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Any news about a revision? The last update was in february.

I understand why a full reprint is not feasible.

Is it possible to have a smaller set based on this one with the most commonly used races ? (goblins, orcs, drow)

For the printing option it would be nice to have a relatively cheap blank pawn set, without art and bases. Possibly sold the same way as we can buy different color/size of bases, it would be great if we could order sheets of medium/large/huge blank pawns.


We already have the cleric - Harrim is a cleric of Groetus.

Don't base your assumptions on the silhouettes :
- it was stated by BK that even the developers couldn't decide yet the three options for the vote
- the archetypes stretch goal had an image about a few characters, where one looks like a brawler and the other as a bloodrager

Regardless, I'm happy we have archetypes! While it is impossible to include all character options from PF into a game, this was a big step to get as many as possible.

With PayPal backing confirmed for those who choose that option, I feel confident we can go up to 900k.


some notes :

"- from artworks: some Swashbuckler-ish looking human (or half-elven?) lady. Since Swashbuckler is not in the game, I'd guess bard."

Aren't her the female player character stand-in ? At least the lady was in one of the videos, named Baroness.

- The halfing really looks like Lem, so maybe he will make a cameo, but he won't be a companion. Of course, I can be wrong.

- Also, the ranger seems to be LN in one source and LG in another...

- On screenshots there is a LG half-elf fighter/wizard companion, with an revealed face

There are a lot of Neutral companions, so I guess you can carry them around even if you are good or evil. I hope we will get at least 2-3 evil companions to balance the good ones. There are some classes where we don't have a companion revealed, like druid, monk and rouge.

Based on a recent post from a Dev, PC release + multi-platform support comes before multiplayer.

They have no futher plans already estabilished, so for me that means there is no work started on a 2nd set or anything else new.

I'm not sure if S&S will ever introduced to the android app, but if yes, then still you have to wat for it for quite a bit.

The current plan seems to be :
- RotR 6 (mentioned to be this year)
- resolving/reworking quest mode
- multiplayer
- Steam release

And we also get goblins somewhere added too as characters.

After the above it's anybody's guess which AP they will choose, and how long it will take them to implement.

I have the same problem as Zaister. Rulebook link does not work.

I would be happy to at least see the new rulebook.

Zaister wrote:
Can we get the rulebook uploaded for this set?

I would like to see the rulebook too! So much new things were introduced.

Maybe you guys should stop concentrating on Ranzak.

The problem is with the promos which are unavilable on the site. If a new player starts with RotR or S&S he can't get the promos from Paizo, only from e-bay for ridicolous prices.

And these are very exclusive cards, not available in any other way.

In comparison for example Mage Wars : the promos are alternate art cards, and/or cards which are coming in the next set. So even if you don't get the promos, on the gameplay side you didn't lost anything.

In PACG many powerfull boons are promo exclusive.

Maybe Ranzak wasn't the best example from the OP, but many promos are expensive and/or almost impossible to find.

Also, those are often very unique and/or more powerfull compared to regular cards in the sets.

If I recall correctly, it was mentioned that the RotR promos will be available in the Paizo store sometime after the set is finished, but it sems the idea have been abandoned.

I can live without the promos, but I understand the fustration.

(btw, I haven't seen asingle promo in local stores or with my Bookdepository orders)

I think that some increase in difficulty after RotR was needed. The problem (for me) that how it was implemented.

It seems there are more and more effects which are unavoidable or unpreventable, so tactics won't really help. Unavoidable damage, discards and 2-3 monsters pileing randomly on a full-caster etc. are simply not fun if happens more than once.

It reminds me when I played a crpg (maybe M&M X ?), and the first real boss-fight wasn't hard because the enemy tactics used or sheer power, but because it was immune or ignored 90% of all the abilities my characters had.

