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I'll make a profile shortly but here are the rolls.
STR: 2d6 ⇒ (3, 5) = 8
DEX: 2d6 ⇒ (4, 5) = 9
END: 2d6 ⇒ (5, 2) = 7
INT: 2d6 ⇒ (1, 2) = 3
EDU: 2d6 ⇒ (6, 5) = 11
SOC: 2d6 ⇒ (3, 4) = 7

Okay not the smartest dude but not bad overall. SO three to 5?
Those rolls are impressive Linc, as in really unlucky.

Zirelle wrote:

Overall though, you should probably go through the character building process before you solidify anything, because, you know, you might start out with one idea and end up a pirate. That's what happened to me. :)

Totally agree, but that can lead to a sort of chicken and egg problem. You try to make links and connections but things can go sideways on that, also because not all players may have the same number of terms even if only 4 or 5 are allowed. The timing may not line up. All part of the good and less good of Traveller, creating a character is a bit Hmm, complicated is the wrong word, involved I think is better. The system plays out though mostly simply when set up is done.

On that note should we make direct connections with group 1 at all, they already have their allotment of connection skills but that doesn't bar group 2 from getting a couple of their own?

I was thinking of the Citizen worker career path but am open to Merchant or Navy as well. I guess some of it may come down to is Group 2 coming in as individuals or as an already unified group?

Hello everyone! Signing in as requested. Glad to be here.

I've read the Player's Guide. How are you planning to do this additional round, with so many there are options? A group build as though it were a fresh campaign, fully integrated with the same limits, (like no one takes the same careers as the any in Group 1 as well as group 2), somewhere in-between? Wait for the others to check in then decide?

If I seem overeager, it's only because I am, but if I'm too pushy just let me know.


Currently the name is

Nicholas Kaya of mostly Solomani descent

aiming for someone to fill in some of the engineer gaps but willing to adapt to what others want as well.


Ditto, looking same as always.


I noticed that what I said earlier could be interpreted to mean I've read all or many of the old adventures, I haven't. My opinions were formed by reviews and statement by my friends of the time, most of whom I've lost contact through the years. In the spirit of full disclosure though, I have watched Seth Skorkowsky's Traveller spoiler filled reviews of those adventures. Outside of that there may be a few bits and bobs of stuff most of which I've forgot by now. I studied the rules off and on for their interesting extensiveness, quality, and often frustratingly complex nature that were not always playtested enough. Great idea generators though.

Exploration, discovering something new or interesting and the Ancients are about as big as it gets. Many of the Traveller pre-written adventures are classics for a reason, good solid stories. And it will save a ton of time for you, reducing risk of you being overcommitted. I didn't read the adventures hoping I'd get to play in them someday, but have read a lot of background through the years. So pre-written is great.

Its been decades since I've played Traveller, my rpg group doesn't like it. But I did play the LLB version and have bought many (but not all) of the later versions. I do have a copy of MGT2e in PDF. If there is room I'd like to be considered. Not sure yet what I'd aim for but as you said what you think you are getting and what you actually get tend to be very different.

Sorry wrong forum.

@ All - Sooooo NOT surprised, never felt the DM was fully invested in this campaign.

First thing to determine does the group want to stay together or not? This is one of the best groups of role-players I've seen so it would be nice if continuing was possible.

After that is there someone not currently involved that wants to step up as DM - anybody know anyone?

After that is there one of us that would?

Let's just start with that.

Veshly (Rani)

Hello, Reckless

Well, I tried. I've run through a bunch of concepts, even fleshed out one only to realize I built a great NPC. Inspiration seems to have left me here. I am dropping from this.

However, I would still like to harass er, plead for when you have your first session. To have someone give an informed first hand review of what works and what doesn't (if anything) from the Pathfinder modules of FG, would greatly help my friend our group's DM.

Thanks for everything and have a great and long-running campaign.


I'll be back with a Wizard Diviner tomorrow. I'll read the Player's guide to make it appropriate to this campaign.

Hello! I'm interested in playing Kingmaker, I've been in a few campaigns that sadly ended before finishing Chapter One.
Also I have all the PDFs for Kingmaker, just glanced at the later ones, a couple of years ago but I do have some knowledge of the first book. I'll keep it as separate, of course, but I want to give full disclosure. Please let me know if it is an issue.

I am familiar with Fantasy Grounds, a friend DMs with it. Would love to know your how your experience with Pathfinder FG modules goes.
I've used Skype for a while now but I am fine to use Discord or any other tool you choose.

Rolls -

STR: 4d6 ⇒ (3, 3, 4, 1) = 11 after discarding lowest die value is: 10
DEX: 4d6 ⇒ (4, 2, 5, 1) = 12 after discarding lowest die value is: 11
CON: 4d6 ⇒ (5, 4, 1, 3) = 13 after discarding lowest die value is: 12
INT: 4d6 ⇒ (6, 5, 6, 6) = 23 after discarding lowest die value is: 18
WIS: 4d6 ⇒ (4, 4, 6, 4) = 18 after discarding lowest die value is: 14
CHR: 4d6 ⇒ (3, 6, 5, 3) = 17 after discarding lowest die value is: 14

Point value is: 30 and none below 8.

I'll be back with a character in a day or so, now that I know the stats and can work from that.

