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Joe Pasini wrote:
Thefuzzy1 wrote:
Is there an answer key posted anywhere yet?
There is not! Nor did we plan to make one, though that’s something I could look into doing after GenCon... Is there an answer or two you wanted here?

After gencon is good if you would make one, I was hoping to use them in a game and have my players come across the clues as they hunt down the shards. I just haven’t had time to solve them all myself before the start of the new game.

Is there an answer key posted anywhere yet?

I had a pc die already and what I did was to have them make a character that was either staff or a patient and not have the fugue state or campaign trait. I did give them a bit more info about the chaos of the uprising and have most of their gear in the patient belongings room in a box with their name on it.

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I'm using the horror adventures sanity rules with my Aeons game, it fits the flavor really well but since the checks are based on a lot of first time senarios it is tougher in early lvs. Without spoilers in the first few sections of starting book 1 there were two checks and I had one player fail and take 5 sanity damage and gain the minor madness phobia and another after passing his save still took 1 sanity damage and gain the minor madness paranoia. So far my players are having fun and like the added system but it does require to give the players more downtime as curing a madness can take a while.

Even without the magic infused world of golarian there are plenty of real world tortures. One that stands out for me is a set of two metal bowls placed bottom to bottom one open end down over the mid section of the condemned holding several rats and in the other a small fire is lit,to escape the heat the rats will claw their way out through the victim. Add to this any number of awful magics like healing or regeneration to prolong the suffering or simple spells like phantasmal killer that literally scare you to death. Illusions and mind control, soul traps and necromancy a better question is how the world is not even more messed up with magic where most high level mages have ptsd from what they have seen/done to or by monsters (most sentient) in the pursuit of gp. For high magic torment I would go with permanent sustenance and regeneration and create a demi plane with no time and a square foot of "space" normal gravity. leave your undying victim standing upright with no sensory input or ability to move from now till rovagug consumes all.

backed physical and pdf with extra for the puresteam main book

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I don't have the book yet so I may add more but from what I have seen I'll be using the updated classes,background skills, stamina(fighter only) variant multiclass,scalable magic items and disease and poison.

Now to address the topic

2 lbs ground donkey rat or auroch
3 whole sargavan peppers chopped
1 onion
3 cloves garlic
2 spoonfuls vudrani spice blend
1 lb kidney beans (soaked overnight)

1. No neither in game or RL good/evil are separate from law/chaos

2. In game yes outsiders and such in RL no

3. In game or RL not always road to hell and good intentions and all that.

4. This has no RL correlation but from a game play standpoint good people can play evil characters or the other way round.

5. Often, its not easy to roleplay well outside your normal thought patterns.

6. No, neither in game or RL will a single act make you evil though it will affect how you are perceived. Likely for the rest of your life.

7. To an extent yes, a good person who perpetually does evil acts is not good by definition the same is true for evil doing good acts. However in RL it is harder to define good and evil than it is in game, rarely is it so black and white. In RL we have perception of good and evil clouded by intent and circumstance what is good in one culture is taboo/evil in another and with a growing understanding of how the mind works many "evil" people have been diagnosed with one type of mental condition or another that explains and to some excuses their behavior in time we may diagnose chronically "good" people with conditions as well. The alignment system is an abstraction and cannot accurately portray mortality as it is in RL and moral issues in RL cannot so easily be changed.

Depending on whats allowed the besmara worshipers trait expert boarder give a +1 to atk when on deck of a ship, since you want to be first o'er the rails id grab improved initiative. The fighter archtype corsair is great at deck fighting getting to cleave with out an ac penalty and starts to ignore armor check penalties for key shipboard skills, a high dex is useful for the acrobatics needed for balance and for ac without too heavy an armor. multi classing invulnerable rager/corsair could make you a prime deck fighter.

I regularly have a party of 7 so this is familiar to me, each combat needs to be redone. What I normally do is figure out how much each combat is worth to each pc (a 400 xp fight would give 100 xp per pc) and correct it for the extra players (now that same encounter would be a 700xp fight still giving each 100 xp) more often than not adding more baddies is the right way to go but not always sometimes a cr boost from environment or another powerful creature is better. Keep an eye on what creatures you are adding as some have no loot and that needs to be added in else where to keep the WBL correct for the party.

