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James Jacobs wrote:
Odraude wrote:
Generic Villain wrote:
Cpt_kirstov wrote:

IIRC it's also in the tome of horrors

Necromancer Games' Tomes of Horror were a godsend. If I recall they were made before Hasbro bought WotC, and essentially made a huge number of iconic D&D monsters open content. Various demon/devil lords, for example, not the least of which was Orcus.
If only they did that with Demogorgon. I really liked him and while Lamashtu is a good replacement, I'll still miss him.
Check out the Savage Tide adventure path. That's more or less my attempt to get in everything I wanted or had to say about Demogorgon out of my system before I couldn't talk about him anymore... between that AP and the Demogorgon Demonomicon entry from Dragon Magazine, you pretty much have Demogorgon as he'd exist in Pathfinder anyway.

not to mention WotC owns the trademark of the look but nothing else.

I even thought of making him an aasimar
to be honest I even think they don't care about moral of a worshipper. (the CN ones)

My version

Alchemist- Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Antipaladin- Thulsa Doom fits good IMHO
Barbarian- Conan(Schwarzenegger definitivly)but also to a degree Siegfried and beowolf
Bard- Cacofonix
Cavalier-Knights in general
Cleric- the name says all
Druid- Hollywood version of druids or Getafix.
Fighter- Link.
Gunslinger- the man without name.
Inquisitor- Solomon Kane.
Magus- Elric of Meliboné
Monk- shaolin monk hollywood version
Ninja- Selfexplanatory
Paladin- Carrot Ironfunderson
Ranger- Legolas.
Rogue- Puss in boots. ROBIN HOOD
Samurai- Akira kurosawa .
Sorcerer- Circe.
Summoner- Final fantasy.
Witch- Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Wizard- Gandalf

kevin_video wrote:
Numerian wrote:
The keres psychopomps are in Beyond the Doomsday Door
Found them. They actually are "kere" for spelling. Nothing wrong with that.

*curses himself*

Ker(e) is singular
them I'm reposting my suggestion as an evil valkyre
under the name of Polemodaemon [po-LE-mo] (war daemon) knowing greek has it's postives

nobody mention keres?

JStep wrote:

Why not just blast it into space or transport it to some other plane of existence?


i thought the same by bringing the tarrasque into the positive energy plane ant turning its strength into a weakness.

it will die or rather explode probably within 20min or so.
but then it will do so very 1/2hour or so(till it rolls a one on the save again)

A Linnorm against an unprepared group must also be nightmare

AFAIK Troglodyte is Public domain ( google it ancient greeks used it)

WPharolin wrote:

It becomes less stupid when you don't try conform characters to one of nine vaguely written boxes open to enough personal interpretation for people to still be arguing about which alignment means what and which people fit into which decades after it was created.

I mean seriously. What alignment is the Doctor and why?

which of the eleven? or do you mean the league of extraordinary gentleman's THE doctor

Fu Manchu

wasn't this creature in the 3.5 dark sun campain setting?

I dragonspawn would turn zthe dragon born into the footsoldiers of the Azi

tonyz wrote:

Paladins don't believe in "necessary evil" IMO.

this sentence and the quote of St. augustin of hippo "An unjust law is no law at all." should be IMHO the guide lines for a paladin

Christopher Lee wrote:
The creature in question is a Taiga Giant in RotRL. It says in the stat block "immune to enchantment and illusion spells."

I think this just means illusions targeted on THEM don't affect them and they automaticly disbelief the ones interacting with

Evil Genius Prime wrote:
That's what I was thinking too. The base race is what I always went with. Our new GM was curious mainly because he was thinking about pitting us against a really old werewolf. So he asked me, since I've bee running longer than he.

my suggestion make him undead(especially a vampire)

back to topic:
MY top 10 (also included 3.5monsters)
1.) Linnorms for me they are always CN. untameable forces of nature given flesh and will
2.) Sharruks reading then I couldn't image them as Evil for me they are Neutral
3.)Mummys for me they are LN (i might let my players stumble upon am ummy paladin

Sincubus wrote:

Evil Kirin monster (stag mixed with an chromatic dragon)

Go to oh you mean this jolly fellow.

