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The great mouse is- Manipulative

Hi! I might need a few days to get my character up, but he is coming!

Never played this system before but this seems really fun! I think I would love to try! I already have a character concept that I think will be fun to use here!

I just got Ultimate Combat and I've been desperately wanting to use the gladiator rules, so this definitely has my attention!


What stat build do most GMs on here have players do?
20 point buy, 4d6-lowest roll or something else?
Does it even really matter?

What is the stat build most GMs have there players make on this site?
20 point buy, 4d6-lowest roll, or something else?

I'm starting a campaign soon, and both of my players are planning to play gunslingers. The problem is I can't think of a good one off villian concept. If anyone is feeling generous, I would appreciate if y'all could help!

Piccolo wrote:
Honestly, given what squires were in real life, I would just make him a standard Fighter, albeit a low level one. A knight is nothing more than a straight up Fighter with a few levels and the Mounted Combat feat. The business about being honorable and chivalrous, courtly love and all that was tacked on at the tail end of the knightly age, mostly by the French.

True, True. But where's the fun in that?

Also thanks Joe Mamma!

Wonderstell wrote:

By the way, when I say squire I mean a support guy, healing, equipment carrier, and of course, there to learn how to be an adventurer.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

What levels are we talking about here?

For example, maybe you start at level 1 and want to be a good squire at level 4. Then after that you've grown into an adventurer at level 7 and the game ends at level 11.

That's about what I was thinking. And yes he would not be a magic caster. I realize that much of the "theme" would be RP, but and I did see that one of the Caviler archetype was Herald Squire, but i was wondering if there was possibly a better one. If nothing else Bard will have to do, ya know?

I got an idea for a PC who is pretty much a squire, but I'm having trouble finding a class that will work... At first I thought Caviler but even that really have anything.
By the way, when I say squire I mean a support guy, healing, equipment carrier, and of course, there to learn how to be an adventurer.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

Hey... Um... I'm going to withdraw my applications for your games. They do seem fun but I think I'm going to hold off on doing mutiple games at a time seeing that I'm new and all. There is one other campaign besides yours that I applied on but I have the odd feeling the GM doesn't like my character much so I probably won't get in. Anyway I would love to play multiple games in the future, so if you're starting a new campaign, please remember I exist and PM me! Thanks!

Hi! I've been applying to some of the campaigns that have caught my interest. I think I even applied for your goblin game! I like this idea, and would love to play, but I would hate if I joined too many and had to drop out... So I would like to play but I may have to leave, if that causes me to get turned down I completely understand!

PS I guess this applys to the goblin campaign as well...

tom_thiessen wrote:
I can wait :)

thanks, because I to need a few days!

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Hey... Um... Is this closed? I thought it looked a bit interesting but the deadlines over...

Well then, if annoying Noble is out, I present to you...

H.R. Woodward!

A character concept I've been tossing around in my head for awhile, he's a honest, mild mannered man in his mid-40s. I was thinking he is an author, looking for inspiration for his next book, and has concluded that the best way to do that is going on an adventure him self! After a bit of thought, I think he would be an Investigator with the Sleuth archetype. The problem is... I've never played Investigator before, but thought, to heck with it, I'll try!

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No, no it's fine! I completely understand were you're coming from! As I said before, it was just an idea I had, so I kinda just posted it. Thinking back on it, I still think it could be a fun character but for a one shot or NPC. Thanks for giving your honest opinion!

Thought this was an interesting idea and an character concept popped into my head. A human or half elf Noble ( bard or caviler ) who maybe is funding the expedition but not leading it. He would be kind of a prick and would just be there for the possible money (not to mention cowardly) and be someone with no experience other than tutors. Of course, I as a player will intend to be useful and make him not *too* annoying! ;)

Temperans wrote:

Deflect blame, while not "flashy" is the epitome of what an annoying character would do.

Pacing fancy might make everyone obsessed with you or your light shows, and have them talk to people about it.

Flickering lights, Motes of dusk and dwan, and Spotlight, are all light shows.

Path of glory, you can make a golden walkway for yourself.

