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Accounts are sold.

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The accounts are sold pending payment.

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Fierywind wrote:
It means the DT was made already. If it wasn't a DT account it wouldn't be listed at all.

That is correct. the DTs have already been created.

Also I have found a buyer and we are working out the details.

I will update if the deal goes through or does not.

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Hey all,

Unfortunately I have not had the time for PFO that I thought I would. This is mainly due to being kept very busy at work combined with two hours of commuting a day. It also doesnt look like it will be slowing down anytime soon.

As a result of this, I am looking to sell my accounts.

There are two accounts. Both accounts are DT and have characters made. The characters all started gaining XP from day 1 and all of it is unspent. The add-ons that are with the accounts have not been claimed or used. Additionally both accounts were day 1 daily deals and have 12 months of game time left on them. Account 2 also comes with a Paizo account with all of the digital rewards. I will not be selling the Paizo account that was associated with Account 1 as it was my main Paizo account.

Send me a PM if you are interested.

Account 1
Reward Quantity
Buddy Early Enrollment 1
New Player Pack 1
Destinys Twin 0
Daily Deals 1
Alliance Pack 1
Memorial of Honor 2
Early Enrollment 1
Soundtrack Download 1
Behind the Scenes PDF 1
Regional Trait Pack 2
Class Pack 2
Head Start 1
Shield Mate 1
1 Month game time 12
Honorable Title 2
Character Name Reservation 1
Twice-Marked of Pharasma 2

Account 2
Reward Quantity
New Player Pack 3
Destinys Twin 0
Daily Deals 1
Alliance Pack 3
Class Pack 2
Early Enrollment 1
Soundtrack Download 1
1 Month game time 12
Regional Trait Pack 2
Secret Salute 2
Head Start 1
Shield Mate 1
Behind the Scenes PDF 1
Honorable Title 2
Character Name Reservation 1
Twice-Marked of Pharasma 2

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Is there a way to transfer the various item packs from the primary account to the buddy account?

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Ryan Dancey wrote:
Zeke Garcia, one of our character artists, worked on Destiny. We get Destiny quality work right now! :)

Random questions. By any chance do your various artists have online portfolios and could we get links to them?

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Just to make sure i got it correct. I need to uninstall build 7 then download build 8?

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You RUN into it!

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T7V Jazzlvraz wrote:
Remember also that dedication bonuses are going to reflect what you slot, not what you know, so you can still be a Cleric in the morning, and a Rogue in the evening, if you choose to've spent your XP that way.

And i think that dedication bonus should be linked to how deep into the class tree you are, not the level of ability that you slot.

So even if you only use say level 5 abilities, if you bought up to level 20, then you should get level 20 dedication bonus.

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thebluebunny wrote:
Shaibes wrote:
I'm actually finding it hard to resist the temptation to take levels in all the roles. Everything you gather, scrounge and plunder is useful if you're a Swiss army knife character.
I have that temptation as well. if it will take over 2 years to max out a class, and after 6 months to a year you start seeing diminishing returns, why not become a jack of all trades.

This is the thing, and it was/is a major problem in the pen and paper games. Why do I go 100% one class instead of multiclassing? generally multiclassing provided more bang for your buck than staying in one path. things like capstone ablities were added into encourage people to stay in a single class, but for the most part they came so late and they were underpowered (for example picking up rogue levels for evasion.....).

At least thus far, I dont think that the dedication bonuses are in, so if the dedication bonus for training that last 10-15% get really big, that will encourage people to train in one role rather than two, at least until they master that role and start on another.

So if your diminishing returns hits around the 6 month mark, thats when the dedication bonuses need to really start kicking in.

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I dont know if anyone answered your motherboard questions. Basically it will come down to this. Unless you plan on running 2 graphics cards there is no reason to get a motherboard with 2 x16 slots. however if you think that you will upgrade to two graphics cards, then get it.

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To be honest. I am most likely going to make my DT a paladin. The way XP works, if i miss spend it, iv lost the time spend on the xp.

So if I want to play a class, I should wait and use my DT for it. that way I dont make any mistakes.

I can play a different character until then, that way I can get the full benefits of that character while I play them and I dont have to worry that I wasted xp.

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Thats what im saying.

Reset it, dont let any of the 33 guilds get them. So the other guilds fight for these things.

