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Ah, alright, thanks for letting us know.

I am, yes. Hoping to hear further from our GM soon.

I'd been interested in trying either one of those out.

I'm fine with anybody, though admittedly, we currently don't have anybody with a particularly strong Dex or Int score.

You could probably just satisfy it by grouchily scolding everyone, heh.

That could work, I think. Maybe grandfather, might be best. He might have been the one to trigger a martial interest in her imagination.

I'm interested, depending on the AP. I generally prefer the more broader fantasy themed ones though, and I struggle playing evil characters properly, so I dunno how well I'd do with, say, Blood Lords or Hell's Vengeance.

I'm interested in the 2e version. I can post more than once a day, if need be.

I actually own the entirety of the new version of 2E Kingmaker on Roll20, so no extra money from anyone else would need to be spent on it. (I bought it to use with a personal friend group via the 5e conversion, but interpersonal issues over the holidays have...uh...splintered said friend group, hopefully temporarily, so it's sitting there totally unused for the moment. >_<)

EDIT: Oh, I just read you've settled on doing the 1E version. I've no interested in learning the older edition, so I guess I'll wish you guys luck with it. Darn.

Reading the Player's Guide, it appears to strongly recommend Lawful Good or Lawful Neutral or Neutral Good alignment, so I think a Iomedae Champion would probably have little issue sticking to such things.

I assume we're probably not going to be trying to break the law to uphold, it, for the most part...

Yeah, I’m definitely gonna do a Political Scion Ruffian Rogue, Str Key Ability. Total posh family black sheep, haha.

Isn't that a modification to the rules in the player's guide? All our damage is automatically nonlethal, yeah?

I think I just settled on making a Ruffian Rogue, actually.

Been looking for a class that could justify being a spear user, and I think I finally found it, heh.

I'm still trying to decide what her off stats will be though. I'll probably make them 18-12-14-10-10-14 to start though, maybe, since I get Intimidation auto trained.

I don't really play characters that deviate too much from human, tbh, so I'm not too worried about justifying being there, heh.

I'm fairly indecisive...I normally try to go off art, but I haven't found a paizo portrait I like yet to build a character from, hehe. So it'll probably be easier for me once more people have picked their characters.

Dorian 'Grey' wrote:

Hello All!

I would be interested in applying for this. Any thoughts on what the 3 slotted players would be playing?

Thank you for running!

One of us already made a cleric, I'm still trying to decide (but probably some sort of martial/frontline character, and the last one said they'll fill depending on how the group ends up, based on our discussion so far.

Yeah, it looks pretty awesome. I'm still pondering what I want to play, hmm...

Well, as far as I can tell, there's only been two other players to say hi so far, so it seems like there is still a spot.

I'm a little surprised, tbh. There looked like there was a fair bit of interest in the other thread.

Sounds good. I’m generally hoping to play some kind of martial class, as I’m not familiar enough with the system to be confident in being a caster all that much.

Thank you, looking forward to enjoying this with everyone, hopefully.


I'll go read the player's guide for this one, see if I can come up with an appropriate character idea. Thanks for the invite.

I'm kinda torn between trying for a Swashbuckler or a Barbarian right now.

Probably Human, maybe an Aasimar, because I'm just obsessed with angels in general, lol.

KyleS wrote:
crazncanuck wrote:

Yeah, it's very sparse pickings for 2e of any kind, whether PbP or voice or text or whatever...

Not sure where people actually post looking for players. Maybe nobody wants to GM the system, heh.

It's not hard at all really. Plenty of resources on Reddit to find groups and I've been seeing a lot more people wanting to play PF2e coming from 5e, Foundry's PF2e specific discord server stays pretty active pretty all the time, The Knights of Last Call and their Northern Reaches campaign has been growing constantly and I've heard nothing but good things from my players who take part in it. It's not that nobody wants to run the system, it's just that those of us who are running the system are starting to become flooded by those who want to play.

I'll give those a try. Some links would be appreciated, because I've been browsing for a month and it's been super frustrating.

Although, I'll try not to get my hopes up. I apparently only have free time during a pretty dead time zone, because I can't even find pay to play games for the period that I'm actually available, lol.

Yeah, it's very sparse pickings for 2e of any kind, whether PbP or voice or text or whatever...

Not sure where people actually post looking for players. Maybe nobody wants to GM the system, heh.

I'm interested in this. Still learning the system, so I think I'll just try submitting that Fighter again for this, I just have to tweak her backstory since I tried to apply her for an AP.

Watery Soup wrote:
Axolotl wrote:
Yeah, I don't recommend PFS as a way to jump into Pathfinder, as there are lots of little stuffy rules for Organized Play, and the scenarios run fast and don't, in general, have the same camaraderie as a campaign...in my personal experience.

I will be contrarian, and do recommend PFS as a way to jump into Pathfinder.

If you're just getting started, there's not a lot of difference between learning 1,000 Pathfinder rules and 1,010 Pathfinder Society rules. And the vast majority of the PFS-specific rules can be summarized as such: the goal of PFS is to normalize play across the world. Your character that you played 2 scenarios in a local game store, then 1 at a convention in Indianapolis? You can take that character to a VTT game hosted by a Nigerian prince and have confidence everything works out. So, yeah, no evil characters, no sandbox adventures, no rule variants from the GMG, the more GM-dependent archetypes/ancestries/spells are banned or gated, etc. But the player pool is large because the GMs are interchangable and the GMs get rewarded.

Some PFS players I've played with are terrible players. Some are amazing players. In any case, it's over in 4 hours. It's not as good as having a great, stable group that plays together for years. But, it's also not as bad as having That Guy join your long term campaign and having to put up with their crap for months on end until the GM snaps and rage quits the campaign.

There aren't a lot of APs organized publicly, because, well, frankly, as a GM, I am not making that massive commitment to total strangers. I run PFS scenarios (3-6 hours of live play / 4-12 weeks PbP), and when I recruited for an Adventure (20-40 hours of live play / 6-12 months PbP), I went to the player pool I already knew. And if I ever recruit for a 6-book AP (200-300 hours of live play / 3-5 years PbP), I will draw from people that have already established themselves as reliable players either through multiple PFS scenarios or an Adventure.

Alright, thanks for the advice. I'll keep an eye out for any PF2E PFS listings with an open mind. They seem as sparse as regular PF2E games though.

I would be interested. Completely new to Pathfinder, and hoping to play my first game at some point, but I'm wary of trying to get involved in PFS because That Game's version of organized play was a massive time sink for me for multiple years before now.

Are you intending this to be on the forum, or play by Discord? I'm fine with either.

I think they were going to contact their players on Discord itself, so if you haven't heard anything, I assume they've found their group already to play with, unfortunately.

Haven't heard anything myself, so just guessing.

Congratulations and have fun!

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CrusaderWolf wrote:

@crazncanuck: out of curiosity, where do you usually lurk for PBP games?

I have applied for this campaign

I generally lurked in Myth Weavers, plus a few other places, usually on Discord. DnD5e was my main gaming go to for the last while, but I've been looking for something else now that support for it seems to be winding down.

I've always avoided Pathfinder before because 1e was too scarily bloated by the time I got into gaming back when. But now that 2e has been around and gotten past the initial release phase, and seems to have had a little time to release a fair bit of variety, I figured I'm finally confident enough to try it.

Although, I don't know if I just happened to get in at a relative lull, but there's been very sparse PbP postings anywhere I normally look for games.

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I applied. I'm coming to this from lots of 5e, but no PF 2e experience, so hope that's okay. New to using this forum too, mostly because my usual PbP haunts seem to be totally bereft of PF 2e options. >_<