Heroes of the Fifth Crusade! (post your party here thread)

Wrath of the Righteous

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We are in the interim between book 1 and 2 starting book 2 tonight.

Argim - Half-Orc Flame Oracle of Sarenrae
Kull - Half-Orc Melee Bard/Dragon Disciple of Sarenrae
Ogrukk - Half-Orc Menhir Druid of Sarenrae
Temper - Half-Orc Redeemer Paladin of Sarenrae

Let me just say, Irabeth fits right in.

Just finished the mongrelman lair with my group (our 3rd session). We have 5 players, and are using 15 point buy and the slow xp track.

Demitrius Thac, a Half-Elf Barbarian using the Stolen Fury trait.
Eb Oriax, a Tiefling Rogue using the Touched by Divinity trait.
Galvak Moratek, a Dwarven Cleric of Torag.
Marcus Blackburn, a Human Ranger using the Child of the Crusade trait.
Zack, a Gnome Summoner using the Riftwarden Orphen trait.

Halfway through book 3:

LG Aasimar Paladin/Monk worshipping Irori - Champion
NG Tiefling Master Summoner worshipping Iomedae - Archmage
LG Elf Evoker worshipping Iomedae - Archmage
LG Human Gunslinger/Paladin/Noble Scion worshipping Torag - Dual Marshal/Champion

LG Aasimer inquisitor or ragathal
LG human paladin or Iomedae
CG tiefling cleric of Desna
CG twilight wolfman barbarian/ranger

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In case anyone was curious, I totaled these up and came up with the following:

In order from most to least common player race:

Human(85), Aasimar(58), Tiefling(34), Elf(24), Half-Orc(16), Half-Elf(13), Dwarf(12), Gnome(5), Dhampir(4), Halfling(4), Android(3), Tengu(3), Catfolk(2), Oread(2), Sylph(2), Pony(1), Kobold(1), Grippli(1), Vanara(1), Goblin(1), Ratfolk(1), Ifrit(1), Samsaran(1)

In order from most to least common class (if they were multiclassed, each class counted once):

Paladin(62), Cleric(36), Wizard(27), Inquisitor(17), Oracle(17), Ranger(17), Rogue(17), Fighter(15), Magus(14), Barbarian(13), Sorcerer(13), Monk(10), Summoner(9), Bard(8), Druid(5), Gunslinger(5), Cavalier(4), Alchemist(3), Samurai(3), Witch(2), Ninja(2), Warpriest(1).

In order from most to least common mythic path (dual paths counted once each):

Heriophant(44), Champion(35), Archmage(31), Guardian(25), Trickster(17), Marshal(15)

Anyways, I left off some posts if there wasn't enough information, or if I wasn't sure how I'd total it. Also, I didn't include nagash42's party since I started this post before he posted.

Ssyvan wrote:

In case anyone was curious, I totaled these up and came up with the following:

In order from most to least common player race:....

Yay Metadata!!!

Very interesting, I wonder what Paizo would find if they combined all such threads from all APs and all the Obits threads? Ignore that that would be a herculean task.

I was rather surprised to see Gnome and Halfling so low. I guess people really don't like their small races?

If my players are anything to go by, i think a lot of players find the slowed speed and the reduced weapon damage to be the strongest drawbacks to the smaller races.

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I actually run this path for two different groups. There's a little friendly competition between them, which is nice. Game's have been going since the path first dropped, and both groups just got into book 4. Figured I might as well share. All characters were made with 25 point buy attributes. Because I'm a glutton for punishment. ;)

