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Makes me wonder if he is related to Baba Yaga?

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Loved it :D !Thanks for sharing

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Tom, Bert, Will and Tanath.

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I get perplexed of people complaining about how the hobbit is being made into a trilogy without even having seen the first movie to have a solid judgment. It recalls me the hate on Enworld (and other online communities 12 years ago) about the Lotr movies , and how they would be crap and totally ruin and destroy Tolkien's legacy when preview was aired (Sauron with spiky helm, etc etc)...

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Sorry, deranging the thread. .but i can't really believe that a game has or needs an "anal circumference rules".

Jesus... and people was worried about "Devil worshipping" in RPGS...

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IC knowledge vs Player knowledge trhead ... could go both ways, both sides have sound arguments to hold their position.

I don't think your call was wrong. Said that if you had ruled to warn the sorcerer, it would have been fine too.

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In fact Brian 's three fathers appear in the movie

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Well you can find here some info about Duel Masters,

I am unsure exactly what relationship could have with d&d.

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Gorbacz wrote:
<< Insert generic Euro-rant about how the primitive, puritan redneck American society dictates what gaming companies do. >>

Nods and joins the Euro-rant.

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Gorbacz wrote:

Seltyiel isn't Evil ... he's just ... deeply hurt and misunderstood ... yes, that includes detect evil spells.

+1 xD.

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Mergy wrote:
Compelling a druid with a spell to use a steel shield has to be evil, right? ?t=1246240870

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I do recall a guy on the en boards, saying that he would eat a sock if pathfinder was a success and Erik Mona asking his mail to send his own... my question is Mr Mona, were they used or clean? xD

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Feel free to remove the iconics to give us more content.

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I enjoyed my time playing eq2, specially with my partner on Antonya Bayle, the comunity was (and i hope still is) very nice. Some excellent rping was done on my times 2 years ago.

Actually we play AOC, after eq2 is perhaps the game that we felt more comfortable, sgreat rping on hyrkania.

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"Let's split up for another year, maybe he'll finally master basic multiplication."



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congratulations on making the top four!.

Now then...

Start that adventure going...

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I have to reread the other lairs, but you have my vote, not only because I wish a Gulga adventure, but because I'm impressed in the quality of your work so far and the how you always pick the hard route. Of all villains, the only I didn't expected to have a lair would be this one, and you not only made it. You give a fitting building and fascinating final encounter for the players (Confronting the source of their troubles in a Theater, cannot be more fitting!). Wow.

You are one of the most talented and creative competitors of this year's run imo , perhaps Boomer last year displayed a creative mind frame like yours, yet you keep trying to make things complex , and this is hurting your chances. I hope this time you haven't outwitted yourself.

Luck see you in next!.

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*gets dizzy at the options , rules and templates given UUfff, playing Gulga effectively remembering all the abilities is going to be hard, i dislike to be handling villains with lots of markers to recall what he can do and what he can't.

Somehow, I find this entry a bit lacking, for me a villain's stat block is not a place where people shows how much they know about the game, but where they blend the villain's concept with the game's mechanichs.

In my opinion is this and not how complex the villan is or the knowledge of the rules what is is evaluated here.

So far, this follow up of Gulga is a step backwards from the previous round (and given the heights you reached in the first, a very very big step backwards)

In any case as I really don't care about monster stats or rules, but about concepts and ideas, you can count with my vote, even if Gulga is a DM's nightmare in terms of rules (the whole idea of running him/her/it, against my group gives me cramps) , he is "teh villain" , I really look for using it in my game.

I hope to see you in the next round.

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After some rest I am ready to GM my saturday weekly game. As some of my players are missing for vacations, I am thinking of just grabbing one of the modules (Silent Tide, it has really given a new meaning of the word "fishing" for me...) and run with some of them an official Pathfinder Society module.

However I am unsure of what kind of "minor adds" (house-rules to say it clearly) you can add in Ps and still be an oficial adventure. For example its clear that has to be run under the 3.5 D20 and not the Beta, but what about other tweaks (Critical sytem, Fumble system..)

Hugs and cookies for all

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Well back from the travel, had a lovely delay in my plane, and my lugagge is lost... (of course) in the end it has been about 30 hours to get back to home, but at least i got to know chicago.

But well at least i know who i have to watch carefully ... ;)

Waves :)

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Well I played the four scenarios and by a wide margin the Murder of the Silken caravan is the hardest to survive.


Some of the encounters there are pretty tricky and the environment sucks for the players, specially among armor relying classes.

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I was playing all the Gencon the 4 scenarious of the pathfinder society, i would like to know if anybody else who played or DMred in my table is also posting in the boards.

I play Neraj a fighter pertaining the Cheliax faction ( as you can see in my sign ;) ), but I think that will be easier to recognise me by the fact that I was the guy from Barcelona (spain) with the braids.

In any case it was a pleasure playing with you all.



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May the blessings of Asmodeus bring us great riches and power. I have just finished to promote the blessings of his dark majesty trhough the wise ministrations of his envoy the Parancountess Zarta.

Greetings to you followers of the true way for law and order , may the Dark prince blessings on your endeavours.


ooc: I was extremly lucky to play all four scenarios and having a blast through them in gencon.



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We are already playing our campaign in pathfinder alpha with some minor tweaks (no iterative attacks) , but we are going to convert to Beta as soon as i come back from Gencon to spain and help you guys.

It was a pleasure to attend to your seminaries, even if i had to sit at the floor most of the time :D

Oh and.. thanks for your work, its great!

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Great, I was just wondering, really I like some of the concepts behind Rolth and his crazy girlfriend, (that could be said also of almost every "named " NPC in Pathfinder. Chicos (and gals) You really rock making interesting NPCs. Thanks for your input James (and I will start a search next time to see if anybody else has openned a similar topic ).