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So i checked out the blog about using the tech. Perhaps you could do more rounds. However instead of a land rush perhaps you could give the top couple guilds a smallhold and a round after that where they get a base camp?

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Any chance I could get a PM too?

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Now the talking is done. time to walk the walk!

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I havent seen a game where ammo consumption makes a real difference in ranged combat. it most often ends up with the vast majority of the ammo being easy to get and stockpiled and a some of the "good stuff" kept just in case.

its one of those very difficult things to balance since you dont want to restrict a player's access to ammo, since that will invalidate that style of play, but the "good stuff" can push it over and beyond other forms of combat. For a lot of players thats not a big deal but you end up with wealthy players/organizations being able to use that as standard ammo.

I would say requiring the same tier arrows as the bow to get the max damage of the bow (if you use T2 arrows maybe you do 80% of the damage the bow is capable of), but the damage of the bow shouldnt be high because it uses an easy to get consumable.

If that is the case give me "ammo" for my sword thats just as easy to fab as arrows and let me do increased damage.

Now if shooting an arrow when an opponent is in melee allows the opponent to take an AoO, i think that would be great.

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So what is the official PfO game name for twitch?

So far i have found, Pathfinder Online, Pathfinder Online Alpha, Pathfinder Online - Alpha.

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And just upgraded to a 760. hopefully my watchdogs code comes in soon.

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ohhhh I think i might have to pick that up to replace my 260.

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Dont want to worry about companies? Dont want to worry about settlements?

Just want a group of people to hang out with while you game? Ozem's Vigil could be the place for you.

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The advantages of having someone else run a POI is 1) influence is coming out of their pocket not yours and 2) there is an extra influence cost if your company owns more than one.

So if you have someone you can trust they provide the settlement as a whole a great benefit (as different POIs will have different benefits) and that specific company gets hands on management of an aspect of the settlement.

its a perfect balance between wanting to own something but not wanting to be in charge of a settlement.

Not only that but POIs will probably be the focus of PvP raids when war is not declared. So for some people they will enjoy being a target and fighting others off.

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I cant wait to get into the game and start seeing what everyone wants to play.

I was just wondering. Who in the Vigil is into RP?

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I am actually very very surprised that there is no NDA. Also i am surprised that GW is going to be so open on their development cycle.

I cant wait to see how the game unfolds and see the progression.

GW I would LOVE to see a progression video of the game. For example maybe 10-20 seconds per weekly build. When EE hits release the video. When OE hits release the video but with additional EE video. That way we can see from start to finish how things have changed.

Anyway im very excited. its obvious that GW is committed to the crowdforging effort and keeping open lines of communications with us.

I mean how many companies would post their financial information and development cycles online?

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I cant wait to see an army of paladins and clerics!

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ahhhh good, that is wonderful.

Another question.

What type of training will a crafter need to craft? Will it be comparable to training one of the other roles or will it be much less?

for example will being a fighter/crafter require the same xp as being a fighter/rogue?

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For me.

I like the fact that crafting takes time, and that the best stuff takes several days to craft. This adds value to me since it means that players have a meaningful choice as a crafter and as the user. for a crafter the choice is "do i make two of item X or one of item Y" and for the user its "if i get into a fight can I afford to replace my gear easily". So replacing a full T3 set of gear can equate to a week or more of crafting.

It also means that the top tier items will hold their value better since it will be hard to mass produce those items without significant investment. Those settlements who pump out that gear will have invested greatly in the number crafters (on the downside of having other things) and high level facilities.

I would say that learning a crafting recipe should cost more than a token amount of XP and be based on the tier of the item. It shouldnt be so bad that a crafter cant learn most or all of them, but it should be enough to discourage people who are not dedicated crafters from buying them all and mass learning recipes.

I do have a large concern though. That is that T1 materials, like copper, will end up the way of other games where once you pass that tier you will never use those materials again. I hope the system makes it so that there will always be demand for low tier materials. Because if thats not the case, then you might as well get rid of having those things since they will never be used.

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I would like to say that if someone is interested in the Vigil as a community, but they dont necessarily want to join one of the companies, you are still welcome to join the settlement as a free agent or start your own company and join that way.

Not only that but if you just want to hang and just chill there is no reason you cant do that also.

Its going to be awesome, thats not an opinion its a fact.