Congrats to all the selectees. Double for Faelar great character as always. And Kaavek great presentation of your character, always saw you as my greatest competition; I'd have picked you.

Good Luck and great gaming all.

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Franz Flechter

Yeah, wasn't sure what that was about, glad it wasn't relevant. Running as smooth as it can with one player down and with me having to downplay my character as much as I can. Still total catastrophe is looming ...

Stellan's attention is drawn to the bear's careful observation of Warren's attempts to calm him. He can tell that the bear is not normal at all. "Warren, it didn't work because that bear has more than animal intelligence. It's an Awakened beast of some sort, I think. Maybe bonded in some way, it's old but still powerful." Stellan is sure that this is not going well, he protects himself.

Cast Mage Armor.

Ok, I sent another PM explaining in more detail what I was asking. Note that the post I've made is very crude. Click through to Anton Lebeda, Zaxarii Lebeda, or Stellan Volkov, to get an idea of how I normally format. It will be much more readable. I do not have and will not get Hero Labs, I use PCGen but it has some limitations. I have to hand edit it to make it more readable and complete. That will be done.

@MiniGM- I'm sending you a PM. Formatting to come.

The heart of my submission, if I get some more time, I'll put more polish on it.

@MiniGM Mostly written first person, If you have a problem with that I'll rewrite to third person. Only Oria is speaking I've left out the mysterious other.

Hope that Student of Faith applies to a Healing Hex.

Are you playing with the option that characters get the language of their ethnicity for free, if so add Chelaxian (not a big deal either way)?

Any questions or comments from anyone are welcome.

Oria bio

Bullet points
1) Born to a rare faithful family of Chelaxian Pharasma worshipers. Mother is a priestess of a long line of priestesses; Father is a coffin-maker.
2) Fated to a life of arcana. Not at all charismatic.
3) Unsure of her place in the world, but bored to tears where she is at.
4) Witch(Hedge) - Patron:Healing.


"Who am I?"

"A question with many answers and none. I'm a daughter of Pharasma, in whose arms lies life and death. I'm the daughter of Leo Leonardi, carpenter and coffin-maker. I'm the child of my mother Tina, grandmother Valeria, and many more beyond memory, all priestesses of Pharamsa. At my birth, when the rites were invoked, my fate was told by the She Who Speaks for the Dead. Though magic would fill my life, I would not walk with the gods in it; I was doomed to mortal magic only. My older sister Tina would continue the line of priestesses. The High-Priestess and my parents were content enough, I could be a mystic singer for the dirges at the funerals. I grew up with the temple the center of my life. But as time went on it became clear that the arts of performing escaped me, the temple bards said I could learn magic but not feel it. My family was not wealthy but managed to get a wizard to take me as an student to see if I could learn that art. Perhaps I could but the fates of others found mine, destroyed mine, and build mine anew."

"My Lady is not an exclusive god, any may invoke her gifts, faithful or faithless. One day came, like any other, where Grams, and mother, and my sister were midwifing in the poor districts of Magnimar. Just past sixteen years, they brought me along to assist, my mundane skill in healing having progressed enough. Coming back toward the temple late, before reaching a safer district, we were accosted by those so desperate or cruel as to attack healers. We fought, but they caught us unprepared and cut us down. After seizing loot they fled into the night. I was hurt but not so bad. Grams was really dead, obvious when I saw her ghost standing over the bodies of her child and grandchildren. 'Grams,' I cried, 'It's wrong for you to be here, move on the Boneyard, Our Lady is waiting.' She said, 'Hush child, your mother and sister are not yet dead, save them.' I worked with my weak skill on them but with the supplies gone I could do nothing. 'I can't do it, Grams, they're gone.' Grams looked solemn, more than ever before, 'There is a way, we will need to sacrifice-everything, the path of your fate will change forever.' I trembled from the fear for my family, myself, but said, 'I swear, by the Lady of Graves, to make whatever sacrifice is needed,' At that a raven landed, on my mother's shoulder, and I saw Grams ghost enter in. 'Ar-wark, bond with me, child, I will teach you what you need to know.' I did as asked and the knowledge of healing entered into me. With it I woke my mother and sister. There was no saving Grams from her sacrifice for now, if my life was to be lived at fated. My small spell book was taken by the brigands but I no longer needed it. Grams was my spellbook now."

"I'm sent to this hinterland at Foxglove's manor, to study under another with this fate. The healer of a remote place. The only culture, if you could call it that, is in some dusty sea-town called Sandpoint. I've been here five years now. I'm so bored, some-days I think I'm losing my mind. I'm glad there are a few interesting people in the town but I rarely meet them. Can't wait for the festival."

"What am I?"

"You thought me an adept or priestess of Pharasma did you not? No, that can never be. Not my fate. I'm a witch. That's the sacrifice, you see. No talent for the arts, no communing direct with the gods for me, but I needed the power to heal. Wizards can't do that, see. That left one answer and Our Lady of Graves gave it to me."


