashbuckler's Finesse
Nimble (+2)
Swashbuckler's weapon training (+1)

Racial Abilities:
Low Blow
Halfling Luck
Fleet of Foot

Traits: Anatomist and Fortified Drinker

Weapon Focus Rapier
Combat Reflexes
Weapon Specialization Rapier
Butterfly's Sting Extra Grit (see below)
Drunken Brawler

Magic Equipment
Belt dex +2, Headband Cha +2, Sleves of Many Garments, Tankard of the Drunken Hero, Handy Haversack, Mithral Chain Shirt +1, Buckler +1, Rapier +2, Wand of Cure light wounds(PP purchase), Wand of Pick your Poison (PP purchase), potion of cure light wounds.

The other characters at the table were Alistor (Mindchemist 9), Engram (cleric 3, wizard 3, mystic theurge 3), Vendarr (witch 9), Baraton (sorcerer 9), Othinnson (fighter 8). We were playing fortune's blight, a first year scenario.

We were told to go get a piece of a sword from a hag and bring it to a nearby village named seven arches. Alistor created some extracts to hand out (I got a false life extract and a heroism extract). We got to the area where the witch should be and found a woman chained up who asked for help. She told us the hag was keeping her here for a sacrifice and with failed sense motives all around (i rolled a nat 1 myself) we freed her and grabbed the sword shard.

the first encounter:

We set up camp for the night with 3 watches. Alistor and Engram in watch one as they had lowlight, then Ronaldo and Vendarr so we had 1 darkvision and Baraton and Othinnson last so they had a darkvision person. During 2nd watch, a ghost jumped out of the shard screaming that she would kill all of us. Initiative began. My 26 initiative still placed me in second as Engram Stood up and cast bless on the party.

I attacked the ghost twice for two hits but as it is immune to crits i did only 6 and 8 which was halved to a total of 7. I decided to pommel strike and hit for 9 more damage for a total of 11 damage my turn. I could not even attempt to trip it as the ghost is immune. (we decided that the pommel strike did not get the precise damage as it was a blunt weapon, but it still got modified by the feats we had applied to that weapon. The modifiers on this ability really need to be clarified).

Barraton stands up, 5ft steps away, and casts mage armor on himself.

The Ghost uses its corrupting touch on Vendarr and deals 42 damage to him, which he does not half as he failed his save.

Vendarr decides to hit it with his wand of cure light which does 2 damage after the ghost makes its save.

Othinnson stands up, is saved by a natural 1 on the opp attack and then strikes for 24 points of damage (12 after halving)

Alistor pulls out an extract and drinks it, avoiding an aoo by virtue of Othinnson already having provoked this round.

The woman we are escorting back to town stands up, revealing herself to be a green hag as she attacks Engram for 4 damage. Engram makes the save to negate the 2 strength damage.

Engram then channels for 9 in order to give Vendarr a slight chance of not going to negative bloodied next turn.

I shift over to the green hag, and hit bash. Hit for 9 damage but fail to knock prone. I then full attack and roll a 5 and a 12 which both miss. The Hag's ac is 28 so my second attack would have hit if Engram threatened but he doesn't and in this cramped campsite there is no one else I could flank with.

Barraton- Magic Missile vs ghost, makes sr, 11 damage

Ghost- Corrupting gaze- I roll a 17 (23 total) and save so only 12 damage and no cha damage.

Vendarr- Sleep hex on hag. Hag saves

Othinnson- Full attack on ghost, 61 points of damage total which is rounded down to 30.

Allistor- Stands up and takes an aoo hit for 29 damage. Steps back and uses a force bomb vs the ghost. 27 force damage...apparently that extract he took was focus bomb.

Green Hag- Full attack against me. First attack was a nat 20 but did not confirm, the second I parried. I failed my save so -2 str and 7 damage.

Engram- Cast defensive for Force punch. Rolled nat 1.

Me- I Full attack. Hit for 15 damage, second attack crits. I choose to do regular damage (14) and give Butterfly's Sting to next melee attack. +1 panache.

Barraton- MM, fails sr.

Ghost- 5ft step, touch alchemist for 31 dam. He is unconcious.

Vendarr- Evil eye vs hag. Hag saves. Cackle.

Othinnson- 5ft step and Cleave. Ghost hit first for 13(6). Hag hit and crit for 35 damage.

Allistor- Fast heal activates. Heals 5 which brings him to 0. Plays dead.

Hag- Attacks Othinnson, Rolls low, 2 misses. (I'm not sure if Othinnson's ac should have been this high as he wears heavy armor and was sleeping at the time. He may have Endurance). 5ft steps away from Ronaldo

Engram- 5 ft stem, casts defensively (yes, this campsite really was that small), punches the ghost which gets past the sr for 14 force damage. Ghost dies.

Me- I 5ft step and full attack. First attack rolled an 8 for 27 which misses, second is a nat 1. Pommel strike hits again, 9 damage, bad roll for trip.

Barraton- MM hag, 15 damage, hag is dead.

After this fight I realize that I miss read Butterfly's Sting. I thought it required combat reflexes but it requires combat expertise. The GM lets me change it to extra grit. I did notice that this feat can get exploited however. You get a point of panache back when you confirm a crit, "and the next ally automatically confirms the hit as a critical", which means if you have multiple attacks you can refill your panache by continuing to pass the crit's benefit to the next melee attack.