My opinion in short :
- if players have to use their resources better, combine powers etc. it's a good dfficulty increase
- if difficulty increse because players are denied to oppose and/or evade the dangers it's generally bad

Mike Selinker wrote:

But I still wanna do Reign someday, because Lini riding a mastodon.

A very good reason !

I think you are right Hawkmoon, and this is the reason I consider getting the add-on deck for using Crowe and Adowyn "legally" and maybe the shaman too.

But I won't get the base box just for Balazar & Padrig the "Murderchicken". :)

Of course, the character deck recommended by JC8589 would be the ideal solution for me for WotR.


Currently I don't plan to purchase the WotR base set at all, as the mythic theme doesn't interest me, and we only barely tried S&S yet.

On te other hand, I'm intereseed in some new characters, like the summoner.

Zaister wrote:
Where would you want to play the character when you don't have the box?

I have the other two boxes my friend. ;)

I also would like to see the character sheets. I consider getting the WotR Character Add-on deck, without the base set.

BTW, I guess characters with cohorts will be unplayabe - or at least much weaker - if you don't have the WotR box, or you "proxy" the cohort's card. (if that's possible)

Interesting and fun mechanics, and I really like that we have a character who plays with books.

Enora defintely seems powerfull, but maybe TOO powerfull.

In S&S the developer team tried to make sure that there is no obvious picks with skill feats, and there is no skill to "rule them all".

And now, it's a character who can defeat opponents, acquire boons, and maybe even defeat barriers with a single skill. Oh, and she also heals herself and prevent damage. And may have Lini's "automatic D4 to everything" on top of that. It's a bit too much for me.

If I can play this on my PC then take my money NOW ! :)

But if it's only for tablets, then I'm not interested.

MightyJim wrote:
So, I guess that leaves the obvious question - are there APs which do focus on high-level characters getting even more epic?

No, there isn't.

In Pathfinder you can maximum reach level 20, and most AP goes until around 16, so there is not much space left to became even mor epic. Honestly, even at 16 combat already became a bit insane.

Theryon Stormrune wrote:

But I think the issue that I'd have with your idea is that this really isn't a ship combat game. This AP has pirates and ships but that's the flavor. I think you idea has merit but it doesn't fit in well with the main AP ... that's more of an idea that can get fleshed out in OP.

It's maybe only me, but ships/pirates is the main theme of the AP. But it's really feels like tacked on, whcih would be ok in my book for an eurogame, but not for a heavyly thematic game.

On the other side :

Based on the preview they've done it much better in WotR with the mythic and corruption mechanics. It's stayed thematic, provides an interesting twist, and still not overly complex.

Or just look at how they managed cohorts like Donohan. It helps in movement or in combat, and readily available... as a cavalier's warhorse should do. Perfect.

Ships in S&S do almost nothing what a ship should do, and do things they shouldn't.

Mad Jack Deacon wrote:

Some of the comments here about ship battles kinda makes me wonder what exactly players were expecting? This is a game where a bog standard fight (lets say a Fighter versus an Ogre) is reduced to one roll of the dice (maybe two if you're using a spear).

Why would ship to ship battles be any different?

It's not a problem that ship combat is a dice roll, but how the dice roll is defined.

In a fighter vs. ogre confontration your check is defined by your weapon and your combat skill.

In a ship combat it doesn't matter if you controll a merchantman or a battleship, and survival or a seemingly random skill goes for defeating the opposition.

For any ship-related campaing your choice of ship really matters... is it something fast and manouverable, or a huge warship with immerse firepower? In the ACG there are only rarely used abilities which define your ship.

And the other ship related things you may want from a pirate based AP is somewhat lacking, as mlvanbie said.

I wonder if the article included any relevant info I missed about the set, apart from the inclusion of mythic path cards? (what was not really that suprising)

I'm really waiting on details about the new mechanics - mythic paths, cohorts, etc - before geting too excited. The ship related additions in S&S were really underwhelming for me, so now I'm much more cautious.

bi-monthly at most.