"You ask a why? I ask, why bother? Do you want to hear true lies, or a sorrowful truth? You ask again why? Why is my life this way? But the real question you want is why is your life the way it. Ask a Goldfinger, he'll tell you that you haven't enough gold, ask a Hunter of the Father of Forest, he'll tell you that love of kin, community and the gods is the answer, they are all right and all fools. Don't bother asking. I don't give straight answers? Do you want the lies of the Harrowers that tell of the good but leave out the bad? Life isn't simple, stop asking. My you're persistent, You want simple, simple this. The purpose of life is to live it. That's it. Now go, fool and leave another donation for your foolishness."

To herself, "Who am I? I don't know, time to find out."

The build:

@MiniGM - work in progress
No equipment. Much tweaking to do.

Name: Oria
Race: Human (Chelaxian)
Player: Veshly
Classes: Witch2
Hit Points: 14
Experience: 2000 / 5000
Alignment: Neutral
Speed: Walk 30 ft.
Languages: Aquan, Celestial, Common, Varisian
Deity: Pharasma

Stat Score Mod
STR 10 (+0)
DEX 14 (+2)
CON 14 (+2)
INT 16 (+3)
WIS 14 (+2)
CHA 10 (+0)

-------------------------- Skills --------------------------
Skill Total Rnk Stat Msc
Acrobatics 2 0.0 2 0
Appraise 6 0.0 3 3
Bluff 0 0.0 0 0
Climb 0 0.0 0 0
Craft (Alchemy) 12 2.0 3 7
Craft (Untrained) 3 0.0 3 0
Diplomacy 0 0.0 0 0
Disguise 0 0.0 0 0
Escape Artist 2 0.0 2 0
Fly 2 0.0 2 0
Heal 7 2.0 2 3
Intimidate 0 0.0 0 0
Knowledge (Arcana) 8 2.0 3 3
Knowledge (History) 8 2.0 3 3
Knowledge (Nature) 8 2.0 3 3
Knowledge (Religion) 9 2.0 3 4
Perception 4 0.0 2 2
Perform (Untrained) 0 0.0 0 0
Ride 2 0.0 2 0
Sense Motive 4 0.0 2 2
Spellcraft 8 2.0 3 3
Stealth 2 0.0 2 0
Survival 2 0.0 2 0
Swim 4 0.0 0 4

-------------------------- Feats ---------------------------
Extra Hex (2x)
Alertness (From familiar)
You get a +2 bonus on Perception and Sense Motive skill checks. If you have 10 or more ranks in one of these skills, the bonus increases to +4 for that skill.

Brew Potion(From Hex)
-------------------- Special Abilities ---------------------

------------------------- Traits ---------------------------
Child of the Temple (Knowledge (Religion)) [Paizo Publishing LLC -Advanced Player's Guide,
You have long served at a temple in a city, and not only did you pick up on many of the nobility's customs, you spent much time in the temple libraries studying your faith. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Knowledge (Nobility) and Knowledge (Religion) checks, and Knowledge (Religion) is always a class skill for you.

Focused Mind [Paizo Publishing LLC -Advanced Player's Guide,
Your childhood was either dominated by lessons of some sort (be they musical or academic) or by a horrible home life that encouraged your ability to block out distractions to focus on the immediate task at hand. You gain a +2 trait bonus on concentration checks.

Student of Faith: While you have personally dedicated your life to a single deity, you study all religions and mortal faiths. Upon hearing that the town of Sandpoint recently completed a cathedral dedicated to the six deities most popular in
the area, you had to see the place for yourself, and have arrived in time for the consecration of this holy edifice. Because of your strong faith and broad range of study,you cast all cure spells at +1 caster level, and whenever you channel energy, you gain a +1 trait bonus to the save DC of your channeled energy.

Special Qualities
Familiar - Grams - A Raven.

Witch's Familiar [Paizo Publishing LLC -Advanced Player's Guide,
You form a close bond with a familiar, a creature that teaches you magic and helps to guide you along your path. Your familiar also aids you by granting you skill bonuses, additional spells, and help with some types of magic. These special abilities apply only when you and your familiar are within 1 mile of each other. The familiar stores all the spells that you know.

-------------------------- Combat --------------------------
Total / Touch / Flat Footed
AC: 12 / 12 / 10
Initiative: +2
BAB: +1
Melee tohit: +1
Ranged tohit: +3
Fortitude: +2
Reflex: +2
Will: +5
Unarmed attack:
to hit: +1
damage: 1d3
critical: 20/x2
Concentration check: +5
--------------------- Special Abilities --------------------


Cauldron (Ex) [Paizo Publishing LLC -Advanced Player's Guide,
The witch receives Brew Potion as a bonus feat and a +4 insight bonus on Craft(alchemy) skill checks.

Flight (Su) [Paizo Publishing LLC -Advanced Player's Guide,
The witch grow lighter as you gain power, eventually gaining the ability to fly. The witch can use feather fall at will and gain a +4 racial bonus on Swim checks.

Healing (Su) [Paizo Publishing LLC -Advanced Player's Guide,
The witch may heal with a touch, this acts as a cure light wounds spell, using the witch's caster level.

