[OutPost VI]Redelia's SFS 1-22 The Protectorate Petition

Game Master Redelia



I will be selecting a party of six characters to participate in this scenario.

Recruitment begins Feb 10, so any applications before then will be ignored. (If you are using your one seat of early GM seating to apply, send me a PM and I'll try to answer you right away)

I will make my decision after 4 days or 12 applicants, whichever comes first.

To make expectations clear, I will be expecting one post a day for all participants. I will bot you if you do not post in that time to keep things moving. If you are interested, I invite you to look at my GM profile before applying.


Interested with my Lashunta Solarian.

I am interested. I'll bring a level 1 android operative.


I'm interested in joining this game. For now, I'm putting forward my new character (to be built), but I also have existing PCs available in both low and high tier.

Does this game have unicorns?

Noss Heldan, klonac, and Kludde, you are all in. In a moment you may dot and delete from gameplay and post your character details in discussion.

If there are any other applicants before start, you are welcome to apply, and we will talk.

(the unicorn in the first post was a really weird cut and paste error from the name of my GM avatar... :) )


PaleDim submits this gadgety, blood-squirting ikeshti mechanic. This character is relatively new, only having participated in one bounty.

Welcome, Drek, please come dot in and check in in discussion!

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