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Marusaia wrote:

Laori: "But I love everyone!"
the party: "But you inflict horrible pain and torture on your enemies!"
Laori: "Oh, of course, that's my way of showing love! Everyone understands pain, don't they? It's only right that I should make myself understood, and besides, it's nice to share something that has so much meaning to you!"
I think perhaps I should start another thread about this...

Somehow I got a "Wizards First Rule Mord-Sith" feeling reading this...

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Wasn't Rolth going to appear in pathfinder #9? In his entry in PF #8 seems to imply that if Rolth escapes succesfully from the PCs they haven't seen the last from him. But I didn't find any sidebar or text refered to Rolth in PF#9 (perhaps I have missed it?).

Were some plans to add him, but were cut by the edition, or we can wait for him to appear in following PF of the Crimsom Throne?

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Kamelion wrote:

Hi there,

I've just switched my subscription shipping options to "Hold subscription items for monthly shipment" and saw that there is a "Pathfinder Standard Shipping" option.

Other than the cheaper price, what is the difference between this option and the USPS Package Service?


I wondered the same.

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Hello, first of all excuse my english as is not my native language.

Our group has been playtesting the changes of the rule, version 1.0 and 1.1.

We converted our characters from the current campaign to the actual version, using the rules presented in the PF. The current characters are in the 6-7 lvl range, we played for 3 sessions with the rules at hand.

In the 3 sessions we the group played (due casualties) a Dwarf barbarian/fighter 2/5, a Human binder 7, an elf mage 6(universalist) , a ranger 6/thief 1, a thief/fighter 5/2 a survivor (from thief world) 4/scout 2 and finally a dire necromancer (6).

Our conclussions:

-Races conversion: Our 1/2 elf was elated, so far we have only minor concerns for the half-orcs and the elf magical bonus to break SR. But the fact that our group is still at lvl 7 this didn't seem to be that unbalanced.
-Starting HPS, we used the CON+MAX HP option, my feeling is that is too high, altough could be interesting if there is no clerical healing available, with the adition of 1 hp for prefered profession and thoughness the total HP seems too high.
-Skill points, the GM liked them a lot , but the players found these too restrictive, one of the players the ranger had just taken a level of rogue and found himself at almost the same level disabling traps than the 6 lvl rogue (that sounded wrong, and of course if he had put all of the 8 skill ranks of the rogue using the standard rules he would have been getting a similar effect, but still.. sounds wrong).
-Changes to the basic professions, sounds ok , we liked them, specially the barbarian/fighter. The DM ruled that the hit dices were bound to the BAB, so the barbarian got turned to the d10 instead of the d12. The wizard liked the bound amulet, and the group thinks the changes made to the basical professions make them more attractive to follow after the first levels.
-Rebuke, one of our players plays a dread necromancer, and we had a bad time using the rebuking, it was one of the things we require more fixing.
-The new tables for making encounters worked quite right, the results were more or less ok following to the new guideliness, the group was wiped in an hard encounter (more due bad dices, the fight was 50% until the lasts rounds).
-The new maneouver feats work great, is more flexible to play with mobility and spring attack withouth the need of rolling all the time gives more mobility in combat, yet sometimes its awfully powerful, an enemy barbarian with spring attack was all the time hitting our mage and retreating to avoid full attacks with nobody being able to even get an AO at him. Cleave was interesting, tactically our enemies used to spread giving more spaces to the thief to flank them.
-The appraisal skill with detect magic is great, how nobody has thought that before.
-CMB rules!. Simple and elegant.
-The Master easily upgraded the npcs in a couple of minutes, also he really says the new skill system for npc works greatly.

Our feelings:
The rules works nice, but in our group they fail to simplify the troubles at 3.5.
- Still too many rolls (iterative attacks.. do something with them please :) ).
- Buff spells (too many to remember and apply without having some serious bookkeping).
- The clerics still need 30 minutes to make a spell selection.
- Debuffes that remove characteristics takes a lot of time (so i have lost 4 Con and 4 INT...).

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Nice replacement , good idea.

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I would also see the iterative atacks removed.

To improve damage output for the martial classes, you can easily add aditional damage giving x2 weapon damage+strenght bonus, (wihtout other bonifiers) when you get the second iteration and x3 with the third and last one.

That would be an easy rule and give backwards compatibility, after all you would only need to see the number of attacks the creature or character has .

Kind regards

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Wish is quite a broken spell, a revision of the spell seems to be in order.(Also check he wishing for a wand of wishes exploit posted in another thread ) .

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Rebuking damage or turning healing, should not affect allies of the cleric. Or at least a cleric must be able to select which of the two effects she desires to apply turning or healing) or both (turning and healing).

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Congratulations, by far the best country we read


amaranta & blundith

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Thanks for the information and the insight of the mechanicals for the pdf availability for subscribers. :)


amaranta and blundith.

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Hello we were wondering when the suscribers will be able to download the pdf of the 4 chapter :). We noticed the chapter IV is avaialbe in the store but it don't appears in "My downloads".


Amaranta and Blundith.

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I don't see a whole AP but I could see a GM Mastery module setting the players as the evil guys/gals

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As far as our group is concerned we are going to convert to 4 edition (thats a sure thing except if the game is a big mess, and frankly Erik we don't think that is going to happen, ). Even that we have been playing for so many years that we don't foresee any trouble converting any 3.x modules or any other system modules if the material is good to 4th edition. (And paizo material is today one of the best you can find).

We enjoy your work, and be sure that we'll keeping buying products from your company (without caring if is od&d,ad&d,3,3.5 or 4th edition).

Kind regards

amaranta & blundith.