This fight would have been much better for Ronaldo if it was not so cramped and we had our buffs. The heroism in particular would have been useful. I could not do much damage against the ghost but I would have been the perfect person to tank it. It attacks touch, has only 1 attack, and I am pretty sure my +15 could parry its +9 touch attack most of the time.

Next Encounter:

2 days later we make it to town and meet with the venture captain there. We give him the shard and he starts to do what seems to be a legend lore sort of thing. We examine the sword as he does it (I am making comparisons to my sword at the time). After a bit the sword reforges itself and then possesses the venture captain. I get a 19 initiative.

Engram- Casts Chain of Perdition. It attempts a trip and we find out that Engram needs a nat 20 as the 10th level fighter's CMD is amazing.

Vendarr- Evil eye. The Captain fails. -2 to saves.

The Captain 5 foot steps and full attacks me. I parry as I can make opportunity attacks while flat footed (thank you combat reflexes), succeed, riposte for 16, parry the next attack, succeed, riposte for 14. I have not gone yet and have still done 30 damage.

My turn comes, I 5 ft step to make way for the fighter and then use targeted strike and disarm the venture captain. I have 1 panache left.

Othinsson's turn comes, he drinks his heroism extract, pulls his urgosh, and 5ft steps to adjacency.

Barraton casts mage armor on himself.

Engram casts Haste. The chain does not make the 20 needed to trip.

Vendarr- Sleep hex, captain is unconscious. We tie him up and encounter is over.

I can not wait for signature deed as parry is amazingly fun. The one problem though is that I had to interupt the gm so that I could tell him I am attempting to parry. The GM rolled all of his attacks at the same time so it was a bit difficult. Parry might work better if you could do it after you knew the result of the roll as some gms do not want to wait to tell you the results.

The thirds and fourth encounters:

Apparently to stop the curse we had to go kill a harpy. Since the fight with the venture captain ended so quickly I did not have a chance to refill some panache. I hoped that I would be able to vs the harpies.

We buffed up and went out to their lair. It was an old abandoned temple of Aroden. The harpies were waiting in ambush and got a surprise round. 2 shot arrows at Ottingsson, 1 hitting for 6 damage, and the last one casts entangle on the group.

From this point on sadly I am useless. Not because of the entangle...I save that easily enough and I even save vs the harpy song. However the harpies are staying in the air and the theurge casts his one fly on the fighter. If targeted strike was attack instead of melee attack I could have knocked one out of the sky with a dagger, but instead I did 11 points with a thrown dagger then they all died by fireballs and bombs. We start to go up the stairs to the tower but the flying wizard decides to look in through the windows which starts the 4th combat in which the harpy leader ignores the black tentacles which fill the room she was in. I can not do anything to her as I can not get to her and she dies as I try to find a way to at least get a throwing angle to her.

The curse of martial melee classes, flying creatures, defeats me. If I had the appropriate wealth by level perhaps I would have had some potions of fly to solve this issue. I do not think that it was an issue with the class, as a fighter without fly has the same exact problem.

Overall I liked the swashbuckler. I was surprised that I only rolled a 15+ on an attack once the whole game but I still did alright despite not regaining panache. It did suck that I had to keep that last one to try and be effective but that is resource management for you. I did notice that menacing swordplay does not say you have to hit them with a melee attack, only a 1 handed melee weapon, so you can intimidate after hitting with a thrown dagger, which is cool.

The subject line holds my question. One of my friends is building his background and needs to know so that he can calculate out how long it has been since the last crusade.


Most people I talk to these days are sad they didn't get in on the Reaper kickstarter because they did not hear about it in time. So, I thought I would point out the Dwarven Forge 3d tiles kickstarter that is ending in 7 hours.

http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dwarvenforge/dwarven-forges-game-tiles- revolutionary-miniature

Most people I talk to these days are sad they didn't get in on the Reaper kickstarter because they did not hear about it in time. So, I thought I would point out the Dwarven Forge 3d tiles kickstarter that is ending in 7 hours.

http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dwarvenforge/dwarven-forges-game-tiles- revolutionary-miniature

For all you who like to make scenarios just a little bit more fun, enjoy!


Im not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this, but I wanted to point out dwarven forge's kickstarter. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dwarvenforge/dwarven-forges-game-tiles- revolutionary-miniature

I myself have pledged for several sets and can not wait to run a game with these plus my reaper kickstarter minis.

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This material says it can be put on any weapon with a wooden haft. Can we have clarification of what type of weapon this means, as a Haft is the part of a hilt that you hold. As it os, every magus will be adding this to their weapon

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If you have the feat Boon Companion
"Benefit: The abilities of your animal companion or familiar are calculated as though your class were four levels higher, to a maximum bonus equal to your character level."

and a Robe of Arcane Heritage
"The wearer treats her sorcerer level as 4 higher than normal for the purpose of determining what bloodline powers she can use and their effects."

in which order do you apply their bonuses? For example, a sorcerer with the Sylvan bloodline has an animal companion at sorcerer level -3. Do you add boon companion to get it to sorcerer level and then add the 4 levels from the robe or do you add the robe first and get no benefit from boon companion as it can not go over your level?

As the subject states, can it?