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I was at Dragon Con in 2017 (or was it 2018?) when Paizo announced its new partnership with Roll20. I was expecting to see a boatload of content coming out, and nearly 3 years later it seems there's only a handful of releases.

What happened? I was looking for pre-made modules to run with my friends and everything seems to be on Fantasy Grounds, including some very recent releases. Did the partnership just not pan out? Is there plans to get more content on roll20 or should I just throw in the towel and switch to FG which seems to be the primary supported VTT platform for Paizo products?

My players just found the Revelation Quill. I was curious about a couple things.

First, is the weekly power if used in lieu of the daily power or can the daily power still be used if the weekly option is used.

Second, how all knowing is the Quill in both instances of it's use (weekly and daily)? I'm trying to prepare for the kinds of questions the Quill will respond to and to what extend it can answer or provide responses

Hello. As the title indicates, I'm wondering if the BB is sanctioned for society play and if so, where I can find the chronicles. If it's not, is there plans and/or might it be approved before GenCon?

Sam Phelan wrote:

Hello bonebrah,

I can absolutely cancel the subscription. As the items were digital and have fulfilled automatically, I wanted to confirm if you were looking to return the two scenarios you received or if you would still like to keep those? Please let me know!

I have no claimed them or downloaded them, so please remove them if that's OK.

I misunderstood what was required to pre-order the Starfinder BB free pdf and I picked the wrong sub. Please cancel this one

Why are the subscription things so convoluted? Can't there just be a little tab that says "This is included in X subscription with PDF" or something along those lines.

I'm still a little confused, so I can or cannot get this in a subscription with a PDF?

If I buy the physical SF: Beginners Box direct from Paizo, does it come with the PDF as well?

Gonna be wrapping up ROTL soon. I think I'd like the next one to be a different direction than ROTL (outside of Varisia perhaps, away from the same type of monsters in ROTL). What's a good AP to move onto?

I was thinking Mummies Mask? I'm not sure how highly rated it is, but I like the setting. I also just got Shattered Star in the humble bundle, but seems too samey unless someone is able to explain otherwise. Thanks ahead of time!

I saw the Pathfinder humble bundle has a trial for this. I've never bothered to look into the game as it's not released yet and I'm not a huge fan of Early Access.

So, is it dead? Is it worth trying? Worth buying or should I still just keep playing more established MMO's.

I saw the new campaign is a 6 part. I guess the community in general preferred 6 parts or what?

This encounter is potentially coming up now for my group and I wanted some clarifications on this fight.

The Black Monk's flurry of blows also inflicts Mummy Rot. So, if a full round attack against a foe hits all 6 attacks, does the player make 6 fort saves (or until one fails?).

Also, the DC isn't indicated on the Mummy Rot. Is that just the same DC as the standard mummy rot DC in the bestiary?

Thanks for the responses. It seems that perhaps my party didn't focus on movement or simply isn't taking advantage of it.

Partway through this encounter, but it seems its impossible for the party to run anywhere without pretty much getting to the end of the timeline. The sandpoint map has a 300ft measure, so if the party goes to the north gate then runs to Tanners bridge you're talking what? 6 rounds to run 900ish feet to run around the streets to the bridge? Don't even ask about the Scarnetti Manor. The raid is long over by that time.

Am I missing something with the traveling options in this event or is the point this encounter that the party is largely helpless to the town getting wrecked and the giants retreating?

Sam Phelan wrote:

Hello bonebrah,

It appears that we returned your books on November 6th and the Customer Service Representative who processed the return (but was not part of any previous communication regarding the books) emailed you to confirm the return as is our protocol. We did not receive a reply to this return confirmation so the refund had not yet been issued.

Thank you for getting in contact with us! I have now confirmed the return and issued the refund for the items. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. Thank you!

Thanks a bunch!

I sent the hardcover books back to you by returning to sender and it's been a couple weeks now. I have not seen a refund. If a refund has been issued please advise the amounts and dates so I can cross reference them. I got an email about the Starfinder hardcover being refused by sender, I sent both orders at the same time, so they should both be refunded at the same time.


Please cancel my subscription

Sam Phelan wrote:

Hello bonebrah,

It looks like our warehouse was on top of the shipping today and they have already shipped and charged for both Sandpoint books! What you'll want to do is "return to sender" one of the books and have it come back to us. We can then return the non-subscription version of the book and refund you the purchase.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. Thank you!

You guys really need to get a better system in place. The subscription page even said it would auto cancel and tie in a product from a subscription. Between this and my last post I have $75 wrapped up with you guys. Not a good experience from my end at all.