Pied Piping, you now have a bunch of "fans" that follow you around.

Aw yea!

avr wrote:
Turlin wrote:
avr wrote:
Useless but flashy - what do you mean by that? I mean, if you put zero effort into save DCs like a wizard with 12 Int pretty much any spell with a save can be useless. A lot of spells are flashy, but dazzling blade, color spray and a variety of other illusions (& glitterdust) might stand out. If you have other meanings for either useless or flashy it might be good to mention them now.
I guess when I say useless I mean non damaging spells, and traits, items and, well, anything that are pretty much there to look shiny, flashy, and showoffy.

Some of those are pretty effective, like color spray and glitterdust. For a wizard or bard doing damage themselves rather than assisting their team via buffs/debuffs/battlefield control is...not playing to their strengths.

Other non-damaging but spectacular spells. Dazzling blade and its mass version aren't bad and are spectacular. Burning disarm might fit. With a little setup pyrotechnics is good and is of course showy. Golden guise makes enemy equipment ineffective; grease (& greater) is less showy but does a similar job. Mirror image (& higher level versions) is both an effective defence and well suited to those who don't want to vanish from sight.

He's not supposed to play to his strengths. He's a support who wants to be the center of attention, and to deal the final blow, looking dazzling the entire time. As you may have guessed, he gonna be an NPC, I think as a PC he would lose the charm and just become flat out unbearable.

avr wrote:
Useless but flashy - what do you mean by that? I mean, if you put zero effort into save DCs like a wizard with 12 Int pretty much any spell with a save can be useless. A lot of spells are flashy, but dazzling blade, color spray and a variety of other illusions (& glitterdust) might stand out. If you have other meanings for either useless or flashy it might be good to mention them now.

I guess when I say useless I mean non damaging spells, and traits, items and, well, anything that are pretty much there to look shiny, flashy, and showoffy.

I'm working on a character, a Gnome by the name of Von Dazzle, who is supposed to be very Flashy and showboaty, but I sat down to make him and I got stuck before I even began. I want him to be a magic user who has the most useless ( but flashy ) spells. Should I go with a fey bloodline sorcerer, Illusionist Wizard, alchemist, or just fall back on the trusty old bard? Or is there a even better option? I guess the point is, how do I make the most useless annoying spell caster ever?

I just spent an whole half hour typing out a epic intro for Marv and then accidentally deleted it... WHY GOD? WHY?!?

Caledon Whitetree wrote:
Dr. Mavrin wrote:
Hey! Cal, are you still using the backstory I found in your posts? If you are, I thought maybe Dr. Mavrin knew Jenni Thatcher? of course neither would know the other knew her :). I really like the backstory and i do hope to connect it with this campaign when it's my turn to GM. Addy's story as well!
In my head I'd dropped that background when I changed my traits and alignment, but if you want we can keep it or part of it. We can even change it fit better with the story you want.

Did you have an idea for a new backstory?

If not I was thinking Jenni could be Dr. Mavrin's neice. As for the campaign, I don't really want to settle on something ( I mean, there is the other players story! ) But I like to re use characters so alot of the characters you meet will be reoccurring. I was also going to have a cult, so maybe Jenni has something to do with that?

Well I'm working on Dr. Mavrin right now but I'd love it if we started right now! Keeping it RP for now,of course!

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I kinda like the idea of having a little RP time on patol before stopping or investigating a crime!

I wanted to ask, will we have some sort of HQ or home base to work out from? If so I thought using Dr. Mavrin's house/lab could be fun or A guild office like thing set up by Brother Seamus.

I would like to say I read little snippets of the last campaign, and you all seem like a very fun group of people, so I really do feel like this campaign is going to be amazing!

As for the GMing order I'd be willing to do second or third!

P.S. I'm willing to have Marv connected to other PC's in some other way if you guys are interested! Maybe he's tea friends with Addy, or something?

