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So I finished reading the quest, and on room A7 there are cravings depicting Akmajet leading an army of undead. It says that if a PC succeed a DC15 Society check they know the following:

Success check:
recognizes that the city is Sothis, from almost 1,000.years in the past. Behind Akmajet, several other figureslead their own lesser armies of undead. However, their faces have been chiseled out, with text written across their bodies. Written in Osiriani, the text calls the figures “ungrateful leeches” and “treacherous scum” and “unworthy of unlife.”

If I tell them that, they are going to be so confused because I couldn't find another place where they know who Akmajet is.

Where should they learn more about him?

I like playing with minis, I love to hold them and move them around. That being said, I don't have a battlemap because dont't have to much money to spend so I prefer buying PDF adventures.

What I do is make a map in gimp and then print it at my work. I shared a link to the one I made for Torment and Legacy in reddit.

Reddit Link

mavbor wrote:

You get 4 free ability boost. Each +2.

Page 30 in the book.

Thank you

I'm reading the wizard advancement table and at level five it says ability boosts.

I can't find in the book how many do you get.

Fireflash51 wrote:
These are the spell levels. On top you write how many spell you can cast for each level. The bottom row is to keep count of your remaining spell slots if you are a spontaneous caster.

Thank you.

How do you fill the "Spell slots per day" section. There are numbers from 1 to 10 with writing boxes above and below each number.

If is only you and your girlfriend. Why dont you give a shot to these adventures:

One on One adventures


I am thinking in running a table of Beginner box bash demos for the first time at a comic convention... so i want to know how do you GM's prepare for running a table, how do you handle people who probably have never played, do you spend any time explaining rules?

Everything you can tell me about this topic is helpful.

I love my book, is amazing. I still find myself searching through CRB, SRD, forum for some help. But with this guide everything is more easy.

Is there a errata for this book?
I found a little error while creating a dragonchild sorcerer, on page 96 it says "As a sorcerer you gain an additional skill bassed on your bloodline (see class feature)." But on class feature there is no mention of the additional skill. It should direct to the CRB page instead (p72-77).

Sorry for my english.

The Rot Grub wrote:
Insain Dragoon wrote:
The Rot Grub wrote:
The leveling-up guides for EACH level for each class up through 20th level seems like a great idea!
Unless those guides include fun stuff from the APG, I don't see how useful they are? Unless you're playing a CRB only game, in that case rock on!
Perhaps we have the disadvantage of being experienced players to gain perspective... for new players, the hundreds of spells and 100+ feats in the CRB alone make a guide like this quite useful.

I am one of those new players, I feel like this book is godsend.

Where I am from there is no one who plays RPG and learn from. Only played the BB with friends and family (with me as GM), I have the CRB but for me it seems the book pretend you know how to play and how to build characters so its like a reference tool, not a teaching one. This guide is the thing we need to finally move on to CRB.

So yea, I am really excited for this product.

-sorry about my english.

Geistlinger wrote:
I'm beginning to think this book is never going to come out. T_T

I really Hope they prove you wrong... I still have hope. T_T

Can we get another sneak image? Febraury seems so distant. Please Vic

Miguel Rosales wrote:

soulnova wrote:
I live in Cancun. I have ran Pathfinder for my friends since it came out. As far as I know there are other players here but nothing really organized as the Society. The only two gaming stores seems to favor D&D instead of Pathfinder. I wish that would change. Is there going to be a way to order the books from within Mexico? Buying the PDF has been a godsend because International Shipping really hits us hard... but I would certainly like to buy the physical copies.
Yo te puedo ayudar con eso amigo.

Hola, yo estoy en Morelia, también me interesa conseguir los libros físicos. Me puedes dar información. Y también me gustaría que me ayudaras sobre como puedo empezar para organizar un pathfinder society. No tengo mucha experiencia en el ROL hace apenas dos años que comencé con Pathfinder Beginner box.


I am thinking in running a beginner box bash demo at a local convention or on a public space, similar to what this guy did.

I need tips, suggestions on doing this, with people that probably/presumably don't know anything about Roleplay.

I am relatively new to Roleplaying, I've been playing for about 2 years and only with the beginner box.

in Heros handbook every class has instruction on what to do on each level.

example for fighter:
go to page 23 there is a blue rectangle for 2nd level, you can read the following instructions:

hit points + 1d10 + con
atack bonus" + 1
fort save" + 1
BRAVERY: Write Bravery in Section F. You get a +1 bonus on all fear saves!

Every class has this rectangles with information on what to do when you level up from 1 to 5.

Sara Marie wrote:
Alaryth wrote:

I know that normally only English text are within the forums rules, but I hope there can be an exception on this particular case.

