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Yeah, that does sound nice! As for the rule system, I liked it, although it felt a tad bit janky, but I think its an all around good system. And I feel you about PF's rules! (I've actually stopped playing pathfinder, besides this game, an moved over to D&D because it's so much simpler!)

You guys still with me?

Shadowmeld, are you sure you want to use the grenade because your teammates would get hit too...

My brother's visiting ya see.

I'm really sorry, I've been a tad bit busy, but I fully intend to post tomorrow!

So, yeah, I think your right. You guys are going to have to lower some of your stuff. Now I may be wrong, so what does everyone else think?

okay, I'll look into this. I'll try to get back to ya'll later today or tomorrow.

Alrighty then!!!

You can expect a post to start the game tomorrow!

Alright so I haven't heard from Smash yet soooo....

Do ya'll want to start without him?


Just found out I have to go somewhere for the next few days so I might have a hard time posting.

So I'm going to wait till tomorrow, but if Smash doesn't get back by then I think we should start without him. If just for the reason if keeping momentum going in the beginning is important.

So I've got everyone ready except Dr. Smash. I sent him a pm, but as soon as he's ready we can start!

Lightning-Bug wrote:

sorry, I got invited to be a witness at a surprise eloped wedding today for two people I don't know! so that was fun.

"Sure, seems like an interesting proposition. Am I the last name on that list of yours? Also, I'd love to meet the mysterious third if they wouldn't mind coming out." Lightning-Bug says as he takes a few steps towards the group.

that sounds amazing!


I've been watching and I'm glad to see you guys figured it out on your own! But I do agree, I think it was miscommunication. Just remember to be respectful and kind!

Whippoorwill wrote:
Wow, ten miles up? That's in the stratosphere! I don't think Whippoorwill will be flying to and from the base under her own power!


Well two things,

1. Yeah it can be a experimental military base!

2. I should say, that in thins world, heroing can be extremely profitable, If the hero chooses it to be so, such as branding, endorsements, patrons, and public appearances. The Green Thunder and Spotlight are like this, and as a result, get a lot of money! Although I didn't get those vibes from Lightning-Bug, it just something that you should know.

Great, but one last thing, instead of Whetstone's Warehouse could it be Lightning-Bug's base? Like the base he used before he joined the team?

Is this personnel actual people or drones? (I'd prefer drones but it's up to you.)

Great! I'll finish up on my end!

Ah, I see. Your Myth-weavers sheet says something else so I was confused.

It allowed, And you don't have 18 parry right? that was hypothetical? Either way, it legal.

Although maybe we should stop practice here. I think everyone got to see if they want to change anything about your characters, and i'll let you edit them after the first Issue.

no need to fight, just practice. And my warning goes out to everyone.

By-the-by, we can start once Dr.Smash is finished (no rush!)

Yeah you can't go back and edit your stuff to change your actions or re-roll. You have to declare what your doing first and live with the consequence. If you want to change you got to ask permission first.

You wouldn't roll parry, Shadowmeld would just have to beat 12. (I think you mentioned this)

The damage chart in the back of the book already adds the 15 to it, so Lightning Bug would roll his Toughness and compare it to 8 on the chart.

I think you got that just making sure.

Well I see that you guys are doing great! I guess i'll just leave... :p

Joking aside, one thing I should tell you, on pbp initiative turns can really slow down game play, so how I do it is that everyone rolls initiative, adds their total, and whoever got highest (players or enemy) go first. It's not perfect, but it's better than waiting around for someone to post.

Also during fights post as soon as you can, don't wait for another player to go before you do.

I know this doesn't really pertain to your practice battle, but Its just something I thought I should mention.

Heh, Sorry I was going to get around to answering those... eventually...

Anyway, Thanks! And I hope you enjoy!

So this campaign will mostly take place in Nova City.

Nova City is situated on the Giller River, which flows strait in to the Mississippi. Although not as big as Stoneveiw, Freedom City, or New York, Nova City has it own fair share of large companies and normal crime. Super Crime on the other hand is usually few and far between, and the occasional super threat is taken care of by the cities resident heroes, Spotlight and Gadget Girl. But their has been a sudden spike in Super Crime that neither Spotlight or Gadget Girl can handle so Baghi (the teams unofficial sponsor) suggested (read as: told passive aggressively) that would be the best city to be.

(perhaps the more heroic characters were appointed as chaperones?)

Whippoorwill wrote:

Okay... answers!

1) M&M not having been built with an over-arcing story in mind? Hmm. Strange. Well, I won't blame you if the story feels choppy. But I doubt I'll notice. PbPs are marathons, not sprints.

2) Seems fair.

3) Also seems fair.

4) Not sure what you mean by forcing things. But I doubt there'll be too much of an issue, since M&M is not really designed for killing characters, right? Comic books often start with characters in dire straights, in media res, or other tropes like that.

