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Is there an ETA for when the characters sheets for Mummy's Mask will be available?

Having the related pdfs of the warpriest and summoner class decks available would be nice as well (as well as adding the wizard character sheets back to the download).

I would be happy to at least see the new rulebook.

I believe in the past they generally will wait until at least the sub copies have all been sent out, and its shelf date has hit. If I remember right, it's supposed to be officially on the shelves today, so it's about time for the process to start. It'll probably depend how busy the team is, and it'll be some time in the next month.

That's funny. I was just coming on these forums to ask the same question. Thanks for asking and thanks for answering!

... and if our nice webmaster could also post the rules for MM that would be perfect. :-)

Any chance of a character sheet for Tup also?

Doc Mage wrote:
Any chance of a character sheet for Tup also?

It's in the Runelords package.

Is there a card list sheet for MM? I can't seem to figure out where to find it.


Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer

If you're asking about a full list of all cards, we're holding off on that until all the cards are out. (Spoilers!)

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