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Tiefling Swashbuckler with the Form of the Fiend Ancestry feat for a Tail attack.

Just, fully build to maximize effectiveness with your tail.

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Emotion Enchantment and Mental tags

That's three things to be immune to, resistant to, or have a bonus against.

Huh, it's also the only one with the Divine tag.

So I'm still learning 2e mechanics but one thing I've already picked up is "More Tags =/= Better". Yes it's powerful, but you face a pretty real possibility of being up against foes that can either soak the Mental Damage with resistance, or simply ignore it because they're immune to one of it's tags.

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Take Improvisational Focus
Then take any weapon specific feat like Weapon Specialization or such.

At that point, that item is INARGUABLY* a weapon for you.

*(even when a point is inarguable, people on forums will argue it)

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FAQ candidate

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I disagree, I think it should work.

"You use your Shield" Ok, we HAVE a shield. A Magical Shield made of Force.

Nothing in Aggressive Block actually mentions hands or holding things.

Since we can RAISE the Shield provided by Shield spell, and we can use it to take the BLOCK action. So clearly we can move and manipulate the shield within a limited framework.

So since we can MEET all the ACTUAL REQUIREMENTS of Aggressive block using the shield spell and nothing in EITHER the spell OR the Feat specifically PRECLUDES us using it this way, I believe it does work.

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Ixal wrote:
TiwazBlackhand wrote:

Make them all Advanced Weapons.

Off topic: I must always laugh when RPGs handle firearms the total opposite of how they were in real life.

I mean, you're not wrong.

I think it's mostly because if guns are made too realistic they force game combat to undergo the same changes they forced real combat to go through.

Suddenly nobody is bothering with armor, and everyone is using a gun.

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APG Bounty Hunter dedication chain. The Lvl 4 feat grants Bolo, Sap, and Whip proficiency, but more importantly for you, lets you make nonlethal attacks with a normal weapon without penalty.

Note: You can always take a -2 to attacks to deal nonlethal damage with a normal weapon. Base rules CRB.

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Here's my suggestion.
Start with the Crossbows.

Increase the Damage Die one step on the Hand and Light.
Increase Range 50%
Give them Fatal increasing the die another step on a crit.
Give the Heavy Deadly as well.

Hand Gonne - 1d8P - Range 90 - Load 2 - Fatal d10
Carbine Musket - 1d10P - Range 180 - Load 2 - Fatal d12
Long Musket - 1d10P - Range 180 - Load 2 - Deadly d12, Fatal d12

Make them all Advanced Weapons.

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What's Spirit Object?

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I definitely think that specific builds with specialist dedications are more powerful than most builds using a multi-class dedication.

So I think opening it up to both Multi-Class and Non-Multi-Class dedications is fine.

I, personally, would love to see Free Archetype become a Default rule for the game and for PFS. I don't think that will happen, but I'd like it.

Archetypes were really a defining part of PF1, I'd like them to be for PF2 as well.

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I hope it has Grippli

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Just to make sure I've got this right.

If I take Flying Blade (Feat 1), which lets me use my Panache, precision Damage, and Finishers with Thrown weapons, and I take Impaling Finisher (Feat 4), a Finisher attack that hits two targets with a single Melee Strike, The interaction is I can do Impaling Finisher with a Thrown weapon, right? Say, I could use a Starknife.

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Themetricsystem wrote:
Deadmanwalking wrote:
Brew Bird wrote:

The Daikyu has "Reload --", instead of "Reload 0" as other bows do.

It also has no weapon traits, which, while not necessarily an error, does seem highly unusual for an Advanced weapon.

In particular, logically it should probably have Propulsive. Whether it does is, of course, up to Paizo, but it's really just kind of a bad Advanced Weapon if it doesn't
Yeah, it seems like it's missing at LEAST one or two Weapon Traits in the very least, for an Advanced Weapon it's just an uncommon, more expensive, advanced, inferior version of the longbow. My bet is that it was supposed to have Deadly d10 and Propulsive Traits but those somehow were just left off the table for some reason.

It does have ONE thing on the Longbow.

Longbows cannot be used while mounted.
Daikyu can but are (for some bizarre reason) limited to only shooting to the left.

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I mean, I'm probably gonna get a reputation for having a weird obsession because I've mentioned it multiple threads already, and probably no-one else really cares, but I'm truly actually really stoked that APG brought Summon Instrument into 2e.

Because I'm a nut and I think the concept of using magic to summon a guitar and then hitting someone with it is the funniest GD thing imaginable.

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I would be perfectly happy to see Magus be the first 2e 6/9 caster.

Spellstrike and using the better of their weapon or spell proficiency when they do.

Magus multiclass dedication, or the lvl4 feat, granting spellstrike.

The spell Longarm returning.