Slumber (Su) [Paizo Publishing LLC -Advanced Player's Guide,
If the creature fails a will save, it falls into a deep, magical sleep for 2 rounds. This hex can affect a creature of any HD

------------------------- Equipment ------------------------
Total weight carried:
Current load: Light
Light: 33
Medium: 66
Heavy: 100
--------------------------- Magic --------------------------

Innate Spells
Feather Fall (Transmutation, AirSchool) - At Will per day
Saves: Will negates (harmless) or Will negates (object);
DC: 10
Casting: 1 immediate action
Duration: Until landing or 1 rounds
Range: Close (25 ft.)
Components: V
SR: Yes (object)
Effect: The affected creatures or objects fall slowly.
Target: 1 Medium or smaller freefalling objects or creatures, no two of which may be more than 20 ft. apart

Spells Known
All witch cantrips.

❏❏❏❏❏Cure Light Wounds
DC: 14, Will half (harmless); see text 1 standard action Instantaneous Touch V, S CRB: p.263
School: Conjuration (Healing) SR: Yes (harmless); see text Target: Creature touched Caster Level:2 Concentration:+7
Effect: When laying your hand upon a living creature, you channel positive energy that cures 1d8+2 points of damage.
❏❏❏❏❏Diagnose Disease
1 standard action Instantaneous Close (30 ft.) V, S UM: p.216
School: Divination SR: No Target: One creature, one object, or a 5-ft. cube Caster Level:2 Concentration:+7
Effect: Detect and identify diseases.
1 round 4 hours [D] Close (30 ft.) V, S, M CRB: p.315
School: Conjuration (Summoning) SR: No Target: One mount Caster Level:2 Concentration:+7
Effect: You summon a light horse or a pony [your choice] to serve you as a mount.
❏❏❏❏❏Remove Fear
DC: 14, Will negates (harmless) 1 standard action 10 minutes; see text Close (30 ft.) V, S CRB: p.332
School: Abjuration SR: Yes (harmless) Target: 1 creatures, no two of which can be more than 30 ft. apart Caster Level:2 Concentration:+7
Effect: You instill courage in the subject, granting it a +4 morale bonus against fear effects for 10 minutes.
❏❏❏❏❏Remove Sickness
DC: 14, Fortitude negates (harmless) 1 standard action 20 minutes; see text Close (30 ft.) V, S UM: p.234
School: Conjuration (Healing) SR: Yes (harmless) Target: One creature Caster Level:2 Concentration:+7
Effect: Suppress disease, nausea, and the sickened condition.
DC: 14, Will negates 1 round 2 minutes Medium (120 ft.) V, S, M CRB: p.344
School: Enchantment (Compulsion) [Mind-Affecting] SR: Yes Target: One or more living creatures within a 10-ft.-radius burst Caster Level:2 Concentration:+7
Effect: A sleep spell causes a magical slumber to come upon 4 HD of creatures.
❏❏❏❏❏Unseen Servant
1 standard action 2 hours Close (30 ft.) V, S, M CRB: p.364
School: Conjuration (Creation) SR: No Target: One invisible, mindless, shapeless servant Caster Level:2 Concentration:+7
Effect: An unseen servant is an invisible, mindless, shapeless force that performs simple tasks at your command


Level 0
Light (Evocation) - 1 per day
Message (Transmutation, AirSchool) - 1 per day
Stabilize (Conjuration) - 1 per day

Level 1
Cure Light Wounds (Conjuration) - 1 per day
Sleep (Enchantment) - 1 per day

------------------------ Description -----------------------
Height: 5' 1" Weight: 100 lbs. Gender: Female
Eyes: Very Dark Brown, Black Hair: Black,Long Skin: Fair
Dominant Hand: Right Quirks: ,
Speech style: Quotable:
Full Description


Hi, I'm the other guy that Aéron Skár mentioned. I'm certainly interested but I'd need some time, maybe up to a couple of days to put together a character, RL issues that I have to take care of. If it matters I do not have an interest in Pathfinder Society Play. You can look through may profile for sample of my play and writing, I played Zaxarii and his clone Anton for a while as Kingmaker chars. Unfortunately my Rise of the Runelords characters are all rogues. (Just had a DM bail right after starting. sigh.) After reading up a bit I'll see what inspiration strikes. Build at level two, follow listed requirements, going off to read them now.

Ref:DM Zyren's Heart of Ruin 3rd

ZZ would like to link these threads. It would also be nice if the old recruitment thread could be merged and linked as well. It does not seem possible afterward. If there is a way, please give the info on how to do it, if not please add it to your to-do list. After all it's doesn't have more than one or two thousand items on it, does it, Gary? :)

Thanks for anything you can do.

Sorry the line should read.
Experience 3, Advances spent 3, Advances unspent 0.

Dotting for interest, will work up a character.

I wish to make it clear I have never sent or received any PM's or emails about anyone's character or play. I sent a PM to DM-Tarenth about ideas about my background for him to use as he chooses. I don't have anyone's email in game, everyone is unknown to me except as they posted or by following the profile links. I'm not talking behind anyone's back.

My thoughts are my own, if Stellan disagrees with Warren on something it's because I, the player, believe that a different course should be followed. I've looked at the map, I think the camp is indefensible with our small numbers. I might be wrong but it looks that way to me. Since I have no reason for to role-play the situation sub-optimally, I have Stellan say the same. If I thought he would say something else because of character reasons, I would have him do so.

F.Y.I. I play Stellan.

Warren wrote:

It may be interesting to break out the good group and the Nidal group. But it would be much more work for GM Tareth. I can definitely attest to that.

