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Tholvinus stretches and yawns.

Lasaraleen wrote:
Well, then there is no time to dilly-dally. as Lasaraleen grips her scimitar and prepares to enter behind Chandu.

The fron end of the imp's palanquin drops to the ground.

"HEY!" shouts Tholvinus. "What about me?"

"I'm ready." says Tholvinus rolling up imaginary shirt sleeves from inside his cage.

Vitrivedes ignores this. Tholvinus clears his throat. The imp reaches out from the heavy iron cage that Ophelia and Lasaraleen are still carrying, tugs on Jair's hem and points up at the huge statue of a contract devil that dominates the center of the room.

So contract devils are muscular-looking humanoid devils who have a 'crown' of short horns on their head and 4 gargantuan black twisty horns that errupt from their backs like in the pictures in the link. You've met one before in this adventure--Jarluxis down on floor 50. There are a lot of them here in the Fastness

Contract Devil knowledge make one knowledge (planes) check and open all the spoilers that apply below.

knowledge (planes) 20+:
Contract devils (or Phistophilus) are Lawful Evil outsiders from Hell.

knowledge (planes) 25+:
They are in fact devils.

knowledge (planes) 30+:
Contract devils (as the name suggests) specialize in contract law, and are able to grant potent bones or curses to those who deal with them. However all such dealings come at a price.

"It's more like all the legions of Hell would be against you. Remember, souls are the stuff of Hell. Sorta Hell's jam. Leventi does keep some of his favorite contracts with him. Gellius's for instance." says Tholvinus.

"Nah. Most of them are copies of the real thing. The originals would be kept in the Fastness's vaults. You know, behind that Phlagantres guy. But he does keep most of his collection of Thrune souls as ghostly servants in the place. Sort of like a self-cleaning display."

Atum Shane wrote:

Atum waits for some time for feedback, and than decides to ask Tholvinus, almost ignoring the fact imp incaged.

You are really useful imp, Tholvinus, I appereciate you with us. My questions are: is there any other creatures or beings who could help Leventi with phisycal might or magic? Also, where on this plan possibly could be found your master?

"Well Gellius, used to be kept in the room with the boat, but after we attempted to escape through the Hellmouth they took him through that last scroll so somewhere on the other side of that--maybe?" says Tholvinus.

Atum Shane wrote:
As party get closer, Atum will use Arcane Eye for closer observation of scriptorium.

A quick note, by the way the map is laid out, these rooms are other dimensional spaces so using arcane eye, while useful for spying around corners it probably won't help Atum in looking into a space beyond whatever room he is in.

Jair Whisper wrote:

If we go see the traitor, lets talk with the imp. As it was with Leventi before, it could help us.

Jair turns to the imp and says Tholvinius, time to repay us for getting you out of the table prize. We have now the authorization to get into Leventi's home and take him down for good, or Hell.
What do you know about the layers of his office? Is there some sort of secret entrance we can go by to surprise him?

Now we are onto him, you know that he has no chance of getting out of this...

"Yes. I feel so free." Tholvinius says wryly from within his iron bird cage. "Yeah, I can kinda describe it. There's this sort of church temple entrance hall on the other side of doors in the Fastness. Leventi customized his scriptorium with bits of the material plane--you know, bits of architecture from your world that he liked. Anyhow, each of the rooms is connected by a conduit that looks like a big soul contract. There's a lot of other contracts on the walls--trophies really--but you'll be able to tell the difference. The whole place is sort of a museum with statues and stuff. The entrance hall has the biggest one--Leventi himself of course. If you turn left there's a sort of tower scribe's room. To the right of the entrance is an archive that stinks of incense. Straight ahead through the scroll opposite the doors is more museum, portraits, the prow of some old ship, etc.... There's another travel scroll in that chamber that leads elsewhere, but I've never been through it."

The imp can draw a simple map of the scriptorium.

"We're not going in there are we? I mean look at this guy. I wouldn't trust him any further than I could kick Shrec over here." says a worried Tholvinus from his cell. "What's with those freaky glowing letter-things floating around his head anyway?"

The other imp takes no notice.

Just then, the strangely haloed imp returns. "Your time has come. Follow me." it says without any trace of irony or emotion.