Things I have found that deal with the ranged issue are incorporeal enemies (hard to shoot when they are in a wall or the floor) and smart melee tactics like a unit of bad guys with shield wall and tower shields? there is a fighter arctype that helps tower shield use if i remember correctly, some shield specialized fighters can do wonders on closing the distance with a archer then grapple/trip/disarm/ etc hell even dirty trick have one spit in his eye for a bit of blindness.Since thats a country specific thing for your game try fast animals with trip a pack or with a group of baddies they release the war hounds and the hounds charge,attack,trip. Or along the lines of terrain warrens of many small creatures small passages require squeezing and its penalties and then kobolds/baby dragons/cannibal halflings or any other small or tiny nasty. Also water not just fully submerged underwater combat (since everyone is bad) but partial waist deep etc difficult terrain and firing from above to under water, swamps with big bitey submerged reptiles or fast moving (needs acrobatics each round or fall) rivers with gar or other watery doom also poisons that damage dex or str.

The tiefling stuff is spread between blood of fiends and advance race guide and archer does change the atk and dmg "At 5th level, an archer gains a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls with bows. This bonus increases by +1 for every four levels beyond 5th.

This ability replaces Weapon Training 1." and it gains "At 9th level, an archer does not provoke attacks of opportunity when making ranged attacks with a bow.

This ability replaces Weapon Training 2." so you can free up a feat.

Why not go archer arc type for fighter? And for more min/max I would go tiefling oni blood with large limbs alt option to use a large size composite long bow with as high a str bonus as possible and toss in the exceptional pull feat.

I kinda want to see this with kobold instead of halfling and give them the swarm fighter arctype. Hitchcock battle go!

Thank you ccs for saving me from my game library when I get home, I have ooh shiny syndrome with my books and may never have found what I started looking for lol. This will help a lot when trying to figure out where our climbing druid went off to.

the 15 to the water seems right, ill have to wait till I can check the book for the mast height, I forgot about the climb at the beginning.

Not sure if im missing it somewhere but im trying to find the height from deck to waterline and the height of the sail arms,crows nest and mast total. (we have a pc with a climb speed) is this listed and im overlooking it or is it guesswork?

When I started the campaign for my group I started with the morning of the festival where they participated in some festival events and games and went to some of the key places they would see again later like black wing. They also were part of a swearing in ceremony where they were all recognized as crusaders then at noon they were in the square for the speech and I started the campaign per the book.

sounds like you got a good list there for a play house of horrors

I read the post saying "If possible I would like to play an unusual race (15rp and under plz), but something that makes sense in the tropical area the AP takes place in. The only other stipulations are that it has to be a front line combatant, has to be seaworthy, and not be a rogue/ninja or magus.

To those with advice, thanks!

Edit: I just realized that the title has lizard-folk in it. While that is definitely an option, it isn't the only one available. If you have an idea that would work just as good by all means suggest it!"

and so I suggested an unusual race that fit the AP and was a front line combatant that was not a rouge/ninja or magus. I missed your last post as my mobile is sub optimal for reading but now on a computer i see where you selected a char my apologies.

I had fun with enemy hammer in addition to picking up a big bad and getting to go all bam bam and leaving the bodies as difficult terrain, I picked up the party's synthesist summoner and pounded an bbeg half to death as he was large size and past his fort still getting his actions. I think the spell has great fluff I can see a wizard on the battlements and the leader of an invading army telling him to surrender and using magic he casually picks up the leader and beats the general with him till both are paste all while shouting "NO SOLICITORS"

vampire or lich would be good (bonus if it turns out they are fighting a simulacrum or clone so the "real" one can be scrying and learning the party weaknesses for his eventual attack) incorporeal is a good oprion but at that lv everyone should have magic or a way to deal with it. I think going sorc or better wizard conj or necro specialty to mythic lich would be good and his friend could be vamp or incorporeal to dish out stat/lv drain. Dont forget to poison everything undead arnt affected and kobolds love it or/and you can give them viridium weapons (yay leprosy)

For skull and shackles I'm running a kobold fighter with the corsair and swarm fighter arch and a besmara trait that gives me +1 to hit when im on deck of a ship. It fits the setting as there is a kobold tribe on the red mantis island and so far I have not had any issues with being a front line fighter my ac is one of the highest in the party and I nearly always hit. For more damage a small great sword and some poison is a good combo (I'm running a Elysium bronze masterwork rapier)

Im currently in a skull and shackles game with an evil party and it works just fine if you feel like being pirates.

