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The small seaside town of Otari is known for its fresh fish and skilled sailors, but above all, it’s a big logging town, providing valuable wood to the nearby metropolis of Absalom. Word has begun to spread around Otari that there’s a problem down at the Otari Fishery. Some are saying that some sort of beast is lurking in the basement, feeding on the stores of salted fish. Folks are worried that whatever is eating the fish might get hungry enough to eat the fishers next!
You’ve received a letter from Tamily Tanderveil, the owner of the Fishery. Inside is a desperate plea for help. With the town guard busy protecting the loggers, she needs a few brave souls to venture down into the basement of her warehouse and put an end to the beast that’s feasting on her fish! Do you have the courage to face the menace under Otari?

Each of you has caught the eye of Tamily Tanderveil, a notable of Otari. Some of you because you stand out due to your ancestry, some of you because you made yourselves known as "troubleshooters".

You spot Tamily waiting in front of the Fishery.

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This is the discussion for my very first 2E game.

Good Afternoon Pathfinders!

My name is Niles and I’d like to run a PF 2E module. I’m recently back from an 8 month hiatus away from the boards and online pbp gaming, but I’d really like to ease back into things. I have lots of experience running PBP games, but only in the Starfinder/Pathfinder/5E rulesets. I have 0 experience with PF 2E. So, I’m gonna run a short module from the Beginners Guide to introduce myself to the system.

1) Min 3-5 posts per week (Including the weekends). Combats in PBP can be lengthy, so I’d appreciate more posts during combats, even if the post is literally just moves/rolls.
2) Always be pushing. PBPs die if no one is driving the action, so I run with the rule of 2. If two players suggest a course of action, that’s what we do unless someone else posts something different.
3) Don’t do things that are cheesy. If I have a problem with something, I’ll probably allow it the first time and then PM you about it.

I use Google docs for maps and allow you to edit the documents

That’s it really. I’m a laid back GM. I’m not a rules lawyer. I enjoy gaming and I’ve sorta missed it this past year. I’m really running this module to learn, so I’ll take any criticism or pointers that anyone has.


All you need to do is post the briefest concept here to be eligible for selection. Seriously, don’t bother with a full statblock unless you really like making them. Just a quick blurb like
“Hey, I’d like Hajar to be in this game. Hajar is a congenial kelishite who worships Sarenrae. He’s a champion who believes that even the most corrupted deserve redemption. He wields his gods scimitar and shield and defends the weak with all his heart and soul.”

From that I got that the character is Hajar, he’s a melee type and he’s a “good guy”. That’s really enough for me to choose a party.

I’ll pick a party (between 4 and 6 players) on Monday Feb 1st with the goal of starting play on Wednesday Feb 3rd.

Wanted: Between 1 and 3 new players for a long term Iron Gods game.

The Skinny: Me and some buddies have been playing this game since Aug 2014, in the last year or so we've slowed down alot and lost 2 players. We are about to finish the fourth book, Valley of the Brain Collectors, and plunge into Books 5/6 concurrently. We are looking for one or more dedicated individuals to join us in finishing this AP. It'll probably take over a year to get there, but we've invested nearly 5 years in this thing so what's another 2.

Specs: Starting level 12. 20 point buy. Normal WBL. Core/uncommon races +Android and Ratfolk. Unchained Summoners only. No occult classes. Preference given to archetypes from the tech guide. Can purchase items from CRB, Tech guide, UM, Equipment guide.

Expectations for players: The ability to post daily, but probably only need to post 3-4 times a week. (I'm an elementary school principal and I get crazy busy). I expect anyone who is interested to at least skim a little through our gameplay thread, it's long but we've had fun and the party has been pretty awesome.

Current party:
Jarreck, a reincarnated Elf turned Dwarf Rogue
Seven.Teen, our very serious Android Arcanist (focused on save/suck and damage)
Guaire, a Numerian archer who really hates Robots

We could use a divine caster or two. Currently I'm GMPcing 2 NPC's from the book, a Kasatha Techslinger and a Druid of Gozreh. The new PC's would be replacing one or both of those.