I'm a fan of the game, but 2 AP + multiple Class Decks per year is already more money and time than I would dedicate on a single boardgame in my collection. (I'll definitely skip WotR, and possibly all or most of the Class Decks)

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Honestly speaking I'm a bit disappointed with S&S, especially with the mentioned ship mechanics. I really hope WotR and the AP after it could somehow spice up the formula.

But currently, I can't answer why should you buy WotR, except if you really interested in the theme. I guess it will be good, but I'm not sure if it's "another $180 for PACG" good.

Joseph Thea wrote:

That being said, I am shocked and APPALLED that people do not like the pirate theme... okay not so much that they don't like the pirate theme, but the SAILING theme. How could you not love the roar of the waves, the rock of the boat and the sound of the dolphins?!?!

I think the sailing aspect, especially ship combat is the most abstracted mechanism in S&S, and for me the way it was implemented don't feels like anything close what I hoped.

It's in itself interesting, that in naval combat your ship's capabilities don't count the slightest.

The only reason that I have the S&S base set that I received it as a gift, and I purchased the character add-on pack. Currently I have no plans for additional adventure packs in the near future, and it's almost 100% sure that I will skip WotR.

For S&S, I think I think should like it... the increased difficulty, new characters, bigger variation of cards and scenairos etc. There are many positives. But somehow it can't keep me interested, and I didn't even finished the AP0 scenairos yet.

I think the release plan is too ast for my taste, and organized play seems to be the only reason which could justify it with a regular group. But we don't have that.

There are several things to consider :

1. Cost : Buying everything released for PACG in one year is a lot of money for basically one boardgame plus expansions, even without the optional addons like the playmats. (I don't really consider new boxed sets as completely new games, only new campaigns) I could buy several completely different games for the same cost.

2. Time : simply put, I won't finish as many scenairos as released per month. I have a good amount of game time, but it's divided between boardgames, computer games and the ocassional tabletop RPG. Even if money wouldn't be an issue, I never buy games to just it idly on my bookself.

3. Boardgame mentality vs. RPG mentality : In a tabletop RPG even a good adventure path is played only once with the same group. For a good boardgame you want to play it again and again, especially if there is good replayability - provided by random cards and a great host of playable characters in PACG.

For WotR I have an additinal reason to pass : I don't like the original adventure path, and in my eyes the mythic rules are the worst thing ever released by Paizo to the tabletop RPG.

isaic16 wrote:
To play Devil's advocate, there is a thematic reason why the Albatross would not combo with Lini. In the AP, it is actually the cohort to a powerful NPC Druid. Therefore, it is not an ally that should hang around with your party. I think that's why there's no real synergy with Lini.

Thanks, it's good to know.

Is it just me, or the Albatross isn't really combines well with the S&S version of Lini ?

It seems to be a recurring thing in the set.

Gorbacz wrote:
Zoltán Mészáros wrote:

Thank you for the info!

I'm not happy that there are more android, gillman, charau ka etc - likely I will never use these - in the set than tengus, while the other eastern races have 0 presence.

On the other hand, it's nice to see the goblin heroes. :)

It's INNER SEA pawns - eastern races ain't Inner Sea much, apart from tengus.

You are right.

I wasn't considered the theme, but it's the second big box for NPC pawns, and I find it unlikely that we get a third one anytime soon. Also, they left the Jade Regent AP without a pawn set, so it's hard to find anything eastern themed. :(

Thank you for the info!

I'm not happy that there are more android, gillman, charau ka etc - likely I will never use these - in the set than tengus, while the other eastern races have 0 presence.

On the other hand, it's nice to see the goblin heroes. :)

For those whe already have the box :

- Is there any more tengus in the box other than Jinx Eater ?
- how many of the other exotic races (like kitsune etc.) are featured ?

thank you in advance ! :)

An important question :

It was said that we get all current iconics in six months. Is that means that we will be able to play all iconics in PACG by then ? Or we will have the minis plus owned cards, but no way to actually play them?