Thursday Night Mixer of Madness
Sarina - Human Oracle of Life, devoted to Sarenrae (and her daughter), Hierophant, focus on channel energy trickery, just rebuilt to be an Evangelist, big on the redemption aspect of her goddess
Xylos - Aasamar Paladin of Iomedae, Champion, focus on sword and board for combat (two weapon fighter, shield basher, has rolled SO MANY CRITS!, and has given Radiance Foe Biter), using a home brewed PrC similar to dragon disciple but with a celestial transformation as the end result, has been conflicted over those who are being redeemed, especially a certain halfling and a demonic heretic
Rygar - Human(ish) Sorcerer/Dragon Disciple, Guardian, heavy focus on melee with his natural attacks and has pumped his strength considerably, crafts on the side, is excellent with buff spells, carries a few remains of his kid sister who was long ago killed by demons so that he can one day bring her back to life in either safety or immortality
Duncan - Half-Orc Cavalier, Marshal, mounted combat specialist with a dragonne mount (as I thought that sounded as cool as he did!), vital striking power attacking build with a lance, good with teamwork feats.
Gregor - Human Inquisitor of Iomedae, Hierophant (and son of Iomedae), other half of the team work combo, mobility focused combat, can (and does) bane at the drop of a hat
Digit - Gnome Rogue, Trickster, two weapon fighter and sniper, extra move actions are her friend, has not fully maxed the two-weapon fighting but is almost there
Last but not least...
Fernando the Magnificent - Human Evoker, Archmage, specializes in the spells that make people fall down, has a wand wielding monkey familiar and a little bit of rogue in him, turns his nose up at having to have a spell book, was a street magician until he found an evoker's spell book and taught himself REAL magic, has a rod of elemental substation [sonic], loves his mythic magic missiles and the pit themed spells; when he originally told me that he wanted to play an evoker, I cautioned him that demons have all sorts of elemental resistance/immunities, to which he responded "but the spell book Fernando found was an evokers..."

The entire group works really well together on a tactics level, and will have heated in-character arguments over the nature of redemption and showing mercy in combat at the drop of a hat.

Saturday Night Special... OF DOOM!
Gentleman Barbarian - Human Barbarian, Guardian, strength beast, hit point monster, power attack and vital striking terror, and now both are mythic, sometimes just forgets to rage
Ondrea - Aasimar Paladin of Iomedae (and her daughter), Hierophant, healing focus but can front line as well, takes excellent advantage of their smite's, is beyond morality but has not stepped outside of their oaths or really LG-ness yet
Aoma - Samsaran Conjurer, Archmage, has shifted from summoning to other bits of trickery, specializes in denial magic and battlefield control, another fan of mythic silence
Masozi - Aasimar Magus, Archmage, when the barbarian is away she is the top damage dealer, solid stats, is really starting to get good at spell combat, and mixing buffs and attack spells into her combat sequences
Gyda - Aasimar Ranger/Rogue, Champion, archery focus with a lot of favored enemy demons, while she doesn't really use her spells that much, she does consistent damage, the party made sure that she had an impressive bow as soon as possible (holy and demon bane at the moment I think)
Rudel - Human Oracle of Battle, Marshal, originally envisioned as a battle-field medic, role has shifted as levels progressed, getting a better handle on buff spells and heavy support magics, and healing as a back up to the paladin

This group does not tactic it up together as well, but makes up for it in being very individually competent and watching each other's backs. More boon companions than a tight nit military unit.

The lack of goblins and kobolds in Ssyvan's data is disturbing. Cmon guys where are your goblins trying to find a way to set demons on fire and your kobolds jury rigging Drezen with enough demon slaying traps to make baphomet's head spin?

But in any case, it's interesting. Not surprised to see paladins, clerics, oracles, aasimar, and tieflings high up there.

We just started this week, and will be hosting our second session tomorrow.

Elisa - Agathion-blooded Aasimar Paladin of Sarenrae, self proclaimed rival of the same player's half-orc inquisitor from our Council of Thieves campaign. Child of the Crusades. She couldn't manage to be a dervish dancer, so she uses her scimitar with brute force.

Lushita - Human Bard friend of Elisa dragged along from Varisia to record her sure-to-be epic tale of demon slaying. Chance Encounter, mostly support and skill monkey.

Kasidra - Tiefling Magus of Ragathiel whose parents were slaughtered by half-fiend minotaurs during the attack on Kenabres that cracked the wardstone. Acquaintance of Aravashnial. Obviously altered Riftwarden Orphan. Very anti-demon focused in all possible ways.

Phes - Human Cleric of Shelyn with an oversized family; living with 4 siblings and both parents, as well as being a cousin of Elisa's. Something of an apprentice to Sosiel. Touched by Divinity, glaive-wielding reach cleric. I intend to play it up as the favored weapon of both Shelyn and Baphomet, culminating in

the fight against the Herald of the Ivory Labyrinth.

Sensu - Orphaned Kitsune Ninja living in the waller slums. Chance Encounter, and as such an old friend of Lushita's. Has yet to stand out in combat because of how cramped it's been with three or more other front line fighters.

