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Iron Gods

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Polls have shown that 135% of RPG enthusiasts think heavy metal is awesome. Which is to say that around 10% of RPG enthusiasts think heavy metal is lame, but 5% of them think it is SO AWESOME that it averages out at 135%. This is how math works when heavy metal is involved; do not dispute me.

The upcoming Paizo adventure path Iron Gods looks pretty metal. But could it be more metal? Yes, yes it could. How much more metal could it be? Massively more metal.

I’m posting here in hopes that the 5% will join me in urging the Paizo creatives who are working on Iron Gods to invoke the blessings of the true Gods of Metal upon their enterprise.

My main advice is for them to get a copy of Double Fine’s Brutal Legend for the Paizo staff to play on their break--maybe several copies. The visual design of the game should be inspiring, and though the tone of the adventure’s pretty tongue-in-cheek, it’s all remarkably well-written. And the music...the music is METAL.

What suggestions do you have to help Paizo fill Iron Gods with the screaming power of metal?

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Mandatory Metalocalypse Marathons.

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In the suggestions thread I mentioned the inner art should be at least done by Ron Spencer and Simon Bisley (if you want to display barbaric action, these two are the masters). Richard Corben would be welcome just for the sake of doing a thinly veiled reference to Metal Hurlant magazine (a.k.a. Heavy Metal Magazine), Brom for do references to a certain post-apocalyptic setting for the second edition of the most old role-playing game in the industry and finally Boris Vallejo for some of the covers.
I also think it would be amusing if some of the inner art (basically that of the foreword) depicted the iconics performing some of the most popular heavy metal album covers:
-Valeros doing to an orc what you can see on Panthera's Vulgar Display of Power.
-Seoni in the same fashion as in The Sword Apocryphon.
And so on...

The Exchange

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Pathfinder Lost Omens, Rulebook Subscriber

Mix in some Prog Rock cover too.

Great minds and all... tions#154

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Nipples, undead, and bloody axes.

Dank Grimwolf wrote:
Mandatory Metalocalypse Marathons.

You got me to watch the first season. I now want to play an elf magus based on Skwisgaar Skwigelf or a dirge bard based on Nathan Explosion.

There needs to be a large shocking metal axe with strings that can also function as a guitar.

Shadow Lodge

Brutal Legend FTW!!! \\m// \\m//

Scarab Sages

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What do you do with a bunch of kids who do nothing but bang their heads all day?
[sob] ...Start a revolution, Lars.

Meanwhile in Numeria...

Grand Lodge

This is a great time to create a new look for the Adventure Paths.

The 3.5 APs used a specific design style for their covers. The covers changed for Pathfinder rules.

The current style of cover is several years old now, and it is time to retire that look. Instead, the covers of the IG AP should harken to metal band album art just like IxionZero posted.

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Perhaps each cover fits different heavy metal sub-genre cover art motifs? Dunno how you'd get away with most of what appears on death metal covers though.

TheLoneCleric wrote:
Mix in some Prog Rock cover too.

Yes, Hawkwind and Starcastle and Yes should have a seat at the table. Especially if we're talking album art. Roger Dean is a master of technology fantasies.


Tey're not gona change the front covers, but they could do something metal with the inside covers, like they did the storybook stuff for Reign of Winter...

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