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Ephebe wrote:
Nasima Shearskye wrote:

Nasima giggles

"His name is Dennis? Oh my. I guess I'd be grumpy too. Most of the Minotaurs in my dad's realm have big tough names like, like 'Balzor' or 'Khan' or 'Fairuk-al' or things like that."

"Yeah...we all pretend not to remember that his last name is Buttercup. Poor guy. He can't help it that his mom is a dryad."

That is so wrong... ;D

Mornin' all.

I'm going to be out of the loop for the next two weeks or so - a family member just had some major surgery, and that's got myself and my sweety packing bags to head out of town and help out with their initial 'at home' recovery period.

Tam will just park himself at the cottage and work on some 'upgrades' - go ahead and keep on posting after the end of next week. I'll catch up as best I can when things get back to some sense of normalcy on my end.... :/

A haggard 'good morning' to all, and I hope you get good news today, Aananda.

I'll be honest...with my own RL stuff going on, and the fact that I've been neglecting my RL games a bit to make time to post, I may have to take a break from this to re-prioritize some things. I'm beginning to feel like I've spread myself too thin.


narrator wrote:
Zeppler M.D., Spellware Surgeon wrote:

In Doc Zeppler's defense, if it was something medical he would have caught it. That halfling may be a bit of a womanizer, but he is still very good at what he does, which is why his services are retained by the Order. And, being from the Empire, he has pretty extensive knowledge about draconic physiology and medicine, as well as the ins and outs of alternate forms.

Just sayin'.... ;)

lol. There was absolutely nothing wrong with Zeppler's diagnosis. There's two things going on for real. One, dragons don't usually get morning sickness, but humans do. And two, she's having a bad reaction to having to use a portal made with chronomancy while wearing an amulet that protects her from all time based effects. Neither of which are things Ryleh would understand, so naturally she's feeling a bit panicked. :)

Yep yep - I figured it was the morning sickness thing more than anything else (though I admittedly forgot about the amulet's connotations for that sort of thing).

[Sigh] Still too much on my mind right now to keep track of all of this.... :D


Happy Weekend All :)

I do believe it's either the lich's turn or Keaton's, though I don't remember which at the moment... ;P

narrator wrote:
Kar Whitefall wrote:

OOC- Not sure if that illusory terrain applies for Kar, will make the save if needed

Kar, now the size of an elephant with the form of a tiger, dashes foreward, slashing out into the two closest shadows.

Ok, so 2 claws against one, one claw against another. He's using his magical gloves (That change shape with him) so they're +2 flaming attacks.

Claws (1d20+17=27, 1d20+12=32)

Secondary Claw (1d20+12=28)

Claw damage (3d6+10=19, 3d6+10=23, 3d6+10=17)

The shadows are rent into nothingness by Kar's attack.

The other four shadows close on him. They swipe at him with their shadow claws, infused with negative energy.


If any of these hit, make a Fort save DC 18 to avoid Con damage

Ummm.... (o.O)

[EDIT]: Now that was some scary numeration there... ;D

Morning all.

[Starts trying to catch up on posts]

narrator wrote:

The group suddenly appears just outside Ryo's house. Ryo heads inside to check on things while the others are trying to figure out what to do with all the equipment on the hover pallet.

I'm going with the assumption that we appear on the opposite side of the house from where Kar and Adsila are working. I'm trying to give Ryo a plausible explanation for stepping out of the action for a bit until he gets internet connection back. This seemed good since he can step back in whenever he likes.

Sounds good :)

Aananda wrote:
Are we teleporting to the outside or the inside of the house?

I had assumed outside, since the wards are usually up these days.

Mornin' all.

narrator wrote:
Just so you know, I'll be online tomorrow, but Thursday is my son's birthday, so I'll be pretty busy running around doing things like picking up his cake and all of that stuff. I may pop on once or twice, but that's about it.

Looks like we need to just take Thursday off, then. No problemo for me - I need to focus my attention back on my RL game anyway, before my players hurt me ;)

...and return to the cloying heat of the mangrove swamp. There is evidence of activity here, but nothing is in sight. Not wanting to take the chance regardless, Tam quickly gets everyone together, shoots the pallet with a Caster shell to send it back to the cottage, then casts a teleport spell to whisk them there as well.