As currently some of the iconics weren't featured in any PACG product, or even announced for Wrath. (which is understandable, as there are a lot of iconics to make)

Edit : only six non-occult iconics I can think of left after Wrath - Ninja, Samurai, Brawler, Investigator, Skald and the Slayer. I hope that means a Jade Regent AP. :)

I think there is a shield in RotR which has a similar effect, but not that early in the game.

On the other hand, promo cards generaly seems to be stronger than "normal" cards available at AP1.

These are really awesome!

Do we get a spoiler about the PACG cards too ? Are there any special rules for them, or we simply shuffle the 6 new cards into the boon decks?

laraqua wrote:
Can't wait to see the full list of characters!

I also waiting for the full list for my BD preorder. I'm currently on the fence between this set and some AP based pawn sets.

So if Lini discards a card, + has her only weapon in hand + an animal then she can fight as good as Valeros if the fighter don't use one of his best powers (autorecharging weapons)

Still, with a well built deck Lini can be the strongest character there is, but the example is still a bit off. :)

Her only weakness coming from the dependency on a specific card-tye in hand. If something takes away that from her she instantly gets much weaker.

Don't forget that Lem can boost others too, not just himself.

Also, a single bad turn could hurt Lini more than less card-type dependent characters. Some unexpected damage, or a Traitor and she instantly loses her powerhouse status, possibly for multiple turns.

Lini is also reliant on the few Divine attack spells or discards for combat, and basically starts with a hand size of 4.

Bryce Swanson wrote:
Well, I was hoping to get this before Christmas but making these products isn't something to be rushed. I just hope that the Inner Sea Gods are in the collection. Also Tengus, more bird people!

I'm hoping for tengus and kitsune too ! :)

The pawns we currently know are :

- all not Core Rulebook iconics, including a mounted version of Alain, and the summoners Eilodon
- A male and a female cleric for the 20 most important Inner Sea gods (40 total)
- the goblin heroes from We Be Goblins!
- Hellknights, Pathfinders etc.
- Anything else in the preview, here :

http://paizo.com/paizo/blog/v5748dyo5lgnh?A-Glimpse-Inside-the-Inner-Sea-Pa wn-Box

Well, I always found it hilarous that a set of Thieves Tools can solve any problem from actual traps to Ambush, Man Overboard, Goose in the Riggings and even the Shopkeepers's Daughter (the list goes on).

Truly, the greatest invention since the wheel! ;)

But on a serious note : I doubt they will ever get an errata to have a less useful/broad power.

The noumber of th tem is not really a limitng factor, since we get more and more class decks.

Thanks for the videos, they are really great. I already added some class decks to my Christmas wishlist :)

InaneGlory wrote:
Zoltán Mészáros wrote:
InaneGlory wrote:

Agna & Wrathack from the Ranger Class Deck

If I'm not mistaken, NPC Codex Box has Wrathack as Angel Slayer. I'm not sure about Agna

(I just received the box on this weekend and didn't have much time to browse the content)

Yes that is her. Thanks!

You are welcome !

Also : Agna is in the Beginner Box, as the female Dwarf Fighter.

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Just a small spoiler until we get official previews and/or the full list. :)

Vic Wertz confirmed that the remaining iconics will be in this set :

http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2rkts?Looking-for-Pathfinder-Pawns-for-Skulls#1 1

I also hope that some of th flip-mats an map packs, especially those which are connected to an AP like this one get a reprint sometime.

InaneGlory wrote:

Agna & Wrathack from the Ranger Class Deck

If I'm not mistaken, NPC Codex Box has Wrathack as Angel Slayer. I'm not sure about Agna

(I just received the box on this weekend and didn't have much time to browse the content)

Thank you for the info! It seems it's time to make my preorder. :)

You may play the characte n RotR, where the ability is very valuable.

Can somebody play Phantasmal Minion just before the encounter instead?

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