David knott 242 wrote:

If you bought the physical product only on its own and not as part of a subscription, you do not automatically get a PDF with it.

If you had a subscription to the Campaign Setting line, the PDF would become available the moment the physical product shipped.

Thanks for the info. I did not realize that.

CS - Please cancel the order above I will subscribe starting with Sandpoint. Thanks!

I purchased Sandpoint LIght of the Sword Coast campaign setting direct from you guys and I'm not seeing a pdf. How can I get that activate on my account?

The physical purchase was Order 7544494

Good afternoon. Please cancel Order 7515636. I didn't mean to order the physical alien archive 2 I had purchased the PDF as seen in order Order 7537508

I see on the map for Hook Mountain Clanhold there is a section that says "Mines" with some mine tracks. Is there supposed to be a map or something if the PC's choose to go that way or am I to nudge the PC's not going into a mine full of ogres?

Glen Parnell wrote:
It means you cannot use a pregen to apply XP from playing an 8th level pregen to an 8th or 9th level character.

Ok so if I have a level 1 character with 2xp and I play 1-00 (level 4 pregens), I can apply the xp to my level 1 and become level 2. But, if I play 1-00 and my character is level 4+, I cannot get the xp or any of the other stuff (credit fame etc)

This is on page 6 and 7 respectively of the society guide.

"Credit for playing higher-level
pregenerated characters must be applied to a Starfinder
Society Roleplaying Guild character of a lower level than the
pregenerated character or to a 1st-level character"

and a few paragraphs later

"You may apply credit for an adventure
once your Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild character
reaches the level of the pregenerated character used to
play through it. For example, if you played a 8th-level
pregenerated character, you would apply the credit once
your character reaches 8th level."

So which is it? Can I apply my credit to a lower level character or do I have to wait until I hit the level of the pregen?

I appreciate that you guys are trying to get people to go over to your twitch to view previous videos, but when you say something like "If you wanted to see what we said about *subject*, check out our twitch - *twitch link*" and all I see are like 1-4 hour videos, and you didn't say specifically which one to check out, it's difficult to want to try to parse through all of those.

This can't possibly be a serious post?? It's been out what? a year? And OP predicts 2.0 will be out "shortly after pf2 release" which is 2019. So in less than 2 years OP seriously expects an SF 2.0? I don't know the intricacies of paizo's forum community, but I'm going to take the OP as a troll.

Also, someone mentioned they wish that Paizo would pay more attention to SF? Not sure where this is coming from. In a year, we've gotten armory, pact worlds, alien archive, a full AP, 2 SFS scenarios a month (iirc, correct me if I'm wrong). Perhaps I'm not hardcore enough, but I've got plenty to play SF especially with 2 more AP's (albeit shorter) on the horizon, next season of society and BB. I'm pretty stoked at the direction SF is going, and have to admit it might be creeping up as my favorite sci-fi system.

Noven wrote:
It will be interesting if there is a Humble Starfinder Bundle with this in it.

The Pathfinder bb Humble bundle (the reason I'm playing PF today TBH) was like 5 years after it was released, and I assume this won't be out until holidays or 2019. So here's to hoping for 2024 Starfinder Humble Bundle!

Elinnea wrote:


The videos are available there, but they're still the uncut recordings of entire days of seminars. I'd rather not wade through 8 hours of video to find the section I want to see...

The seminar recordings will be released by the Know Direction team sooner or later, so personally I'm waiting for that.

Thanks for the info. Yeah the whole thing is a bit messy without some cut down footage for specifics.

The article says to go to Paizo's twitch but returns nothing. Why would this info be omitted if it wasn't the obvious twitch choice of "paizo" ?

bugleyman wrote:
TheSilverKnight wrote:
I hope the rule books in this are just condensed versions of the rules not weird new rules like the PF Beginners Box.

"Weird new rules"?

I feel like you somehow got a different beginner box than I did.

I got the BB from humble bundle, perhaps it was an updated beginner ruleset? It was missing tons of stuff, to the point I just played it with full rules.

No aoo, concentration for spells, combat manuevers, it was missing some skills,no armor check/Max Dex on armor, monster blocks were just bad etc etc. They had a transition guide for a reason. You can find more comprehensive discussion about it with a Google search and or on Reddit, but like TheSilverKnight said I hope it's a quick and dirty on how to play, but not by omitting core aspects of gameplay.

Energy drain is straight from the CRB - 2d4 levels. However, I see now that I simply had to read a bit more to see that "special attacks" energy drain says (2 levels, dc 22).