This Gameplay Thread

I can post in that thread with other Alias', and I can create threads and post in other threads with this Alias. However, with this Alias (that I made specifically to GM an Iron Gods game) I cannot make a post. When I hit "Submit Post" it looks like a preview button has been hit and the post will not submit.

Edit: It happens on different PCs with different browsers which is why I think it might be a website issue

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Belhaim presents a sleepy, rustic facade to the wandering visitor. The town is in large part self-sufficient. Its main commodities are pottery and fish, but the town doesn't receive enough trade to garner much renown from these industries. Most of the town's inhabitants work for family businesses or provide services. Residents are fractious, and they have long memories. Minor squabbles are common among neighbors who have differing beliefs.

Our heroes find themselves in this sleepy little hamlet, enjoying a meal at the Wise Piper Inn. The proprietor, one Talia Orem, took pity on the poor caravan guards and offered them room and board for a few days until they could manage to travel out of Belhaim. The Heroes are seated at a long table, enjoying a free meal of fresh bread with cheese and honey, washed down by watery mead.

Go ahead and talk amongst yourselves. Once everyone has posted I'll move us along.

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Here we go.

Hello everyone. I am interested in recruiting 2-3 more players for a 5th Edition conversion of The Dragon's Demand, a pfrpg module that goes from 1st-7th level. The 5th Ed. conversion should match that pretty closely.

Expectations from the GM
1) You know the 5E system well enough to game using it
2) You trust that we are all here to have fun
3) You post daily. Every. Single. Day. At least once.
4) You let me know if you have any problems and we try and work them out.

The Module is set in Belheim, which is in Taldor in the Verduran Forest.

To generate stats you can use the standard array OR point buy OR roll 4d6 drop the lowest.

A short backstory explaining why your character is in Belheim is all I need from you. Alternatively you can use the module's prewritten reason

Caravan Guards:
A large part of the adventure is getting to know the people of Belhaim and exploring its hinterlands, so it's best if the PCs are not natives of the town. This adventure assumes they've only recently arrived-if your players don't have any particular preference for how things begin, a man named Silas Gribb offers them a job as caravan guards. Upon the caravan's arrival in Belhaim, Gribb is arrested on a warrant for smuggling, and Belhaim's sheriff and his most skilled deputies head out within the hour to escort him and his confiscated caravan south to Cassomir. The PCs can easily convince the authorities of their ignorance about Silas' criminal activities, but are left stranded in Belhaim, as Silas is obviously unable to pay them for the caravan job.

I'd like to get this game rolling by next Monday. So I'll be choosing PC's soon. Honestly, I'm really just looking for a set of consistent daily posters. I already have 2 PC's from another game that are joining and so I only need 2-3 more PC's.

I'm sure you'll have questions and I'll be checking this thread frequently so I can answer them.

Edit: UA stuff is fine, but I reserve the right to alter things if they get silly.

My current party has lost 2 players and they need replacing. I'll take up to 2 people, but definately one person. The current party is a Warlock, a cleric and a mystic. They lost a Sorceror and a Paladin.

Here is the current gameplay thread

You would begin play at level 5.

Personally I'd rather any new player roll up a native of Barovia so we don't have to figure out some reason why they showed up. There are several NPC's that can be played as PC's or you can roll a Barovian/Vistani/Dusk Elf PC that isn't listed in the Curse of Strahd book.

Let me know if you are interested and we can hash out all that stuff.

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This adventure opens at dinner. Dressed in their finest ANDREJ BULAVIN , XIE XIU MEI , CARL JUNG , RASHEED SINGH , and VICTORIA LAWSON are seated for a refined five course meal hosted by the Ripper Master Johann Van Helsing. At least a dozen other Rippers who operate in Europe are present. The dinner has gone smashingly well with all present being wowed by the stories and abilities of these new recruits. At the conclusion of the dinner, Master Johann Van Helsing gives an opportunity for each Recruit to have the floor and tell some tale of their exploits.