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Some of my players changed themselves up, so re-posting. Also, if you live in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area in the state of Michigan, let me know, I need another player... I think. One guy hasn't gotten back to me if he can even make it.

So far:

Female Elven Eldritch Warder (MCA Wizard/Paladin) of Sarenrae
Male Dhampir Inquisitor of Ragathiel
Male Tiefling Warpriest of Iomedae
Supposedly: A Male Aasimar Paladin of Iomedae.

Again, if you live in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area and want to get hooked into a campaign, shoot me a message.

Have to represent an absent race!

Sylvanas, Human Gunslinger, Stolen Fury
Jaina, Human Paladin of Iomedae, child of the crusades
Aveline, Human battle Oracle of Desna, touched by divinity
Raeyn (and Stohrm, her eidolon), Kitsune Summoner, Riftwarden Orphan

OK, I'll go ahead and buy in. My group is in Chapter 3 at the moment:
Jake Thornbriar, Human Fighter, Exposed to Awfulness
NoPrey, Tengu Bard, Child of the Crusades
Kariss Trevelyan, Human Sorceress (Arcane Bloodline), Riftwarden Orphan
Merissa Dovekirk, Human Cleric of Iomedae (Good, Day), Touched by Divinity (Iomedae)

My party will be starting in two days, fingers crossed. I am GM'ing

Halfling male witch. (worships Iomedae) (Archmage)
Teifling male Fighter (Worships Sarenrea) (Champion)
Tiefling female Inquisitor (Worships Cayden Cailean) (Marshal)
Aasimir male Cleric (worships Sarenrea) (Heriophant)

We finished soon after the AP's last book was released (with two 13-hour sessions for the final book)

Parati - Alternian (custom race) - Paladin of Iomedae - Guardian

Anthony - Aasimar - Wizard (With multiple schools due to Mythic) - Archmage

Nania - Alternian - Druid - Champion/Heirophant

Trillan - Tiefiling - Paladin of Cayden - Champion

Liberty's Edge

Our first session soon, me and my group will try this AP with only three players:

Veran, Half-Elf Sorcerer (Arcane), Archmage Path.

Alistair, Human Paladin of Iomedae (Sacred Servant/Oath of Vengeance), Hierophant Path.

Terrock, Human Barbarian (Titan Mauler), Champion Path.

The Exchange

In the latter portions of Book 5 at this time:

Paul - LG Male Human Paladin/Rogue/Fighter Hybrid of Sarenrae - Champion, "Exposed to Awfulness"
Acoran - NG Male Human Cleric of Sarenrae - Hierophant, "Touched by Divinity"
Iardi - LN Male Human Inquisitor of Iomedae - Marshall/Champion, "Child of the Crusade"
Samantha - CG Female Tiefling Wizard (Transmuter), devout worshiper of Milani - Archmage, "Riftwarden Orphan"

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The PCs just made it back to the surface of Kenabres, and to 3rd level. They are:

Cedrick Warmshade: a male Kellid shaman who worships Iomedae, Touched by Divinity
Kass Tienoore: a female half-elf paladin of Iomedae; Stolen Fury
Len the Grim: a male human war priest of Iomedae; Stolen Fury
Nisha: a female tiefling slayer that worships Desna; Chance Encounter
Ruarc: a male angelkin aasimar bloodrager who worships Desna; Exposed to Awfulness

I just started running a non-Mythic PbP campaign, currently they're working their way through the first area below Kenabres. Our party features:

Aedacia and Faujra Shyvmos, twin sister Aasimar, a Lawful Good melee oriented Cleric of Ragathiel and a Chaotic Good Witch of Insanity respectively. Both have taken the Touched By Divinity trait.

Nikoli Bolivek, Chaotic Neutral Oread Warpriest of Gorum. For the most part he and Aedacia will be filling in for most of the paladin oriented things in the game. Stolen Fury trait.

Enya Canteren, Lawful Evil Ifrit Skald and one party face (Aedacia being the other).

Wolfram "Stuffing" Pyers, Neutral Evil Human Gunslinger (Musket Master archetype) and former mercenary. Woke up from his Exposed to Awfulness coma as of like three hours before the Fall of Kenabres with atrophied muscles and a permanently disfigured face (he has like 7 Charisma and 9 Strength, poor dude got crap rolls).

