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In terms of defeating weight-based traps, you could always use a cantrip for 7.5 kg/level of water. So I'm not sure a disposable familiar is much worse on that front.

If upping personal bulk is so easy, why would you need a healer in the fist place instead of running more sturdy attackers?

Eh, attacking the arm holding up the sword has always been pretty standard. I find the current ruleset lacks the ability to armour the metaphorical arm by putting up something difficult to get through.

I wouldn't be surprised, it is used to make ice cream in under 2 minutes.

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If we're abusing chemistry, I would recommend C2N14 except it would explode before hitting the ground. In fact, it would explode as soon as you finished casting a spell that makes it. Possibly before. I guess you could crank up abjurations and handle it personally.

You should probably mention what ability score is used for casting (it has Wis key, but technomancer normally uses Int).

What abilities are subbed out by archetypes?

Weapon Specialization should be mentioned for standardization reasons.

A few things I noticed:

1. The draconic bloodline powers are arguably better than the fey ones. I would take an energy resistance over woodland stride any day.
2. There are spells that can apply fear conditions as a secondary effect, and thus get the DC boost incidentally (e.g. eyebite gains the boost even if you only use it to inflict sickened)
3. fear attacks stack, compuslion effects usually don't.
4. For +2 level adjustment, you could throw on Fearsome Spell on to every damage spell. I do not know of a way to add a subschool to a spell.

So I'm not sure the bloodline is that weak. It certainly beats the esoteric dragon bloodline if you aren't intending to use armour/have your hands full (since it's quite possibly a drawback if you aren't going for this)


Asmodeus' Advocate wrote:
Draco18s wrote:
Asmodeus' Advocate wrote:
You did that link code backwards.

Ah, my bad. Should have been: Relevant xkcd.

Funnily, I'm in both the all one type of socks and the open bananas from the right end camps. It really is easiest to open bananas from the bottom, y'all should try it!

Yep, the bottom is the easiest. I don't know why people try the short end, though.

It's MMMMDCCXVIII AR, couldn't we have progressed a little?

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Scythia wrote:
I'm all for metric, but Celsius is rubbish. The vaunted benchmarks Celsius is based on are of highly questionable practicality, and the fact that what is a 100 degree difference (0-100 in Celsius is nearly a 200 degree difference (32-220) in Fahrenheit shows that Fahrenheit allows for nearly double the precision in describing changes in temperature.

0º Celsius isn't important everywhere, but when it's important, it's very important. Just ask someone whether they'd rather drive in the rain at 5ºC or at 0ºC.

But, of course, the one true temperature benchmark is used for Kelvin and Rankine. No need for the pesky "degree" notation there.

You'd need to be pretty careful with that, astronomers have gotten pretty good at noticing planets and their composition based almost entirely on what the star looks like.

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I'm surprised the infamous trivia contest hasn't been brought up yet.

Anyway, I lean towards deities that effectively corrupt a concept by being the main/only deity of said concept e.g. insects are Evil because there are no good deities interested in them but a few Evil ones. While potentially not the most evil, I do think they're the most in need of opposition or destruction.

Well, you could always wipe out the organization directly. Getting friendly with your local marauders may be helpful for this.

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Ediwir wrote:

Ireland would also make the list, but I wasn’t trying to list everything :) plus a few dozen countries where English is an official language but not necessarily a native one.

1m squares are awkward because creatures are considered as occupying cubic areas - and very few people are 1m tall. 1,5m is more reasonable as it’s enough space to fit, even if not necessarily stand all the time.

So, like the US?

Also, there's a few rings from ACG that add a few creatures of a given category to a summon list. This one, for example

captain yesterday wrote:

Who would win in a person with robot arm battle.

Imperator Furiosa or Bucky Barnes (the Winter Soldier).

Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist. He would barge in to the competition due to his Napoleon complex, then magically soften up the opponent's arms like he did that one time in the original source.