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You are correct. Paladins will not be in the first part of EE. As a result those of us who want to play paladins have three choices. The first is to spend XP on the released skills, then when the paladin comes out start training paladin skills. For this i think some fighter and cleric mix should give the needed stats/skills to make the easiest transition into a paladin.

The second choice is to start the character but dont spend any XP, and when paladin comes out dump all the XP into that role.

The third choice is to play as normal and when twins are released set the twin up as a paladin.

Ultimately from an RP point of view any of those options can work well. It just depends on what your personal goals are. I will say that if someone decides to pick the second choice, they will burden their company and whatever settlement they decide to be a part of.

I am leaning towards having my paladin be the twin and waiting until paladins are released before playing that character. Until then my main will likely be either a fighter or a cleric, but who knows.

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Here we go!

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I wouldnt mind it, HOWEVER i dont think it should be general.

Settlements should have the option to be able to provide housing. Housing would obviously limit what other kinds of building you can have since its taking up room. Housing should have a very high resource cost for the settlement and the owner. Even then it should be limited in quanitity.

So its something a settlement can do to show up.

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That would make spears and other polearms viable weapons and make them different than two handed weapons as a weapon group.

Imagine a quick enemy who invested in things that increase movement speed, staying out of your attack range but still being able to attack you.

Also perhaps consider something like allowing polearms to trip and set against a charge.

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Honestly im surprised they didnt make this announcement years ago.

You cannot tell me that this project couldnt have reached a playable state with 56 employees working full time for 8 years. They constantly took people from the WoD team to have them work on different projects (Dust).

Honestly i think this was one of those things where the owner of CCP went "im a WoD fan, i want to make a WoD game. if my people have time then ill let them work on it when they can".

it was very clear that WoD was never even close to a priority and thats why it is vaoprware.

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Drakhan Valane wrote:
And the DoD uses October as the beginning of their FY. It's a bit odd.

Nothing like being told "You cant put gas in your trucks and you cant order parts to fix the planes".

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Ryan Dancey wrote:
Realistically there's little chance that an Escalation will ever get ridiculously out of hand. The predation of the Escalation's monsters by PCs seeking them will be something we'll have to keep in fine balance. It's more likely that the PCs descend on an Escalation like locusts and kill anything that moves than that an Escalation is allowed to fester unchecked.

But if we do allow it to go unchecked PLEASE make it so that gaining the he is as costly as possible. I mean multiple settlements required to pour resources basically just like if they seiged other settlements. And if it gets bad enough they start raiding player hexes with MAJOR firepower.

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Things that make me happy.

Alpha server rack. Probably not where its going to stay, but cable management and having everything organized even when its in a temp location. You can tell a lot about a maintenance crew from things like that.

Now i have to watch the video but I just wanted to say that.

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I saw that it mentioned that clerics will be very heal oriented. thats fine but have it so that a cleric can kill things and pvp on his own.

Also I cant wait until the Paladin, bard, and ranger come out as they are the classes im most interested in.

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No what im saying is that lets say you are a bandit.

You can walk up to the victim without the victim being able to do anything against you until YOU initiate the encounter.

So im asking that bandits can have the encounter initiated against them, AND yes preemptive clearing of bandits in areas.

What it looks like you want is a way to freely bandit people, without consequence. Ohhh sure the bandit can do this or that, but you are taking zero extra risk until you start the encounter.

I think its 100% fair that people can go after bandits, there is nothing wrong with that. I think it should be a risk of the CHOICE of playing a bandit.

Want to rob people who do the work, thats fine, but accept that you are at risk when you want to do so. Put yourself in danger too, because holding up single merchants/gatherers doesnt put the bandit at risk.

So if you want to be a bandit, be a bandit, but accept the risks that go along with it, because the things you describe are NOT risks for the bandits.

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Nihimon wrote:

Not really. Every time you die, your Threaded Gear loses durability. In addition, it's highly unlikely that any Character will ever be able to Thread all their Tier 3 Gear.

[Edit] That durability loss means the piece will eventually be destroyed unless it's repaired, and that repair process will almost certainly involve Crafters.

Thats the thing, the gear never gets lost.

Sure you have to repair it, but that just requires a repair kit. Now crafters have gone from making weapons/armor to being repair kit mules.

Durability means nothing for items being lost and having to be replaced. repair kits are a method of making sure gatherers have a job and weapon/armor crafters dont become obsolete after the first year or two.

I would much rather crafters craft gear than repair kits.

