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The filter feature simply doesn't work (I click starfinder, it still brings up pathfinder stuff - I click rise of the runelords, it shows nothing except a wayfinder pdf, despite me owning anniversary edition ROTRL).

I think I'd rather simply bulk download and organize my PDF's locally because it's extremely difficult to use the Paizo website (in general, not just the digital page)

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Have you tried Ctrl+F

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Ctrl+F is my life line for finding stuff in my downloads!


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Thank's everybody but not really what I'm looking for. Control-F seems to be a search function, I'm trying to bulk download my PDF's (meaning, download them all at the same time instead of individually)

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I agree it is very time-consuming to download each item individually. Even being able to download all the pdfs in one category or AP/series would be nice.

Having to click three times to download a single PDF is terrible usability

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Of course, error checking for trying to download too much at once would be a necessity at some point. I would not want something bad to happen in the event that I was insane or clumsy enough to try to download every PDF I bought over the last decade.

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Thanks for your feedback.

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I also would really like to see a way to bulk download purchased content.

It is going to take 15-20 minutes to download everything I bought today. That is ridiculous.

Also, RSI exists. Please try to design your site to not cause it.

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I agree, downloading the bundle I just bought and it is ridiculous the way it's designed.

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Please add a bulk download option. I have over 40 items to download. I click on a link and see the following:

"Personalizing... Click link again in 60 seconds to download"

Sorry, but I'm not going to do this and I'm going to try to get a refund instead. I'll reconsider a future purchase when this gets fixed. Looking through the forum, this has been a feature request since at least 2013:

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Not going to let this issue go, this really needs to be fixed by the end of the year. I'm so sick of this archaic website and its abysmal follies.

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I'd like a mass download, but I'd also be happy with improved nesting/categorizing. Adventure paths alone are divided multiple ways appearing before, during and after various product lines and each other.Just tossing them into a single category (preferably by game line/edition) would be less confusing when looking for something.

Please consider this for the website refresh!

... and oh my goodness my sympathies to the folks working on it, I've got a sense of the tech you're working with right now and you have all the empathy in the world <3

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