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I know 1st Edition has ended and we are not getting anything else. But if we could have gotten at least some hardcover books that are all(maybe mostly) reprinted material would you buy them? If so what would you like to see?

For me I would like to see...

[bold]Bestiary 7[/bold], even if all reprints, would have been cool. Especially if it had the remaining 0HD races like the Lashunta, Gillmen, etc., the remaining planar dragons, oni and other creatures from the Jade Empire AP, mountain troll, remaining monsters from the Kingmaker AP, and more.

A hardcover book that has every class in it, including unchained versions, and all the class specific feats.

Hardcover book for Archetypes would be useful.

Maybe a hardcover book for Spells.

It would be nice to have every Bloodrager/Sorcerer bloodline, Oracle mystery, Witch Hex, Rouge Talent, Alchemist Discovery, etc. not already in a hardcover book, in a hardcover book.

I'd like to see something released on August 10, 2020 (the 20th anniversary of 3rd edition/the OGL) just to say it lasted that long.

I'd love to see some compiled collections of 1e materials.

I always felt like some of the "Ultimate" books came out too early in the product line to truly be ulimate. Ultimate Magic and Ultimate Combat come to mind, not to mention Ultimate Equipment. I've love an Ultimate Equipment Complete, or something, that expands it with all the equipment released after the release of Ultimate Equipment.

Some all-inclusive compendiums would be pretty cool to me, but I don't think there's enough market to justify them, and it might confuse people if Paizo continues to support 1e with new hardbacks.

I'm happy to see they're still publishing all their hardbacks in softback pocket editions, as my players buy those and would be really bummed if the series stopped mid-way.

I think an Ultimate Equipment 2 would have be fine at this point.

An Anniversary release of some kind would be cool. Though this would be more then likely a Pathfinder anniversary then a 3rd ed D&D one.

I am not expecting Paizo to do anything, I am just saying if they did before the end of 1st edition or maybe as an anniversary special of some kind. Though technically they are still doing 1st ed soft cover smaller reprints of the hardcovers so we are still getting something.

I would buy an Ultimate Spells collection in a heartbeat. An Ultimate Classes Compendium would also be tempting. Bestiary 7, of course.

And I agree with Wolf that the existing "Ultimate" books came out way too early to be anything close to ultimate.

As for the paperback reprints of the hardcover line, that's as close to free money as you can get, since all of the development work has long since been done, as well as the not-inconsiderable layout process. I don't know if it's just as simple as printing the scaled-down pages, but I'd guess 95% of the work is already done, so printing paperback versions is a good return on prior investment.

But dreaming about new hardcovers, even just compilations, is pretty futile at this point. Unlike the paperback reprints, a new hardcover would require substantial staff time for compiling and editing content, and especially for layout. Even if they weren't competing with a new edition, the costs in staff time, printing and shipping would probably far exceed any profits they'd manage.

It would have been nice to have all the classes in one hardcover book. I doubt you could fit them all in one softcover book of the standard size. Though if they made a non-standard version you could, not that Paizo has a reason to do so for this or any idea already said. But it is nice to think of things that could have been or could be.

At this point, a third party publisher could collect everything that isn't protected Paizo IP and release it in big collections.

Well as long as it is 100% reprinted Paizo content then my group could still use them.

It is a shame the void element for kineticist never got to be printed in a Paizo hardcover.

It would be nice to get something on a Pathfinder 1st ed anniversary but the 10th has already passed so maybe the 15th.

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