I simply looked up Energy Drain in the crb because I didn't know what it did. Thanks for the response and the link to the tv tropes! Neat stuff!

Am I reading right that Black Magga bite does 2d4 level drain bite and it becomes permanent if failing the fort save after 24 hours? At the level the PC's encounter it's highly unlikely to miss so basically guaranteed avg 5 levels drained on two players.

How would I calculate the DC of the fort save? CL of BM at 15? That's still pretty rough. Someone is definitely losing perma levels unless I'm looking up the wrong spell and or not reading how it works correctly. Thanks ahead of time for the clarification.

Kevin Willis wrote:
I think you’ve mostly got the right of it. If there are any scenarios you have GMed but not played you can still play them and get credit.

Thanks for the info. So what's the reasoning behind this? I want to play with friends, but I pretty much can't until (if) they catch up.

I'm trying to figure this out. I know you can do scenarios as a player, as a DM and replayables and get credit/a chronicle for it.

My question is, is it accurate that if I make a new character (IE, after playing enough to get the skittermander boon) that I can ONLY get chronicles for scenarios I've never played or replayables only? If I've DM'd or played on my "main" I'm effectively banned from playing officially?

The reason I ask is that I've played a bunch of scenarios with an online group/strangers. After telling my friends how fun it is, they have decided to get in on society play. If I make a level 1 character, outside of replayables, I can't play along side them until they catch up to my main or we do scenarios I haven't done?

I'm not against DMing, in fact I've been thinking about doing a few for the online society group I play with now. But I'd rather play with my friends than DM to level up my character.

Please cancel Order 5070771

pithica42 wrote:
I know they have games running this year. I think the only 'event' is that they're running 1-99 at the con.

Sorry perhaps my wording was a bit off, but yes I meant something along the lines of 1-99 or other special scenarios.

Any SFS events at Dragon Con this year? Last year there was pre-release Into the Unknown, and I'd like to play some more this time around and I saw that there was support requested in some post somewhere (not really sure what that means tbh).

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Name of PC: Kyrill, Zabi
Class/Level: 7/rogue 7/sorc
Adventure: Hook Mountain Massacre - Turtleback Ferry
Catalyst: Jumping into the water
Story: The details are a bit fuzzy because it was a little while ago, but basically they were in Turleback Ferry trying to find out more about the sihedron rune and the party barge that sunk. Even after talking to local fisherman who talked about beasts in the water (although, the Black Magga wasn't the one they encountered), they decided to take a small boat out into Claybottom lake. The rog, sorc and gunslinger went, the barbarian/cleric were in town because they thought it was crazy to go explore the water with a mythical beast from the deep about.

The sorc jumped in the water, and encounters Pinkeye (the albino gar) when sifting around the wreckage. Basically, in a couple of turns, the sorc got bitten/grappled, then swallowed and the Rogue jumped in to help who also, subsequently got bitten and swallowed. Nobody else dared jump in the water, and the fish swam off.

Even though the rumors were technically for the Black Magga, pro tip: Don't jump in the water after the local fisherman tell you there's beasts lurking in the depths lol

I'm starting to notice some of these negatives too. Power curve is crazy (pc barbarian getting like +19 to some rolls while raging at lvl 8) and the fact that giants and ogres are being cramped in such small combat spaces, especially casters (I'm looking at you Mammy and Dorella) makes the fights almost moot. I even put Dorella, Hookmaw and Jargraath in the same area and the fight was over relatively quick.

I really thought that the Shalelu/Jakardros was just unnecessary filler and with the potential, as a gm, to be controlling 5 NPC's (shalelu, jakardros, the cat, vale and kaven) + monsters, I felt leaving that part out was a burden off my back.

My party took the bait to go to the place where Jakardros was, and it played out just like you'd think. He's a black arrow, current (former?) leader and was willing to help retake Rannick with the party and give insider info into the layout of the area.

With a bit of work, you can easily replace or remove the shalelu/jakardros story and make it about one of the PC's.

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The Goat Lord wrote:
They're trying something new, which is a good thing if you ask me. Against the Aeon Throne will be my first Starfinder AP to run once we complete my homebrew campaign. I'm looking forward to seeing how I can incorporate it into my current continuity, possibly expanding upon the material.

I like the idea. It's far less daunting and would be easier to recruit more casual friends into a playing a shorter campaign.