The creatures waiting in line grumble as a livery-adorned imp with a runed halo ignores them, approaching the newcomers instead.

“Greetings from my mistress, Rowane. She welcomes you to Eleusys and bids you wait here a moment until I return to fetch you.”

"HEY! CAN I GET A GRAPE OUT HERE!" shouts the imp from outside.

I'm gonna assume that Lasaraleen and Ophelia Peran (who could be made to help carry the imp--assuming she's heals a bit) are outside with the imp's cage. It's too big to bring in.

Reclining in his cage, Tholvinus claps his hands twice and says "Lasaraleen! Peel me a grape!"

"I can't believe you dropped me." says Tholvinus from the bottom of his cage.

"Oh crap! Look out!" shouts Tholvinus.

"You could always set me free." says Tholvinus sticking it's tongue out at Lasaraleen. "Besides you can't trade other's fates."

Reclining in his cage, Tholvinus, yawns.

"Oh no. It's okay to despair. I promise I won't tell."

"That's easy. They are being made into the wall. Their souls just haven't completely dissolved yet." says Tholvinus looking a bit bored in his cage. Indeed all along Dis's vast curtain wall faces and hands of petitioners slowly press outward against the surface like drowning men trying to break the surface of the sea. Many of the figures are as still as statues having become macabre semi-permanent bas-reliefs.

Shrec the Powerful wrote:
To me, yep.

"Moralist! Can't a being just go about his existence trying to make a few honest souls without some big judgemental ogre trying to bring him down? There's no justice."

Leona, Lady of Laurel wrote:
I'm a bit puzzled, but does that three hour gap mean we've more or less restored Shrec and have sorted the imp? Or are we hauling the imp along with us?

The PCs (more or less) own Tholvinus now, so yes, the party is carrying around a big, awkward, 75 pound cage with a litter unless of course you just leave him somewhere, or set him free. Then again he is a material witness to the case you are working on.

Shrec the Powerful wrote:
When asked by the imp. Hey I just wanted to tell you from others apart.

"Oh? So we all look alike is that it?" imp says pointedly.

Atum Shane wrote:
Vetrividis mentioned Jarluxis, who probably "lost" papers for Leventi. I'd say we need to visit him and than rest for some time.

Jarluxis, was the female contract devil (also in the Fallen Fastness) who put the PCs on the trail of Gellius Thrune’s imp, Tholvinis, in the arena at Widow’s Cry.

Atum Shane wrote:
How you can describe presetnt or last seen condition and state of aggregation of Gellius? Do me a favor and describe some unique or at least unusual object in Leventis place or in Gelliuses prison. Dexcribe torturer and guards. Please.

"Well...." The imp goes on to describe in graphic detail the horrible mental, quasi-physical and spiritual tortures inflicted upon the corpus of Gellius Thrune. Some of it seems innocuous at first, but then the listeners remember that it's been going on for over three centuries since just after the end of Cheliax's Everwar, the century of expansion that brought much of central Avistan under their heel much of which was lost in the last century during the subsequent Chelish Civil War. Other tortures seem unimaginable. How does one abrade a soul, exactly?

"And that's just with a potato peeler. I haven't even mentioned the liquified lead yet."

As to what lies inside the contract devil's scriptorium, well....
"It's all Thrune. Thrune Thrune, Thrune. The guy is obsessed with them, ever since Abrogail I’s bargain with Asmodeus a century ago. Leventi's been collecting anything; books, trophies, dwellings, relics, and souls connected to the damned lineage. He keeps a lot of the more minor souls around to do his cleaning. He has these weirdo scrolls--some as big as tapestries that hang all over the place. Some of them are even portals to other chambers. But Gellius is his prize collectable--at least for the last century when his value increased after Abrogail signed over the soul of her realm. Gellius, the brother of the famous Lieutenant Alivia Thrune, the woman who's deeds in battle catapulted her house into the nobility. It was just chance that Leventi had the contract to Gellius, but now it's all he can talk about, and trust me that's torture enough. Sheesh."

"He doesn't contract out for official mooks. He just uses souls he has under contract to do his dirty work. It is a clear violation of union rules."

Chandu wrote:
Chandu towers over the imp. You had best be being straight with us devil or you will suffer further torments. If yur information plays out straight then you might just yet get to leave with your hide intact she growls.

