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Okay, I have a dilemma. I love Green Ronin's "The Book of Fiends", which introduces both New Demons and Devils, but also their own version of NE Fiends, called Daemons. Now, these Daemons are based on the Seven Deadly Sins, and divided into four major roles: the Watchers, who see when mortals commit sins, the Whisperers, who tempt mortals to sin, the Mercenaries, warriors who will fight for both sides of the Blood War, as well as anyone who will summon them, and the Servitors, lofty beings in direct service to the Exarchs, the seven leaders of the Daemons.

Now, all of these are fun, interesting concepts I wanted to adapt to Pathfinder, but there's a catch. Pathfinder already has Daemons, fiends of Death and Nihilism. And they work too well for me to just remove. But the Sin Daemons don't fit in anywhere else, either. So the solution is obvious: renaming the Sin Daemons.

I checked the Pathfinder Wiki, and didn't see the term "Shedim" being used for anything. So I'm going to adapt that classical Judeo-Christian demon species name, and use it for these beings as a whole.

Any alternate suggestions?

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Or you could just make them Demons. With the sheer size of the abyss it makes sense there is a huge wide variety of demons.

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'Sin Fiends' or something of the like. Maybe Yugoloths. :)

or keep the daemon but state these are tweo diffrent "nations"
the daemons of the horsemen and the daemons of the exarchs

If we can have demons and daemons we could have daimons as well ]:->

It's safe to say that Green Ronins Daemons didn't work well with any other concept of them in any setting. I always thought it was the weekest part of that book...kinda thrown together at the last minute.

However, one of Green Ronins Daemons did show up in a Pathfinder adventure..."Cry of the Carion King" from Legacy of Fire, if I remember properly. It was mentioned to be an agent of a Horseman as well.

After reading through Bestiary 3 though, I'd say they might work well as Divs.

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