I think in the cases of discussion threads for non-English products that it is okay to post in the language of the product however, please post a translation with your text (as you have done) or as a spoiler [ spoiler="English Translation" ] (without the extra spaces). There is no guarantee that Devir Iberia will read these posts, and providing feedback in a language that we have little to no fluency in is problematic for getting suggestions or issues resolved.

** spoiler omitted **

You are right, sorry.

What I said is that I am a little disappointed with quality and price.

The images on the book are low resolution, it feels cheap like a pirated book. For the price of this PDF the quality must be equal to the English PDF or even superior.

I own the physical CRB & PDF in English.

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Tengo las reglas en PDF y físico en ingles. Compre el PDF en español y me lleve una desagradable sorpresa al notar que bajaron la resolución de las imágenes. Por el precio debería tener la misma calidad o mejor que el PDF inglés.

thank you, i will check it.

well, I just want it to be a skeletal dragon... I just copy/paste the description of the dragon.

thank you, the one from the link fit my needs perfectly.


I am running "unfamiliar ground", my players are close to encounter the skeletal young adult green dragon and I need help to find a paper mini.

Yes but they are for the core rule, so there are a lot of things that need to be ignored... Hoja Personaje Español

Hope it helps you.


Traduje una parte del manual del heroe. No estoy seguro si puedo compartir un enlace... yo hasta el momento NO he tenido problemas con mis jugadores con la hoja de personaje, tal vez puedes descargar una hoja de personaje en español y llenarla con los datos de los pregen.

Thank you very much, you all give me really good tips, i will check out those links.

Thank you for your answer, really usefull tip.

I don't know how to give everyone equal time to shop, because clerics, wizards go to different shop, and ask a lot of questions, monopolizing most of the time, in that time other players are doing nothing, but waiting for me to finish answering them.


I found my self struggling trying to sell items to everyone in party, I have problems choosing what is on sell at the moment. I need ideas/tips/advice on how to handle the selling in town to PC and making it more dynamic.

very good tips, thank you.

Currently I am playing with beginner box, so when me and my group are done with this we are moving to Core Rules. So in the meantime I am buying all I can for RoRL. So today finally I got a Rune Giant promo miniature, this thing is really big... So I was wondering How do you handle as a GM fighting giants and gargantuan creatures?

Is this sill available? if not, are you going to produce more?

I need to read several times all the answers, for my luck I have the core rules, but I thought to read them once we were done with the BB. So now I am going to start to read the core rules about rogue, equipment and the feats.

I think my player is thinking in using the shield as a shield and not as a weapon... there is no feat for shield proficiency on the Beginner Box.

So for what I can understand...

1. If he wants to shoot an arrow, he needs to first take the shield off.
2. If he wants to use the shield as a "shield" he gets the AC bonus - right?
3. If he wants to attack with his rapier there is a penalty of -4 and he loses the AC bonus - until next turn?
4. If he wants to use the shield as a weapon aplies the same penalty -4 for attack rolls and loses AC bonus - until next turn?

but because it is a masterwork shield... what are the penalties that not apply?

I think Ineed a foolproof answer :S

I got similar language issue, only that I speak Spanish.
With my group it took us 8 hours divided into 4 sessions of 2 hours, finished black fang dungeon last Sunday.

I am going to run "deadly mines", "beginner box bash demos" and two encounters from the Pathfinder comic. You can get deadly mines from the GM KIT download, you should also download Players Pack to get the barbarian.

Also this blog has excellent stuff: http://edowarsblog.wordpress.com/category/pathfinder/beginners-box-classes/

And this has an play by post of black fang currently running: http://rpggeek.com/thread/783513/ic-black-fangs-dungeon

I encourage you to read the questions that have been posted on this forum.

Have fun! :D

Thank you for the advice, the +1 light shield was found on Black Fang Dungeon and the rogue keep it to himself.

If he tries to use the bow. Does he should remove the shield first?

If a rogue want to use a +1 light steel shield, what would be the consecuences?

Yes, the player of wizard is like 11 years old, and its a little impulsive... he wants to be on the front of battle all time, and likes magic, but cant get how the personality of a elf wizard is.

I will not help them survive the encounter, its all up to them, but I think they will not make it because the rogue has 1hp, the 2 fighter has 3hp left, they already used the heal potion. they have 3 goblins with full hp and the king fatmouth with 2hp

yes it was on purpose, I allow him because it was one of the few times they really roleplay and the players laugh but it was not so much fun to their PC's. the reefclaw was dead, but the wizard didn't like to much 2 PCS got the treasure of the island for themselves and not helping him get out of deep water....

@Mergy thank you that's the kind of ideas i need.


This is what happend, my first mistake was allow them play whatever class they want... so they ended up with a wizard, 2 fighters and a rogue.