"What the here lady!? I'm already talkin'!" protests Tholvinus.

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Leona, Lady of Laurel wrote:
"Why don't you tell us a bit more about Gellius and Leventi?" she suggests. Encouragingly, she asks, "You said you almost got away... Did Gellius make it through? Or is he suffering some other punishment?"

"Nah, but we were so close to gettin' out that I could smell the fresh sulfur and brimstone. Gellius' probably still in the scriptorium, being tortured by that bastard for trying to escape."

Leona, Lady of Laurel wrote:
"And what of Leventi? If he's so foolish, how did he acquire his position?"

"Cheating I suspect. The guy's a total crook. He probably inflates his numbers to get better rates on loans. Trouble is the guy is too much of a narcissist to cover his tracks. He'll do anything to make himself look good to the Powers That Be, and if you don't do what he says, he'll throw you under the chariot. He's probably eking out a promotion based on Electoral Collegium votes rather than actual ability. And that stupid slogan of his; 'Make Hell great again' Sheesh! Talk about torture. I tell you the guy has no shame. Though, taking all those mortal kids away from their parents and putting them in cages was pretty good. Still, the sort of snake-oil salesmanship he practices is frowned upon here in Hell. I mean, we may be devils, but we're not monsters! We have standards after all."

Leona, Lady of Laurel wrote:
"And besides, given that you're presently in captivity, I imagine we can see eye to eye and come to an agreement that suits us both."

"Sure thing, doll. Just keep the crazy lady with the spear away from me." says the imp pointing to Chandu.

Shrec the Powerful wrote:
Shrec examines the imp, but not up close, he will remember that particular imp later on in case he sees it, he'll be able to recognize it from other imps.

"Hey! What are you lookin' at, bub?"

Chandu wrote:
We want to know what has happened to him since he arrived in hell along with anything you can tell us about his master. I suggest you be co-operative, or else.

"Asmodeus! Alright already. Sheesh. I just told you we've been here for centuries already." complains the imp. "There's not much to tell really--if you mortals want to hold down that thing you do around noontime. You know, that putting-stuff-in-your-face-thing you all do. We've been the prisoners of a contract devil called Leventi. My contract with Gellius has an extension clause, so I've been stuck with 'im even after he died, which absolutely sucks especially since the person who holds his contract is Leventi. The guy's a jerk and an idiot to boot! Why Gellius and I almost got away from the moron by jumping though a hellmouth right under his nose. The putz. Anyway, I guess it made him mad enough to ship me off here. I betcha he didn't even fill the paperwork out for that. So why are you here?"

Anyone carrying the other end of the litter?

The raven swirls about for a moment before changing back into an imp and cringing on the far side of his cell from Chandu.

"That could take a while. We've been partners for centuries. Who are you? What do you want?" says Tholvinis.

And the bell sounds! At the end of 10 rounds of fighting. ;)


The audience boos. Some of them complain that that's not what really happened to the real mortals back in the day. People throw things at the imp.


A pair-shaped imp with little mustache descends from on high with a megaphone. The crowd shushes instantly.


There is a chorus of boos crowd. Some unidentifiable food (maybe) is hurled in the party's direction.

The imp was about to point and scream bloody murder while pointing at Chandu, but seems to think better of it and flies off with his shoe supplies.

"Yikes! Oh I see how it is just because we look alike I'm supposed to know your friend. I bet we all look alike to you huh?" says the quivering Hellspawn.

Then from above two dark-winged angels with fearsome countenances descend. "What's all this the?" demands the shorter of the two brandishing her sword.

Lasaraleen wrote:

”Definitely makes you want to like totally live right so as to not end up in this dreadful place. I am not sure how Zarta can stand dealing with them. “

She pauses and looks around.

”Well, we are here. Wherever here is. Now what? I wonder what this imp will have to say. Hopefully not more soul trading.“

"You've got soles? I trade in soles! How much you want for them?" asks the diabolic cobbler and boot-black Chandu looms over threateningly. Then looking significantly more diabolic he says "You look lost. Need guide?"

"Okay! Okay! Down on fifty. Sheesh!"

"How the here should I know!" screeches the imp before flying away in terror.