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James Jacobs wrote:

And the Bound Prince is not tied to the Eldest...but more to the Horsemen of the Apocalypse...

The Bound Prince... yeah... Who totally doesn't exist!!!

Everything is fine! Everything is under control! There's nothing wrong in Abaddon at all! Myself and the other Horsemen have everything under control! THAT'S JUST AN ECLIPSE IN THE SKY. NOTHING MORE!

*slowly boiling abject panic and a glance back at Balishek's crater with the worry that what happened then might happen again...*

Daw wrote:
Um, your earned rest being Abaddon? Really? This is going to be a hard sell to any but the most ignorant.

Abaddon is a wonderful place for the retirement of mortal souls! There's even an all-day, every-day, free buffet!

Would the Hungry Hungry Horseman steer you wrong? :D

Suuuuuuuuuure, yeah you totally could in theory. Charon would accept you, though keep in mind that there's be a lot of self-delusion on the cleric's part. They're going to have a bad time when they're hurled through the screaming gate in Pharasma's Court and into Abaddon. My bet is that they don't hit the ground before an astradaemon scoops them up.

A neutral, benign cleric of Charon is about as likely as a cleric of ME being explained as a TN cleric who wants to help you lose weight and improve your health via caloric restriction.

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The Gold Sovereign wrote:
But what could the forces of Abaddon be scheming there?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. And you'll stop claiming we're up to anything if you know what's best for you!

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Yakman wrote:
well... there's no concrete evidence of an Oinodaemon. It's never manifested. It's just hinted at being this penultimate evil at the heart of Abaddon, the mightiest Fifth Horseman. Something beyond the gods.

No evidence? Stand anywhere in Abaddon and just look up. That perpetual eclipse? It's a single lidded eye of a comatose horror and our greatest triumph and mistake. One location though, one location it's open and it is angry in its imprisoned transcendence and we Four are the only thing keeping it from awakening.

Or it's a lie we tell to ensure our survival in the face of universal antipathy to our unceasing soul-hunger.

It's a lie, unless it isn't.

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*nomming on -ALL- the popcorn*

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Kvantum wrote:
Todd Stewart wrote:
Of course the sensory bombardment is arguably driving him bonkers. :)
He already has three heads. You'd think he should sort of be used to some of that by now.

Just for the record I was crazy well before I even became Horseman of Famine.

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Enriched Breakfast Szuriel wrote:
So, how did my obedience and boons turn out?

Mine are better big sis.

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I hunger for that map by Laz...

Look in a mirror and smile. Show me your teeth and I'll show you your afterlife...

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James Jacobs wrote:

What Rysky said.

Remember, the amount of souls traveling to the Boneyard every moment is a STAGGERING number; it's everyone who dies on every world in the universe, more or less. FAR more than even ALL of those soul-eating monsters could ever eat. The amount of souls who are snatched up by the various creatures that do that is a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of less than 1 percent.

"We're working on it OK? It's a tough job and it's going to take us a while.

Geez, you're almost as bad as the Oinodaemon. He/She/It was all like 'why are you all slacking off? Why haven't you eaten more souls this month? The sum of all mortality in the multiverse isn't going to send itself to oblivion.'

So, faced with our maker telling us all of that?... We ate them.

Suffice to say that didn't go precisely according to plan. But we're still working on all those souls! Give us time!"

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Thomas Seitz wrote:
Nah. I'm good with Charon and Szuriel atm.

Oh sure, play up my siblings and forget all about me why don't you?

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Ms. Pleiades wrote:
In Pathfinder, the only way to truly get out is to have your soul eaten by a daemon. Makes you wonder why there aren't more nihilists running around.

Om nom nom. >:)

I'm totally legal to worship. Please, I insist. Or else I eat you. >:)

James Jacobs wrote:
There are worshipers of daemons out there.

And they are ever so tasty...

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The Block Knight wrote:

Ahriman can come and go from his home domain. He was originally drawn to Golarion because of the House of Oblivion built in Thuvia but he left shortly after. He wasn't trapped.

As for being a second-stringer to the Horsemen. This is true

Totally. Second. String. >:D

Lord Ahriman wrote:
I think we all know where I stand.

Somewhere with your minions being eaten by Llamolaek the Ascended? ;)

Mikaze wrote:
I don't know. I'd rather be stuck in the Abyss than Abaddon.

There's a quote from a short horror story by Matt Cardin (originally published as part of 'Children of Cthulhu') that says, "Show me your teeth, and I'll show you your future."

That pretty much sums up Abaddon.


Mournblade94 wrote:
Dragon78 wrote:
You mean magical talking colorful ponies.

He means the four ponies of the apocalypse.

They were selling them at GenCon this year. Famine was my favorite, obviously.

I tried to buy the original art, but alas it wasn't for sale.

LoreKeeper wrote:

I, for one, am glad that this only is due next month. One of my characters is traversing Abaddon via Styx currently as a petitioner, hoping to regain mortal life. With a bit of luck she'll be safely back on Golarion before the horsemen hit the streets ;)



... what?

KaeYoss wrote:

Getting uppity, lizard?

Archdaemon yes. Lizard? No.

KaeYoss wrote:
W E Ray wrote:

those losers who think the Chaotic Alignment isn't actually a sign of stupidity.