All went smooth until they defeat the reefclaw, then the wizard has the ocurrence of shooting a partner with a magic missile and then run to the next room where the king fatmouth was, he was alone so the goblins give him a lesson and leave him diying, his mates did not want to help him (because of the magic missile), and now the rest of the team are fighting the goblins and are losing the fight, I think the next session they all will be dead.

If they die they are going to make new characters now and I will encourage them to fill every rol. I was thinking that everything they found now is king fatmouth treasure.

I need ideas on what to do with the dungeon, i think it needs new encounters on the explored areas they beat, but do not know exactly how to handle or what kind of monsters to add.

Sorry for my english.

thank you so much

Thank you, that is very usefull. Is this considered a standard action or a full round action?


So one PC took a sword from a dead goblin, he ask me if he can use it to make two attacks since the sword is one-handed and so the shortsword he uses is. I can not find anything on the heroes handbook... I need ideas on how to manage this.

I saw this on General Rules forum, somewhat controversial post... but the videos are great. He guides you through all you need to play with the core rules... I am on video 3 "combat"

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77nb34DB6Gs&list=PL4A1E3A8F7AB89CD5& index=1&feature=plpp_video

The books I bought where: core rules, Rise of runelords aniversary edition, bestiary book 1, gamemastery combat pad, a brick of miniatures, the iconic heroes miniature package, PDF of GM screen (but is better if you buy the real product because it cost me the same and my time to assamble).

But i am still playing with the begginer box... Just buy all that because I saw a opportunity to bring the stuff to Mexico with 0 shipping cost.

Here: http://rpggeek.com/thread/783513/ic-black-fangs-dungeon

its a play by post of "black fang dungeon".

:O I will follow your advice and change gamemastery guide for the first bestiary book. Thank you

Thank you for your responses, all have been really helpful. I will follow your advice of not rushing into core rules and will try to get the max out of BB.

My cousin is going to St. Louis this summer to study english (we are from México) and I am going to take advantage to bring stuff and save on Shipping thats why I asked for suggestions. So my shopping cart has: -Core rulebook -gamemastery guide, gamemastery combat pad, 2 sets of dice from gamescience, Rise of runelords Aniversary edition, some miniatures.

Just wondering if a shield or armor can be damaged or destroyed. If so how it happens?

Finally I get my first session with my friends (we all are newbies to roleplay), we enjoyed it and laughed like hell. So Im thinking buying the core rulebook and gamemastery guide when were done with the BB, and maybe a module or adventure path (what are you suggestions?). I don't feel confident enough to make my own adventures.

I apologize for my english. Thank you all.

I have a related question.
How do you keep track time of things like torches that state it lasts for 1 hour?

Elahstan wrote:

Hey saludos!

Soy Adrian Retana de Mexico. :D

espero aun siga vigente este thread, y si no aplique una Spell "Revive Thread" :S

¿De que Estado/Ciudad eres?

Yo estoy empezando con esto de los juegos de ROL, me compre el Beginner Box. Soy de Morelia,Michoacán


I am reading the GM guide "Black Fang Dungeon" to prepare myself for my first GM with my friends. (none of us have any experience)

So I have a few questions:
1. How do PC move through the dungeon between encounters?
2. Do they move as their speed allows them? or
3. They only talk what are they doing without the need of moving their pawn?

I am confused because on Area 1, the GM guide says:

"have the players place their pawns in squares near the edge of the map in Area 1 of the dungeon."

I understand that, and then follows with this:

"Ask each player in turn what she would like to do, such as move to any square outside the cave, draw a weapon, examine the statue, or take any other simple action"

This make me believe that PC need to move their pawn as their speed allows them. This brings another question:

4. Do they need to be in front of the statue (their pawn) to examine it?

But in Area 4 (Gemstone Altar) it says:

"Should anyone approach to within 5 feet (1 square) of the altar, the statues breathe out a horizontal sheet of flame that fills the entire room. If anyone moves that close to the altar, make sure to ask all the PCs to confirm their locations before resolving the trap’s effects"

If they where moving square by square with their pawns.

Why would I need to confirm their locations before resolving the trap's effects?

I apologize for write too much, just to ask about moving in dungeon.
And please tell me if something is with wrong format (spoiler tags) so I can make better post next time.

Thank you

What great community, thank you for all your answers.

now is more clear. thank you

I have melee attack of 5, Ranged attack of 3.. My STR is 5 and my DEX is 3

Throwing Axe (melee)
Attack Bonus:5
Damage: 1d6+5

Throwing Axe (Ranged)
Attack Bonus:3
Damage: 1d6 +5?

Is that correct?
What BAB means?

I got a Throwing Axe. What should I place on bonus attack and damage in section G for that weapon?

Attack Bonus: Melee or Ranged?
Damage: 1d6 + melee or nothing?

Thank you, and excuse me if my english is not good.

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