5) I've only played M&M a couple times, so I'll likely mess up more!


Base -- I noticed that there's rules for building bases, but I didn't realize it was mandatory. I thought it was for characters who wanted Stately Wayne Manor or a Watchtower or something. Is there a way for the whole team to develop a shared base, or does one character have to supply it?

First fight -- I wouldn't mind starting out with our first big fight. Or we can do the When Our Team First Came Together series of questions from Masks (by Magpie Games), which lets us create the first fight without rolling dice. It asks things like, "We fought a powerful enemy. Who or what was it?" and, "We caused serious collateral damage during the fight. What did we destroy?" and, "We discovered the signs of something bigger. What was it?"

By force something I mean if I introduce a villain that your not supposed to beat yet, but you almost do, I would make it so he miraculously gets away for the sake of the story. I don't think I'll have to do stuff like that but I said it just in case.

Killing is rather hard to do in this game, for PCs and NPCs.

Bases- A base doesn't have to be a tricked out manor or space station, it can just be an apartment or someones house. The idea is to just provide a safe space you can regroup, research staff at, hide, or hold baddies that you don't want to turn over yet, or just where your character group up and live when not heroing. Of course you characters live somewhere, but if you intend of doing stuff their, it costs as a base. As for price, A team can share the cost of a base or one could own it. This and team vehicles are really the only things you can share power points on.

Thanks 27!

I forgot to ask one last thing to everyone!

Do you want to start with the teams first mission or do you want the team to have been working together for a little bit?

Lightning-Bug... Neat!

Quick question though. Can he make small scale storm inside? And if he uses teleport or Lightning from outside to inside does the lightning affect the wall or structure?

And for everyone, can I get complications, backstory, physical descriptions, personality, and reason for join the team if you haven't already? Sorry, I know thats a lot.

Lastly I notice no one has a base. I can provide one for free to start but you'll have to pay for it later when you get more points.

So some things I'd like to mention...

1) M&M doesn't seem to be made with a over-arcing story or "free roam" kind of thing in it, but I'm trying to make it work so forgive me if the story seems a bit choppy.

2) I'm going to be splitting the story into Issues, each Issue being a "session" for purposes of Hero Points and such.

3) You will start each Issue with 1 Hero Point. You can earn more but you have to spend Hero Points before the end of the Issue, or they will be lost.

4)I may have to force/strong arm certain things (I will try not to though) but you will be awarded Hero Points either way.

5) I've only DM M&M a few times so sorry if I mess up... :p

Thanks for coming to my TEDtalk.

I'll try my best! Although if I forget please don't be afraid to remind me!

Black Fox Spirit wrote:
I mean, i would preffer the DM rolls Toughness, anything to speed it up- but I am the kind of build that doesn't use toughness- and when i do i can choose to use Defensive roll which gives me some more toughness but it goes away as if it isn't an active defense

Don't know if i'm misunderstanding your post, but i'm pretty sure Defensive Roll doesn't go away once you use it. It only goes away if your active defensive are gone, like if your Defenseless or Vulnerable.

Quick thing about running this...

When defending from an attack do you want to roll your toughness check or the attacker? This would move the game a bit faster and immediately allow players to describe what happens but it might cause problems with last minute defenses or reactions.

Four-color is my specialty! I was planning to have goofy villains and capes, but with something dark lurking in the background. Perhaps you could make a more traditional hero, assigned to the team as an "example" to the rest? I believe you can tell darker stories with more colorful characters.

The feeling I was getting with this was "A group of grim people strive and struggle to bring light to the the people around them and themselves".

What I try to do in this game is to make a world were THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN, corporate espionage, the serial killer Bloodbath, and running out of banks with bags marked with $ are all plausible and believable!

I started this assuming it would be straight four-color and was surprised when darker themes and anti-heroes started popping up!

A good example from what I go for is the new SHAZAM! comics. Bright fun characters and worlds with real and dark stories behind them and sometimes creepy imagery.

I'm sorry if I lead anyone on that this would be grimdark...

Black Fox Spirit wrote:
well i kinda assumed based on her interaction with the UN rep that he was formerly if not part of CADRE, but whatever, i can flush out details later. that is after all a rough Draft


Okay wait... from what I understand is

Whippoorwill used to work for C.A.D.R.E, left and tried to join the Hero League, but fails. After that a member of the UN came to her with a deal, she leads a group of other unchecked and possibly dangerous people in an effort to go straight and create a (anti)hero team.

Black Fox works for an organization in Japan, in till a member of her organization and C.A.D.R.E orders her to go join Whippoorwill's misfit crew? Although both of those organizations are evil?

Did I get that right?

C.A.D.R.E. is an evil organization, so it would be someone else wanting her for the team. Unless you did that on purpose? Other than that, Great piece!

