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I am playing with people in Spanish, and the language can become a big issue. So I am trying to translate at least the basic stuff.

Do the pregens sheets exists translated?
Can I translate them and shared them here?

Hi, as far as I´know the pregens aren't translated yet, at least not officialy, and yes you can do that as long as you adhere to the OGL policy of the site.

If you need help I'm willing to help you, (despues de todo el español es mi lengua natal)

Happy rolls

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Traduje una parte del manual del heroe. No estoy seguro si puedo compartir un enlace... yo hasta el momento NO he tenido problemas con mis jugadores con la hoja de personaje, tal vez puedes descargar una hoja de personaje en español y llenarla con los datos de los pregen.

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It is my mother's language too!

I think I will get to translate them.

Do the character sheet in Spanish exists somewhere?

Yes but they are for the core rule, so there are a lot of things that need to be ignored... Hoja Personaje Español

Hope it helps you.

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Haco (from the Pathfinder Society of Barcelona) translated them:

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Of course, thank you very much!

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