Home sweet home (for most anyway) - and that's where I'm headed now. G'night all :)

Agarthian Storyteller wrote:
Kar Whitefall wrote:
Kar was already out of the city, and he was running at the speed of a wolf, let alone a man at full speed
I know, I just stated that Ryo's house was far away from the city, but the city could still be seen. Still trying to determine if plant-wards are faster than wolf though...

[Shakes the cabin vigorously.]

Well, if they aren't as fast as the wolf, then we have no initial meeting. So snare some wolf and start talking to him already!! ;D

Aananda wrote:

"Okay, maybe I'm overreacting. Maybe the droids just left because the Silver was dead. That could happen if he had some kind of sensor on his body. I'm still not thrilled that they were able to retrieve as much equipment as they did, or that my brother has droids. But at least he didn't get all of it. And we'll hopefully not be walking straight into a trap when we go back home..."

She sits down.

"I'm just going to sit here and wait now."

Remember, Ryo - no sudden moves. Just pretend to be a rock (^.^)

Well, at least he didn't come back as a half-dragon. That would've been a bit...akward...to have to explain to Fivain and the rest of the Order, heh....

[Blink, blink] (O.o)
Oh snap. Aananda's scale...

Goes to PFSRD to check Reincarnate.

Hmmm.... :/

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Cardcaster Ryo wrote:
Ryleh wrote:
"Ryo! Listen to me! The ring. Tam's ring. It's right there in front of you. Use it! Use a wish! Bring him back. Did you hear me? Use the ring, Ryo!"
What was that? Throw it into a volcano? I'm no hobbit! XD

Ryleh: "Ryo Isildur Antairus, if you don't use that ring RIGHT NOW.....!!!! ;D

Anywhoo.... :)

Cardcaster Ryo wrote:
Wishing for true ressurection(unless you want reincarnation?) and heal! High percentages for no mishaps: 1d100 I really hope that's how it works... ;)
narrator wrote:
The ring was made by the same oddball who made the ring that was used for Aananda and Chan's (and more recently Ryleh's) transformations so feel free to add on unintended though usually helpful side effects as desired. ;)

Oh gods, I can't watch. Good night everybody (^.^)

Kar Whitefall wrote:
Ok, Kar whitefall the reluctant adventurer is waiting approval, Mr. Narrator.

Just got your email. Thanks!

Kar Whitefall wrote:
Thanks all, I look foreward to kicking sme butt with you guys. Dragons just need to be put back in line is all, sometimed you need a firm hand, and sometimes you need a firm hand that is ready to change to a firm claw.

Email heading your way, sir. :)

Aananda and Ryo, if you would check your inboxes please :)

"Not saying a thing, hun. I just wanted to make sure..."

And then the three of them start to float up from the bottom of the container.


Kar Whitefall wrote:

No problem. I have a few Ideas of my own to add to it (as right now it just looks like a druid with no nature stuff) but if you all have any suggestions, by all means e-mail me or send me a message.

As of now I'm just working on getting the statistics and logistics of the class down. Once that's all done I can get up the descriptions and the extra fluff of the class.

Alright - I'm pasting the information into a Word file that I can format and read a bit more easily. On to reading (I hope)... :)

Kar Whitefall wrote:

I sent the draft again. the really rough draft that I need to improve.

Kobold, the only reason I managed to get in was because I already had a friend on the inside.

Got it this time. I'll forward it along so we can get a proper look-see at it.

Thanks for resending it! :)

Kar Whitefall wrote:

Ok, I constructed a class so far. I like it and where it's going so far. I've emailed it to you Mr. (or Mrs. idk) Narrator, though I've already got alot to edit on it, it's very rough and I need to add more.

Once that class is refined I'll be ready to go on creating a character, which should take me minutes as I've already got the important stuff down. (The Background, Appearance and Personality)

That would be a 'Mr.' :)

And I think my junk mail filters ate your email, as I didn't see anything new in my Inbox. Could you send it to me again, please? ^.^

Kar Whitefall wrote:

So, what all do I need to write up, and how much do I have to work with?

when can I get started?