A quick google search of dogs riding horses shows that it can work apparently one has been trained to ride a bike, so a fox on a lizard seems plausible for a fantasy setting as long as the "mount" is one size larger than the rider. A custom saddle may help but it starts to be more a balance check and less a ride check maybe both one ride check to control the mount (I'd say at a -2 for lacking the standard way the animal is controlled unless this was how it was trained for mount) and another acrobatics to stay balanced on the mount (here the saddle can help)

The mimic is a classic killer "object" , animated objects also would work,assassin vine or other ambush plant monsters (am-bushes if you will) a fire elemental in the fireplace, other constructs I think bestiary 2 or 3 has a animated or possessed doll that is creepy, a attic whisperer could just be abandoned clutter. If the CR needs to be bumped adding advanced or giant should work (giant mimic dinner table attacks)

Your idea reminded me of a set of items out of the book of vile darkness they are the armor,belt and ring of the dread emperor. I don't have the book in front of me right now but the armor and belt had built in manacles made for humanoid necks the armor was a +1 or 2 full plate and spread 1/2 damage the wearer takes among the captives and the belt lets a spell caster damage the captives to regain cast spells. I don't remember the ring effect right now, but the items would work for a anti paladin like Vhane if you want to go that route. It makes it so he has a reason for the captives and instead of him killing them outright he uses them as a battery and keeps the if you fight me you hurt them so just surrender angle you are going for. Since the book of vile dark was a 3.0 or 3.5 book a bit of edit may need to be made but as long as they are not making the item not much changes.

so with adding mooks to the bigger fights to help with action economy and a blanket "mythic bad guy" template of takes 1/2 damage (like resistance in 5e) and a moderate to heavy fortification effect so far in limited play tests it is keeping the fights challenging without being rocket tag. Granted I'm at my desk at work with a random number generator not dealing with pcs but it looks passable so far.

I have had the mythic talk with my group and they have all decided to press on with mythic. This gives me a party of 7 and mythic (we are just into part 2 of book 1 so no issues yet) to contend with for the future, from what I see book 3-4 and tier 3ish is where it starts to unravel taking the inherent weak points of the system and busting them wide open. Without going crazy with the ban hammer or spending all my between game time fully re building each monster (I do have to re work all the encounters for a party of 7 any way but there is a limit to my free time) I am going to try to test out a "mythic baddie" template giving my big fights a way to (in theory) contend with the mythic offense with as little work on my part as possible. The BBEG and added minions will take 1/2 damage (like 5e resistance) and have a moderate to heavy fortification effect. This gives a chance the pcs can one shot them and feel super epic without it being a sure thing and should give some staying power to the darkside. Now to the hive mind (and mythic math pros) here how would this shake out and are there any overt flaws I may be missing?

I am thoroughly enjoying my kobold captain, we now have the entire crew and one parrot that when an opponent calls me a rat they all yell DRAGON!

Kobold Fighter(corsair/swarm fighter), Drow rouge/fighter, Dwarf barbarian(brutal pugilist)spike armor grappler,Shark shifter Druid(shark shaman),Human sorcerer (star blooded),Human Ranger (favored terrain ocean)

After several rounds of shooting down ideas (serenity,good ship venus,defiant etc) the kobold captain struck on an idea the group likes our ship is the Dragons Thorn with a green dragon figurehead wearing a bramble crown, and the sturdy hull upgrade being wooded "scales" on the hull painted green to match.

There are a couple of ways I see to resolve it one is to errata SR to be supernatural resistance applying to spells and psi equally. Another is to include the 3.x psi and magic are different side box that outlined the additional math needed if the DM wants that flavor of game. To add PR would mean every monster printed would need to be gone back over with a should this get PR question, then a huge errata made. I don't see the last one as very likely though.

I don't think the new classes need to be martial bent, they have a heavy low magic/1920/mythos feel to them and there is not a lot of martial combat there. Plus the book is occult and that doesn't really convey physical or combat theme, at least not to me. I think the martial stuff will be in the archtypes and crunch for other classes the new classes are here to expand what we can do build wise.

I a kingmaker game I was in I had a wizard and another character was an eldritch knight, we both had the spell foe hammer and when we encountered two giant slugs out in the wilds we both cast the slugs failed there saves and we ended up smacking them together eventually killing them with a game of "bumper slugs".

