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Masterwork Transformation with blood money seems like endless cash

Prepared vancian spellcasting is the best there is in Fantasy, dont feel like it add a lot to sci fi.

The hunt for new spells, the negotiation for spells with other wizards, the joy of discovering the unique spells frome the archmage Phandaal...

Phandaal's omnipotent Sphere, The call to the wild cloud, those are the spells you want to be hunting...

So much fluff... so much better the i always cast yonder spell for xx damage...

Blast from the past:
Tegel Manor

My Favorite spells

Phandaal's Omnipotent Sphere

Call to the wild cloud

Inside Out and Over

Curse of the Macroid Toe

Will it not be very easy to open the save with just an anti magic spell...

Supressed all magic including arcane lock so it will be easy to pick and no protection spells will work

Intelligent plastic ooze takes over the universe

Illl buy it of you for 50 gold

bigby's construction crew in the good ol days

47. He fell of his horse and accidentally stapped himself 47 times times in his armpit with his own dagger.

Lock him up with the rest of the party... then the Hunger begins...

Find out who controls the undead army kill them and take control of the undead army


even the fight with the CR 9 Bone Devil

That should be a TPK a Bonedevil, specialy if it uses its wall of ice at will...

jack Vance demon princes

Make it a cool discription so they know,

The blade has residual spores of demonic blood therefore the steel was quenched in demonic blood making the blade more bloodhirsty and easier to handle. (Aka Dagger +1_

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No matter how dangerous you are, or how big a sword you have, they will always pee in your boots...

I calculate total XP, then give eacht player a modifier,
times 0.5 if they flee
times 1.5 if they are extremely heroic...

and anything in between (like *1.05 for good roleplay...

77 Dishwasher

78 Laundromat

Pinky and the brain

Who is training bisons anyway...


I just received my order, and i ditnt get
Pathfinder Player Companion: Familiar Folio (PFRPG)

But i did get
Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Iron Gods Poster Map Folio

Can I send the later back and get the Pathfinder Player Companion: Familiar Folio (PFRPG)?

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It is just pest Control.

See the fable of the Scorpion and the frog.

So a char got killed at level 18+ most encounter can and probably will kill party members, there are spells te repair and prevent that, if they dont use those than it is the party's own doing they get snuffed

Pit fiends are cunning and patient, he will probably do something to stay out of reach till your spell durations run out, then summon stuff, rinse and repeat...

There is always the common sense modifyer that can be applied by a Gm,
eg the Balor vs Gnome gets a +50 DC

And using an intimidate skill should be more than roling a die.

How do you intimidate a Drake, well death by featherduster is not taken seriously by anything...


My last automatic order went wrong

I Did not get Pathfinder Adventure Path #77: Herald of the Ivory Labyrinth (Wrath of the Righteous 5 of 6) (PFRPG)

but instead I got Osirion Legacy of Pharaah's.

I did get the people of the sand.

Please sent Pathfinder Adventure Path #77: Herald of the Ivory Labyrinth (Wrath of the Righteous 5 of 6) (PFRPG) to me.

I would like to keep the Osirion Legacy of Pharaoh's, so i am willing to pay for that.

Walter v Leeuwen

I keep witchcrows flying by and dropping mirrors....

I think Communal spells are overpowered. Degrades a lot of monsters,

Oh we see a red dragon, poff everyone communal prot vs fire, bye dragon

Or yikes undead poff everyone Death ward....

Intelligent Weapons

This money loophole works only for so long.
1. market, there wont be a market voor swimming pools full of holy water, of everburning torches.
2. Gods dont like to be exploited for profit
3. Kings demant lots of taxes of people making lots of money
4. Guild might not like what you are doing
5. Most people might distrust magic and not buy the stuff you are selling
6. The Curch of abbadar wont like you monopolising the market
7. a magic selling permit will grow more and more expensive

I do read a lot of topics about characters being out of control, of have too high an AC or doing so much damage that they are killing everything in one round or worse.

I think that the main problem is that characters always have access to the items they want and thus maximizing their potential.
I my games I try to minimize enhancement items to a max of +1, but like with weapons and armor, the items get a secondary power, making the items more specific (eg a Frog Totem amulet of Natural armor +1 NAC, +5 Jump skills)

This way characters get more diverse and less about maximizing their AC, Damage etc…

Limiting access to items also always gives way to roleplaying opportunities. Ye Olde Magic shoppe is not always available. And yes the Barbarian wants the Belt of insanely high strength, but he will not be streetwise enough to find the item in a big city, chances are that he will be ripped of his valuable money for something that looks like the thing he want (like he even knows that these things exist). He will have more change of getting a witch to make him something like that, be she wont be interested in money, she might just want him to perform an upspeakable act…

Therefore rethink crafting and selling items. Don’t treat magic items like common goods…

You can also use traps in another way.

