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I had some time today so bump Vanaira up to level 2. Haven't rolled for HP, or spent all my money since I wasn't sure if I could pre-craft some scrolls or not. But aside from that, all done.

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I'd like to put forward Vanaira Makanya, an elven wizard (divination specialist). She's only built for level 1 right now, but I didn't want to wait with the tight deadline for this application. Will have more than enough time to level up properly if selected though.

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I'd like to put forward Vanaira Makanya, an elven wizard (divination) with the Lantern Informant background. She's intended to be a support & utility caster with excellent knowledge skills, happy to adjust spells & knowledge based on input from the party.

While originating from the Mierana Forest, Vanaira's lived in Riddleport for several years conducting historical research alongside the Order of the Cypher. She might know Morrolan since he's also part of the Order.

Let me know if you have any questions.

I have a name for the casting tradition "LIGO Manipulation". In universe named after the pioneer of this particular method of casting, out of universe named after the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory.

Ligo's work introduced a method of magically manipulating local gravity to produce specific effects through a thorough understanding of the forces involved and how they interacted along with careful control of the channeled magic through a focus that needed to be adjusted depending on the effect. Since then the practices within the tradition have expanded, some use a similar system of calculation and an adjustable focus to manipulate other forces, chemical reactions, or biological processes.

Carwyn has focused exclusively on methods to alter time, whether indirectly through gravity or directly changing time itself. Expanding her skill set would probably be a good idea at some point.

Oh yeah, Carwyn's personal quest is a very high level thing. Though I suppose the group that came after her parents could show up at lower levels. But actual time travel is not gonna be happening any time soon.

Naming things, my greatest weakness. I am completely open to suggestions there.

I think Carwyn may have originally lived wither within or near the borders of Kyonin. I was thinking her parents may have restored one the smaller elven ruins there to live in. Of course afterwards with joining the merchant caravan she could have ended up further away. As for the time she originates from, I’m leaning more towards her being from the past right now. Though how far back is still uncertain. If you’ve any particular ideas for when that would work with whatever campaign ideas you’re drumming up.

Carwyn’s magic involves temporarily adjusting the existing laws of physics. As such it’s a process that is heavily reliant on precise calculations.

Proposed Casting Tradition:
Focus Casting: a stave with inlaid formulas and adjustable crystals & metals to aid in the necessary calculations and channelling of power. This will also count as the fetish that the Academia tradition grants.
Rigorous Concentration: doing complex mathematics in the middle of combat is hard
Skilled Casting: a reflection of the calculation and adjustments to stave that needs to made for each spell. If possible I’d like to use Knowledge (engineering). But apart from that Craft (clockwork) or Profession (mathematician) could work. Let me know if you have other suggestions. Additionally I’d like to propose use of the Time Sphere Wild Magic table when she fails one of these checks. I think it makes more sense for an error in the calculations or adjustments to cause unexpected/totally different results instead of a weaker version of the effect she was aiming for.
Somatic Casting: needs a hand free to conduct fine adjustments to stave
Easy Focus: once the initial calculations are complete Carwyn only has to pass enough power through to maintain the spell.
Metamagic Expert: the calculated nature of Carwyn’s spellcasting makes it relatively easy for her to make the adjustments in her formulas to account for metamagic.

1d4 ⇒ 3 Well that's longer than I was thinking. I guess Carwyn needed to cover a lot of material since she only spent a short time training with Taryl before being sent here. Plus she does spend most of her time studying time magic to the detriment of her other lessons which could have lengthened her time at the school.

Well Carwyn studies mercantile related subjects e.g. logistics, accounting, trade laws. Gharol may have needed some logistics training if his training is to include leadership/management of a guard as well as fighting.

Apart from that, since Carwyn's been enjoying having more people around she'd study around others, near the training yard or at the local tavern and could have run into Lelach and Gharol there, since their specific area of study doesn't match up very well.

As Tanar is also studying spheres they may have had some classes together. Tanar could have also taken pity on Carwyn and passed her one of his alchemical remedies after she exhausted herself with all night research (this has definitely happened more than once).

Would the trade school provide housing for its students? Maybe everyone got assigned to the same floor and so they ended up spending time together even though everyone's area of study is quite different.

For character creation, two traits?

Thanks for putting all this together! I'm ok with dice rolls for abilities.

I'll be home in a few hours and put together an alias for Carwyn and chuck up some extra stuff on her personality and background to provide some ideas for relationships with the rest of the group.

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So been wanting to try Spheres of Power for a bit, and was suckered in by the Temporal Travel tradition for the Hedgewitch, it was an interesting fluff concept and figuring out how that might fit in Golarion was interesting. Let me know if you've got any questions.

Name: Carwyn
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Hedgewitch. Traditions: Academia & Temporal Travel

Personality: Carwyn inherited both determination and intelligence from her parents. Unlike her parents she has found that she is rather sociable, enjoying more company and conversation than she had the opportunity to experience in her parents independent and isolated house. Though the combined impact of limited contact with childhood peers and her displacement in time means that even with the best of intentions she does not always find success in social activities.

Backstory: Carwyn's parents were deeply in love, and it grieved both of them no end that their lifespans would force a separation long before either of them were ready. To prevent they delved into arcane research eventually finding a way to master time and age in sync with each other.

Sometime after this they had Carwyn expanding their family. She grew up happy and loved within the peaceful home they had built. But it was not to last. Their home was attacked and as her parents turned their use of time magic to combat, Carwyn was told to flee. And so she ran, doing her best to dodge the magical attacks wrecking destruction around her.

Once outside of her home Carwyn made for the nearest village, hoping to find someone to help. But it was drastically changed from when she had last come there. And when she returned to the place her home was supposed to be it there was nothing.