[Sneaks in one last post before dinnertime.]

That's what we're trying to figure out ourselves ;D

We need to get the main characters back to Agartha from where they are now before we can easily bring you in, and we're trying to get that done this week if at all possible.

The good side to that is that it gives you time to write up what this guy can do (I'm assuming this is going to be a customized core class) and I guess send it to me for peer review.

My email address:


If you want to go ahead and make an initial draft of the character, put him at 12th level for the moment. He might be higher by the time we've looked at everything, but I think that's a safe minimum 'starting level' to fit in with everyone else.

Anywhoo, time for me to fly - the smell of steak and salad calls to me ;)

Night all.

Kar Whitefall wrote:

He told me that Agartha is an inverted world (a world inside a world) and that it's very old. As I understand it, it's technological level is mixed and it has a fairly high concentration of magic. It was created by Gem dragons to get away from the crap of the world around it, but now a crazy silver dragon has gotten in.

As far as characters, I have an idea for one. Kar's an unwilling mutant, harboring a powerful transformation power (The ability to control his own biology, he can sprout apendages, make himself stronger, change size ect.) but he never wanted it. He's kind of a reluctant adventurer.

Alright, that's got my attention. ;)

I don't know if he told you that we try to cleave (at least loosely) to the Pathfinder rules for this PbP. While not all of us have stats posted for our main characters (yet), having something written down would be recommended, as there is dice rolling here :)

Would your idea be something akin to the 3.5 Warshaper prestige class from Complete Warrior, or the shifter variant from Unearthed Arcana? If not, would you be able to write up some mechanics for it so we could take a look at it?

I hope that doesn't sound too authoritarian, as that's not my intent. We all had some bad experiences about a year ago with power levels in other PbPs spiraling out of control. We're bound and determined to not let that take root here ;)

Hi Kar, and welcome!

Sorry for the delay - I forgot that Ryo had mentioned your interest in our PbP back at the beginning of the year! :)

How much background has he given you about our little setting, and what kind of characters would you be thinking about bringing to the table?

I fear that my more infamous alias may have started something again down in Off-Topic. Forgive me.... ;_;


Kannic Orefinder wrote:
When a pigeon dots you in the eye, just be thankful cows don't fly. :)

Tru....tru dat. ;D

narrator wrote:
Tam's Narrator wrote:
narrator wrote:
And I'm back. Will be able to pick up antibiotics from pharmacy when I get the kidlet from school. He and I are apparently having a who can have a worse day contest. His glasses broke. :(
Oh no....please tell me you folks have optical coverage... o.O
Well, we bought the protection plan on the glasses anyway, so it will only cost $25 to replace the frames. And a good deal of finagling to get them to substitute a frame that won't break every other week. :/

Whew - $25 is a bit more manageable than full price (speaking from personal experience) ;)

Still not a needed stress on a sick day though... :(

narrator wrote:
And I'm back. Will be able to pick up antibiotics from pharmacy when I get the kidlet from school. He and I are apparently having a who can have a worse day contest. His glasses broke. :(

Oh no....please tell me you folks have optical coverage... o.O

[Facepalm] ;)

Kannic Orefinder wrote:
Tamrin Sunwake wrote:
Aananda wrote:
Tamrin Sunwake wrote:
"Everyone set then?" :)
"All set," she said smiling as she took his hand.

Giveing her hand a squeeze, he says "Alright. Let's get this show on the road then."

Heading wherever they need to go on the property to safely perform an outbound teleport, Tam gets everyone circled up and starts casting.


[EDIT]: Everybody say 'YAY!!' for no mishaps \m/_(^-^)_\m/

You forgot to factor in the +25 difficulty modifier. ;) j/k

Counteracted by the -30 bonus from his Tourist template. Who's your MegaTraveller, baby!? :D

How are you doing sirrah?

The only thing mitigating the heat and cloying humidity at the group's arrival point is the breeze blowing in from the water. The dense web of mangroves between the clearing and the water blocks most of the wind, but it helps a little.