Michael Celais, Chaotic Good Slayer and professional Demon Hunter. Basically take any given young hunter from Supernatural and you have Michael.

And last but most certainly not least, Sylvia, homebrew Wyrmling Silver Dragon Wizard and daughter of Terendelev. When the player requested being a Dragon I recommended being Terendelev's kid. I am a terrible person.

Krinn wrote:

Just finished Book 1, Chapter 1.

I too suggested that they each choose a different Mythic Path.

* Angelin, Female Aasimar (Angelkin) Paladin (Shining Knight, Oath against Fiends) of Shelyn, will become Hierophant
* Herion, Male Elf Wizard (Counterspell School) / Riftwarden, will become Archmage
* Elyssar, Female Android Magus (Kensai, Bladebound, Technological), will become Champion
* Svarov, Male Tiefling (Hungerseed) Alchemist (Vivisectionist, Internal Alchemist) / Master Chymist, will become Guardian
* Yandalla, Female Human Bard (Songhealer), will become Marshal
* Nesteruk, Male Half-Orc Inquisitor (Sin Eater) of Sarenrae, will become Trickster

Approaching the end of Book 2, the party has somewhat changed into this.

* Angelin, Female Aasimar (Angelkin) Paladin (Shining Knight) of Shelyn, Guardian
* Herion, Male Elf Wizard (Counterspell School) / Riftwarden, Archmage
* Elyssar, Female Android Magus (Kensai, Bladebound, Technological*), Champion
* Akuma, Male Human Cleric of Asmodeus / Hellknight Signifier, Hierophant
* Yalandra, Female Human Bard (Savage Skald, Primal Singer*), Marshal
* Poppo, Male Halfling Ranger (Urban, Spirit), Trickster
* Zuagheat, Male Samsaran Psion* (Egoist), Metamind*

* = homebrewed archetypes/classes/paths

Some members of my kitchen table group decided to go a little crazy on races with this one, uniting the characters under the banner of Sarenrae, goddess of redemption and healing.

Our party is:

Simon Terrafire, Oread Cleric of Sarenrae (Domains: Fire and Good)
Khyrnyr the Silver-Fanged, Gnoll Paladin of Sarenrae
Sol Hammond, Aasimar Sorcerer (Protean Bloodline)
Light Storm, Tengu Ninja

Mawgrim wrote:

Due to a couple of real-life things coming up, my group's line up has changed. The player of Brock is no longer with the group, and as such has been written out of the story by a rockfall triggered by a severe tremor that also brought down the mongrelman guard tower.

In his place, we have Lagos, a tiefling Ranger, who channels his own Stolen Fury into defeating the enemies of Kenabres. Having fallen down a crevasse in the southern portion of the city and come to consciousness a few hours later, he was found by the party wandering the tunnels attempting to find a way back to the surface.

The Paladin has also decided to change his archetype from Sacred Servant to Oath-bound (Oath against Fiends), as he felt it suited the campaign/AP better - given that neither archetype changes a level-1 ability, I let him change it this time around.

About half way through the 3rd part of the book, after the party had made their way to Defender's Heart, they added a fifth member to their ranks. Rafe Tormal who at a very young age was Touched by Divinity and drawn into Erastil's church. He is a relatively skilled archer and healer in his own right, and was in Kenabres in the outer ring of the city on the day the Storm King launched his assault. He met the PCs after he and an NPC cleric of Cayden Cailean were looking for survivors to bring back to the safe zone (that NPC, being more a macguffin than anything else, did not make it).

At the end of book 1, after a climactic battle against the forces of the Grey Garrison, my group now looks like this:

Gram Gnome Wizard 5 / Archmage 1
Lagos Tiefling Ranger 5 / Champion 1
Rafe Human Cleric of Erastil 5 / Hierophant 1
Thomas Aasimar Paladin of Iomedae 5 / Guardian 1
Vanaren Tiefling Rogue 5 / Marshal 1

I have decided to enforce the background trait leading into the Mythic Path, which only affects the rogue a bit.