A seventh just joined at the last moment with a goblin titan mauler barbarian (no campaign trait)

Going to start this AP for my group on Sunday we have
15 pt buy
3 half siblings (same mom)
Kellid human ancestor oracle (stolen power trait)
1/2 elf fighter (child of the crusade)
1/2 orc rouge (lost in the worldwound)
2 cousins
Aasimar inquisitor of Iomedae (exposed to awfulness)
Human wizard chellish devil summoner (exposed to awfulness)
has not selected race yet druid (touched by divinity) has not selected a god yet

There should be some good rp opportunities with the group now I'm setting up for modding the encounters for a bigger party

A couple my group has used
Collateral Damage Crew
Warband Ohana (the group was small and broken)

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Taking the archetype whirlwind ranger lets the house get favored enemy class witch with a massive slam attack that sunders all items carried except for the boot slot. Taking alchemist makes it a brew house.

I had a bard that learned to use profession cook in place of perform to make "magic" food (ex. inspire competence biscuits) that worked for most of the bard abilities and I brought fascinate soup to some guards after a bluff that I was the new garrison chef and that was a fun rp event as the guards were busy talking about how good the soup was that the party walked right by. Another thing I have done is give moral bonuses to good meals +1 or better to saves vs fear mostly but also to saves vs fatigue for forced march dc 10 with +1 for each 5 beat by and a negative to morale for constant ration meals -1 per week. rare meals with exotic ingredients (dragon steak) with a dc of 15-20 or so would give 24 hr bonus +1 matching element resist boosted by each 5 the dc was beat by, non stacking so no +1 from dinner and another from breakfast it would reset the 24 hr. I wanted to keep the bonus from food under alchemy and potions but still reward a "skill dump" and good rp

A small druid can ride any of the animal companions that start at med size wolf being most common, cavalier can also start with a med size mount (pony and wolf at lv1) for a exotic mount you will need to check with your gm and likely wait till your a lv for the appropriate animal companion or cavalier mount (4th lv for cavalier I think) I have a small sized cavalier and its been a lot of fun.

I used a hat of disguise on a red dragon to make it look like a white dragon and it attacks with cast cone of cold and cone of cold in a wand, party gears up with fire damage makes sad faces.

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Cursed pants of arrow catching...always in the knee
I second the idea for pants of tricks but several types one creates mice,rabbits ect like a least bag (all small animals from the pockets are named george) and a pair that creates snakes and weasels (fear the trouser weasel)
and a pair that creates minor figurines of wonder that replicate the 3 goats but with roosters ("Quickly princess mount my battle...rooster.")
cursed pants of irresistible dance
pants of flying
pants of many things
kilt of wonder

starwars pants
obi-wan: these are not the pants you are looking for
obi-wan: you cant win anikin i have the high pants
yoda: there is no pants only do or do not
Han Solo: [sounding official] Uh, everything's under control. Situation normal.
Voice: What happened?
Han Solo: [getting nervous] Uh, we had a slight pants malfunction, but uh... everything's perfectly all right now. We're fine. We're all fine here now, thank you. How are you?
Darth Vader: A tremor in the pants. The last time I felt it was in the presence of my old master.
Princess Leia: No! Alderaan is peaceful! We have no pants, you can't possibly...

I ran a low magic game with no full casters, a spell point system that adds fatigue when low on points and no magic crafting feats for permanent items but I did allow the feat for craft rolls to make magic weapons and armor to have master craftsmen to be able to make some gear without "magic". I ended up with one inquisitor, two rangers and a barbarian grappler, also I limited the creatures they fought to as few SLA and magic capable as possible some of the most painful encounters was with a three hobgoblins with bows and the four "war hounds" (riding dogs) that they had with them, and a river crossing with some Gar that attacked them half way. It made for a longer game as time between encounters increased for healing but it was a lot of fun

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I found foe hammer to be a really good spell for my wiz in kingmaker, we had another spell caster learn it too and there was a encounter with two giant slugs and I grabbed one and the other caster got the other and we played "bumper slugs". We also used the synthesis summoner as a hammer to bludgeon some bad guys in the same game.

The domain power of the madness domain might work for the things beyond the stars angle, take a look at the oracle curses for downside ideas.

This idea is great and after picking up the distant worlds splat book I was thinking of home brewing a jammer game myself. Thanks for the links!

I did not know it got nerfed, was it reprinted or online errata? Either way it still gets proficiency and won't cost a feat slot

1 Go gnoll it fits the theme
2 I haven't seen a way to add fiendish
other ideas for a xcrawl lamashtu druid? have a diaper or baby food company as a sponsor.

Give them a girls name.....what it works for rifles

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