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I would like to use either the soldier or the operative.

This looks interesting to me.

Redelia has recommended this game to me. Is there still a slot open?

I have a lvl 3 half elf swashbuckler or a level 6 elf rogue depending on the subtier.

Zoey Strawberry wrote:

Hello! It's bright and sparkly Zoey again!

Before she can finish whatever she was going to announce, at least four starfinders receive a message on ther comm unit: Meet us for breakfast, Croizanarte. Z


I've set up the gameplay thread for Ghost Level Delve here. The following players can proceed directly:

Artie (ArtieV88)
George 09-23 (Mage of the Wyrmkin)
Vitellius Korpopolis (Jhaeman)

There is room for two more players. Let me know if you are interested in joining

I'm interested in joining this game. I've got a level one Biohacker.

I am interested. I'll bring a level 1 android operative.

Yeah, I played this at a convention, but the GM was incompetent and had a player vs. GM mentality so I lost access to a dwarf character before it was made always available. I've been given a replay so I can do this scenario again.

Hi, I have heard many good things about your GMing, I'm looking forward to this game.

I'm interested. I have a lvl 2 Ratfolk rogue for low tier, and a lvl 3 half-elf swashbuckler. I would be happy to use a pregen if needed for party balance.

Selected the barbarian companion.

Hello, I am interested in applying to play.
I have a lvl 2 fighter[brawler] who is free.
I am also pretty new to play-by-post.