Azaelas Fayth wrote:
Deadmanwalking wrote:
Azaelas Fayth wrote:

Though one must remember the easiest way to kill a God.

** spoiler omitted **

Depends on the world, actually.

In Golarion, gods exist independent of their worshippers, and are not meaningfully empowered by them, for example.

True, but what happens to a God whose church gets wiped out? Usually no one is willing to openly worship them. After awhile they just disappear into the history books.

divine wrath on the killers

and start from scratch with a new prophet...

MMCJawa wrote:

Oh no I don't personally have dragonborn hate, but the designers have stated they have no interest in ever doing a playable humanoid dragon race, as they feel it cheapens the impact of dragons when you have one in your adventuring party.

This comes from James Jacobs at least, but I am pretty sure either/both Eric Mona and Wesley Schneider have said something similar

If we do get a Dragonborn type race, my guess is that it will be high CR, rare, and not appropriate for a player race. Until then you will have to settle for home-brewed or the Wyvaran sample race from the ARG (which I suspect might not get much in the way of future development)

OR as the foottroops of the azis

blackblooded (AP 18)
Fey Bestiary 3
a worm that walks magus might be VERY intresting mhhh
ogrekin might also be suggestions

half fiendish or half dragon gladiators (depending on the society)

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BltzKrg242 wrote:
Judge Dredd

the poster boy for LN imho

Sincubus wrote:

I don't know HOW the TOME OF HORROR did it but they got the rights to copy Gloomwing - Aurumvorax - Yellow Musk Creeper and a whole lot more that D&D said they would not use again or maybe a few times.

But in 3.5 or 3.0 of D&D were a lot of creatures that never returned in 4th edition and maybe Paizo can ask for permission to gain the copyrights of the following creatures of 3.5/3.0:

Abyssal Ant
Cranium Rat
Grey Jester
Burning Effigy
Ocean Strider
Arrow Demon
Plague Spewer
Rot Reaver
Vermin Lord
Whisper Demon
Frostwind Virago
Beast of Malar
Crawling apocalypse
Saguaro Sentinel

add the sky ray to the list and I'M very happy

not to mention NOT having cold Iron might be desastrous against linnorms
Reg (cold iron) and DR cold Iron

an updated MMII would be my wish product

I would have slowly revealed that succubi and the like have quite likely disgusting kinks

gigglestick wrote:
Richard Leonhart wrote:

examples of complete scoundrel:

LG = Batman/Indiana Jones
LN = James Bond
LE = Boba Fett / Magneto

NG = Zorro / Spiderman
N = Lara Croft
NE = Mystique from X-men

CG = Malcolm Reynolds / Robin hood
CN = Jack Sparrow / Snake Plissken
CE = Riddick (Pitch black)

I agree with those choices, and for Darth Vader, I would put him along LE, he's not the best example, but that would be my category of choice.

I never saw Riddick as Evil. He had a code and he stuck to it. He didn't go looking for people to hurt and he even tried to help from time to time. If you got in his way, he'd kill you, but I'd say more CN, with a slight leaning towards G.

And Mogre...Flagg is evil? Which Flagg is that?

I'd think of Reuben Flagg as more Ng or LN (g)

he probaly means stephen kings randall flagg

jigsaw NE or CE
punisher CN
mario NG
selene no idea

Kthulhu wrote:
He also (fairly) recently, in a fit of author fanboy wankery, killed Darkseid.

He SHOT Darkseid the black racer took him

Zmar wrote:
Those who consider imps nasty should see Doru Divs. They lack the fast healing, but DR 10 / cold iron or good, at-will invisibility, SR, fire and poison immunity, acid and electricity resistance 10, perfect fly speed and poisonous bites makes them nasty CR 2. Not to mention it can use suggestion and charm person.

true true I used them to torment a Group(eating their food, trying to bring one PC against the other) too bad ididn't get too use paikaras against them(spreading their deseases; posing as menbers of communtiy and wrecking havoc in this way (have I mentioned the PC are the best healers in town?

