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I have a simple question with a hopefully simple answer. Though if the answer turns out to be complex, that is okay too ;)

How would a mythic character able to grant spells to clerics fit into the cosmology of Golarion? Would they be consided deities, or perhaps demi gods? Or is there a different already established category they would fit into?

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I’d say Baba Yaga is the most famous mythic character in the world.

Iomedae was most certainly mythic before taking the Starstone test.

I'd probably classify them as demi-gods myself. They are certainly not fully fledged deities. But probably the next closest thing to it.

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The Runelords were also mythic. Razmir is not, yet as a Wizard capable of casting 9th level spells can easily be mistaken for one.

I'd go with just really powerful important people unless they have Divine Source.

It also kind of depends on the nature of the mythic character. If the Mythic character belonged to a divine spell casting class before becoming mythic they might be considered an extension of the religion they worshiped. For example a paladin Iomedae who gains enough mythic tiers to pick up divine source probably still serves her even though he can grant spells. Her worshipers would probably view him similar to how a saint is viewed in Christianity. This could also be the case for a character that is not a divine spell caster, but is strongly associated with a religion.

If the mythic character is not associated with a religion before gaining the divine source path ability it gets a little more complicated. More than likely that character would be regarded as a demi god.

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Planar Adventures classify divines into deites, demigods and quasi-deities. Mythic characters belong to the last group.

Planar Adventures wrote:

Quasi deities are the least powerful of the divine, and the most eclectic in their nature. A quasi deity has a stat block, and can be of any CR (although the vast majority lie in the CR 21–25 range). Nascent demon lords, the malebranche, and qlippoth lords are all examples of quasi deities, as are creatures like deep one elders, conqueror worms, and green men, who have the ability to grant spells to clerics. Mythic characters who take the divine source path ability are also quasi deities.

Quasi deities have no inborn ability to shape and alter reality by thought alone, even if they somehow gain control of a planar realm, and must rely upon their own abilities and magic to effect changes of this nature.

A quasi deity grants from one to four domains to its clerics.

I am playing a Drow cleric of Calistria, who is going into the Mythic now, and my plan is for her to take Divine Source. So when that happens, she is going to become something akin to a powerful Herald of Calistria, who manages her Domains of Night and Chaos.

So thank you for the responses. They fall pretty much in line with what I have planned for my character. It would suck if the plan was completely outside of the Canon lore.

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