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My group as of the beginning of Book 2

Ceres, Female aasimar sorcerer (fey) 5/Archmage 1
-- Riftwarden Orphan
Kayden, Male Angel-blooded Aasimar Paladin 5/Champion 1
-- Child of the Crusades
Kilarra, Female Rakshasa-Spawn Tiefling Paladin 5/Guardian 1
-- Child of the Crusades
Renner, Male Human Ranger 5/Champion 1
-- Touched by Divinity
Jamir, Male Halfling Oracle of Heavens 3/Ranger 2/Heirophant 1
-- Touched by Divinity

I got some interesting choices from my players on the traits.

The two paladins are siblings (how messed up is that family bloodline, right?) and they have a friendly sibling rivalry between them.

The two who have been touched by Divinity chose Cayden Cailean as their deity of choice.

Arcane Duelist (archer) Bard - Human
Master of Many Styles Monk - Aasimar
Hexcrafter/White Haired Witch -Half-Elf

25pt build.

My gestalt (yes, I know I'm crazy for allowing it), soon-to-be-Mythic party (who just started their assault on the Grey Garrison):

Female Mendevian pit-born tiefling Sorcerer (Abyssal [brutal] bloodline) / Wizard (Academician);
Riftwarden Orphan (Archmage path)

Male Sarkorian pit-born tiefling Fighter (Brawler) / Monk;
Exposed to Awfulness (Guardian path)

Female Sarkorian pit-born tiefling Fighter (Shielded Fighter) / Rogue;
Exposed to Awfulness (Guardian path)

Ducard Martalis:
Male Taldan idyllkyn aasimar Aegis / Cleric (Sarenrae);
Touched by Divinity (Hierophant path)

The three tieflings spent most of their lives in a 'work camp' outside Kenabres that works in Truestone Quarry. They've only been out of the camp and working caravan guard duty for quarry shipments for a year before the campaign began. The aasimar is an exiled Taldan of noble birth, sent away for his choice of religion and his recently changed appearance (his aasimar heritage manifested only recently).

Dirt and Filth are twins, and share the same tiefling traits (androgynous, with transparent skin, hair & eyes). Crow's eyes are solid black orbs, and she has feathers mixed in with her hair. Ducard has pronounced leonine features.

Silver Crusade

My group is about to finish book 2 with:

Malak, Aasimar Paladin (Oath against Fiends) of Torag, Child of the Crusade, Marshal Path

Gwyngad, Duergar Inquisitor (Cold Iron Warden) of Cayden Calien, Exposed to Awefulness, Gaurdian Path

Hayaji Deanagi, Tian Human Ninja, Chance Encounter, Trickster Path

Nell, Halfling Ranger/Fighter, Stolen Fury, Champion Path

Keraciel, Elf Wizard, who died waaaaaay back in book 1, and was replaced by

Kip, Dwarf Arcanist, Riftwarden Orphan, Archmage Path


Dellisar, Tiefling (Devil-Spawn) Cleric (Mendevian Preist) of Iomedae, Touched by Divinity, Heirophant Path (My Character! Though I have to retain him for the Exalted prestige class from ISG)

My group is at Valas's gift (I setup some encounters there), in Book 2:

Arnor, a Kenabran aasimar paladin of Iomedae (Oath of Vengeance), Child of the Crusade, Marshal path.

Shoal, an Osiriani aasimar cleric of Sarenrae, Touched by Divinity, Hierophant path.

Elyias, an elven rogue (Desna), Chance Encounter, Trickster path. His squire (soon to be full cohort) is Mordox, a half-minotaur fighter, using the Asterion race (http://www.d20pfsrd.com/races/3rd-party-races/super-genius-games/asterion) .

Iggy, tiefling sorcerer (Alcohol, Cayden) of Kenabres, Riftwarden Orphan, Archmage path (dead).

Nimbus, modified silver dragon wyrmling (Iomedae) from Kenabres (one guess as to who is her mother), Exposed to Awfulness, Guardian path. Her squire (soon to be full cohort) is Xephia, an elven wizard.