Dragon78 wrote:


More types of Linnorms, particurly one with at least three heads and another type(s) of dragon that has two or more heads.

ok now I have my idea for the Storm linnorm (CR 22)

Dragon78 wrote:

I would love an intelligent Phoenix like magical beast that you can get as a familiar.

you watched too much conan the animated series?

Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
Feather fall. You know that boulder the enemy just fired at you? Not a problem.

A question tormenting me :

how does feather fall affect an hekatonchieres planar leap ability?

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darth_borehd wrote:

Pathfinder is definitely on the right track with the fey. It's becoming a hallmark of the system.

Next bestiary should also have the sidhe.

The Sidhe should be the de facto lords of the fey. Filled with SLAs and supernatural powers of illusion and charm. Have them unable to speak an untrue word (which gives them a racial penalty of -4 to Bluff but does not mean they are not masters of deception) and Planar Shift to the land of the fey at will.

you don't means a +4 to bluff at least

hey hermes was the most dshoest god in te greeek pantheon and he swore never to lie to zeus

Apostle of Gygax wrote:
Although Fomorians and Firbolgs would be awesome as well. You can never have enough Celtic/Irish monsters.

1000% agree

Crimson Jester wrote:
Sebastian wrote:

So, last night, I was watching Thundarr the Barbarian, which arrived along with the mysterious unscrambling of Boomerang in my cable package. I had vague memories of the show from watching it as a kid, I knew it was set on a post apocalyptic world, had a generic pre-he-man-esque protagonist, and a wookie-like dude on a fishy looking dinosaur horse.

Now, as cool as that sounds, I was floored by how packed with awesome the episodes I watched were. And when I say packed with awesome, I don't mean it had a good plot, character development, funny jokes, cool action scenes, or anything like that. Oh, no, when I mean packed full of awesome, I mean:

The Earth suffered almost complete destruction in the far off year of 1994 when a comet sucked off the atmosphere!
The Moon was broken in half by the comet that destroyed the Earth.
2,000 years later, Earth is full of magic and the ruins of civilization (which ruins are still standing, mostly undamaged, despite the passage of so much time).
Thundarr fought a wizard wearing an astronaut helmet, who turned out to be, I s*$+ you not, a robot, who then turned out to be a glowing green brain in a robot body.
That point bears repeating: they fought a glowing, green, pulsating brain robot wizard (GGPBRW).
While fighting the GGPBRW, Thundarr cuts off its robot hand, to which the GGPBRW responds "You cannot hurt me." Uh, he just cut off your f@~~ing hand - I think he can hurt you.
While in a spaceship, going into orbit, they cut a hole in the ground, and leaped out, on horseback, landing in the water, and suffering no adverse effects.
He has a light saber.
They fought rat men who were riding motorcyles and wielding clubs that shoot laser beams in the ruins of Manhattan.
A bad guy animiated the Planet of the Apes-esque ruins of the Statue of Liberty, which attacked the heroes, including by shooting flames from its torch.
Say it with me: Robot wizard.
I could go on, but the point is, the show was everything cool in science fiction from the


Jack kirby do I need to say more

Besides In my campain the a Second moon called the sphere
It was built by the aboleth as a prison for invading alien and should you try to destroy it you also destroy this world too

Apostle of Gygax wrote:
I also want a squirrel like race.


ehhm we have the megalodon its the dire shark

Barong wrote:
Come to think of it, are the other 3.5 Guardinals like the Ursinal WOTC IP? I saw a list of such creatures that WOTC will not permit anyone else to use(illithid, githyanki, etc.), and they weren't on that list. It's just that I have a cool character concept of my character being taught by a wise Ursinal. I've liked them since Planescape. It'd just be cool to have them.