Says the guy who lets others tell him what to think.

Those who are given a decent mind use it. Those who don't take orders.

I don't care. Just get on the plate, I'm hungry.

Set wrote:
Not because ghouls are powerful or sexy, but because gluttony wasn't about to live forever as something that could no longer enjoy the visceral pleasure of *eating.*

Immortality is nothing if you can't enjoy the everlasting feast of it all. >:)

Lord Gadigan wrote:

What about the seven rulers of Heaven / nine Archdevils / four Horsemen / etc.?

It doesn't matter what Material world or part of a Material world that you live on, I'm still hungry. Same could be said for the major gods I suppose, regardless of what name or form they're worshipped under.

cappadocius wrote:

That said, I'm excited about Psychopomps. I wonder how well they'll stand up to Astradaemons in the inevitable fights over souls.

*toothy grin* I know who I'm betting on.

Oinodaemon tastes yummy. >:)


Of course I need an illustration somewhere first. Geez, my minions get illustrated twice and nothing for me. But regardless, when you think Iconic Villain, you should think Horseman of Famine.


You die -> your soul transits through the Astral* -> you wait in line at the Boneyard to be judged by Pharasma - > you get shuffled off to whatever plane and/or deity most fits your actions and/or beliefs in life.

In metagame terms, you end up in transit or waiting in line for however long it takes for your PC to be raised from the dead. Long dead NPCs or whatever are metagame often presumed to be judged and moved on to become angels, demons, devils, etc or daemon-chow and not eligible for raising. The timeline for this is all entirely up to the DM to decide as fits the campaign.

*Here be astradaemons, and souls are yummy. Nom Nom Nom.

The pronunciation guide is dead! Now they won't pronounce my name the wrong way anymore!

Trelmarixian = Trel-mar-EESH-an


(and yes, it's some mortal's fault for not providing a pronunciation guide of his own to his editors when he created me)

jlighter wrote:
And that's without looking to the Demon Lords, the Archdevils, the Empyreal Lords, and the Arch Daemons.

Being hungry is evil! Mwahaha! If lunch is late, you're mine! Mine I say!

*noms on one of the Hunted*

Dark_Mistress wrote:

Daemon are wimps.



Monkeygod wrote:

Book of the Damned:vol 3 would have info on the Four Horsemen, yes? make it NAO!!

Or i shall sacrifice the entire state of Washington to the coming Apocalypse!!

Mmmm... it's a start. Call me back when you snuff a world. Bonus points for how you do it.

Instantly stopping the biological activity of every ATP fed reaction in the world except your own - that's the sort of thing I think has style. A sort of sub-cellular Deplorable Word. Of course it also affects the microflora living inside of you, meaning that you survive the cessation of all meaningful biological life, but end up cold and alone, slowly starving to death. You don't even remember why you did it, just in the end, how very hungry you were...

You have to understand though -even if it makes no difference, nor that I care- that while ultimately we desire the death of each and every one of you, some of us make a sport of it. Some of us enjoy it. The Courts spin their own philosophies for what it is we are and what we do. But yes, some of us truly enjoy it.

Not the process itself and not your suffering, exquisite though it might be to a demon's eyes or a devil's detailed proscriptions, but the end result of it all: the subtlties of the screams and spasms as you slip down our yawning gullets, as your skulls pop like over-ripe melons between razored teeth, or the wailing in the split second before it ends with the snapping of jaws.

You have a taste you see. Imparted by the process of your end and the way that experience tempers and marinates the soul. And some of us, oh some of us are so very, very hungry.

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We are the antithesis of mortality. We are the virus gnawing at the heartblood of creation. We are the universe grown sick of itself - tired, old, horrified of what it has created and its own failures. It suffers, it rejects itself, and it seeks to end the pain. We are creation's suicidal urge and the death of hope.

We care nothing for faith. Your suffering is without meaning. We desire only the cold silence of the soul's obliteration.

daemonic bump

*eats this up, as I'm wont to do*

yoda8myhead wrote:
Twin Agate Dragons wrote:
I'm not a fan of gnomes

Well they are rather yummy...

James Jacobs wrote:

The upcoming "Lords of Chaos" this August will have a LOT more info on Golarion's demon lords (including 3 new ones!), but won't have any stats for them. We don't know what our epic rules are going to do yet, after all, so it's silly to stat things up that powerful for now.

I'm not a demon lord, but I approve of this. :D

Here's hoping my friend wins. Not that archdaemons have "friends".

But seriously, I'll eat the competition's souls if needed. *slavers*

How to handle the situation?

Eat their soul. :9

Seriously. Kill them, capture their soul, and then destroy it. Take pleasure in the process if that's your thing too. It certainly is for me and mine.

"to denizens of the outer planes like daemons"

Hi. I'm Trelmarixian the Black, Archdaemon of Famine, and I approve this message.

(Sweet, very sweet. Proteans get some love too. Yay!)

Wow, somebody wants to worship me? Aww, why don't you let him? I could use some more souls to devour...

Yeah, he's dead. Whatever. Like I care. Can it be buffet time on his petitioners? We'll take the poor things in out of the goodness of our black little hearts. Honestly!

Abaddon: All you can eat, joke's on them!

Souls: they're what's for dinner.