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Syrelle HP 39/39 SP 45/45 RP 6/6 Init +4 Perception +5 Fort +6 Reflex +5 Will +4

Untrained perception: 1d20 + 0 ⇒ (3) + 0 = 3
"Look! Trees!"

Grand Lodge

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Elf Rogue 6 Initative +9 AC: 19 Touch:14 Flatfooted 16 Fort +4 Reflex +14 Will +6 Perception +13

Morait hops out of the way of Kagerou's spell.
"Don't burn the dinosaur please."


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Female Android Biohacker 1 +2 Fort +2 Will +2 Ref EAC 13 KAC 14 Stamina 0/6 HP 10/10 Perception +2

"Please be careful with that thing Chance, just because you have four arms doesn't mean you should be any less careful with them."
She turns to Celita and Ixthia.
"Do you think you could have the officials cut the power to the property? It would be far easier to explore a compound that doesn't have any power than one that could be full of automated defenses. We could have someone on call to turn the power back on if we needed to, and pack some extra batteries to power a computer if we need to."

"The lack of computers connected to the infosphere makes me nervous. You don't set up a private network unless you have something you really want to make sure nobody sees. Or that nobody lets out."

Grand Lodge

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F Tengu Ninja 9 Init+10 Ac:25 Touch 17 Fort +5 Ref + 15 Will + 8 Perception +17

"I have a grappling hook, and a rope. Here, someone catch."
Assuming someone catches it...
climb: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (6) + 6 = 12
DC for climbing a rope is 10 I believe
"Well, that was the pits."

Liberty's Edge

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Half-orc Fighter (brawler) 6 Init +6 perception +3

Knuckles also pulls up his hood, while keeping a wary eye on the Decemvirate.

The Exchange

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Male Ratfolk rogue (knifemaster) 2 HP 19/19 Initiative +5 Perception +9

[b]"Note to self, buy some alchemist's fire'[/dice]