I'll run with it if everyone else likes it.

As for your question Joker27, I'd say that works out!

Black Fox Spirit wrote:
yeah, sorry for posting fast, i aint got anything better to do so i just pay attention to these forums

Me too!

Breezeshadow1121 wrote:
What skill should I change my sleight of hand for, since Black Fox already has sleight of hand?

I'd say keep it. It's good to have some overlap and if ya can both be sneaky than you could get more stuff done.

Whippoorwill could be the "leader" who decided to get all the loners and misfits together to make a team of there own...?

You guys are optimizing and making skilled, powerful characters and I'm over here like

"Yeah... um... he can stretch... and his name is Stretch..."

An I can work with a suicide squad or any other theme you guys want.

Alright I think I'm going to cut off the amount of players here. So we got...

Kolbold Klan as Black Fox
Breeze as Shadowmeld
Stalwart as Whippoorwill
And Griffon and Joker27 are making there characters.

Did I miss anyone?


A stalwart defender of the people, Guardian uses his Shields of Light and Hammer of Justice to protect and attack. Considered the first modern superhero he faced off against dangerous foes and natural disasters all through the 80's, 90's and early 2000's always protecting the weak and defenseless! He was an original founder of the Hero League. He suddenly disappeared in 2008.

The Cardinal
A mysterious cloaked figure stalks the streets at night with his trusty sidekick Draculad! The people of Stoneveiw City can rest at night, knowing that this dynamic duo will clean up the streets and lock up the likes of the vicious crime lord, Bluejay, the psychotic jester, Shenanigans, and the mad bomber, Countdown. He is an original member of the Hero League and still watches over the city of Stoneview to this day.

A shadowy woman with a dark past, Vanta uses her enhanced traits and powers over shadows to dispense pain and justice. Throughout her heroine career she fought (and killed) the powered up gangster Sewer Rat and the evil werewolf Risa the Moonlit. An original member of the Hero League, Vanta died in the line of duty fighting an unknown villain.

Kimono’s family had been the personal bodyguards of Japan’s Emperors since Emperor Jimmu. But when the evil Emperor turned Lord of Yo-Kai, Emperor Sutoku betraide Japan, her family imprisoned Sutoku with magic, went into hiding, and eventually escaped to America. But Sutoku spirit lives one and commands the legions of Yo-Kai in his quest for revenge and power. Kimono spends her days protecting the physical world from the spiritual one. Kimono was a founding member of the Hero League and protects the US, Japan, and the world to this day.

An engineering student, then an engineer in the army, then an engineer at Zapp Labs, then an engineer and CEO of Atlas Labs, Xavier Walters has been building his entire life. And his masterpiece is the Titan Suit! A high tech suit equipped with every next-gen gadget available, Titan is able to defeat any foe and save any citizen! Titan has taken on brutes like the concrete monster Blockhead, and brains like the insane Dr. DOS! Titan is a founding member of the Hero League. Although he retired in 2014 to be with his family, Xavier still occasionally takes the Titan suit out for a spin!

Green Thunder
The flashy and powerful Green Thunder and his sidekick Blue Lightning have fans across the US and beyond! With the powers to shake the earth and create sonic blasts, Green Thunder not only beats up criminals in real life, but in comics and movies too! Twrating no-goodniks like The Seven Snake Clan and Megahertz is all just in a day's work! An original member of the Hero League, Green Thunder will continue to clean up the streets and appear in cereal ads for years to come!

A military scientist from the 50’s, a nuclear accident gave him the ability to shrink and grow at will! While fighting the evil Soviet scientist, Dr. Fallout, THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN and Dr. Fallout where transported 40 years into the future where they fight over the spirit of the american people to this day! When he was not fighting Dr. Fallout, THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN help found the Hero League!

The heroes above are the founding members of the Hero League, my version of the Avengers or the Justice League.

Some heroes I made are THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN who got his powers from radiation, Guardian and Vanta who can control light and dark respectively don't know where their powers came from, and Kimono who uses ancient magic. Titan built his super suit, The Cardinal just trained and uses gadgets, and Green Thunder got his powers from the Zapp Labs Accident.

Well the military has always be trying (and mostly failing) to make super-soldiers but "mutants" came about because of what I call "The Zapp Labs Accident"

In 1993, Zapp Labs attempted a dangerous experiment that, in order to complete, they had to Sync Up their 3 main labs across the US. What the experiment was is a mystery to this day, but what is know is that all three labs exploded a the same time, releasing X Matter across the states. The X Matter affected many people but most people just got sick. But some where given extraordinary powers or mutated in some way. Also the children of people who where hit but not given powers may have been born with powers.

Think of the particle accelerator from Flash CW but on a larger scale and it can be genetic.

But powers come from other place such as magic, space, mad science, accidents, radiation, etc. Above is just how mutants came to be.

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