This trap cannot be disabled, but if you now what to do you can bypass the trapp.

This is a black and white door that randomly opens and closes. The door seems to be made of light and darkness is sharp as hell.
If one jumps thru there is a 50% change to loose a limp or 2. D100 to see whar part of the body is cutt of. This is of course a simple sollution if you have a high enough priest to cast regenerate.
Of course dimdoor to the other side might also work.

The sollution is of course simple. White light, is made of all colors, and therefor if you are multi collored you can just walk tru the white light without any harm..
If you are dark colored you can of course walkt thru the dark side of the door.

This kind of traps require thinking and are fun...

Some thoughts here.

* No priest will sell powerfull divine power for money. The people should deserve being raised according to the beliefs of the god of the priest.
Sure there are material component but the cost for such powerfull divine power cannot be put into money, although a new cathedral will, as well as certain priviledges for the clergy and the 2nd oldest son becoming a priest as well...

Ergo yes rich people can get a lot of stuff but they will pay the price!

Magic food traps, there is a dutch proverb saying that a peasant wont eat what he doesnt know.
I think there will be a lot of riotting a civil unrest if people are fed with soylent green.

I think that economics will be different for weatlthy powerfull people and normal peasants. While a powerfull rich person will donate lots of money to a reaseach hospital cause he or she has a desease and most of the time they wont notice the loss of money..

Ergo gaining high level magic is politics, if you know the right people you might get what you need

200. Great Halfling Inventions
This tome is made from several other tomes, and stitched together like a frankensteinsmonster.
The first part off the book has several old Grandma took’s homebrew recipes for apfelstrudel and spiced boar ribs.
The second part are 5 pages torn out of someone spellbook, and stitched onto the recopies of old grandma took. This is the arcane eyes spell.
Then the book it stitched into a part where there are orcish recipes for making soup from Halfling meat, and a slow roast casserole of Halfling meat.
Stitched on some of the pages are part of a spellbook this contains the spell major creation.
The last part is carefull research, written in blue pearl ink known as a special ink only used by blue wizards. This is the research for special spell.
The Celman’s Charm of the Halfling
Enchantment (Charm) [Mind-Affecting]
Level:Brd 1, Sor/Wiz 2
Components:V, S
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range:Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Target:One halfling
Duration:1 day/level
Saving Throw:Will negates
Spell Resistance:Yes
This charm makes a Halfling regard you as its trusted friend and ally (treat the target’s attitude as friendly). Halfling gain a -2 Will save vs this spell.
The spell does not enable you to control the charmed halfling as if it were an automaton, but it perceives your words and actions in the most favorable way. You can try to give the subject orders, but you must win an opposed Charisma check to convince it to do anything it wouldn’t ordinarily do. (Retries are not allowed.) An affected creature CAN obeys suicidal or obviously harmful orders.

This book was a gift from the blue wizard Angwantibo to a halfling wizard as a way of making him jump thru hoops

DiD any of the other characters confront him about his fears in character.

Roleplay it out, works better than forcing someone to play his character different

Why on earth would one take a Unicorn into battle..

I agree that if a characters is pure of heart a unicorn would bond with her and there would be no need to spend a feat.

Unicorns are the stuff that legends are made of.. LEgend is a Movie one should watch indeed...

So in your game only active killing power matters, and nothing else, i think you are missing out on a great deal of the game...

Good to know that cohorts should be expressed in survival rate and not in mystical power...

Yes true stinken I have read the thread and a big owl thingy is not a roleplaying opportunity it is just a way of locomotion...

LOL it doesnt do enought damage therefore it is to hight pfff... a unicorn cohort is such a great roleplay opportunity... sigh

Panquels Instant Knock Out
Fummelshein's Fermented Fractions
Dejeil's Dwindling dweomer
Spell of the infernal gratitude
Schimmelpennick's Duo decimal devisions in calthesian misteries
Archscaums golden aura of the grotesque grandeur

There are soo many spells to choose from

Being a wizard is expensive, therefore is is usefull to make your fellow adventurers understand that in order to assist them you will need to invest a lot of gold and therefore they must invest a lot of gold.