Items MUST leave the game otherwise you get into a situation where new items do not get crafted because there is no reason to.

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I hope flags dont work like that. If you are flagged you are flagged and you become a valid target for anyone else while you have the flag on you.


i think that flags before hand add to the game. lets say that you have a settlement that is open for trade. You regularly trade stone for wood with another settlement. It is in your best interest to keep that pathway clear of bandits. If they are not flagged before they are not at risk of being ousted because anyone who engages them will lose rep and alignment. this means that a settlement has to resort to using low rep CE style alts to deal with the situation.

Its much better to the game I think to make it so that if you are waiting for a victim you have to be at risk to do so. This means that settlements can clear areas with patrols. If the bandits want to avoid doing that then all they have to do is not put their flag up and bandit.

At the same time if the flag only needs to be up 30 minutes before you bandit it means that bandits can wait for a patrol then flag themselves when its up, so that patrols would have to be constant to prevent bandits. So it costs a lot in man power to do that.

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Bluddwolf wrote:

@ Leperkaun

Problem with that is there are no criminal flags in the wild uncontrolled hexes. Many, including ourselves, will be preying on the caravans moving rarer resources from those uncontrolled hexes, on their way to the settlement hexes. Criminal Flags won't apply, so they can't be required before a SAD and won't be suffered after.

I dont think so. This means that bandits are immune from retaliation and have a 100% advantage over everyone else.

So I KNOW you are a bandit, you are approaching me and Im going to assume you watched me mine a bunch of mithril. I know cannot do anything about that. The reason isnt because you are good at what you do, the reason is that the game is allowing you walk up and initiate the encounter without the victim being able to do anything about it.

Thats not risk for the bandits. Ohhh sure they could be killed, but the person killing them suffers a penalties for doing so.

What risk is there to the bandit?

There needs to be a flag for bandits for a couple of reasons.

1) It puts the bandits at as much risk as the victims
2) It allows others to initiate encounters with bandits

Now bandits have to worry when walking around a hex. They are now a target. A victim can now have people roam in front of him and eliminate threats. A settlement can try to make a hex clear for merchants by doing sweeps to get rid of bandits.

So I think that its fair that if bandits can initiate encounters penalty free, that other people can initiate encounters on bandits penalty free.

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Ravenlute wrote:

No way. Most people are very protective about their hard earned stuff. If things are breaking that folks did everything they could to protect it will just lead to an exodus of players. As far as I know, there isn't an insurance policy in PFO like in EVE. Why insist on taking EVERYTHING from a player? How is that fun at all? If you want to play that way, don't thread anything but don't dump that overly hardcore all-or-nothing bull on the rest of us. Get your filthy hands off my shiny.

Even with insurance in EVE it doesnt get you back all your really nice stuff, it ONLY covers the ship and only then part of the cost. heck the best ships have very low ship multipliers that means that in some ships you get back almost nothing compared to the cost.

Anyway thats besides the point. The issue is this. Crafting. GW wants crafting to be important. They want crafting to be a major part of the game.

UNLESS you can have your threaded armor and weapons be destroyed you have eliminated a major part of the economy. what happens in 5 years? In 5 years you wont see any T1 or T2 gear worn by players. Why? Because gear is never lost. the result is that players will have themepark style progression of the major gear components. You run into a place where T1 and T2 gear is no longer used because gear never needs to be replaced, so EVERYONE will put T3 weapon/armor and at the end of the day there will be no variation.

There will be no risk. Crafters will all be making trinkets and consumables instead of crafting gear.

The thing is that having gear you can lose is a good thing for the economy, it means that there is a constant demand, and also that players are at risk.

Hmmmmmmmm, Do i wear my T3 gear and gain an advantage OR do I wear my T2 gear which i can replace easier?

Its a choice the player has to make. What I would hate to see in this game is that everyone ends up with +20 Vorpal Speed Dancing weapons and +20 Heavy Fort armor because its never at risk.

Let threaded items be at risk, but have GW look at how often it will be lost. If you cannot lose items you end up with crafting and an economy like a themepark. Now master crafters will no longer craft gear, they just craft repair kits......

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Honestly I think that threading items shouldnt make them safe it should make them safer.

for example I die. I have a T3 greatsword threaded. The game destroys 25% of my gear. If my greatsword is selected for destruction there is a second roll. Since my greatsword is threaded there is only a 10% chance it gets destroyed on that second roll.