This statement I find disturbing. As an OOC statement it's a player-to-player communique. The breakdown of the positions and the "good" and the "Nidal" is troublesome; Anwel/Zimmmerman called it "loaded", I'd call it provocative. To make things clear, neither I nor is Stellan supporting "the bad guys" of Nidal or elsewhere; I'm just playing the character. Is how I'm playing Stellan offending you, Warren/Chainmail? I do not mean it to. Is there something as a player you want from me? I'm very accommodating but I do not know you as a person and posts are a poor medium of communication, I feel like I might have given a personal offence that I'm unaware of. Please if there is any player to player issue, let's resolve it now and openly before it grows. I like the game and all the players, I'd hate for a misunderstanding to cause unnecessary friction.

Breakneck is again stunned by the tech use to trasport them knowing that Teleportation had been one of the powers being studied by Project Rebirth this is far more advanced. Now very worried by what he has been put into, he think, I'll just - wait the girl is talking what her voice sounds familar. Is she the girl with the demon motif? What does she want with me?

He become very tense and watches her closely, behind the concelement of his goggles.

Yes I think I suit up with costume under the clothes and maybe a bag or backpack for items that wouldn't fit like the mask or googles. He's aon a campus or at a gym most of the time so not too odd.

Is Rayborn City set in any particular state of the union or is it just somewhere in the U.S. but never specified?

I see with the Whisp gone, The Conduit will not have a friend to generate Electricity for him to control. Just making sure, so he isn't surprised when there's no power about.

Oh, I'm begining to get use to it, I just think there are better systems out there, but I'm good with what you want. Just trying to see if everyone is using the same rules I am. :P

I've adjusted my background to match Whisp's and the Conduit. It could mutate more if needed or I'm good to go, if you approve.

I'n not sure but has everyone paid two points for every point of Resource? I.E. minimum of 10 points for a Typical(5) that is required?
It's hard to tell but I can't balance the points on some of the builds here.

@Whisp Sorry to see you go, seems like a great character and time but congradulations on that big, big, win, looking forward to the next rounds. Good Luck.

As to what RPG Superstar is, look on this very page at the upper left and you will see a link to RPG Superstar 2013. For the past several years Paizo has run a contest in which the top winner gets to write a full adventure for Pathfinder and have it published. It has started a couple of people in new careers of their dreams. Out of thousands of submissions Electric Monk, A.K.A. Whisp made the top 32, that's a very big deal! Now it's on to top 16, 8, 4, winner!

Go all the way, George! Woot! Woot!

@phantom1592 I must disagree, I find MSH to be rules-light but that isn't the same as simplistic, I think it's rather complicated and vague. It doesn't take many pages to get complicated in. Just looking at that FEAT chart is not trivial, look at all the info packed on it. How to use it, what applies and how, doesn't look easy to me. Maybe it'll be better in play. Also if the spotlight is to be on the characters and their relationships why not use Smallville Roleplaying Game? That game uses the Cortex Plus system with extensive modification. It's all about relationships and superpowers are no more important than any other trait of a character. A very simple example: With Super-Speed one can join an ongoing scene by spending a plot point, or a person with a smartphone can join a scene by spending a plot point. A cellphone is the same as super-speed for the purpose of how a relationship is influenced. So it all depends on how you want to play the game but I think MSH failed to achieve the design goals, noble as the goals were. On the other hand I think more depends on the GM and the players then on any games' systems. Of course, that's just my opinion.

Updated background/origin stories.

Tyler Terry "Tee" Thompson was born, in Rayborn City, to an ordinary middle-class family, living with his parents Thomas Thompson and Theresa Thompson (nee Tyler). Tyler is a good student and athlete, A "Buffy" fan this sparked interest in wrestling and the martial arts, with him taking a Jiu-Jitsu black belt in high school and winning an undergraduate martial arts scholarship. He entered graduate school on an academic scholarship in the field of genetics, working as research and teaching assistant under Professor Martin Van Buren, who has heard every joke already. His five-years older sister is completing her residency at the teaching hospital. His life became marred by tragedy when a drunk driver and his parents crossed paths. After the funeral, the insurance paid off the modest home which he shares with his hyper-busy sister. He works irregularly at sport studios (wrestling and martial arts) and the occasional bit part in action shows/movies, normally credited as "Thug #3" or such like. With low expenses, he's reasonably well-off. His life went on until one fateful night ...


Tyler finds out that Prof. Van Buren lead the genetic research for the never quite shut down Project Rebirth, now expanded in response to rising incidents with Super-Powered-Beings. The labs are working on subjects and samples of "mutants" and various other projects, trying to figure out what causes these "Superpowers" and how to use them. Tyler is on a break when costumed bad guys attack the labs. Tyler hears the shots fired, runs into the labs, and sees costumed thugs murder Sarah's parents while their daughter flees through another experment and tries to fight off the thieves and murderers but is knocked into the equipment, sprayed with chemicals and odd genetic materials, surronded by exploding equipment. As the thieves flee, he wakes and rescues the Prof from the now burning lab. The Professor notices, before Tee does, that being carried away by someone at car speeds is a bit freaky. Now Tee faces a strange new future ...