Encounter Map


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Hey guys, I was just recently introduced to the Savage Worlds rules a few months ago by Greenteagamer and I love them. I'd like to run a Rippers plot point campaign as I have an interest in turn of the 19th century weirdness.

We would begin the campaign as 0XP Rippers in a newly established London Lodge in the year 1892.

This is a recruitment/interest check thread.

IE: You can post interest AND/OR character ideas in this thread. I plan on taking a while to build a party of Rippers and flesh out a Lodge before we begin gameplay.

To play in this game you'll need to have access to the Savage Worlds rules and ideally the original Rippers companion, but you could get by with just the SW rules.

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Our heroes begin this adventure in the forests surrounding Daggerford. GAIL GREY and her companion MALATHORN are with their traveling companions VALEN OAKSON and TALUS KOSS , they have just finished ridding the Sword Coast of a marauding band of goblins and are resting before heading back to town.

The woods are quiet this night, and the air grows chill. Your fire sputters as a low mist gathers around the edges of your camp, growing closer as the night wears on. By morning, the fog hangs thick in the air, turning the trees around you into gray ghosts. Then you notice these aren't the same trees that surrounded you the night before.

Encounter Map

Our heroic band of adventurers is enjoying an evening at the Pennywhistle, a tavern known for its "rough and tumble" nature and a haven for wanderers, drifters and well, adventurers. It's passing into evening and the disparate groups are at their cups, discussing whatever it is that ails them this fine day on the Flaeness. ROLEN and CARRIC sit apart from the humans, quietly discussing their mission from the Dreadwood Rangers. PEREN and the wizard KIRIAN have just arrived some minutes ago and are searching for Peren's contact at the Pennywhistle. HABBI the most foreign of the heroes, sits alone, enjoying his own council for the moment. A songsmith strikes up a bawdy tune and soon the entire Tavern rings with songs of Maids and their naughty deeds...

Gameplay is ready. After everyone posts a little RP post I'll move us along

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Under raging storm clouds, A lone figure stands silhouetted against the ancient walls of Castle Ravenloft. The vampire Count Strahd von Zarovich stares down a sheer cliff at the village below. A cold, bitter wind spins dead leaves about him, billowing his cape in the darkness. Lightning splits the clouds overhead, casting stark white light across him. Strahd turns to the sky, revealing the angular muscles of his face and hands. He has a look of power-and of madness. His once handsome face is contorted by a tragedy darker than the night itself. Rumbling thunder pounds the castle spires. The wind's howling increases as Strahd turns his gaze back to the village. Far below, yet not beyond his ken, a party of adventurers has just entered his domain. Strahd's face forms a twisted smile as his dark plan unfolds. He knew they were coming, and he knows why they have come-all according to his plan. He, the master of Ravenloft, will attend to them. Another lightning flash rips through the darkness, its thunder echoing through the castle's towers. But Strahd is gone. Only the howling of the wind-or perhaps a lone wolf-fills the midnight air. The master of Raven loft is
having guests for dinner. And you are invited.

Here is our discussion thread. Our first task is to make a party.

The basics are this, everyone will use the standard array OR roll 4d6 drop the lowest method of stat building. (If you don't have ANY stat at a 14 after rolling, you can drop your lowest and make it a 14)

Pretty much anything is fair game from the Core Rules or UA articles. I urge you all to work together when making a party so you can cover as many bases as possible. Some of you might even tie your characters together pre adventure in some way.