I think you COULD Reintroduce under other name and diffrent abilities and diffrent CR

Ursinal --> Arkudal(arktós greek for bear)
Lupinal --> Lykonal (lykos greek for you know what)

bigkilla wrote:
Strife2002 wrote:
Also, what about my comment regarding the axebeak? Does it still have its animal companion stats?
The animal companion info was removed in Bestiary 3

it just moved to the appendix

Threeshades wrote:
Is there any chance we could have Fimir in the next Bestiary or does GW hold copyright to those?

considering the ecent release of the min warhammerforge first yep they do

the hekatonchiere and the tzitzimitl are both 50ft tall

In one word Wonderful:
Love the asuras, div, the new tane,the hekatonchiere and many many more

as did the ultimate monsters from mongoose
(especially th Spirit nephilim!!!)
(CAUTION In dire need of an ERRATA,well its just a reprint fron a slayers guide to ,, books, mostly AFAIGIT)
and the necromantic,draconic,twited and giant Lore from FFG are also a worth a look

a sky ray replacement would also be nice

Ævux wrote:

One of the other things about feather fall..

It can be used against things. It can't stop a sword swing, and it can't stop a flying creature.. but it can still stop a jumping creature. It can also stop a falling object.

It is only V too, so you can cast it while bound. I'm certain you can figure out ways to use that spell.. possibly something that causes a warp?

using the spell on an hekatonchiere using his planar jump will be price less(I know a VERY specificsituation but the faces would be priceless

in my LoF round
the half group (well a half celestial barbarian and a necromancer-priest of pharasma) indirectly insulted (the priest wanted a lyre of building
the barbarian a mithril fullplate of speed they are Lvl 3)

a rakshasa maharaja, he(I) gave a curesed lyre and an arrowcatcher armour

have I mentioned he plotted the death of his own brother because he demanded two much(the pcs know and witnessed it)
lets just say their next meeting will be VERY unpleasant
(they won't die but the encounter might be diturbing)

Astral Wanderer wrote:
Mikaze wrote:
Sincubus wrote:


Let me quess the Aeons and Qlippoths are your favorite creatures of all time?

They fit perfectly in that discription.

Not really. Neither qualify as benign, good celestial beings, and that's the big thing I'm hoping to see combined with some well executed alienessnessness. Both also lack in a lot of the other areas listed, since that isn't what they were really designed for.(such as a range of apearances between both beautiful and disturbing, but always alien and possibly a bit unsettling)

I imagine looking upon primordial/alien angels would be less like Qlippoths driving people crazy and more like the angels' lack of "calibration" with the local reality causing anything from headaches, seizures, blackouts, synesthesia, or the rare case of spontaneous temporary enlightenment and/or evolution.


Beings that, when they try to pull the "I've taken a form you're more comfortable with" routine, almost always manage to still fall into the uncanny valley.

They're freaky as hell, but they want to help. And sometimes their ways of helping can be as alien as their appearances...

+1 is too few.


or keep the daemon but state these are tweo diffrent "nations"
the daemons of the horsemen and the daemons of the exarchs

Ice Titan wrote:
ghettowedge wrote:

So, there I was in the caf at work, before my shift, drinking a coffee, reading Lands of the Linnorm Kings, and there on page 11 was my first spit take in quite a while.

There is a nymph druid by the name of Imavajana. My players have a lot of fun messing up the names of NPC's, but this one is too easy. Did the writer even say it out loud before writing it, or was this a joke somebody wanted to slip in to canon?

say it out loud


I'm not getting it.

try em-a-va....

Orcus god of the undead, spirit and spanner in the works

CNichols wrote:
Mikaze wrote:

hellharlequin wrote:
Giant vultures(Huge CG Mountain/desert guardian with a dry Laconic wit)

Yeah, carrion birds get a raw deal. Ravens get romanticized every now and then, but the poor vulture?

Player: What do you mean he's CG? He's a vulture!

Vulture Guardian Guy: Ooooh! So now I'm the badguy! Guess you want dead bodies bloating and festering in the sun after you've looted them, spreading disease instead of letting someone get on with the circle of life in peace.


Vulture Guardian Guy: Okay then., you gonna eat that? points at dead party member/follower/BBEG

Yes! Though in my case, I want a hyena agathion in this role, with a big grudge against Lamashtu. Scavengers are a very important part of the ecosystem, but they always get cast as villains. And hyenas are awesome.

As you've said, we need more Dark Is Not Evil trope monsters.

not ot mention that hyenas have a higher hunt/scavange ratio than lions

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