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I love jury duty.

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Psssst... Don't forget the new TPS report cover sheet.

Is this a pbp recruiting thread? What's the point buy?

Dex. It adds to a save, fun skills, AC (!!), AND attack bonus for finessable weapons if you use that feat.

BigNorseWolf wrote:

And in case you were wondering...

Growing for sugar maple requires a tree branching out and getting very bushy. Sugar maple lumber would prefer the tree to be as much of a telephone pole as possible. They're not QUITE mutually exclusive but its pretty close.


But... but...

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My plot to drag this thread off-topic and sow contention has succeeded!

Get used to eating naked griddle cakes.

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Welcome to the madhouse, n00bs!

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Your argument is invalid.

'Tis a thing of beauty.


> wonder why I'm dressed in men's clothing and have a pocket full of acorns.

> Ignite flamethrower

> Flame trees

> Inventory

Screw this, I'm eating my lunch.

> Eat sammich

> Curse
> Buy balloon
> Let balloon go
> Laugh at child
> S

> Laugh at child
> E

> get Molotov cocktail
> goto park

> say "Hey. Bored. Let's go burn stuff."

> Call FreeholdDM

> throw computer out window

Response time on this app is terrible.

> throw computer

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This was supposed to be kept under wraps for longer. Cursed Wikileaks!


Technically, if you are stealthing, you have to go half-speed to get full benefit. Between half and full, you take a -5 penalty. At full speed, it's -10. So a move action for a 30' move person stealthing is 3 squares.

Piking the heads is a no-brainer for Ciri!

I plan to send it all your way, LPM.

You'll never see that post again!

*tidies up so they can't find anything*

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*blinds TOZ with science. SCIENCE!*

I approve of this blitz!

*inserts earplugs*

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TOZ wrote:
If resorting to violence didn't solve the problem, you didn't resort to enough of it.

You must occasionally promote peace and nonviolence to keep 'em off balance.


Longtime reader, first time poster. As a fan of this thread, I have to say it looks like a blast, but it's a real wrench losing characters. I'll miss them all. You guys are doing a great job.


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Make sure her chains are secure. We don't want her escaping.

I need help. People say I'm really nice. How do I become a more effective troll?

Sorry to spoil your little plot, Mr. DM.

Donner und Blitzen.

Treppa wrote:
Gary Teter wrote:


NecroPoodle745 wrote:
*wags undead tail*

There goes the neighborhood....

...and in this neighborhood, that's saying something.

Dear Greenman,

I started watering my plants with coffee, wine, and good ale. But instead of starting to talk about gaming and philosophy, they cussed for a day or two, then turned brown and crispy. What did I do wrong?

A Fan

I am out of aliases and here! <3 Break it well, me hearties!

Christopher Walken wrote:
Treppa wrote:
Karaoke Ashe wrote:
You can go with this...
Where's Christopher Walken??
I. am. right here. Did you... need me... for something?


I'm melting, melllllting... oh, what a world, what a world.

Mairkurion Jr. wrote:


where'd everybody go?


Over there.

Lurks in silence.

Proof that CourtFool is a were-poodle!

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