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[Gameday XII]PFS The Gauntlet

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[GD XII] Redelia's Academy of Secrets


[GDXII] PF2e 04-99: Blessings of the Forest (Tier 3-4; P1)

Haka Geralf

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CP: 26
Subtier: 3-4

Hero Points:

Graeyson - 2
Truck Thunders - 2, CC
Haka - 1
Hope - 2
Tandang Boreas - 2
Issil - 2

Inspired Defense - The next time an opponent would critically hit a PC with an attack roll, they instead get a regular hit against the PC.

Turning Tides - The Pathfinder forces have gained the advantage, and brave townsfolk are rushing to lend a hand. Once during Part 3 each PC can roll twice and take the better result on a single attack roll, saving throw, or skill check. This is a fortune effect.

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