Manged to download the map, So we have a college and not a University, could work though top research goes to big name places, Maybe it's for security reasons. I see the sports complex for the K-12 schools, is there similar facilies behind the college for it? May or may not have a bearing. Lots of factories nearby, that's interesting.

@Demonheart Is that your Pop before or after taking the hit for your body type?

Hi, Blue Star, a classic blaster concept, sounds good. Being familiar with the rules is good, I'm still not to sure how the FEATs, actions, and passive vs. active powers work in this system.

Whisp makes a good point, for 250 point characters most Abilites and Stats of import, should be in the Good(10) to Amazing(50) range and it does make things easy to use that. A those Ranks standard numbers change by 10 at each rank. Should make it easy then.

@ DM Darvis That why I call what I wrote a worksheet, I'm trying to show all work. Just make everyone state it explicitly and write it down. The real problem is balance, some of the adjustments are much more powerful or weaker than others.I think that's why you are getting so many induced mutants it's just about the simplist one you can take.

Being ninja'd a lot.

Without hyper-speed fast related stuff is not so applicible, Swifty at least has a pun going for (or against) it. :)

His main power is fast healing, not as easy to think of a cool name for. And it's not going to be Painkiller John or The Cheerleader that needs saving. (Ow, that was super-nerdy or is it geeky? I lose track.)

I'm cool with 2d, and The Powers That Be and want to be would want to study superbeings for many, many reasons. Making more SPB's,improving them, figure out how to kill them ... and how well are you sleeping lately? :)

I'm Swifty but getting close to name change post limit so going to use Veshly for a while.

I've used the random generators. That's how I got to Swifty but most of the names sound even more stupid or duplicate existing ones. I have a sheet next to me with a bunch of dumb names on it from it. Maybe I'll try again. Thanks for info though.

DM Davis wrote:
and it will make it hard to see how many cps were spent UNLESS people specify which ability they raised. :P

Welcome to the wonderful world of mixing rolled generation and point buy. This is the other main reason why I think MSH combined with point buy is NOT simple at all. Hero System is simple at its heart, just has complex math, and an enormous catalogue of powers to plow through. M&M 3rd is mostly similar to that.

Here's my first attempt, questions/comments follow and are wanted from others.

Hero Name: Swifty
Secret I.D. Tyler Terry "Tee" Thompson
Origin: Induced Mutant
Player Name: Veshly
Role: Melee Combat
Type: Martial Artist/Low Speedster/Very Low Tank


Marvel SuperHeroes Worksheet:

Health:70 Karma: 36 Faserip Total: 106

Pop Score......00/00


Fighting Catagory
Marital Arts A Cost 10
Acrobatics Cost 10
Tumbling Cost 10

Other Catagory
Genetics Cost 5

Martin Van Buren, Professor of Genetics at the University. Skill: Genetics Cost 5
Optional: Tina Theresa Thompson, Big Sister, Senor Resident obstetrician at the Hospital. Skill: Medicine Cost 5.

Resources/Talents/Contacts Total: 60 or 65

P2/Body Resistance...Good.........10......20

Powers Total.........80

Grand Total:246 or 251

Tyler Terry "Tee" Thompson was born to an ordinary middle-class family, living with his parents Thomas Thompson and Theresa Thompson (nee Tyler). Tyler is a good student and athelete. A "Buffy" fan this sparked interest in gymnastics and the martial arts, with him taking a Tai-Kwon-Do black belt in high school and winning an undergraduate gymastics scholarship. He entered graduate school on an academic scholarship in the field of genetics, working under Professor Martin Van Buren, who has heard every joke already. His five-years older sister is completing her residency at the teaching hospital. His life became marred by tragedy when a drunk driver and his parents crossed paths. After the funeral, the insurance paid off the modest home which he shares with his hyper busy sister. He works irregularly at sport studios (gymnatics and martial arts) and the occasional bit part in action shows/movies, normally credited as "Thug #3 or such like. With low expenses, he's reasonably well-off. His life went on until one fateful night ...


The genetics labs is working on samples of the recently discovered "mutants" trying to figure out what causes these "Superpowers". Tyler is on a break when costumed bad guys attack the Prof and try to steal the reaserch. Tyler hears the disturbance and tries to fight off the thieves, but is pushed into the equipment, sprayed with chemicals and odd genetic materials. As the thieves flee, he wakes and rescues the Prof from the now burning lab. The Professor notices, before Tee does, that being carried away by someone at car speeds is a bit freaky. The Prof and Tee decide to keep this a secret for now and think up a costume and mask while trying to figure out what the thieves really wanted.

Tee is tall, dark, and handsome, looking somewhat like Tom Welling, and is well dressed in dark, usually black clothing. As Swifty, (Swift Tee, get it? Ow, Why are you hitting me?) he dresses in a dark, black and maroon martial arts outfit, with full head mask and "protective" visor.

Comments on my background.
It's written pretty generic. I've left open what town/city we are in the names of the University and hospital, etc. When it's time let me know and I'll make it less vanilla.