Concluding that she had been transported through time during the battle Carwyn made a decision. She would pursue mastery of time magic herself and return home to her parents and ensure their safety from whatever attacked them.

Trade: With the unfamiliar surroundings and need to survive Carwyn took to working with merchant caravans as needed to travel anyways, to seek out the resources to learn advanced time magic. She was fortunate to be taken in by Taryl another half-elf who lead a caravan. While initially Carwyn worked whatever odd jobs were available her intelligence soon led to her training in keeping records and accounts for the caravan. It was during this training that she realised that the only way the caravan could be making such good time on their travels was through the use of time magic. When she told Taryl of her discovery the half-elf agreed to teach her what she knew of magic in addition to the logistics of managing a caravan. Once Taryl had taught Carwyn what she could she turned the caravan towards the school and left Carwyn there to further her magical education.

OOC Notes: I haven’t come to a decision about the enemies that attacked Carwyn’s home or whether she traveled forward or backward in time. I think that both those things have a greater effect on the campaign and world than Carwyn’s backstory so wanted to develop those along with you if selected.

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Thanks for the advice on sources Fabian. Should be able to get access to some of them and add detail to Kela's backstory over the weekend

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Alright, the Horizon Walker has some of my favorite flavor and combined with the very cool Gatekeeper organization means I stay up late to put an initial application in.

If there's more information you want, ask away, I'm sure to be generating extra details anyways. Also I only know what's in the 5e Eberron book, if there's some extra info I should be aware of from past editions, please let me know.

Name: Kela Tharkan
Race: Half-Orc (Mark of Finding)
Class: Ranger (Horizon Walker)

While born to House Tharashk in the Shadow Marches Kela found a desire to use her gifts for something greater than the expansion and profit of the House. Inspired by the heroic tales of her ancestors in combating the threat of the daelkyr and preserving the world, she joined the Gatekeepers.

The hard training among the experienced rangers gave Kela experience and skill in addition to the natural talent her dragonmark gifted her. Determined and unrelenting in her training and her clear devotion to the purpose of the Gatekeepers she was soon a full member rather than a trainee.

While she began her work hunting down aberrations within her homelands, for the past few years Kela has lived within Eldeen Reaches. She was sent here to exchange knowledge and preserve bonds between the different members of the Gatekeepers. Kela's enjoyed her time here, she's made friends and learnt much from the locals.

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@Hanako, thanks for compliment on Mob! She was very fun create. Your mix of monk and actress is very cool, not surprised you've already been accepted.

Definitely seems like everyone's taking the opportunity to get creative with the new mechanics, good luck picking your players GM Ash.

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Yeah I've been having some fun reading through the new corebook and really want to get into the new adventure path. With goblins now a core race and the flexible stat boost, figured why not try something a little wild and go goblin barbarian. She's got a motto and everything "Live big and loud and fun!" I'll get a proper alias set up and purchase equipment if accepted.

Mob, Goblin Barbarian:
Name: Mob
Ancestry: Goblin (Unbreakable Heritage)
Background: Haunting Vision
Class: Barbarian (Giant Instinct)
Feats Goblin Lore, Intimidating Glare, Raging Intimidation, Student of the Canon

Backstory Mob has always had an outsized presence for her small size. Loud, brash and able to eat and drink enough for a person twice her size in one sitting. Unfortunately her nightmares (that she refuses to admit to having) are just as big as she is. They always seem to revolve around fire, which is strange cause when she’s awake she doesn’t fear it at all. She’s only felt that kind of fear with one other thing, a strange carving of flames which according to the people she’s questioned represents Dahak, god of destruction.

Living as a member of the local Bumblebrasher tribe she’s come into occasional contact with the adventurer’s that flock to Breachill. This has had it’s upsides and downsides, she’s had to disabuse some of them of the notion that she’s small and therefore weak. But she’s gotten some information about Dahak from them, and more importantly found out about Cayden Cailean. As far as Mob’s concerned, Cayden is the ultimate example of living life big and loud and fun, since he accidentally became a god while super drunk. Ever since she learned about Cayden she’s wanted to follow his example and go on her own proper adventures as well, and it seems she’ll have her chance with this months Call for Heroes.

With the strange fires burning at the citadel coinciding with a new nightmare of fire taking Breachill, Mob’s decided to join whatever adventurers take up the job at the Call for Heroes and destroy whatever is causing the fires (and the nightmares) to protect herself and her tribe.

Mob Statblock:

CG, Small, Goblin, Humanoid, Barbarian
Perception +5
Languages Common, Goblin
Skills Acrobatics +4, Athletics +7, Intimidation +5, Lore (Dahak) +3, Lore (Goblin) +3, Nature +3, Religion +3, Stealth +4, Survival +3
Str +4, Dex +1, Con +2, Int +0, Wis +0, Cha +2
AC 14 (unarmored), Fort +7, Ref +4, Will +5
HP 24/24
Unbreakable Goblin Halve distance fallen when calculating falling damage
Speed 25 feet
Melee [1] +7 Damage +4
Rage [1] If not fatigued or raging, begin raging. Gain 3 temporary hp, +2 melee damage, (+4 more damage if weapon large sized), -1 AC, clumsy 1, no concentrate actions unless also rage. Last for 1 minute, no perceivable enemies or unconscious. (barbarian, concentrate, emotion, mental)
Demoralize [1] Attempt an Intimidation check against a single creature within 30 feet. Success – target is frightened 1. Critical Success – target is frightened 2. Target immune to Mob’s demoralize for 10 minutes. (auditory/visual, concentrate, emotion, mental, rage)