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"Abaft My Tobacco"

It's an anagram of Boaty McBoatface.

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Specific trumps General, and there is precedent in the Human ancestry feat Multi-Talented, so I would say that you DO get both feats, but cannot take another dedication feat until you had satisfied BOTH dedications.

But that's just my take.

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Already got my first character plan.

Wellspring Gnome Fighter Weapon Improviser
Wellspring - Occult - Summon Instrument
Use Gnome Free ASI to cancel Strength Penalty, pick a background that gives Strength. Still means we top out at 16 Str to start but Oh Well.

The GOAL is being able to summon Guitars and smash them over peoples head.

Putting that to one side...

Human Swashbuckler Staff Acrobat(Extinction Curse pt.1)
Style: Gymnast
Human Ancestry feat Unconventional Weaponry (Filcher's Fork)
1st: Flying Blade
2nd: Staff Acrobat Dedication
4th: Bullying Staff
6th: Sweeping Staff
Somewhere in here: Agile Maneuvers (Maybe 8th? Maybe Swap with Sweeping Staff and do that at 8?)

Other than that IDK yet.

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LizardMage wrote:
Does Legends introduce a polearm with either agile or finesse?

That is an Excellent question!

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Question because I'm not familiar with this.

When you say "Free Archetype One" do you mean a free Dedication Feat, a Free dedication and ONE Free feat at each class feat level, or do you mean you get ALL the feats in a single archetype (at appropriate level) free?

Like, are we talking ONE free feat, or potentially 9 free feats with up to 3 free feats at one level?

What's the basic rule here?

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Does Legends contain any Player options or is it just setting/GM stuff?

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I like the idea of having a Swashbuckler/Staff Acrobat.

Gymnast Swashbuckler (so we get Panache for Shoves/Trips among other things)
Staff Acrobat gives us the ability to Shove/Trip without a free hand.

So we need something that both qualifies as a "Your Staff" for Staff Acrobat and has Agile or Finesse so that all our Swashbuckler stuff works.

So, we have the Filcher's Fork
1d4 dmg, Spear group (Qualifies for "Your Staff"), has Agile & Finesse (and a bunch of other stuff).

But it's Uncommon. So we need access.

Filcher's Fork has the Halfling trait, so that is our route.

So which option is best?

1. Play a Halfling, take the Halfling Weapon Ancestry Feat that gives us access.
2. Play a Versatile (general feat at lvl1) Human, Take Adopted (Halfling), then take the Halfling Weapon Feat as our ancestry feat.
3. Play a Human, take the Human Unconventional Weaponry ancestry feat and take Filcher's Fork, which then let's us select Any human heritage including Half-Elf, Half-Orc, or any of the versatile heritages from the APG. And if we do that, which Heritage?

I'm thinking Number 3, because I don't think I'll really CARE about the other weapons that Halfling Weapon Familiarity would improve/unlock, and being a Small character seems like a poor choice for a Shove/Trip build.

Also, side question, Does Backstabber stack with other sources of Precision Damage?
I.E. If I'm using the Fork and have Panache, on a Normal Strike I'd do +3 dmg and on a Finisher I'd do +2d6+1?

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Ok, cool. So to go back to my specific example, in order to use Staff Acrobat in PFS I would need them to A>Sanction the Extinction Curse AP (which they don't appear to have done yet) and then have a Chronicle Sheet (probably from #151) that unlocks that option. I would NOT need to purchase a copy of the actual adventure.

But to use an Uncommon option from Lost Omens Character Guide (the non-core one) I would need BOTH a Chronicle sheet allowing it AND a legal copy of the book.

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Am i right in thinking that things published in adventure paths (like the Staff Acrobat dedication line) are not currently PFS legal?

Also, am i right in understanding that for most "Uncommon" features, you need both a Chronicle sheet AND legal owned copy of the source book?

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Mai duhd, maye ghii, ßpeleeng eas knot uh reel þeng, doent çtreiß sew hærd ubowt et.

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Is there any way to add new weapon traits or swap existing traits for different ones?

I'm talking traits like Trip, Agile, etc.

Very specifically, a way to make a Bo Staff have either Agile or Finesse?

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I'm hype

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Do we have any spoilers or previews for any of the Non-Multiclass Archetypes yet?
Beyond simply the list of names I mean.

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Thanks, Good to know

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I'm just getting into 2e, and I was wondering, do 2e adventures ever have player options the way that 1e adventures did?

Things like Feats, Spells, Magic Items, and even Class Archetypes.


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From a Watsonian perspective, these comparisons have issues because the availability, need for, and perceived luxury level of items is vastly different between any Post Gun, Post Industry society and any Pre-gun Pre-Industry society. The cost/value of a Horse, a Sword, a Loaf of Bread, or a Pound of Gold is so vastly different between these worlds that attempting to compare them to create a currency conversion is never going to produce a consistent logical result.
For our setting, a Horse is a necessity for almost anyone who doesn't live in a capital city, and even then it's pretty handy.
In modern day, a Horse is a luxury you consider AFTER your third house, fifth car, and second Yacht.

