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Spaceman Spiff wrote:

Spiffy tiger-stripes, my dude.

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captain yesterday wrote:

If you take the Law Officer theme and combine it with the witchwarper class (both found in the Character Operations Manual for Starfinder) who do you get?

Blendin Blandin, Time anomaly police force.

This little bit of glory has now been shared in the appropriate locale.

Now that's some good SF

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Freehold DM wrote:

"TL - we work way too hard for a minor joke that isn't even that funny to begin with." :D

captain yesterday wrote:
I just wanted to say how much I love Starfinder.

Me, too! That's why I've posted twice in the Deep Space FaWtL, recently!

(Though, admittedly, only one of those had to do with SF itself.)

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So. Baba Yaga.

Between her metal legs, AT-ST-like hut with the ability to (apparently) spawn a burning fence with destructive energy nodules can't find a rules-equivalent, but you guys know, the ability to fly with a large bucket-like device, large "pestle" that allows direction control and "magic" blasts. (I don't yet have a solution for the nose.)

I mean, I think it's obvious what's going on here.

Time-traveling tech alien. Obvs. I mean, come on, 15th-Century-to-18th-Century Russia-and-Slavic folklore! It's so obvious!


So: space dryads when? XD

(Also: is there any particular design considerations or ideas when generating Starfinder fey, compared to other monsters?)

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Starship Captain Yesterday wrote:
The 157th Doctor wrote:
Jean-Luc Pickard wrote:
Tree falls
Bender Rodriquez wrote:
In space
Clump of Mutant Crabgrass wrote:
Does anyone care.

... yes, because I want me some space dryads, dang it!

Space fey are cool!

(Also: tree ships.)

I thought Jeddaks only hooked thumbs? Wait, no, that’s humans (prior to the invention of kissing, but after the invention of blue jeans).

((It... it’s a Princess Bride book reference.))

So, does d20Modern count? I have aliens and everything!

captain yesterday wrote:
Alas, for now I have to make a Starfinder character.

Star finder?!

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I... I... don't follow.

Wait, we need to fear you? Why?

But we totally all need to have space-themed aliases, though.

That's an ironclad rule!

(Hee-hee: I told her we already got one!)



... you handsome rascal.

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Scintillae wrote:

I'm going as a human.


Yes. Fellow human. That is correct. As this fellow human is also lacking a costume. This fellow human will also be going. As a human. Yes.


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lynora wrote:

And all these years of observing human behavior finally pay off! :)

Ah, yes. Fellow human. We have also been observing human behavior for similar reasons.


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Hyped this exiiiiiiiists~!

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Hyped this exists!

Soooooooooooo hype/jelly~!



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I think you'd said in the other thread, but I'd forgotten by now...

Haven't read it, but supposedly related.

Here is some... cool (if slightly risque, due to the clothing on the second person) art.

Man, I want this so bad*.

* "Bad" as in "very much."

MERRY DEEP SPACE CHRISTMAS EVE and (just in case I pass you in the quiet depths of space) MERRY DEEP SPACE CHRISTMAS~!

God bless you all, and I hope your holidays are awesome!

Still have t seen Rogue One: am very daggum hype!

Man, do I want this game...

Sharoth wrote:
Tacticslion wrote:


Lack... of... Farscape... withering...

C'moooonnnnnnn, Netflix, this is, like, the future! Gimme somethin' good to watch! XD

Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage were all very good.

But they're not deep space things... :(

Freehold DM wrote:

Page 3000

We must become futuristic versions of ourselves.

You rang?


Farscape was just removed from Netflix!


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My "big" thing back when was an inherited (more or less) Captain Power ship and two action figures.

Anyway, this makes me wonder if action figures will be made from Starfinder.

That would be... awesome. XD

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Raven Moon wrote:
OK so I need to find the starfighter equivalent of a jeep. Any suggestions? I was thinking something like an ARC 170 but im open to something unique.
GM John Napier wrote:

UNSC Pelican Dropship.

Also, just found this: LINK TO THE PAST YOUTUBE

Starship Captain Yesterday wrote:
The answer is always Y-Wing or Milano.
Freehold DM wrote:
looks into buying jeeps

Ahem: Nathan Filion in a Y-Wing. Wearing a suit that kind of looks like a mini-Gundam. Enjoy, Freehold. Enjoy. :D

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I just love that Nathen Filion is so clearly that one dude.

Limey Of Barsoom wrote:
Raven Moon wrote:
So this is the party in space huh? I thought it would be bigger for some reason and more naked green dancing alien women. No matter I can find something to do around here.

In space, no-one can see you nuuude.

On Barsoom, things are quite different. Intergalactic bums ahoy!

Technically, it would only be interplanetary. Hypothetically, of course, it could be intergalactic, but we don't know that for sure. We can only say interplanetary, at least in certain terms. :D

A lot!

Also, I may start investing in extraterrestrial real estate!

I like space!

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Space! I need some for all my stuff...

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Hmp. Now I have to figure how Pilot works out as a giant creature (x2) Flumph lacking flight...

Tacticslion wrote:


Also, Flumphs. That's the setting.

Dominar Rygel XVI wrote:
Pilot is kinda flumph-y already.




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Give bro-hugs and tasty snacks?

Sissyl wrote:
Useless underlings. Can't even bring me tribute. Hmph. I really should file a complain about the quality of the service here. Yeah, then you'll all be sorry. You will be fired. So there.

... and almost all of them were only two weeks from retirement... such a shame...

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Happy Space Father's Cycle, all space fathers: that includes space me!

I'll pass. I have alien vows to keep. Thanks, though!

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I rarely know what I'm doing either. Alien logic.

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