I saw the new AP was announced and saw that it's only 3 parts. Are the individual chapters longer (ie 96 pages vs 64 or something?)? Is this a test AP to see how popular the shorter AP framework goes? Was there a press release/paizo article with any of this relevant info that I missed?

Thanks ahead of time.

Edit: I guess this announcement wasn't new for the AP as I see comments going as far back as January, I somehow overlooked this and just saw the new AP page releasing in August, so it's new info to me.

Mark Moreland wrote:
Our last update from Ninja Division is that nothing has changed from their previous estimate of when we'd get them. If anything does change, we'll let folks know.

Thank you!

I kept looking in the society guide, not the AP society download. Thanks!

The Masked Ferret wrote:
Generally, you only get credit for one chapter at a time. It is possible to get part credit for a chapter, but only after the group has completed running it, and how much credit you get depends on how much you played.

So that partial credit is broken up by each part of the chapter? So if I completed part 1 (incident at absolom station) but the rest of the group completed the chapter, I would receive 1xp, 1fame, 720 credits?

Do you only receive credit for playing the AP if you complete an entire chapter? Or since each chapter seems to be broken up into 3 parts, can you get 1xp, 1fame, 720credits for completing a single part of the chapters?

I got my comics, wasn't sure if there was any update to the mini's.

I think these were both promotional (correct me if I'm wrong), but are they still legal for Society play?

Jhaeman wrote:
That's actually one of the expected tactics (it shows the PCs were listening to the rules of the duel). If the vesk ship gets close enough, it might try a fly-by attack because then it can shoot at any side of the PC's ship. Another tactic is to aim for the exploding asteroids.

Maybe I'm missing something, but how is that an expected tactic? Either they weren't listening to the rules or they blatantly disregarded them. They broke the rules by not facing the enemy head on as stated in the same line that says no aft attacks.

Thus the encounter should play out/conclude:

Scenario Spoiler:
as the PC's not getting the cargo pod loot from the Vesk

It works itself out IMO, with Vesk options being flyby attacks or targeting asteroids as noted by Jhaeman.

Metaphysician wrote:

*cough* Honestly, what irks me more than people asking questions answered in the books ( which can easily just be an oversight or a failure of memory, as often its not the easiest thing to locate specific rule cites )?

Is when people make declarative statements about what is in the rules book, which aren't actually true. Ignorance can be corrected simply by providing knowledge. Willful misinterpretation, not so much.

Which is to say, insofar as the Paizoverse has a "problem", I'd say its less with people who don't read the book, and more with people who do read the book, but with an agenda unfiltered by self-awareness.

I'd agree this is a problem for people who strictly play 1 system and that's it. For my RPG group, we all play and come from a variety of gaming backgrounds, some as far back as dnd 1e. I personally played, simultaneously, in a Warhammer group, Shadowrun 5e, dnd 5e, Pathfinder, Star Wars EoTE and recently throw Starfinder into it. Granted some systems are different enough to not get mixed up, but at least once or twice a session I say something like "This might be a *insert game system* rule, but doesn't X work this way?"

Lord Fyre wrote:
Majuba wrote:
Runelords I was just thinking last week would be fine to start after Book 1 - the PCs are "Local Heroes" and strange things begin to happen.

I disagree with you on this. You need the heroes to have a strong connection to Sandpoint, for the beginning of Book 4 to make sense.

Disagree here. While chapter 1 does a great job to introduce Sandpoint/Varisia, with a modicum of effort a GM can easily start the campaign at chapter 2, with chapter 4 still making sense. To be honest, I'm trying to figure out why chapter 4 wouldn't make sense if the group carries through chapter 2 and 3. Tales of their accomplishments in chapter 2 and 3 should be enough to have them be 'heroes' in the eyes of some at Sandpoint, without having a more in depth connection that chapter 1 may provide. Assuming your players aren't the types who are like "well, why do we care?" because that could be said about pretty much any adventure hook, and it's an AP after all. Some level of rails should be expected between players and GM.

In fact, since my group was largely new to tabletop RPG's, and some new to the system otherwise, I gave them the option to reroll after chapter one in case they didn't like their character after getting a feel for it. I felt it was a good point in the adventure where players could go their separate ways and new ones could be plugged in without much issue (and giving the out of character option to not be stuck in something they arent feeling). Chapter 1 really felt like a tutorial, which is not a complaint at all, but didn't seem totally necessary in the overall metaplot.

Is there any AP's that have as comprehensive of a map set as the community made ROTRL maps (thanks everybody involved in that)? They have been a massive boon to my campaign, and I was curious if any other AP's have had such attention to detail and as complete of a map set done.

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