Play by Post HERE
Hyram Grimstalk, Inquisitor of Iomedae, male human
Aladir Cyruthion, Rogue (Scout), male elf
Alikia Sokol, Wizard (Conjurer), female half-elf
Ezro Lindran, Cleric of Iomedae, male half-elf
Quinn Inktooth , Paladin of Iomedae, male tiefling

-- david

Halfling cavalier (Marshal)
Dwarven Fighter (Champion)
Elven Wizard (Archmage)
Human Paladin of iomadea (Champion)
By the way my paladin is a son of iomadea


The Exchange

Zeqiel wrote:

In the latter portions of Book 5 at this time:

Paul - LG Male Human Paladin/Rogue/Fighter Hybrid of Sarenrae - Champion, "Exposed to Awfulness"
Acoran - NG Male Human Cleric of Sarenrae - Hierophant, "Touched by Divinity"
Iardi - LN Male Human Inquisitor of Iomedae - Marshall/Champion, "Child of the Crusade"
Samantha - CG Female Tiefling Wizard (Transmuter), devout worshiper of Milani - Archmage, "Riftwarden Orphan"

A brief return. We have now concluded the tale of the last Mendevian Crusade. Deskari, lord of Locusts fell and a successful Soul-Bind was cast to ensure he could not resurrect afterwards using a gem given by Iomedae at the end of Book 5.

The final party was comprised of Paul, Acoran, Iardi and Samantha, along with Sargona, an ascended Planetar present since mid-book 5 and Arushalae. In the aftermath of the rebuilding, Paul moved into relative retirement having had his fill of crusades and holy wars unless called upon by Sarenrae. Iardi and Acoran were presumably involved in the rebuilding efforts, but had largely no battles to fight. Sargona returned, no longer shamed, to the courts of Iomedae. Arushalae was found largely in the courts of Desna. Samantha, now known by her family name of "Liath" gave the gem of Deskari to Iomedae for safe keeping and largely disappeared from sight into a demiplane of her creation.

She did so out of distaste for the mortal realm and the reactions of the crusaders. Having become a Divine Source and, through her actions, a saint of Milani, she was developing a cult of worshipers she never wanted. With the GM's permission, I've been allowed to create a priest of my own character for Mummy's Mask starting next week.

Liath is ****'d as hell, and I have to come up with tenets for a horked off tiefling saint of Milani.

Working through the first bit of book 2, I think we finally have a solid party (I did not make them take campaign traits):

Alden Fredrikson: human paladin of Iomedae, born and raised in Kenabres

Gerulf: human druid of Gorum (I know, but it works), raised in one of the barbarian tribes to the south that was decimated by demons while he was out communing with dinosaurs

Kyras Goldenleaf: Half-elf cleric of Desna, curious traveler from Keyonin; came with his cousin Melikaf

Melikaf Goldenleaf: Elf Magus, curious scholar from Keyonin; came with his cousin Kyras

X Anslen Bavel: Human Cavalier from Gelt; searching for a 'Holy Grail' for Queen Abridgale. Player decided he didn't like playing her so after the end of the first book, she got a vision of her grail from Iomedae and rode off alone into the world wound.

Saavedra Gods-can-die (Saa): Tiefling rogue, heading for shadow dancer; She was a devil descended follower of Asmodeus until the wardstone thing altered her drastically (alignment from LE to CG + mythic powers). Talked her way into the party by mentioning that she also had a dream from Iomedae.

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The threat has brought them across the world...

Durotan, Half-Orc Bloodrager who follows his Destiny to the Kenabres.

Neema Tuathain, Tiefling Shaman of Battle who guides her brother, Durotan on his journey to Kenabres and tries to find a path for herself.

Noctis Archleone, Human Two-weapon Fighter from Mendev whose wrath and hate against demons and their scum knows no bounds.

Khadon Rainhart, Human Warpriest of Gozreh. A prophecy leads him to Kenabres, and with him comes the fury of the storms.

Shadow Lodge

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A rough look at our new group.

Razille Mol Syn E'eal "Raze" - Female lawbringer (aasimar) Sacred Fist of Moloch

?? - Male halfling Ninja

?? - Male dwarf Master of Many Styles

We also have three others, but their characters are no where near complete. I do know this the group decided to go with all "monk" characters.

Having fun in book one.

Fiona Noon - NG Aasimar Cleric of Sarenrae Lvl 3.
Gregory Noon - LG Aasimar Paladin of Iomedae Lvl 3.
Thorn - CG Elf Ranger Lvl1 / Rogue Lvl 2.
Freyla - LG Aasimar Monk Lvl 1 / Sorcerer (Celestial bloodline) Lvl 2.