Encounter Map

Four miles east of Saltmarsh, just inland of the old coast road and looking out to sea, stands the Haunted House. Until twenty years ago it had been the residence of an aged alchemist/magician of sinister reputation, and even then had been shunned by reason of its owner's mysterious occupations. Now, two decades after the sudden and unexplained disappearance of its occupant, the house has acquired an even greater air of evil and mystery with the passing years. Dilapidated and now long-abandoned, the house presents an unwholesome appearance to the eye. Those hardy souls who have on infrequent occasion sought entry to it (for rumors of a secret hoard of alchemical gold have persisted since the old man's disappearance) have all returned with naught save grim tales of decay presided over by monstrous perils. In more recent years there have been reports of fearsome hauntings--ghastly shrieks and eerie lights emanating from within the dismal place. Now not even the bravest dare so much as to approach the house, leave alone enter it. Indeed, such is the reputation of the house that the fields around it, though prime agricultural land, remain untended and rank with weeds.

Welcome! This is our Discussion tab. Our first task will be to make a party.

The basics are this, everyone will use the standard array OR roll 4d6 drop the lowest method of stat building. (If you don't have ANY stat at a 14 after rolling, you can drop your lowest and make it a 14)

Pretty much anything is fair game from the Core Rules or UA articles. I urge you all to work together when making a party so you can cover as many bases as possible. Some of you might even tie your characters together pre adventure in some way so you have a reason to be in Saltmarsh together.

The only adventure hook is the "You have traveled to Saltmarsh after hearing of a treasure" one. This adventure will begin, as most of them do in that era, in a Tavern. The Pennywhistle is a low class hovel of a Tavern, the kind that Adventurers love!

Hello everyone, I’m looking at recruiting 4-6 players for a long term 5E game. Right now I’m looking at some sort of AP, either a Paizo one or a WotC one. However, I can probably be persuaded to run a series of modules if the party was more interested in that.

About me: I’m a long time poster on these boards who has alot of PbP experience. I’ve run several PF games including A series of modules/homebrew campaign set in Darkmoon Vale and an ongoing Iron Gods game currently at Book 3 and several others.Please take a look at my profile and campaigns to see if my style matches yours. I’m a consistent GM who makes daily posts and I expect the same from my players. If you cannot handle 10-15 posts per week with an absolute minimum of one post per day this might not be the game for you.

Maps/Pictures/Handouts: I use Google Docs very extensively, if you have trouble accessing that, this might not be the game for you.

Ok then, still have your attention….great.

I’m recruiting players, not characters, so I don’t really care about mechanics in this thread. I want you to sell me on YOU. Information I’m looking for includes

How experienced of a PbP player are you?
What is your preferred post rate for games?
What is your most active posting times?
Are their days/weeks where posting is impossible for whatever reason?
Let me know a little about you, why would you be a good fit in my game?
What type of game are you interested in, Paizo AP (using 5E rules) or WotC AP or something else.

By no means am I only looking for experienced players, I don’t mind taking in newbies. I have in several of my games. This is gonna be a long term game, and so will be a long term commitment so please keep that in mind.

Encounter Map


Encounter Map

Discuss...because War, War never changes.

Encounter Map

In the city of Korvosa a dwarf named Gundren Rockseeker asked you to escort several wagonloads of provisions the rough and tumble settlement of Phandalin a couple of days travel northwest of the city. Gundren was clearly excited and more than a little secretive about his reasons for the trip, saying only that he and his brothers had found something "big" and that he would pay you ten gold pieces each to escort the wagons safely to Barthen's Provisions in Phandalin. He then set out ahead of you on horseback along with several others whom he had hired claiming he needed to "take care of business".

You have spent the last two days following the Coast Road north from Korvosa and you have just recently veered off onto the "Triboar Trail" You have encountered no trouble this far and Phandalin is only a few hours away. But this territory can be dangerous, goblins and bandits have been known to lurk on the trail.

Open for dotting, also some RP. Who is driving the wagons? There isn't a particular skill involved and anyone can be doing it. Inspiration will be awarded for roleplaying your background/ideals/bond/flaws!.

Howdy folks.

I'll be running an experimental game over the summer months using the Dungeons and Dragons 5E ruleset. I'll run the Lost Mine of Phandelver module from the boxed set which covers levels 1-5. No guarantees on anything past that.

