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Is there a mechanic for a material plane projection in 1E? I would like my characters to meet the BBEG for the first time only as a projection - one that they can talk to and see, and vice-versa, but are unable to physically interact with? Astral Projection seems closest but I want the person casting the projection to be on the material plane and the players to experience the projection on the material plane.
If no mechanic exists, anyone want to suggest a start for the spell description for it? ;)

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Project Image might work, so long as the BBEG has some way to conceal the fact that they are actually close by. It has the added bonus that the BBEG can even cast spells and have said spells originate from the false image.

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No spell outside of Project Image mentioned by LordKailas that I am aware of. Some might come close, but aren't projections such as Programmed Illusion. I'd also look into some of the Mirror or Dream spells/spell groups, but not familiar enough with spells around those concepts to know if they have ones close enough to work for you.

Might post on the Homebrew section if you want to see someone's suggestion for a homebrewed spell.

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Astral projection from the Material plane to the Astral plane, then Plane shift back to the material. Problem solved.

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Although not exactly the same, I have a couple of suggestions to approximate what you want :

* [3] Fearsome Duplicate {Halfling} - it creates a monstrous version of you that does not require Line of Effect or Line of Sight; you can use its senses, speak verbally, and has no real substance to interact with. You even remain aware of your real body's surroundings, (at Penalty). The downsides are that it is Range:Medium (100ft. + 10ft./C.L.) and that if Attacked the Spell ends. (If you want a "flicker out" Effect to show the P.C.s that the Enemy is not there, you can just re-Cast the Spell and carry on taunting them.)
* [2/3] Audiovisual Hallucination+ coupled with [1/2] Dark Whispers - set up the Dark Whispers so that you can hear each other, then Cast a (Silent?) Audiovisual Hallucination+; both Spells are Range:Long (400ft. + 40ft./C.L.). You can move the mouth of the image to match your speech as only the image is Concentration, so they do not interfere with each other. Unlike Fearsome Duplicate, it does not end if the image is Attacked. The downsides are that you have to maintain Line of Effect/Sight and you would get a distorted echo from the Dark Whisper Spell if you chose to generate more convincing speech via the image.

In both cases some sort of Divination (Scrying) Spell would be helpful to find the Targets first.

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Cheat a little bit. Put a full sized magic mirror in the place you want the party to converse with the BBG. The BBG is using it to communicate with his minion and when it is in use it fully shows his image and you can even see his background through the mirror. The mirror lets sound and images from the other location as if there was a doorway between the two mirrors.

Give the mirror hardness 5, hp 5. Each mirror comes in a pair and can be activated an unlimited times per day via command word. Damage to one mirror is copied in the other mirror. Call it a 10,000 gp item.

At the end of the conversation if the players haven't destroyed their mirror, the BBG destroys his.

Thanks all - lots to think about here!

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