Are pocket editions of the Lost Omens books a possibility?

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What would we need to do to show enough interest to make this happen? Is it something that is or had been considered? Are there hidden obstacles to doing pocket editions for these books like they do for the core line?

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It's not something we've strongly considered. This is in fact the first time I've seen someone ask about it.

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I think the argument for pocket editions is quick rules reference, which doesn’t work nearly as well for lore-heavy products.

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Fair enough, my desire for pocket editions is that they're smaller and lighter, therefore easier to carry to cons and such, but i suppose pdfs fulfill that purpose too.
I just personally prefer a physical text.

Given the choice I'd prefer a pocket edition of lore books to a pocket edition of rules references. Rules I can reference with the internet easily, but I want to sit down and read lore sections for both the information and the tone of the writing, so a check on the wiki doesn't really convey what I want. And if it's something I sit down and read more than a couple of times, I want a physical copy that is easy to carry around. It's not a big issue, the lost omens books aren't too big as is, but I'd absolutely buy a pocket edition.

I think for most people lore/setting books sit on a shelf and are referenced when writing adventures or creating new characters rather than taking them to games (for the most part) - when running starfinder for example, I don't think I ever opened the pact worlds book at the gaming table. So I guess it depends on whether it is economically sound (and it has to be more than economically sound, it has to be better than other products they could make instead) to make pocket editions for books that less people are likely to need in pocket editions.

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Bringing this back up because I have new thoughts.

Perhaps not all Lost Omens line books, but the ones with more player facing options?

Ancestry Guide, Character Guide, Pathfinder Society Guide, and so on.

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If the pocket editions are more environmentally friendly I'd like to see more books published this way.

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Sorry to revive, but any word on this getting a subscription? Would love to purchase pocket editions of Lost Omens.

NOT sorry to revive this as I hope we can build an interest in this as well. As much as I enjoy the lore inside the hardcover books, it is a lot of work to bring my hardcover library to a game session. I would so mush prefer to bring the pocket editions, especially any Lost Omens books that have character development lore (feats, spells, archetypes, etc.). Add me to that list of those wanting more pocket editions

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