From a Doyalist perspective, attempting to compare Fantasy game currency costs to real world currency costs will always and only reveal one truth that the Developers would probably tell you if you asked them. Prices and costs are not rigorously researched and based on historical costs. Prices are assigned ad hoc based on perceived game play benefit, and what FEELS right to the designer.
Comparing the prices of items from the game to prices in the real modern world is like comparing prices listed on Monopoly Properties to land prices on their namesakes on Manhattan Island.

I understand the drive to try to do it, god knows I've done it myself. It's just never gonna produce a result that's useful.

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What bloodline are you taking?

Because if you take Aberrant or Black Blood, I believe you can stack the +5 reach from the bloodline with the +5 reach from the spell Long Arm, and since you seem to be planning to go high Dex, it would be almost silly NOT to go for an AoO build.

Combat Reflexes
Body Guard
Stand Still

There are probably others that I'm forgetting (In Harm's Way might not be great for a Magus), but in general having 15' reach and 4+ AoO's available to you should make you note worthy in combat.

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The Nays make reasonable arguments. I'll remove the spell from my list of "Fun things to cast via share spell on my Mauler Familiar".

No extra bite attacks for my Compy.

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Does that mean you can't do both a Gore and a Bite?

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Let me preface this by saying, I'm pretty sure that RAW since it's not stated you CAN that you can't do what I'm about to ask, but it's an odd case.

Spell, Threefold Face (PPC Legacy of the First World)
arcanist 3, medium 3, sorcerer/wizard 3, witch 3

You grow two extra faces around your head.
This grants you All Around Vision.

Spells and effects that do things like affect your vision, BLOCK YOUR MOUTH, Deafen you, etc., only affect one face, so to fully blind you it would take 3 castings of Blindness for example.

So what if I have a Bite Attack?
Say I'm an Orc with Toothy so I have a bite attack.
If someone casts Lipstitch on me (Magically sews the mouth shut, normally preventing speech and bite attacks among other things), it wouldn't stop me talking or biting unless they cast it 3 times.

By logical extension, does this mean that, unfettered, while under Threefold Face I would have 3 bite attacks?

Would you accept that ARGUMENT that it SHOULD give me three bite attacks and allow that if you were DM?

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Dumb magic item interaction question.

Gloves of Improvised Might (Adventurer's Armory 2) are essentially Amulet of Mighty Fists for Improvised Weapons.

They max out at +5 effective enchantment, and can have Melee weapon enchantments put on them.

What if I put Transformative on them?

I pickup a Chair as a two-handed Improvised Weapon.
I use the Transformative power of the GoIM to turn it into a Great Sword.

Is it now a normal weapon since it's a Great Sword?

If it is a normal weapon, do the GoIM (which only work on improvised weapons) still work on it?

Is this just a really stupid idea?

What's your thought?

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I would have loved one of those Player Companion books entirely focused on the spell Awaken.

Expended detailed rules for the spell.
A dozen example awakened animals, with animal base stats, awakened stats, and awakened with class levels.

EXAMPLE AWAKENED PLANTS. Both with and without class levels.

A section on awakened plants and animals as PCs.

Alternate favored class bonuses for awakened plants and animals.

Archetypes for same.

Spells and Magic Items for awakened things.

And a section on combining Animate Object with Awaken Construct so i can play a sentient end-table. [Ok this last bits a joke, but also not really, it's not a joke, i have so many terrible ideas for this]

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Dragonborn3 wrote:
A Blinkback Belt will also work.

Blinkback doesn't work because (for maximum silly) we're throwing 2h weapons, and the Blinkback specifies 2 one hand or 4 light weapons.

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gnoams wrote:

Three feats for a fighter:

Quick draw, throw anything, & Ricochet Toss

Okay, NOW I think we have a winner!

Far Strike Monk gets Quick Draw as a bonus feat at 1st level (part of a feature that replaces Stunning Fist

Monk 1st: Throw Anything
Far Strike class feature: Quick Draw
1st: Shikigami Style
Monk 2nd: Far Shot
3rd: Shikigami Mimicry
5th: Shikigami Manipulation
Monk 6th: (honestly not sure)
7th: Martial Focus (Thrown Group)
9th: Ricochet Toss

Takes a little longer to come online than I'd like, but it works.

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VoodistMonk wrote:
The Bounding Hammer feat?

That might do it!

Improvisational Focus so I count as proficient for the purpose of other feats, that should Enable things, Especially since I can take Snatch Arrows at 10 without prerequisites (yay Monk!)