The result is that my greatsword is probably going to last much longer than any non threaded gear i have, BUT its not immune to destruction.

The same could apply to SADing equipment where threaded gear would be very difficult to get

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here is what I would like to see.

SAD should require skill training in order to use it. It basically shouldnt have prereqs to get it. however it should require more investment that just training in 1 skill. It should be a skill tree.

So SAD 1 would require you to have a criminal flag for 30 minutes at the current game session. and you can SAD X loot. SAD 2 you have to be flagged as criminal for 25 minutes and you get X+3 loot....etc.

Also the ability to have a hideout and how good it is should be dependent on the company leader's SAD. So if you dont have high SAD skills you dont get a really nice hideout. In addition anyone who uses that hide out must be part of the same company.

When SADing you you ask for gold up to what your skill is and how much the merchant has. So if the merchant has 300 gold you and your skill caps at 200 you can only SAD for 200, on the other hand if your skill is 300 and the merchant only has 200 you can only SAD for 200.

For items it should be partly random. So you get a random collection of items from the victim, however higher level of SAD lets you pick loot. So SAD level 4 would let you randomly get up to 50% of the goods, 4 of which you would hand select. So the bandit can have some choice.

The reason for requiring a bandit to be flagged before they can use SAD is so that they are put at risk. As it stands a merchant literally cannot do anything except run while a bandit can walk right up and SAD you.

This puts much less danger on the bandits. Bandits should be put at just as much risk as merchants. If a merchant sees a bandit coming they should be able to send guards out to take care of the bandits. Settlements and companies should be able to patrol areas to fight bandits and keep those areas free of them. Basically the should be able to be proactive about bandit problems.

I do not want to see a situation where bandits are all on alts, spot a merchant, then log on the bandit 3 seconds before the merchant arrives near them, then logs back off.

Because thats how i would bandit if there was not that restriction.

1) SAD requires a large amount of skill investment
2) hideouts require SAD investment to make full use of them
3) All members of a hideout must be in the same company
4) Bandits must have the criminal flag for XX time before they can SAD
5) Bandits keep the criminal flag based on how much loot they steal
6) The flag is based on IN game time

The goal is to make being a bandit require investment and put the bandit at at least the same amount of risk merchants will be at. meaning if you want to be a bandit you have to be at risk of getting cleared out by the law at any time.

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Tome of Experience - mark it as epic magic item. that way people just dont throw it away, and the folks who care about immersion have justification for talking about it.

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I am 100% against a @handle type of thing of ANY sort. Basically unless you tell someone no one should know any character is connected in any way with another character or player, period.

for example I dont want my assassin to be associated in anyway with the public face I present to the community.

I would love to see all sorts of titles for sale and also titles earned in game.

In game titles could be slayer titles, goblin slayer and such.

bought would be nobility, religious, military, role specific, and other random ones.

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ehhh something like this would work.

If you understand.

Leperkhaun says in dwarven "hey want to party?"

if you dont

Leperkhaun says something in dwarven.

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1) The start of EE will have PfO being a minimum viable product. The result is that systems such as reputation and SAD will not be in the game. Due to this there is zero consequences to player actions. In fact the lack of SAD means that the only way to be a bandit is to kill someone. How will GW prevent PfO from becoming a murder sim? More importantly what is GW doing to ensure that the culture of PfO does not end up as a FFA even when these mechanics are introduced at a later date due to already having developed a toxic culture?

2) What mechanics/systems does GW plan on having for the start of EE to give players something to do?

3) How much item destruction will there be in the game? There is plenty of talk about item looting, but the key to keeping crafters relevant is having a constant demand for goods, which can ONLY happen if items leave the game. Basically if I die would i expect a % of goods to poof or just a couple including items that are in a bag.

4) We have been told that combat roles (fighter/wizard..etc) will require about 2.5 years of xp to hit max level. Does this mean that in 2.5 years a person will be able to train in 100% of a roles abilities OR does that mean in 2.5 years a person can train the highest tier abilities. For example lets say you have a fighter, can you max both shield abilities AND polearm abilities or just one of them.

5) How long will it take to max out a non combat role (gatherer, crafter...etc).

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Thanks for this Ryan.

I had promised my shieldmate to someone who had joined at the very end of the KS so that they could get all of the daily deals, but otherwise I dont know the person.