Questions I have because I've used the Hero System and am not good with this one.
1) Hard to hit point total dead on, gave two options. What do you choose GM, the 246 or 251 variants or something else?
2) As described Hyper-Speed and Hyper-Running seem to overlap, Do they, what can I do with Hyper Running that I can't do with Hyper-Speed?
3) Very little firm descriptions of powers. I'm not sure what I can actually do. In this system, does this build have good synergy or is it a broken mess?
4) The charts are hard to read. I'm never sure what section I should use. So how fast does he move? How much weight can he life without straining? Etc. I might study to figure this out but it's not obvious to me and that it could take some time. Note that's only the most basic examples of lack of clarity. Everything is like that.

Hyper-running says this has the side effect of raising his END rank number by this powers rank number. Does this mean he has Rank number 20=Excellent END for while running or all the time or something else?
If I read the movement chart right, he runs at 60 miles per hour, normally. Did I read that right or is there something else I should know?
I have Good Body Resistance, how good is that compared to a typical, knife, pistol, rifle, etc?

There's a lot more than these questions but this would be a good start to get a handle on this system.

Please help me sort his out so I have some idea of what this character can really do.


Hi, congrats to all chosen. As always, in order to improve my entries, I'd like to know what you liked/disliked in my characters, so I can make better characters in the future.

Happy New Year! I have been playing in online PbPs for over a year now too, sorry to say none that I was in then are still active. Hope the the ones I'm now in are still around next year! Have a great year!

Mod to list.

Sunny - NG Elf Monk

Sorry, that was the earlier list, problem with listing on these boards can't really do editing right.

For those that are in the New Year, hope it's started well, for those like me that have yet to see the New Year hope it will start well.

Bye and good luck.

Given that GM Zimmer said he planned to choose Jan 1, 2013, I'll make this list to aid any last minute entries.

Repeating Tolfdir's list for easy viewing. Making this post to help further submitters see what is already out there before deciding on what they want to post.

Findylnaur - CG Elf Rogue
Kuluinyavynuar - CG Half-Elf Rogue
Caerwyn - NG Half-Elf Rogue
Sunny - CG Elf Monk
Jin - CG Human Fighter
Graeme - NG Human Ranger
Tolfdir - CG Dwarf Barbarian
Wit - LN Halfling Monk

Arduino - NG Human Sorcerer
Silverpaw - CG Catfolk Sorcerer
Hasteinn - LN Elf Wizard
Vachordi - NG Human Bard Withdrawn
Spectrum - N Elf Wizard

Kyranda - CN Human Cleric
Kendric - NG Half-Elf Inquisitor
Bomilcar - LG Human Paladin Withdrawn

Additions to Tolfdir's list:


Lou - LN Human Monk
Davorik- NG Human Fighter
Tunder - NG Dwarf Ranger
Wulfgars - NN Human Fighter


Hufsa - NG Dwarf Bard Withdrawn
Timor - CG Half-Elf Bard
Alys - NG Gnome Sorcerer
Terrence - CG Human Witch
Soval - NG Human Magus


Occa - NG - Human Cleric
Urgag - NN Half-Orc Inquistor
Fram - LG Dwarf Paladin
Ettir - CG Dwarf Cleric
Teobold - LG Human Cleric
Amoonrann - LN Vanaras Druid

Findylnaur and Kuluinyavynuar are submitted by the same poster, and so are Fram and Ettir.

28 Active Characters submitted by 26 players, I think, and three withdraws.

Good luck and Happy New Year everyone!

Excuse me I overlooked one.

Amoonrann - LN Vanaras Druid

Repeating Tolfdir's list for easy viewing. Making this post to help further submitters see what is already out there before deciding on what they want to post.

Findylnaur - CG Elf Rogue
Kuluinyavynuar - CG Half-Elf Rogue
Caerwyn - NG Half-Elf Rogue
Sunny - CG Elf Monk
Jin - CG Human Fighter
Graeme - NG Human Ranger
Tolfdir - CG Dwarf Barbarian
Wit - LN Halfling Monk

Arduino - NG Human Sorcerer
Silverpaw - CG Catfolk Sorcerer
Hasteinn - LN Elf Wizard
Vachordi - NG Human Bard Withdrawn
Spectrum - N Elf Wizard

Kyranda - CN Human Cleric
Kendric - NG Half-Elf Inquisitor
Bomilcar - LG Human Paladin Withdrawn

Additions to Tolfdir's list:


Lou - LN Human Monk
Davorik- NG Human Fighter
Tunder - NG Dwarf Ranger
Wulfgars - ?? Human Fighter (Alignment might be CG but did not find it.)


Hufsa - NG Dwarf Bard
Timor - CG Half-Elf Bard
Alys - NG Gnome Sorcerer


Occa - NG - Human Cleric
Urgag - NN Half-Orc Inquistor
Fram - LG Dwarf Paladin
Ettir - CG Dwarf Cleric
Teobold - LG Human Cleric

Findylnaur and Kuluinyavynuar are submitted by the same poster, and so are Fram and Ettir.
Note that many characters are unusual in their builds.

Thanks again for offering to GM, looking forward to Jan 1.

Thanks for the list, Tolfdir, nice to see all the others in one spot.

@Marik - I explicitly stated that Findylnuar and Kuluinyavynuar are Martial rogue builds and given the choices Caerwyn made I'd call him a martial build as well. Rogues are interesting in the flexibilty they present; they can lean toward combat, intrusion, or social or a combination pretty well. They are not as good in straight-forward combat as a fighter can be min-maxed to be but they can do well enough.