Right now i'm working on a campaign idea were each player would choose a, well... WANNABE VILLAIN! the characters would be bad guts that are bad at being bad! i was inspired by the app "Almost A Hero". I have a few ideas EX. Missy, a self proclaimed queen of darkness who believes the pinnacle of evil is littering, a goblin by the name Chiptooth, Czylxor the forgetful lich, and a couple more.

it hit me, to get fun ideas for characters both heroes and villains, i might look here! if you got any funny, dumb, stupid ideas, send them my way! it would be much obliged.

(The names of somethings are Homebrew)
I'm running a campaign that takes place on a city ship. The ship is owned by The Federation, but funded by The Sunflare Corporation. It was supposed to colonize a new planet but those plans we're scraped so now the ship is it's own place out in space.
Anyway it was invaded by space pirate and yadaa yadaa.

My main problem is that I want to map it out but I'm not really good at that kind of stuff...
I know want I want the basics to look like but corridors and rooms I'm having a problem with.

The ship has five decks, A-E, a part on the bottom called the Handle and a part on back called the Fin. The bridge is on deck B, and there are three city sections stretching from deck E to deck C. Most of the survivers are on deck D in some maintenance tunnels and one of the city sections (the one of the left side of the ship) has been completely destroyed.

If anyone knows some good programs, a map I could use or any advice I would very much appreciate it! Thanks!

Hi! Got the PM you sent VV! It might take awhile for me to set up a character but I would love to join!

Meirril wrote:

The basics of basics is that if you want RP to happen, you need a long running game. One-shot missions and characters don't have time to develop.

It also helps if you introduce them to an environment and keep them centered in the same place for a while. Like starting a game where the adventurers run across a wagon being attacked by goblins who have blocked the road. After the Goblins are taken care of several NPCs introduce themselves. One is the merchant who owns the wagon, his 2 guards (injured but alive), a new priest that is going to serve in a local shrine, and the young daughter of the town mayor and her personal maid who decided to return from visiting their aunt a week early.

The merchant offers to put the adventurers up in an abandoned house he happens to own. He also offers a discount in the shop his family runs. The priest puts in a good word with the senior priest in town. The Mayor gets to hear all about the adventurers from his daughter and decides to see if they will take some jobs for him.

Throw in some interesting neighbors with odd hobbies and jobs. Put a tavern down the road. Throw in some shops with interesting owners. Have several people introduce themselves and ask for things. Have the neighborhood kids hang out around their house because they hope something good will happen. Write their parents up just in case someone wants to complain about their kids.

Make sure there is a large city that isn't too close, but isn't too far either. Eventually the players will feel a need to visit a large city, but if they spend a lot of time in this town, they'll grow accustom to it and not mind if the adventures are based around the town.

Thank you! This is perfect!

Hey... I've noticed that on some threads people have character names and there stats under that. How do you do that?

GM Darren wrote:
Hi Turlin - Welcome! I’m fairly new myself but its a friendly place. You can find lots more knowledgeable people here but if I can help with anything, let me know. Have you developed a character yet?

I do have a lv. 1 character on paper but I don't exactly know were(or how) to post it.

I love Goblins! You can make some very interesting and entertaining encounters with, from funny conversations to epic fails, easy info, and unexpected challenges!

Hi, I'm new to the site and never have done PBP and was told that this is a good place to start.... So.... Yeah... Hi!

I'm new to this site and looking to play a PBP. (Warning I have no idea how to PBP!) I love role-playing and Homebrew campaigns! I have lots of characters but I will put Sir Oscar Blublus, a dim witted Cavalier with a kind heart, on here. Thanks!

Thanks All!

I've just joined and was thinking of doing play by post... But I don't know how to exactly... But I know I want to start with something short and simple... Just to try it out ya know?

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For character tunes in general I use the music from the Ace Attorney games. They were made to tell you what the character is like even before they talk!

My group isn't old at all. We haven't really done a muti session yet, but from our one shot games they don't seem to WANT to get emersed. All of these one shots weren't supposed to be one shots... But I'll try to do what you guys suggested!

I live in an area were not many people are in to RPGs, so my group is pretty much what I got. I love deep diving into characters and making lots of NPCs, an lots of role-playing in general, but my players perfer fighting and don't really make personallys for there characters. How can I make it fun for them while keeping it fun for me?