I am a very post contentious GM, I post reliably at minimum once per day and I demand my players do the same. I won't hesitate to bot your character and/or move the action along if you don't post for 24 hours. I usually let my guys know if I'll be out and I expect others to do the same.

So, I'm looking for 2-3 more players to join the 2-3 of my friends here on the boards that are already in the game. I'm going to reserve one spot for someone who is BRAND NEW to PbPs, so new people please post!

I'm looking to begin the game by the end of May so I'll leave recruitment open until Friday the 22nd.

All you need for this thread is to post your interest and a basic idea of what type of character you want to play. I'll probably respond to your post with a bunch of question to help me pick the ideal people I want to virtual game with.

The setting will be Golarion and the module will be set in Varisia.
We will be rolling for stats 4d6 6 times drop lowest d6.
Anything from the PHB, DM Guide or Elemental Evil is fair game as far as what is allowed (as long as I can justify it in Golarion/Varisia). Stuff from the UA articles might be allowed, just ask me about it first.

Encounter Map

Here is where we discuss all things related to my experiment with 5E rules.

Hey guys,

I'm an Assistant Principal at an elementary school. Currently we are in a contest to gather votes for a video we made. I'd like your support if you feel comfortable clicking on a link. All you have to do is click Vote Now, you don't have to watch the video. I appreciate your help!

The Link To Vote.

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Current Map

The town of Torch has long enjoyed a singular claim to prosperity-a violet flame that burns atop Black Hill in the heart of the town. This flame burns incredibly hot, and while it's usually the size of a bonfire, several times a year the fires spew up into the heavens in a brilliant beam of purple violence. These eruptions are presaged by about an hour of soft rumbling, giving nearby smiths a chance to retreat before the fires can consume them. At all other times, the violet energies allow for the smelting of all manner of skymetal. Torch is one of the only locations where skymetal can be worked with relative ease outside of Starfall, and its entire economy has risen around these purple flames, with traveling smiths coming from across Avistan to pay for the opportunity to work with them. Of course, Torch needs all the visiting trade and coin it can gather, for while the town's distance from Starfall makes it inconvenient for the Technic League to maintain a permanent presence here, the taxes and tariffs it charges the Numerian town on a monthly basis are significant. The town prospers, but the bulk of its income does not belong to it.

Which is why, when the fires atop the hill suddenly go
out, the town is in trouble.

Recent Events

Extinguished Torch:
The violet flame that has burned
atop Black Hill for over a century has gone out, leaving a
strangely seeping pit of rubble and bubbling fluids where
the town's livelihood once glowed day and night. This happened 8 days ago.

Missing Councilor:
Ever since Councilor Khonnir Baine,
one of Torch's more powerful wizards and a well-liked
individual, went missing on his second expedition under
Black Hill, the citizens of the nervous town have edged
closer to outright panic. With their hands full handling the
growing refuse and waste problems in town now that their
primary disposal method is gone, the town council is eager
to find out what happened to Khonnir and rescue him they've
made public a reward of 4,000 gp to any group that can recover Khonnir's body; if he can be returned alive, they've promised to throw in the scroll of resurrection they've been holding on to in case they need to revive him. Interested parties are invited to speak to the council at
Town Hall.

Black Hill Caves:
Khonnir Baine discovered the signs of
unusual traffic on the banks of Weeping Pond, and shortly
thereafter, the submerged tunnel that provides access to
several heretofore unknown tunnels under Black Hill. His
emergence from the caves with a deactivated semi-humanoid
automaton sparked worries that something strange might
be going on in the caverns, but when he failed to return from
his second expedition a few days ago, those worries turned
to outright fear. Several other adventuring parties have gone
missing in the caves, and Torch finds itself running short on
new volunteers. 7 days ago the first group went and never returned, 6 days ago a second group went in and never returned, 5 days ago Khonnir Baine went with some allies and returned with an odd metal object, 4 days ago a group of Brigh worshippers went in and never returned. 2 days ago Khonnir Baine and his team went back in, and have not returned.