29. take care of your women in places you cannot

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Old DM tactics

Each player rolls 10 D20 at the start of the session. When a secret roll is needed the DM can roll a D10 to see what was rolled.

Also nice to get a more narrative way of letting players discover thing.

How is a 7 Int Fighter going to learn magic. And what wizard would try and teach him that!

It is an arcane art that requires studying an using complex concepts of the surrounding world to force and sculpt.

He is not going to understand these concepts (ergo no spellcasting)

Then there is the part of teaching him. It is like trying to teach a monkey the higher concepts of mathematics. It cant be done.
(what harvard proffesor is gonna teach a brain damages moron his skills an knowledge)

Construction Crew (scam)

12 workmen open up the streets diggn a hole, asking people money te cross the boardwalk they made. Harrassing a shopowener etc...

Another small question

Can a Simulacrum craft items, or assist with item crafting..This would seriously lessen downtime of crafting...

How to avert the same problem with evil campaign that always occurs.

PC kill eachother cause they R evil

I would like to see some rules for the following

Volume discount, If I make 5 Long Swords +1 should is be easier cheaper?
The King orders a 1000 Long Swords +1. Must be a way of making an assembly line...

Does it help if I use monster parts, special gems, materials in crafting (Cheaper, lower DC)?
Hmm if I put the Charming Eye of the beholder on top of the Wand of Charm...

Increasing the DC of an Item.
Wand of Charm person DC 11 vs Wand of Charm Person DC 15

Effects of using and finding special places to craft the Item
For this ring was forges in the fires of mount doom....

I have an extensive Library and/or Laboratory on Magic, Crafting etc. Does it help me in any way?

Someone written a Manual of how to craft an Item...
Magic Swords for Dummies. This sage spend his life on researching the crafting of a staff of ultimate destruction, he never made one, but you found his work and all you need is follow the instructions; aka like building an ikea

What does price and DC do for items that also have a disadvantage.
Aka A belt of +2 Con, but -2 Dex...

Craft magic ITem Sets
Left Ring of Jumping , Right Ring of leaping, if both worn bonus goes up....

Items that grow with character power.
This sword is +1 but when you single handedly defeat a Large Water Elemental it becomes a Sword +1 of Frost, then when you are able to attack twice in a round the blade allowd you an additional attack (Frost Sword +1 of Speed).
etx... kinda like the old legendaru stuff

Circumstante Items
The cloak of the werewolf only functions while the moon is full...

I think there should be 2 more 'must' prerequsites to item creation.
A well stocked library, dont have one, +5 DC
Have an great humongous library at your disposal, get +1 to 5 on the Check.

A Welll equiped Laboratory, dont have one, +5 DC
Also have lab assistents, and a great well stock lab might give bonus as well

Then the DC for Item creation should be tweaked a little more,
Wanna make an item without haveing the right spells +5 DC, and this means that you only get a DC +5 for making a ring of 3 wishis without the wish spell, and also a +5 DC for making boots of levitation without the levitate spell. this seems a bit strange, So missing a spell should depend on the level of the spell you dont have.

Then there is a wizard making a wand of Cure light wounds, and he must therefore hack into the divine magical powers of the gods, this semms a bit akward, this should be a wee bit more difficult.

Crafting an item should also be about fluff. Therefor making boot of levitation from the skin of a beholder, and using the beholders MAgnus leviticus as shoe polish, (The organ with what it floats)might result in using less money and easy crafting of you boots...

I think it is best to create different NPC Selling magic Items, Spellbooks etc. The PC might build a bond with some of them, en might ask these NPC to go and search for items they think they need.

My Old Time Favored is the Church of Abbadar, who always sells or makes Magical Weapons and ARms, but you wiull need to pay your taxes, and tithing the church of abbadar 1/10 of all you possesions is maybe a bit steep, but they can get and make almost any weapon or armor you need.

Then there is always a black market for magic, this means pc can sometimes sell evil items there (The Church of Abbadar might just confiscate the items and fine you for having evil items)and also get ther hands on things better not seen in public, human bane items, talismans of pure evil etc.
The black market can also get most items, althought these might come with problems of the previous owners.

Then there is the wizards guild, you can order items here, but it might take time, for the wizards are busy, burocratic, and need te be confinced that making items is in the good of the guild, they do have a lot of items for sale that seems unsellable to most other people, such as the Purple worm bane dagger, Azimbar's wand of duegar wooing, or the vorpal ring.

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