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Andrea1 wrote:
We need a Hedgehog vs. Whatever fight!

Perhaps Ziz has a new employer.

Andrea1 wrote:
Not even if I show you my boobs, Ziz?

"Can I rub on them?, I stay invisible for my master and heal. That's what Ziz does."

Boss we got trouble to our left. 2 bowman and they look like they can use them.

So Ziz asks if traveling down this sewer tunnel is the proper path to catch up to thugs with Sascar. "Weal"

"There is plank crossing the sewage ahead and door is nearby. Beyond that the sewers change about a quarter mile from here." His wings fluttering as he lands on Andrea's chest. His nails firmly latching on.

"Oh....I just knew you'd be better...I brought Melissaa here to welcome you look good, much better than yesterday."

"Is that a new tunic Andrea, its very becoming. Shows your figure off wonderfully," he flutters over behind Melissaa. "I was scared after my master perished a most horrible death. I tried to heal him but between Hell's Furies and the Hell's torturer, I couldn't do enough."

"I did not run anywhere," he responds a matter of factually.

"I've always been fond of the sex deities disciples, they seem to enjoy their work so much! He groans as rubs on Andrea's breasts, purring like kitten.


Ziz maintains his invisibility as he arrives at the library, he impatiently flutters around waiting for the door to open, so he can sneak inside. I liked him he had the moves on women, what wasn't there to like....too cocky though. Think I'll move into the ancient Thassion section bet there's some good reading there.

" back to the library. Never trust an elf...unreliable and the adventuring one's just don't live long enough."

" mean nothing to me, a blip in my memory...back to the library....back"

Lucrezia Villanova wrote:
Wait, are the vampires hot?

"Oh she's hot all sweaty and scared...go get a good peek? I'm soooooo confused. No, no, no fly away hide in library...hide, hide hide."

"Fly faster..."

Rd 6: ziz

"run and hide...go back to the library stay with Melissaa...look down her and hide."

The iron door to this room is locked by the force of Bisby’s mad spirit, Zizmort shutters as he relays that the door is magical and has a regeneration characteristic. There is an unusual looking key opening.

yes...yes get her naked ...yes ...master toss her 5 silver pieces for me."

I couldn't help myself.

Lucrezia Villanova wrote:
"Well Faelyn, if something is about to attack, I can sure fight it better naked than stuck to this damn door."

YES...YES, master let her fight naked...we luvssssss nakedness...we do, we do.!'

"But I eagerly wait you undressing Toots, may even toss ya a couple coppers too."

"My master, and I, kindly decline your request Tootsie."

"Eek...silver...n.nn.nnnasty ...nasty stuff."

Zizmort wrote:

He hisses and won't cross the wall, "Silver!"

He shifts nervously and squawks, "I'm not do I put this....welcomed in Hell. I was always sort of odd, in that, I didn't just do evil things, then the... um...thing happened down there...Asmodeus vs Lucifer thingy. Well...I was on the wrong side of that one." he flutters his wings some more. "Technically, I wasn't around when that event actually happened, but my tiny mishap occurred many years later after the queen was exiled, she flirted with me to get some information. I'm a sucker for a pretty flirtatious woman. Well, someone found out and there's the matter of a small bounty."

He looks 'You don't have any intentions to deal with Dispater's emissaries do you? he gulps.

Fluttering around in loops, loyal companionship, girls, treasure, protection and friendship?' he perches on your left shoulder (your right handed?) 'What are we looking for?

His ears perk up, pretty women...really?

He flutters his wings, "What do you have to offer me and what are your expectations...I will tell you right now I'm not typical imp. I loath evil...hence the reason for my exile." He pauses a bit thinking, "I should tell you that there is a smallllllll bounty on my head."

"Ahhhhh, that's why you threatened me with a hound archon, makes sense you have tainted goodness about you." he smirks, "I would like to meet one...but...well, it probably wouldn't hesitate to strike out at me. Big dump hounds never listen to reason anyway always slobbering and drooling to attack.

The imp flutters down on the table with the book, looking at the pages as you leaf through them. "So your one of those creeeepy type of wizzzzzards." Making contorted faces. "Pictured you as evoker."

She gets up on her tippy toes reaching for a book, Zizmort flutters up hovering above looking down her blouse. "It's all about the view."

"The company is much better here than other places I've been."

"Didn't have to tell him my name...he's a wizzzzzzzzzard" he groans, "probably not even a good one." he adds.

I crawls out of shelf, stretches his wings, "Well barge in wake me up, move my house and now threaten me with hound archon" wiggling his stinger. His little nose twitches and his eyes dart around, a smile brightens his face, his attention is diverted.

He grabs his book, fixes his bed making sure it s the right picture facing his bed. He grumbles throughout the process, "Can't tell you my name. Nope..won't do that your a wizzzzzzzzard...nope, no sireeeeee. never."

You realize he is an imp.

"Hey that's my thief." The tiny wing creature scramble to his feet sneering. Gimme back before I sting you or turn your into a newt!