Current Map

Here it is, discuss.

Would you guys prefer 15 Point Buy or 20? If you choose 20 then I typically add the advanced template to every monster and/or an additional class level. I'd rather not do 25 point buy unless you guys just must have it...then I dunno what I'd do to monsters. Maybe advanced and some other template?

Also, lets construct backgrounds in this thread, the AP and players guide doesn't do a good job of connecting the PC's so lets do that here.

I picked up People of the River as well as the Numeria Book so let me know if you want anything from those books and I can reprint it here in the thread.

The Legacy of Fire game I was in had the GM drop for work related issues. There are still 5 players interested in continuing and although I would like to pick it up as GM, I just don't have the time to GM another game.

So, are you interested in GMing for five awesome players who post 3-5 times daily?

Gameplay Thread is here

Discussion thread is here

Also, I could possibly help with the GMing duties with whoever is interested. I have alot of familiarity with the AP and access to maps/images and whatnot. I just don't have the time to update statblocks and be "in charge" of another game.

Hey guys,

Planning to do the Risen from the Sands module from the free RPG day as a one shot adventure.

Do not post complete characters here, we will make characters once I've decided on who I want to be at the table.

Rules for Entry
Average posting rate of 2-3 posts per day. I do the math if you are wondering
Only ACG classes allowed.
Post what class from the ACG you want to play and a short blurb about why your particular character is interested in plundering a tomb in Osiron.
Use this flavor text to get you started

In the depths of the Osirian desert, a sandstorm has recently
uncovered a mighty pyramid that was buried beneath the sand
for ages. Lost for centuries, the pyramid has not yet revealed
its secrets, but one crumbling papyrus scroll found in the Great
Library of Tephu contains references to the tomb of an ancient
Osirian king known only as the Pharaoh of Sphinxes. Word of
the pyramid’s discovery has spread far and fast. Archaeologists,
explorers, and tomb robbers from across the Inner Sea are
gathering in Osirion’s taverns and inns to plan expeditions into
the desert, each vying to be the first to plunder the tomb’s

We have room for one possibly two characters in an ongoing campaign set in Darkmoon Wood which started in August. You would start at level 4 with 6000GP worth of items. No 1 item more than 1500GP. I'll take submissions until Friday Feb 7th and my players will decide who they are interested in.
Any race from core rulebook is ok check with me for anything else, no evil alignments please. 2 traits, 20 point buy. Any class is also ok. Check with me on archetypes

The party so far is
Lucanor, Inquisitor of Iomedae
Silas, Bard and magical lockdown specialist.
Michael, Cavalier and kobold idol
Hecktor, Scythe wielding fighter

So obviously casting classes are what is needed but submit whatever you want to play. 1/day posting is minimum but if you read the gameplay forum Here you will see we usually do 2-3 posts on most days.

The original recruitment thread is here

Hopefully we get a bunch of awesome submissions!

Like the title says, I'm super anxious to play in WotR and I'd like someone to GM the AP and let me in their game. I've probably applied for around 5 or so others and not been selected.

I'm not above bribery so in return I'll GM a game for the prospective Gamemaster. I have two PbP games going

Here, Reign of Winter


Here, Falcons Hollow

You can join either of those or conversely I'll run any other AP, Module or PFS scenario. I'm not a sanctioned DM however.

I'm a good player with a solid posting rate. Thanks for taking a look.

Current Map Dramatis Personae

The sleepy village of Heldren has rarely seen so much excitement or concern. Hunters from the nearby Border Wood speak of unnaturally cold weather at the height of summer that descended on the forest just days ago. Heavy snow followed, and those who returned spoke of an uneasy presence in the woods, as well as new, dangerous predators. No one knows what this event means, but the town's soothsayer, Old Mother Theodora, claims dark times lie ahead. As if in proof of that dire prophecy, a badly wounded mercenary arrived in town yesterday, claiming to be a bodyguard of Lady Argentea Malassene. He told the village council that the noblewoman’s escort came under attack by bandits and strange, wintry creatures near the edge of the Border Wood. He alone escaped, and Lady Argentea was dragged away into the forest. Now the townsfolk cast fearful eyes toward the snowy forest, worried what else might emerge to threaten their peaceful village.