Going to start this AP for my group on Sunday we have
15 pt buy
3 half siblings (same mom)
Kellid human ancestor oracle (stolen power trait)
1/2 elf fighter (child of the crusade)
1/2 orc rouge (lost in the worldwound)
2 cousins
Aasimar inquisitor of Iomedae (exposed to awfulness)
Human wizard chellish devil summoner (exposed to awfulness)
has not selected race yet druid (touched by divinity) has not selected a god yet

There should be some good rp opportunities with the group now I'm setting up for modding the encounters for a bigger party

A seventh just joined at the last moment with a goblin titan mauler barbarian (no campaign trait)

7 In wrath hurts my brain!
good luck:)

Liberty's Edge

After some adventures, our group changed a little:

Veran, Female Vampire Half-Elf Sorcerer (Arcane Bloodline)/Archmage, demigoddess of sorcery.[1]
Derepidazirialexidilliane (Derpy Dash for her friends), Female Great Wyrm Red Dragon, Valet Familiar of Veran [2]
Mark, Male Orcish[3] Abyssal-Blooded Tiefling Raging[4] Paladin (Oath of Vengeance/Sacred Servant) of Ragathiel/Champion
Sandor, Old Grumpy Paladin Hound Archon of Ragathiel, planar ally of Mark.

[1]: Has the Divine Source mythic ability with the Magic and Luck domains.
[2]: Was a Faerie Dragon before being the target of a Polymorph Any Object by her mistress.
[3]: Mythic Eldritch Heritage (Orc bloodline)
[4]: Ragathiel's Rage Subdomain

Oh, and if you worry about the fate of our first paladin and our barbarian, the former died from a Color Spray enabled coup-de-grace to the face while the latter's player never showed up to the game.

Ianten: LG Male angel-blooded aasimar (angelkin) paladin (sword of valor) of Iomedae/guardian (dual path: marshal)

Sarena: CG Female ekujae half-elf (wildborn) wizard/archmage

Belkara: NG Female dwarf cleric of Bolka/hierophant

Thorik: NG Male dwarf fighter (foehammer)/champion

Samara: CG Female ulfen human barbarian (invulnerable rager)/champion

Shadow: LN Male taldane human hunter 7 of Abadar/slayer 7/guardian (dual path: trickster)

Just had our first session of book 2, and our group is as follows:

Kaldorand Ninndo'el, LN Male Elf Arcanist 6/Archmage 1 (Surprisingly uncharismatic for an arcanist, support caster/resident batman)

Kushiel, LG Male Aasimar Paladin of Iomedae 6/Guardian 1 (Default leader because he's the only PC with a positive charisma mod, also super tanky even among mythic)

Tseng, LN Male Human Monk(Zen Archer) 6/Champion 1 (main damage dealer, has a tendency to refer to himself in the third person, given his 7 int)

Xy, TN Female Half-orc Warpriest of Pharasma 6/Champion 1 (newly reincarnated from the spoiler thingy at the end of book 1)

Lack of Trickster/Heriophant might come back to bite us in the butt, we'll see.

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Dragonriderje wrote:
Lack of Trickster/Heriophant might come back to bite us in the butt, we'll see.


oh, you were being serious,
this WotR! you could field a party of three mice and a rabbit and still leave a trail of bodies through the WorldWound:-)>

Sovereign Court

Arros, LN male human Cleric of Nethys
Deek, CG male dwarf Barbarian
Duklar, N male tiefling Inquisitor of Erastil
Ëlyn Chillwind, N female dhampir Sorcerer (sanguine)
Kevden Megdal, CG male tiefling Slayer
Sir Lucien Bradley, LG male aasimar Paladin
Poopar, NG male human Druid (Scratch- deinonychus AC)
Vaxius, CG human Wizard (universalist)

About midway through Part III of the Worldwound Incursion my group is 8 players strong now, 20 pt. buy, with extra skill points (6-12/level depending on class).So far on average I've had 5 players each session, and the latest addition will be Playing remotely from Denver (we're in Detroit).

Now I'm no novice to large parties so I'll likely start a thread following our progress when Mythic kicks in! Two GM's by the way to handle the chaos of letting this large a group of experienced players use the full Mythic rules with no tweaks.

Maxing hps and adding +50-100% minions has worked pretty well thus far for making encounters challenging, though here and there stacking encounters together has made for some awesome sessions!

--I wanna Vrock... VROCK!

