PC's may not survive the black fang dungeon - need ideas-

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This is what happend, my first mistake was allow them play whatever class they want... so they ended up with a wizard, 2 fighters and a rogue.

All went smooth until they defeat the reefclaw, then the wizard has the ocurrence of shooting a partner with a magic missile and then run to the next room where the king fatmouth was, he was alone so the goblins give him a lesson and leave him diying, his mates did not want to help him (because of the magic missile), and now the rest of the team are fighting the goblins and are losing the fight, I think the next session they all will be dead.

If they die they are going to make new characters now and I will encourage them to fill every rol. I was thinking that everything they found now is king fatmouth treasure.

I need ideas on what to do with the dungeon, i think it needs new encounters on the explored areas they beat, but do not know exactly how to handle or what kind of monsters to add.

Sorry for my english.

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Wow, they really messed it up for themselves, didn't they?

Here's what I would do. First, have them roll up new characters, with the mission of finding 'those stupid adventurers who probably got themselves killed'.

King Fatmouth got a lot of loot here, so maybe he's expanded his operation. More money means more goblins to attract, and maybe even a few strong hobgoblins as well. Turn it from a dungeoncrawl into a stronghold. The final encounter can stay exactly the same, but perhaps the dragon has been controlling King Fatmouth all along?

Finally, tell the PCs to not kill each other. PvP is not something you want to have happening with brand new players. Just tell them right out that their characters must cooperate with each other.

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Sacrifice a friend to escape alife? Classic. Let them die. Then start over again, with some new characters.

@Mergy thank you that's the kind of ideas i need.

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chocochobi wrote:
All went smooth until they defeat the reefclaw, then the wizard has the ocurrence of shooting a partner with a magic missile and then run to the next room where the king fatmouth was

How? Magic Missile always hits the target you aim at, so unless he shot his friend on purpose this couldn't happen.

I think it is GOOD that you are letting them die. They are getting the consequences of poor play. Why did the wizard attack his teammates? Magic Missile never misses so it must have been on purpose.

Never separate the party! Sounds like the wizard ran into unexplored territory on his own. (Why run west instead of south?) Foolish!

The person playing the wizard needs to seriously reconsider his style of play, and now it has led to the rest of the party dying. The party shouldn't have rushed headlong into a battle against 5 opponents, either. And why would they automatically want to fight the goblins anyway, if they weren't trying to rescue the wizard?

Lastly, there's nothing necessarily wrong with the party not having a cleric. Check up the Heal skill -- it can restore hit points. Also, if the party is low on HP and you feel you need to compensate for no cleric, you can sneak some Cure Light Wounds potions into the dungeon, too.

yes it was on purpose, I allow him because it was one of the few times they really roleplay and the players laugh but it was not so much fun to their PC's. the reefclaw was dead, but the wizard didn't like to much 2 PCS got the treasure of the island for themselves and not helping him get out of deep water....

Yes, the player of wizard is like 11 years old, and its a little impulsive... he wants to be on the front of battle all time, and likes magic, but cant get how the personality of a elf wizard is.

I will not help them survive the encounter, its all up to them, but I think they will not make it because the rogue has 1hp, the 2 fighter has 3hp left, they already used the heal potion. they have 3 goblins with full hp and the king fatmouth with 2hp

They're goblins? You could take it easy on the survivors by having them do all sorts of crazier ineffective tactics, now that they've got the upper hand their sense of sadistic humor will take more sway rather than their cornered rat ferocity.

They could be distracted by defiling the bodies of the fallen, or acting out a parody of the fight thus far amongst themselves, leaving the remaining party a clear path to deal with the weakened king.

If the king dies, the surviving goblins could scatter and escape, perhaps becoming recurring villains if the game continues. Or they could surrender to become the party's torchbearers/porters/jesters.

Seems to me more fun will be had by barely surviving despite their poor teamwork, than totally wiping them out because of it.

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