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I went with the cone tip-first since it was the most aerodynamic shape that had dimensions that were easy to calculate. The optimal shape usually has a frontal center of mass. Clearly, we need to calculate the best way to optimize weight and stability within our set volume

Megistone wrote:
Draco18s wrote:
Megistone wrote:

Let me tell about language changes I really hope won't happen.

Imagine if some people start using the expression 'rather than' as if it meant 'either'.
"Begs the question."
Sorry, I don't get it. English isn't my main language. Would you please explain?

Basically, "beg the question" has two meanings, neither of which has a massive amount of evidence for it. Here's an article on it

Edit: The post above mine references the older definition (derived by way of a translation of a major book), compared to the more recent (and arguably more literal) one that refers to the situation bringing a specific question to mind.

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I'm the biggest language nerd I know. I like seeing how languages get added to. But there have been too many examples of a loss of an original meaning being to the detriment of the word, and arguably our culture as a whole, for me condone this. As a case in point, there's a word for a bundle of sticks that probably won't get through the swearing filter.

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At least Inflammable becomes easier to understand when you learn more about language as a whole. Some things become way worse.

Wikipedia, Billion wrote:

A billion is a number with two distinct definitions:

1,000,000,000, i.e. one thousand million, or 109 (ten to the ninth power), as defined on the short scale. This is now the meaning in both British and American English.[1][2]
Historically, in British English, 1,000,000,000,000, i.e. one million million, or 1012 (ten to the twelfth power), as defined on the long scale. This is one thousand times larger than the short scale billion, and equivalent to the short scale trillion.

American English has always used the short scale definition but British English once employed both versions. Historically, the United Kingdom used the long scale billion but since 1974 official UK statistics have used the short scale. Since the 1950s the short scale has been increasingly used in technical writing and journalism, although the long scale definition still enjoys some limited usage.[3]

Other countries use the word billion (or words cognate to it) to denote either the long scale or short scale billion. For details, see Long and short scales – Current usage.

Another word for one thousand million is milliard, but this is used much less often in English than billion. Some European languages such as Romanian, Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, Czech, Russian, French, Bulgarian and German, use milliard (or a related word) for the short scale billion, and billion (or a related word) is used for the long scale billion. Thus for these languages billion is thousand times larger than the modern English billion. However, in Russian, milliard (миллиард) is used for the short scale billion, and trillion (триллион) is used for the long scale billion.

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12 points is about the same as 2d12, how reasonable is it to have a backup greatsword within +2 enhancement of your main?

Fumarole wrote:
There's no maneuver because there's no AoOs to worry about
Say what now? Fewer attacks of opportunity make maneuver more likely.

Think about what a dedicated trip specialist did in PF1. They Trip you, take an AoO with Greater Trip (take a second AoO with a fortuitous weapon), take a second (third) AoO with Vicious Stomp. Target is now on the floor, and takes an AoO if it attempts to stand or crawl away. If they stand, You can feel free to make your AoO a trip attempt to repeat the situation.

The thing about just making a hole is that, using the 8m hole into granite as an example, that's still 6 cubic meters of rock that needs to go somewhere. It can't go straight up because the projectile is in the way, so is pushed outwards into the surrounding material. which then needs to go somewhere, etc, etc.

And it's a lot more than one 5th level slot. It also costs the rescources to breathe at the edge of space, getting to the edge of space (I would recommend teleporting, it's 9 hours of flying straight up at 60 feet per round), and staying up there. (Plus possibly a way to get back down safely, but it isn't fully necessary) You can't see your target due to a -32808 distance penalty to perception), and it's over 12 minutes from when you start casting major creation to when the bullet hits the ground.

Well, at the moment, a wizard/fighter is missing Spellstrike. Sure, it can get extra damage on a weapon from casting a spell, but that doesn't allow for the kind of debuffing attacker you could get out of frostbite or chill touch.