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Azzah - LG human female Holy Gun/Gunslinger/Cleric/Evangelist worshipping Sarenrea (and is her daughter). I have a feeling this player will end up having a level in every single available class once we finish playing.

Plank Tsinatra - CN human male Arcanist with a fairy dragon familiar. On a long and winding road of redemption from CE to CG and a Riftwarden (as well as Riftwarden Orphan), with a dark pas as a cultist of Baphomet.

Terak (known as Sir Fumble) - very exceptionally LG Aasimar male Paladin, not currently worshipping any deity more than any other (so long as said deity is good). Has a cohort who is his younger brother and a thiefling paladin.

Camrad - LG human male monk with a vow of silence and truth. In our very first session this player was ecstatic from joy when I allowed him to own a fully furnished house in Kenabres where he was/is a member of the Eagle's Watch. A few minutes later a demon stomped on the house. He hates demons.

We don't play mythic.

We've just cleared the ground floor of Citadel Drezen:

-human (chelaxian) male cleric 8 (ragathiel)/ hierophant 2

-elf male magus 8/ duel archmage/champion 2

-human (chelaxian) male ranger 8 (trapper)/ champion 2

-elf female fighter 7/ champion 1

-human (chelaxian) male paladin 7 (damerrich)/ champion 2

-human (keleshite) male wizard 7/ archmage 2

Me: GM

Akathiel Samaran: LG Male Human Paladin of Iomedae 1, member of the Order of the Sunrise Sword, scarred by a demon attack as a child.

Karazi Atharan: NG Female Human Ranger 1, hates demons and is an expert in their elimination, was kidnapped for a dark ritual as a child and absorbed the magic of the black rite.

Jin Thakros: LN Male Human Cleric of Gozreh 1, master of lightning, and has a strange connection with his god.

Merisiel: CG Elf Unchained Rogue 1, carefree and spirited, was saved by a mysterious woman when she ventured into the Worldwound as a child. (An expy of the Iconic's Merisiel because Merisiel is awesome.)

Nimue Placidia - aasimar paladin (redeemer with GM approval) of Shelyn. Touched by Divinity (Shelyn) and going into Heirophant/Guardian for Mythic.

Gelennessil - elf druid (treesinger, and totally a hippie). Custom trait and going into Heirophant for mythic.

Fyodor Setarn-Everleaves - human (Sarkorian) summoner. Riftwarden Orphan and going into Archmage/Heirophant for mythic.

Zedd - human sorcerer (starsouled). Riftwarden Orphan going into Archmage.

Gewdt - goblin gunslinger. Custom feat and not planning on going mythic.

Corwin Antivan - human (Qadiran) ninja. Taking the trickster trait and going into Trickster.

Owner - Gator Games & Hobby

We're running with a stripped down Hero Point version of Mythic, so I'll just put in their traits to stand in for paths they don't have.

Anja - Elf Slayer - Chance Encounter
An amoral assassin/enforcer finding her way towards the light

Gnarra - Human (Kellid) Saurian Shaman Druid - Stolen Fury
A hard-nosed suspicious loner who crusades against the Demons because of her hate for their despoilment

Karrok - Half-Orc Psychic (Self-Perfection) - Exposed to Awfulness
An outcast in his city, he throws himself and his new power in the face of those who rejected him.

Kawatoc - Aasimar Oathbound Paladin of Sarenrae/Ranger - Stolen Fury
A husband, father, and grandfather, he has forsaken his peaceful life to search for his missing son and take vengeance for his presumed death.

Kest - Hobgoblin Pistolero - Touched by Divinity (Gorum)
A rigid disciplinarian and lieutenant of a small warband, she fights the demons out of duty, but is growing to realize the rust that has set in amongst the crusaders

Onura - Tiefling Investigator - Riftwarden Orphan
An urban vigilante who tries to do good from the shadows because she fears the judgment of the light

Vohk - Human (Shoanti) Sacred Fist/Master of Many Styles - Exposed to Awfulness
A warrior far from home seeking answers about the demon that hunted him in his homeland

My party is compoused by:

Apollion, human inquisitor champion (LN)

Hilde, dwarf cleric of Torag hierophant (NG)

Izkrael, elf wizard (conjurer) archmage (NG)

Nean, halfling aasimar paladin of Iomedae guardian (LG)


I'm the elf.

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