We will start in a little bit, after we get some stuff figured out in the discussion forum

Male shirren priest mystic 4 | SP 28 HP 30 | RP 6 | EAC 16; KAC 16 | Fort +3; Ref +2; Will +8 | Init: +1 | Perc: +11, blindsense (vibration) 30 ft.;SM:+4 | Speed 30ft | Active conditions: None.

Here is the discussion thread. We can hang here until we are ready to begin the AP.

Ok folks, this one is simple.

20 point buy
Anything Paizo written should be fine
2 Traits one must be from players guide (I suggest reading it)

I'll need 3 things from you
1) a character sheet, profile isn't needed unless you are chosen
2) A story explaining why your character is investigating an area of unnatural winter in Taldor.
3) Post a link to a picture of an actor or actress you think would best play your character. idea stolen from another gm on the boards.

5 people will be chosen. Recruitment will close Jan 17th and the game will start the following Monday Jan 20th.

Thanks for showing interest, this should be fun!

Hello everyone,

I've been GMing and playing on the boards for awhile and I'll probably be starting another game soon. This post is to see if anyone is interested in an AP and which ones they would be interested in. I have most of them in PDF and would be willing to buy any other if I had a good group.

My current game is based on the D0 Hollow's Last Hope module with a good bit of modifications and we have one opening there.

You can check out my Falcons Hollow campaign here to see what my GMing is like.

tl/dr: I'm interested in starting a new campaign, please post here stating which one you are interested in and please write a little bit saying why you like that particular AP.

PS. I'm also looking into getting into another few games as a player.

I'm a pretty good player with a high post rate and I do like to RP a bunch. I'm very interested in the WotR AP specifically playing a Paladin or other "shining knight" type. Any games going need a replacement or addition or any new games starting, I'd only ask that I be able to start in book 1.

Send me a PM or post below if your interested!

Encounter Map

Use this thread to discuss things ooc

Encounter Map

The citizens of Falcon’s Hollow have contracted a fungal disease called blackscour taint. While the malady is not exceptionally deadly, poor conditions and a general lack of supplies mean that many of the sick—especially the elderly and young—face mortal consequences.

You are all traveling to/through Falcon's Hollow for various reasons but your presence has been noticed...

Each of you has received a message from Payden Teedum, the message reads.

"You have come to my attention as a person of some small ability, go to Laurel. She resides at her shop Roots and Remedies. Help her cure the plague and you will be rewarded with 50 gold peices"

You guys can RP meeting up in town or at the local adventurer's dive named The Sitting Duck (known to adventurers and other rapscallions to be very raucous)

When your ready click the spoiler below.

Roots and Remedies:
Creeping ivy and full window boxes cover the façade of the rugged-looking, two-story shop bearing the faded sign “Roots and Remedies.” A line of twenty-some somber townsfolk—some with pale, wheezing children, others seeming to be precipitously near tears—stretches from the open door.

Perched at the edge of civilized lands, the small
town of Falcon’s Hollow has always had to
rely on itself to solve its problems. Meanwhile,
the uncaring lumber barons squeeze the common
folk for every last copper, deaf to their
pleas. Now the hacking coughs of the sick are
heard throughout town. The plague has come
to Falcon’s Hollow and the town’s leaders can’t
be bothered to stop it.

This is my first PbP game as GM so I decided to start small.

Looking for 4-5 roleplayers to find a cure for Falcon's Hollow.

Any race from core rulebook is ok check with me for anything else, no evil alignments please. 2 traits, 20 point buy. Any class is also ok. Check with me on archetypes.

Post a short blurb about your character, looking for why your visiting Falcon's Hollow.
I'll post the 4 or 5 characters that are in by Friday the 3rd of August.