GM Zimmer wrote:

Sure, the Shadows Under Sandpoint campaign traits are usable in place of the Player's Guide campaign traits.

In light of that I've changed back my traits to the original choices as I feel they better represent my characters Findylnaur and Kuluinyavynuar.

Thanks for consideration.

The image link for Findylnaur in my first post appears not to be working though it does in his profile.

I'll try again here.

Image of Findylnaur

Here in Northern Illinois it's cloudy, windy, and chilly, but no rain or snow expected for days, so we're OK. Lake Michigan is choppy and roads are closed near it but I don't see major problems for me. Lucky for me, hope anyone else in the path of Sandy is doing well. Stay safe.

Sorry to hear about your misfortune, feytharn, take your time of course. Be well.

Hello, sorry for the late arrival, I'm also a new entry here, just posted in the game thread.

Be busy again for a few hours will check again tonight and often tomorrow.

The links to the various threads also just appeared for me.


Glad to see Fernis again Bilbo, greetings from Volta. They live again!

Yes, Warhammer dwarves are the stereotype done right, they feel real not tacked on.

The Bounty Hunter: Anyone may look, just the basic stuff for one.


Character Name:
What ever you want.

Human, Dwarf, Wood or High Elf


Career Name:
Bounty Hunter / Basic

Career Traits:
Basic, Combat, Rural, Urban

Primary Characteristics:
Agility, Intelligence

Career Skills:
Ballistic Skill, Intuition, Observation, Ride, Stealth

2 Action, 2 Talent, 1 Skill, 1 Fortune, 1 Conservative, 1 Reckless, 2 Wounds

Talent Slots:
Tactics , Reputation

Career Card:
Once per session, you may name one adversary as your quarry. Add a Expertise die to all Observation, Intuition, Melee Attack and Ranged Attack
checks targeting your quarry for the remainder of the encounter.

I don't have much more info, except fluff, but if you need anything else Bilbo, just ask, I'm sure someone will answer.

The group so far I think.

Fetharn-Dwarf-Apprentice Runesmith. Career requires Dwarf according to RAW.
Mark Sweetman-Human-initiate of Morr. Career requires Human according to RAW.
Spazmodeus- Human-Zealot of Morr. Career requires Human according to RAW.
Bilbo Bang Bang- ??? Ratcatcher. Career requires Human or Dwarf according to RAW.

This seems to be the group so far. I'll see what I can come up with, I'll almost certainly be human.


I have a few questions.

I can't see my friend for a couple of days, (he's busy) so could you scan the pistolier career card and carrer skill and send it to me? I think he has Omens of War but I not positive. If you PM me I'll give you my Email address, if you want to do it that way? This is the class I'd like to think about, but I need more info.

Are you going to track corruption; I don't see it on your sample character sheet?

How are you treating the initial wealth buy? I see some people going low and that can be bad in a game where the initial wealth in Char Creation fixes your social status.

Typical breakdown of social tiers:
0 points -Broke- scum, slave, wanted criminal, outlaw, known chaos friend. Serfs spit on you.
1 points- poor- Brass tier- peasant, common trash. Most people, small folk that know their place and are put in it daily.
2 points- moderate wealth -Silver tier - Gentlemen, or the better sort of commoner, yeoman, small merchants, shopkeepers, guards, etc, that serve the nobles.
3 points - Wealthy- Gold tier -Nobles and wealthy merchant princes. Better than everyone else and know it, all others know it too or regret it.

Will financial rewards for the adventures be unequally divided among players by social status in a way that reflects the Empire's social structures? Or will it not be the point at all?

I've noticed some D20 thinking going on. Traditional roles in a d20 group don't apply quite as much, WFRP can be play D&D style but as written it's more like Call of Cthulhu than any D20 game. I'll use the face to face game I'm in to make my point.

A party of three:
High Elf Envoy, face guy with a superior bow, elven noblity, strong social, medium range combat, good at noticing things.
Human Zealot of Stigmar, tough guy, not strong or well armored, but takes a beating physical, mental, or spiritual, nothing stops him. Intimidates well.
Human Pit fighter. Strong guy, key melee warrior, not nice, also good at Intimidation.

Top to bottom they are gold, silver, brass tier. What little money we saw went to the top guy because he's the top guy, as it is he's really very poor for a noble and it's hurting him, he needs more money (like gold by the bucket full) to maintain his status.

Also there's no healer in our group, the zealot in more than half the sessions went to battle with one or more critical wounds, we have finished our first careers and he still has one critical. I'm the pit fighter, I have an insanity that may last for months or years. It's a grim and gritty world and even magical healing doesn't alway fix things, high valued criticals are hard to cure.

So are you easing off on the grim and gritty aspects of the Empires setting, or keep it harsh, but maybe survivable, or go grimdark? You seem to want the lighter side but it's hard to be sure. I'm good with however you want to play it, I just recommend, strongly, that you make your intended style and approach known to the players in advance.
I'd never would recommend someone going in broke, just not a good idea, brass at lowest, and silver better, unless it won't matter after a few sessions.

I think the pistolier career favors gold tier but I'd like to read the career card, and it's associated skill before choosing it.

Sorry to hit you with such a barrage and thank you taking this on and letting me play.

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