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I am reminded of this

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First up, let's assume our wizard knows at least something about aerodynamics and makes a cone of the material. Specifically, a cone with 1/3 the volume of a cylinder with equal diameter and height (there are more efficient shapes, but calculating their cross-section area becomes a pain). We get an area of 0.77m^2, which some calculator tells me gives a terminal velocity of 966.375 m/s. It takes 98.5 s or 16.4 rounds of 1g frictionless freefall to reach this speed, during which time the cone has fallen slightly under half the 100km google tells me is the height of the atmosphere. We hit the ground 54s (9 rounds) later, for a total time of about 26 rounds. Extend Spell is recommended.

We have a kinetic energy of 5.38 GJ (1.29 tons of TNT, according to some internet converter), which will be imparted to the surrounding terrain primarily as heat and fast-moving debris. If it matters, a high-speed approximation gives our cone about an 8m penetration into granite (provided it survives impact, which it might not).

You will want Forums->Licensed products->Digital Games->Pathfinder: Kingmaker

In other words, here

Note that Dragons usually get a set of Sorcerer spells, so you could easily be a dragon that has chosen to learn Alter Self.

In terms of illusive dragons, I would lean towards Copper, though they are more bards than mesmerists.

LordKailas wrote:
avr wrote:
Don't take racial heritage, instead be a vigilante with that talent which lets you use something like martial flexibility on racial feats. You can change it every time and have a literally infinite number of heritages.

Disappointingly this doesn't give you extra heritages. It just lets you temporarily use racial feats that you would normally already qualify for. So, if you were a dwarf, you could temporarily gain any feat that has the prerequisite "dwarf". It doesn't let a halfling be an ogre one day and an orc the next.

I think they were going for starting as a human, and selecting Racial heritage (a feat with prereq "Human") to count as whatever.

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What's wrong with nonflammable?

Reksew_Trebla wrote:
1: Half-Celestial or Half-Fiend

Technically, there isn't anything stopping a creature from having both of these templates, since they both apply to "any living corporeal creature with an int score of 4 or more," and the templates don't invalidate that. You could even theoretically throw in Half-dragon while you're there, though that can produce some strangeness when it comes to creature type (i.e. order matters for whether you end up with an outsider or a dragon)

Note that Meteor Swarm (another spell that has a projectile creating an AoE) applies a -4 to the Ref save on a hit instead of outright removing it.

I mean, the out-of-game explanation is that The inevitables are from Bestiary 2, which postdates Kingmaker. I rather like the idea of it being too fast for immortals to consider it, thanks.

I might give you the square (since Arcane Sight mentiones location), but you'd still take the miss chance.

So we have a villain intent on fusing/abducting/whatever a chunk of the material plane, and we have Lhaksharut inevitables, CR 20 Outsiders that exist just to keep this kind of thing from happening. I have a hard time believing the steps taken are minor enough to be below Axis's notice. So shouldn't the players be able to count on the support of something that basically hard-counters the final boss?

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And there are a few game reasons to dislike it. Neglecting roleplay contributions, what is there to make a class worth playing more than once? It's certainly not the different ways one could choose to build said class. Heck, given the total homogeneity, what is there to make building any character except your first interesting?

Archpaladin Zousha wrote:
Koujow wrote:
Because I cannot wait until August to find out the answers
Why? What's happening in August?

I think SF came out in August 2017, and the thread started in February 2017.

For 5' reach, moving out of Base contact (i.e. melee range in more shooting-based wargames) should be sufficient. For larger reaches, you could use circular or ring templates centred on the defender, possibly attaching a sheet of paper to the bottom of the mini as their threatened area. This effectively pre-does the measurements.

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First, as a DM, you need to decide what's at steak...

I keep thinking the Fiends are perfectly content with the style of a world that includes a built-in cycle of hatred and destruction by designating a given race to be fully Evil. They'd be noticeably set back if the Dark One wins his case, regardless of what else happens.

The problem with hanging off the Mantle is that you still need a goblin with 9th level spell slots, which may mean Redcloak is the only one that qualifies.