I'll have to think optimize it, but :D

EDIT: Oh, wait, it's a special function as a standard action. So it won't let me Flurry 7 hammers and get them all back for the next round.

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Rough build plan
Traits: Surprise Weapon (+2 to Improvised Weapon Attacks)
Dangerously Curious (UMD Class Skill, UMD +1)

1st Monk Bonus: Throw Anything
1st: Shikigami Style
2nd Monk Bonus: Far Shot
3rd: Shikigami Mimicry
5th: Shikigami Manipulation

At 5th level, Throw 2 sledges at +5/+5 before stat mod, dealing 4d8 each
At 6th level, throw 3 at +6/+6/+1

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Toying with another build concept.

Far Strike Monk using Throw Anything and Shikigami Style chain.

For Ideal build, I want to throw Sledgehammers (2d6 base dmg improvised weapon RAW)

So I either need a Sack of Infinite Hammers, or Sledgehammers with someway to make them have the Returning power, since at higher levels I'll be Flurry-ing up to 7 hammers a round.

Gloves of Improvised Might (my first idea) specify that they can have MELEE weapon enchants, and Returning is technically a Ranged enchant.

Unfolding Wind Strike is good, BUT I can't do that and Shikigami at the same time (2 styles) and Master of Many Styles doesn't stack with Far Strike (And loses Flurry anyway)

Greater Belt of Mighty Hurling while good for the build specifically excludes Improvised Thrown Weapons from it's returning power.

If I throw ACTUAL Earthbreakers (without the Throwing enchant) would that use technically make them improvised weapons for Shikigami style purposes, but allow them to still return via GBoMH since they're manufactured weapons?

I feel like there's a way to do this with only a single feat or a magic item I just don't know about or remember.

[EDIT: I mean, obviously for a home game I think most DMs would simply allow Returning on Gloves of Improvised Might, or I'm fairly certain the people I play with would at least, but from the standpoint of a PFS legal character how could I make this work?]

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Summon instrument on all the Arcane caster cantrip lists.

I know nobody except Bards or Skalds would ever take and use it, but I want easier access to it for silly improvised weapon builds.

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Fair enough, but I still think that taking a low CR fey creature and piling class levels onto it might be a good choice for your "bad guy"

Seconding VoodistMonk on the Erlking

Also consider the Tunche

Both CN Fey, Tunche CR 17, Erlking CR 18

If you're willing to go off CN or to alter an alignment, the Hamadryad is CG Fey CR 15.

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Farstrike Monk, Throw Anything, Shikigami Style feat chain.

Don't bother to use a gun, just throw the bullets at them.

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It seems my cheese was Emmental. Ah well.

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An Atomie with a bunch of character levels.
Mouser swashbuckler 1 / eldritch scion magus (aberrant or black blood) X
Size diminutive, but with bloodline powers and the Longarm spell gets a 10' reach, can flank enemies whose square he's in, can move through and stop in enemies squares if they're size small or larger.

There's probably things that would make it even more effective, but that's a start towards a memorable and annoyingly effective enemy.

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We're playing PF1.
We're playing an original adventure the DM is writing.

It's a filler arc atm where we're playing Monsters with character levels, working as hired goons.

I'm playing a Galluvix Witch (Galluvix is a fey that's basically a rooster with a fox's head)

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Okay, taste this cheese for sharpness and savor.

Versatile Design to make a gun part of the Thrown weapon group.

Far Strike Monk.

Not only is a Far Strike Monk able to Flurry with thrown weapons (only with thrown weapons actually) but they are also proficient with all thrown weapons.

So if the gun is TECHNICALLY a thrown weapon, FSMonk is proficient and can flurry.

Plus they get a number of other bonuses with thrown weapons and ranged options for their bonus feats.

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glass wrote:
Nathanael Love wrote:
Yes- I apologize, I made the mistake of thinking this thread was supposed to be fun rather than a chore of hyper-technical "well actually"-ing and direct and implied insults.

The thread was fun until you started lashign out. And nobody has insulted anyone that I can see (apart from your calling eveyone who disagreed with you, however politely, "bullies" of course).


I disagree. I fully agree with Nathanael and support their point of view 100%

Every post of "Gee a class like this would be nice" is met with "NO WE DON'T NEED THAT BECAUSE HERE'S AN ARCHETYPE THAT CAN KIND OF HALFWAY DO THAT SO SHUT UP."

It really seems like 2/3rds of the people following and responding to this thread are doing so to poop on any and all ideas.

I fully expect to see SOMEONE post in the next 24 hours telling Dragon87 why their suggestion is just the Summoner or Shifter. (It's not, but that won't stop someone from doing it to feel superior)

Pretty sure the point of this thread wasn't "Tell me how to make this character using every hack in 4000+ books" but "Gee I think this would be a neat idea for a Base Class"

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