On the far side of the clearing, the shimmering in the air above the rock formation has opened back up from the slit it had narrowed to when the Silver went through earlier.

Yuck - sorry about that :(

If you need to sign off and get some sleep instead, just let us know. It would probably be easier to do whilst the kidlet is at school ;)

narrator wrote:
Tam's Narrator wrote:



Oh, that sounds sooooo good.......sleep......

Uh oh. Did the two of you get sick from the rain yesterday?



Cardcaster Ryo wrote:
Tam's Narrator wrote:

Safe driving, and stay warm! :)

The great experiment begins tomorrow...maybe. ;P

I'll go get the contingent resurrection and greater teleport spells cast...

Always be prepared.... ;D

Safe driving, and stay warm! :)

The great experiment begins tomorrow...maybe. ;P

G'night all! :)

Headmaster Ryo wrote:
narrator wrote:
We're at Ryo's. Ryleh moved her stuff here into a brand new basement that she constructed underneath the house. Ryleh's place is now officially abandoned since it was too easy for Chan to find.
She didn't construct it. Where did you think my school is? Like the X-men Manor, my house is more than it seems...

No no - she performed psychic surgery on you to make you think that. Don't worry about it, just drink this koolaid.... ^.^

narrator wrote:
Agarthian Storyteller wrote:

*raises hand*

Question, where are we? Did we go to another room in Ryo's or did we go back to Ryleh's place?
We're at Ryo's. Ryleh moved her stuff here into a brand new basement that she constructed underneath the house. Ryleh's place is now officially abandoned since it was too easy for Chan to find.

And preferably booby-trapped with a lovely psychic/psychokinetic bomb to discorporate any minions stupid enough to try and get in there, should it be discovered. Not to be mean or anything, but I'm just sayin'.... :)

Agarthian Storyteller wrote:
Tamrin Sunwake wrote:

"Book of People to Get Back At"...the boy does realize somewhere in his fevered pre-adolescent brain that I haven't done anything to him right? Oy.....

You're the only thing standing between him and Aananda. He has no idea she's imprinted(that makes her sound like a duckling or something, anyone else notice that?) on you. Also? Look at the now bold print. Are you expecting rational behavior? I'm still trying to figure out how to get him to the Empire with everyone noticing...


Aananda wrote:
"Looks like it's just the three of us on this trip."
For now anyway... >:)

And the fact that Aananda's pregnant (which I know he knows) doesn't deter him in the least? O.o

We need to find that boy a good dwarf, just like Uncle Ryo.... ;D

Shadow Post - please work....

Agarthian Storyteller wrote:
It happened again.. we're missing a post.

Yep - and it's mine this time. Grrrr..... >(

Time to surf the traffic waves. Night all :)

narrator wrote:
Tam's Narrator wrote:
Proving that one man's treasure is another dragon's crap ;)
LOL. :D And she's got a lot of dragon's worth of crap since she looted what was left of the deceased dragon's hoards too....that is gonna be one big basement. o.O ;)

I forgot about that - she would have quite the pile to move. We'll assume that a good chunk of the move happened whilst waiting on Chan's new lackey to make a move, then...

[EDIT]: LaNinja'd ;D

Proving that one man's treasure is another dragon's crap ;)

Ryleh wrote:


While maintaining appropriate surveillance, Ryleh expedites the process of moving essential equipment and treasure to a more secure location.

Where should we move the stuff to? She won't leave it where it is since Chan could find it easily, but that's a lot of mirrors and stuff to move...

Hmmm...does it have to stay within Agartha to function properly?

Mornin' all.

Wow - whatever happened to the Paizo site today must've been a doozy...

She was able to get to the doctor today, and actually get some medicine that will help her symptoms more specifically than what she was taking. Now she just needs to get food and fluids back in her, and catch up on about two days of rest. I have a feeling she's going to sleep all weekend, but she needs it...

Sorry about the side-effects, lyn. Hopefully those'll wear off soon.

And now it be time to sign off and head home. Hope we all have a better weekend :)

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