At least the tech level wasn't reset. It took over a thousand years for the western world to get back everything that was lost with Rome (two steps away from steam power by 100 CE). History's nice and all, but the present is doing pretty darn well, all things considered.

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I'm admittedly somewhat surprised it uses the index finger and not a different one...

Had time to catch up, I see that the pokemon discussion is mostly complete.

In other news, buffing weak mooks can be a pretty good technique. And it's hard to argue with the terrifying ability of one of the best in that business: Sturm from Advance Wars. +20% offence and defence on everything, arbitrarily large range, plus they ignore difficult terrain. Oh, and killing enough of the minions lets him knock off 80% of your team's health as a free action (unless your group of ~4 PCs is more spread out than the area of a circle with a radius of three cities). Caulder from the same series at least needs to put himself within a few miles, but cranks that buff up to 50% and heals all of his allies half health while he's at it.

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Fireball itself can be fortified around, due to not damaging walls with any efficiency. A good battlement should be granting improved cover, which at least used to provide a free improved evasion.

Disintegrate putting a 10' hole wherever the caster wants, though, is going to make castles a lot less impenetrable.

necromental wrote:
Captain Morgan wrote:
Just a thing worth pointing out: today is a holiday for the Paizo staff, so they've asked for patience if 1.4 is late coming out today.
They're celebrating Croatian Independence Day too? That's nice of them.

It's also Thanksgiving in Canada.

Didn't have time to read the whole thing, but

*Territorial Rotbart, or anything else that TPKs you in the first area if you don't run the instant it notices you. Low-level death can be cheap in video games, it isn't in PF

*If you're going with pokemon, base damage has nothing on how much you can get debilitated into the ground: You don't have the option of switching out of the fight. Meaning you need to spend resources to remove that 0.25 damage you can deal and 4* more damage you take just from rats, etc. spamming growl and tail whip. Oh, and PF lets you stack conditions easier, so you can be taking damage from both burn and poison at the same time, while also being paralyzed.

*Flash/Bright/Centaur Man, because At-will (nonmagical?) Time Stop that they can still attack through

Dullahan from Golden Sun. The equivalent of disabling class features and casting your strongest spells against you using your own spell slots would be completely ridiculous when he isn't locked into a set pattern.

Because they lose a smaller swarm's biggest strengths: the members can be cut down, and they take up enough space to get in each other's way.

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The ability to secure an area larger than your own body is interesting on it's own, but it gets even more interesting with forced movement. I enjoyed the teamwork of requiring an opponent attack the back line when they have no ranged option, effectively requiring them to go straight through a flanking pair specced for AoOs. Even if the same original ability existed in PF2, All I would have accomplished is getting an enemy in our archer's face.

Ultrace wrote:
the nerve-eater of Zur-en-Aarh wrote:
I am strongly of the opinion that high level characters should be able to wade through armies of low-level mooks untouched, and villains who are that tactically lazy/dumb deserve to go out the window (and down fifty metres into the lava moat). Cutting a swathe through an army of low-level mooks is what gives high-level that legendary, Hercules or Cuchulainn feel.

On the other hand, imagine the amazing battle in the Mines of Moria if, upon hearing of the multitudes of approaching goblins, Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas, Boromir and Gandalf had just shrugged, stood their ground and cut down the approaching forces.

True, the sheer number of goblins involved would have meant plenty of natural 20s to cause the occasional hit, but the point stands--the concept of retreating before superior numbers of unskilled enemies is a storytelling (and fantasy) trope. There's valid precedence for either method, and certainly I wouldn't call the occasional villain (or GM) who utilizes a mook swarm to be lazy or dumb given the occurrences of such scenarios in the past.

(See also: Star Wars people running from inferior Stormtroopers, Neo fleeing from a hundred inferior Agent Smiths, most zombie films and literature, real life insect or animal swarms, and so on.)

Swarms IRL are scary for the same reason swarms are in PF: the inability to target individual members. That's not a concern of power level.

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