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Eben TheQuiet wrote:
The Wolfiest™ wrote:


: searches body :

"hey! a wolf-pelt! Sweet!"


Mmm, brains. *lipsmack*


So, uh... who's yer running mate, AZ?

Big Juicy Brain wrote:


Can I come out now?

Mmmm, why yes. Yes, you can... POUNCE!

I'll be sure to save you some AZ.


Check it out AZ! Interactive Zombie video!

How many ways can you make the humans die?

Aberzombie wrote:
lebreton wrote:
Aberzombie wrote:
lebreton wrote:
JR has played at my place and knows my kids, so he knows what to expect.
They are angels! Such good little children......
That is because you only see them once per year
Oh yeah....

And everybody loves Uncle Zombie. ;-)

Aberzombie wrote:
Tordek Rumnaheim wrote:

Lebreton - Cleric

Kill him! KILL! KILL! KILL!!!!

I think something can be arranged...

frustratedDM wrote:
...but... it's so fun to have a bunch of zombies to do you're's almost addictive... or perhaps i mean it's so corrupting....

All fun and games until the zombies stop taking orders from the silly little human. Of course then it's more fun... and tasty.

Yeah. Could get comfy in here.

Bran McChomperface wrote:


Mmmm little blue-brain hors d'oeuvres.


Aberzombie wrote:
Wolfthulhu wrote:
Raw meat for everyone! Woot!
Mmmmmm......raw brainnnnnssss.

Even better.

Between the two, I prefer Shaun of the Dead.

Zombieland is a great Action/Zombie flick. but really doesn't offer much besides that. I know it's supposed to be a comedy as well, and while I did laugh it was more at the over the top ridiculousness of it all.

Shaun of the Dead takes the parody and makes the humor an important part of the story and feels more realistic as a result.

It was good. I did not stay after the credits though, spoiler that for me? The banjo kill is absolutly the best shot in the movie.

Aberzombie wrote:

For just pennies a day, you to can make sure that the unlife of zombie is made a little bit better. Won't you help today?

Haha, for a brief moment Aberzombe took on the voice of Sally Struthers... That's gonna stick with me all day. :-D

Lighten up, brother. Everyone knows humans can't really cause that much damage to us, the undead. It's a work of FICTION. The humans just want to feel powerful, as if they may have some kind of chance of stopping us. We know the truth and so do they.

Enjoy the film for what it is, an attempt to make light of the innevitable coming destruction of mankind at the hands of it's former kin.

Also, Braaaaiiiiinssss...

I'm so looking forward to this film. I'm debating going to a free screening tonight, but that's not the point of this post. I belong to a facebook/meetup group that was planning on doing a Zombie Walk prior to seeing the film in a couple of weeks. Well, seems word got around and we're expecting a decent sized group to show.

The coolness really starts Yesterday when the group organizers were contacted by Sony Pictures. They asked if we could do a Zombie Walk to promote the film! Unfortunatly, due to the rushed nature of getting a Walk ready in just a couple of days, we aren't expecting a huge turnout, people already have plans and such. Sooo... Anybody in the area if you are interested, Check it out Rice Village Zombie Walk Saturday, Sept 26. 4pm - 5pm. Come, be a zombie. Or take pictures of some living dead. Or just show up for laughs and meet your favorite Undead Wolf. ;-)




So MANY tasty morsels, where ever shall we start?

Mmmmmm, I can't wait till we get to the braaaiiinns......



Lilith wrote:
Wow, these cookies are awesome. So warm and fresh from the oven. Very tasty. *eats without sharing*


See what happens when yo get lippy? Lilith keeps the cookies to herself. Good thing there are other 'snacks' around here...

pounces Emperor7 and looks for his cranium...

Mairkurion {tm} wrote:
I think it was just that chunk of extra sharp cheddar cheese jammed in Zombie Wolf's jaw that made him say Amberzombie when he mean Aberzombie. Zombie Wolves and cheese: just another undead food combination that really wasn't meant to be.

I've been trying to dislodge that chunk forever. Can't spit it out, can't swallow it. Oh well, it doesn't interfer with the consumption of braiiiiiins... and I kinda like the tangy flavoring.

That reminds me, have you seen this awesome Mashup?

A Hard Days Night of the Living Dead

Richard Pickman wrote:
yellowdingo wrote:

you cant have it but if you lick it a few times it will provide you with the necessary brainboost so you can go without brains for longer.
There are laws about licking hallucinogenic brains I believe.

Whoa... it's Pickman. I don't think I want to have at your brain...

Callous Jack wrote:
Aberzombie wrote:
Callous Jack wrote:
Aberzombie wrote:

Damn it! I know you're a wolf and all, but could you at least try to spell my name correctly! It's ABERZOMBIE!!!!

I still think that avatar gives a false representation as that is clearly a skeleton, not a zombie.
Meh, just because the face has no flesh doesn't mean it can't be a zombie.
No self-respecting zombie I know would have let his whole face rot off. You should've at least kept an eyeball.

I did, it just happens to be my left eye. I know, I know, it's not the best picture. You work with what you have.

Aberzombie, Amberzombie... they're so close and as you said I am a wolf... AND a zombie.

Won't happen again. ;-)

Trips the new guy, in hopes of sharing some grey matter with Master Amberzombie. Braaaaains...


Wellard wrote:
Welcome Rat's Tale..not only hot but smart too...PFS scores all the way

Mmmm, hot braaaains...


Oh, Rat's Tail, come this way. No no, it's OK, really... I just want to introduce you to my friends.

Casper the Brain-Eating Ghost wrote:
I am a banana! brains is BLEEDING!!!

Aberzombie wrote:

What do I see in the future?

I see....death and undeath. I see human civilization collapsing as my zombie brethren and I rise up against the living, destroying all you hold dear and feasting on the remains.

Especially, the braaaaaaaaaiiiins!

Of course, I also see Mrs. Zombie coming back from California and giving me hell for something.

Sorry about the Missus.

NOM NOM NOM wrote:

<blah blah blah> brains do taste half-human.

<blah blah blah>
Like eating the brains of the intelligent members of other species. I mean, that's just a given.


Aberzmobie wrote:
Mysterious Cultist wrote:
Ah hell. Who freaking knows?
I do! 'Cuz I've been eating Brains! It's what's for breakfast... and lunch... and dinner, elevensies, second lunch, and any other snack I can fit in.

Mmmm, nice tasty braaaains... don't forget second breakfast.


Brains, it's what's for dinner.

Great idea. I'll take care of Quality Control.


Aberzombie wrote:
Larry Lichman wrote:
Mmm...poodle brains....
They have brains?

Small ones. They make great snack food.

Or appitizers.

Mmm, more braaaaains...


Lathiira wrote:
Callous Jack wrote:
Lathiira wrote:
I'm not saying much about the quality of those brains, however. Mine's in the special state bordering between 'extra-crispy' and 'completely fried'.
With Chipotle flavoring?
Actually, with A-1 steak sauce and a dash of Worcestershire sauce.

Tabasco. Or perhaps a bit of picante. Thick and chunky is best.

Sneaks some brains from the back room...

Mmmm... tasty.

What? Oh I was testing them, you know quality control.